Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?)

     Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?) was the son of Cadwgon ab Elystan Glodrydd.

Child of Idnerth ap Cadwgon (?)

Idwal ap Meurig (?)

( - 996)
     Idwal ap Meurig (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Meurig ab Idwal (?).
     Idwal died in 996 in Wales. In 992 he was raised by the people to his hereditary throne of North Wales, of which he had been disposessed by Meredyth ap Owen, King of Powys. In the following year, Swane a Danish chieftan, landed in North Wales, and Idwal in resisting him was slain.

Child of Idwal ap Meurig (?)

Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?)

     Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?) was the son of Cadwaladr Fendigaid ap Cadwallon.

Child of Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr (?)

Idwallon ap Llywarch (?)

     Idwallon ap Llywarch (?) was the son of Llywarch ap Rhigeneu (?).

Child of Idwallon ap Llywarch (?)

Ieuaf ap Ninnio (?)

     Ieuaf ap Ninnio (?) was the son of Ninnio ap Cynwrig (?).

Child of Ieuaf ap Ninnio (?)

Ieuan ab Einion (?)

(before 1366 - after 1389)
     Ieuan ab Einion (?) married Gwenhwyfar ferch Einion, daughter of Einion ab Ynyr (?) and Gwenhwyfar f Greenwood mab Einion (?), in Wales. Ieuan ab Einion (?) was born before 1366 in Wales. He was the son of Einion ap Gruffydd and Nest ferch Gruffudd.
     Ieuan was Sheriff of Wales in 1389.
     Ieuan died after 1389.

Child of Ieuan ab Einion (?) and Gwenhwyfar ferch Einion

Ieuan ap Tudur (?)

     Ieuan ap Tudur (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Tudur ap Gronwy ap Hywel and Gwerful ferch Ieuan.

Child of Ieuan ap Tudur (?)

Ieuan Goch ap David (?)

     Ieuan Goch ap David (?) was the son of David ap Trahaiarn.

Child of Ieuan Goch ap David (?)

Ifor ap Seferws (?)

     Ifor ap Seferws (?) was the son of Seferws ap Cadwr (?) and Lleucu ferch Morgan Mawr.

Child of Ifor ap Seferws (?)

Iorwerth ab Owain Brogyntyn (?)

     Iorwerth ab Owain Brogyntyn (?) was the son of Owain Brogyntyn ap Cadwgon ap Madog.
Iorwerth ab Owain Brogyntyn (?) married Efa ferch Madog ap Gwenwynwyn, daughter of Madog ap Gwenwynwyn (?).

Child of Iorwerth ab Owain Brogyntyn (?) and Efa ferch Madog ap Gwenwynwyn

Iorwerth ap Griffri (?)

     Iorwerth ap Griffri (?) was the son of Griffri ap Ieuaf.
Iorwerth ap Griffri (?) married Margred f Cynwrig Fychan (?), daughter of Cynwrig Fychan ap Cynwrig.

Child of Iorwerth ap Griffri (?) and Margred f Cynwrig Fychan (?)

Iorwerth Hirflawd ap Tegonwy (?)

     Iorwerth Hirflawd ap Tegonwy (?) was the son of Tegonwy ap Teon, (?).
Iorwerth Hirflawd ap Tegonwy (?) married Arianwen ferch Brychan, daughter of Brychan ap Marchell.

Child of Iorwerth Hirflawd ap Tegonwy (?) and Arianwen ferch Brychan

Iowerth ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (?)

     Iowerth ap Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (?) was the son of Bleddyn ap Cynfyn ap Cynfyn King of Powys.

Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Llwyd (?)

(before 1301 - after 1320)
      C.1500 Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Gam was being confused with Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Llwyd. By c.1550 the wife & all the daughters of the former had been transferred to the latter. A wife of Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Llwyd was Margaret, daughter of Hugh Brickell. Ithel Gam is possibly confused with or child of Hen Ithel Gam whose ancestry continues on Fiche 5 - Edwin 10 [Bartrum].
     Ithel resided at Helygain, Wales. He was born before 1301. He was the son of Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam (?) and Margred f Hwfa (?).
     Ithel died after 1320 in Wales.

Child of Ithel Fychan ab Ithel Llwyd (?)

Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam (?)

     Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam (?) was the son of Ithel Gam and Tibod ferch Rhirid.
Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam (?) married Margred f Hwfa (?), daughter of Hwfa ab Iorwerth (?) and Margred f Ithel Draffith (?).

Child of Ithel Llwyd ab Ithel Gam (?) and Margred f Hwfa (?)

Ithel Llwyd ap Cadwgon (?)

( - after 1334)
     Ithel Llwyd ap Cadwgon (?) was the son of Angharad ferch Ithel.
     Ithel died after 1334 in Moel-y-guer, Dinascadfel, Wales. He was buried in Llanefydd, Wales.

Child of Ithel Llwyd ap Cadwgon (?)

Jane (?)

     Jane (?) married Richard Handcock, son of Elias Handcock and Sarah Reeves.

Child of Jane (?) and Richard Handcock

Jane (?)

( - 3 October 1769)
     Jane (?) married Joseph Darby before 1734.
     Jane was buried on 3 October 1769 in St Mildred, Bread St, London.

Children of Jane (?) and Joseph Darby

Joan (?)

Child of Joan (?) and Thomas Handy (of Evesham)

Joan (?)

(before 1340 - )
     Joan (?) was born before 1340.
Joan (?) married John Killigrew before 1352.
At Westminster, on the quinzaine of St Martin, 26 Ed III (25 Nov 1352) before same - see previous entry). Between John de Penhirghard, claimant & John de Kyllygryu & Joan hs wife, deforciants, as the manor of Heanton Satchvil in Petrockstow). Plea of covenant was summoned. John de K & Joan acknowledged the maror to be the rght of John de P as by their gift & they remitted and quit calimed the same for themselves & the heirs of John K to John de P & his heirs forever. Moreover John de K & Joan undertook for themselves & the heirs of John that they would warrant the manor to John de P & his heirs against all men forever. For this Joh P gave to Jihn de Killygryu & Joan 100 markes of silver.
Wikipedia states: Heanton Satchville was a historic manor in the parish of Petrockstowe, North Devon. With origins in the Domesday manor of Hantone, it was first recorded as belonging to the Yeo family in the mid-14th century and was then owned successively by the Rolle, Walpole and Trefusis families. The mansion house was destroyed by fire in 1795..

Llew ap Llyminod Angel (?)

     Llew ap Llyminod Angel (?) was the son of LLyminod Angel ap Pasgen (?).

Child of Llew ap Llyminod Angel (?)

Lludd ap Llew (?)

     Lludd ap Llew (?) was the son of Llew ap Llyminod Angel (?).

Children of Lludd ap Llew (?)

LLyminod Angel ap Pasgen (?)

     LLyminod Angel ap Pasgen (?) was the son of Pasgen ab Urien (?).

Child of LLyminod Angel ap Pasgen (?)

Llywarch ab Owain (?)

( - after 986)
     Llywarch ab Owain (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Owain ap Hywel Dda (?) and Angharad ferch Llywelyn.
     Llywarch died after 986.

Llywarch ap Hyfaidd (?)

( - 904)
     Llywarch ap Hyfaidd (?) was the son of Hyfaidd ap Tangwystl (?).
     Llywarch died in 904.

Child of Llywarch ap Hyfaidd (?)

Llywarch ap Rhigeneu (?)

     Llywarch ap Rhigeneu (?) was the son of Rhigeneu ap Rhain (?).

Child of Llywarch ap Rhigeneu (?)

Llywarch ap Trahaern (?)


Child of Llywarch ap Trahaern (?)

Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?)

     Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?) was born in Wales. His ancestry may be followed up in Tudur 1.. He was the son of Lluddica ap Tudur Trefor.
Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?) married Nest f Gwerystan (?), daughter of Gwerystan ap Gwaithfoed and Nest ferch Cadell ap Brochwel.

Child of Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?) and Nest f Gwerystan (?)

Llywarch Hen ab Elidir Lydanwyn (?)

     Llywarch Hen ab Elidir Lydanwyn (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Elidir Lydanwyn ap Meirchion Gul (?) and Gwawr ferch Brychan.

Children of Llywarch Hen ab Elidir Lydanwyn (?)

Llywerch Vaughan ap Llowarch (?)

Child of Llywerch Vaughan ap Llowarch (?)