Patrick Hagan

     Patrick Hagan married Rose McCarton.

Child of Patrick Hagan and Rose McCarton

Patrick Hagan

(28 February 1841 - )
     Patrick Hagan was christened on 28 February 1841 in Cavanreagh, Termonmaguirk, Tyrone. He was the son of Charles Hagan and Catherine McGrath.

Patrick Hagan

     Patrick Hagan was the son of Felix Hagan and Mary Ann Unknown.
Patrick Hagan married Anne Galbraith on 21 May 1885 in Termonmaguirk, Tyrone. He was of Monderdaol, son of Felix, his wife Anne was the daughter of James, of Grenacomac, witnesssed by Margaret McGuigan. Note:

Patrick Hagan

(circa 1825 - )
     Patrick Hagan was born circa 1825 in Tyrone.
Patrick Hagan married Bridget Fox on 8 March 1848 in Termonmaguirk, Tyrone. She was of Glenn, bachlor & shpinster, witnessed by Daniel Hagan & Patrick Fox.

Rosam Hagan

(6 October 1839 - )
     Rosam Hagan was christened on 6 October 1839 in Canreagh, Termonmaguirk, Tyrone. She was the daughter of Bernard Hagan and Maria Rafferty.

William John Hagan

( - 1 October 1954)
     William died on 1 October 1954.
     His will was proved on 6 January 1955 at Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Hagan William John of Irish Street Dungannon county Tyrone spirit merchant died 1 October 1954. Probate granted to Michael Hagan building operative and Peter O'Neill farmer. Effects £13098 18s. 4d.

Anna Sophia Hagar

( - 17 May 1863)
     Anna Sophia Hagar married John Dunbar, son of Sir Archibald Dunbar 6th Bart of Northfield and Helen Gordon Cumming, on 20 December 1825.
     Anna died on 17 May 1863.

Children of Anna Sophia Hagar and John Dunbar

Rev Frederick Haggitt

     Rev Frederick Haggitt married Merielina Sophia Cocksedge, daughter of Martin Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Susanna Le Heup, on 10 September 1846 in Fornham St Martin, Suffolk.

Mary Hague

(10 May 1782 - )
     Mary Hague was born on 10 May 1782 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of William or Abraham Hague and Mary Rich.

William or Abraham Hague

(circa 1750? - )
     William was a teacher. William or Abraham Hague was also known as Abraham Hague in records. He was born circa 1750?.
William or Abraham Hague married Mary Rich, daughter of John Rich, on 24 August 1778 in Ecclesfield. Wm Hague schoolmaster of this parish & Mary Rich of this parish were married in this church by banns 24 August 1778, both signed in the presence of .... & Matthew Stringer Hobson's transcript gives Abraham as his name.

Child of William or Abraham Hague and Mary Rich

Hellen Haigh

(before May 1643 - 1 October 1703)
     Hellen Haigh was also known as Helen Haigh in records. She was born before May 1643.
Hellen Haigh married Daniel Rich, son of Daniel Rich and Mary Haugh-Haigh, on 11 May 1663 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Nupti Daniel Rich et Hellena Haigh. The marriage licence described them as Daniel Rich, yeoman 22 & Ellen Haigh, spinster, 20 of Penistone.
     Hellen Haigh and Daniel Rich were mentioned in a deed dated 23 August 1693 in Thurlstone, Penistone. Deed to lead the uses of a fine (and counterpart), Daniell Rich of Smalshaw and Hellen his wife, Josias Firth of Leader, parish of Kirkburton and Philippe Burdett of Denby agree that the fine to be levied concerning messuages in Thurlestone, High Greene and Gill Roydes shall be to the use of Daniell Rich.
     Hellen was buried on 1 October 1703 in Yorkshire, England. Hellin ye wife of Daniel Rich 1st of 10 month. Quaker Monthly meeting, Pontefact.

Children of Hellen Haigh and Daniel Rich

John Haigh

(circa 1600? - between Nov 1645 & July 1642)
     John resided at Midhope Hall. He was born circa 1600? In Midhope, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
John Haigh married Elizabeth Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Alice Burdett.
     John Haigh made a will dated 25 November 1645 in Midhope, Ecclesfield. Will of John Haigh of Middop yeoman - to be buried in church or churchyard of Bradfield - The sum of £50 remaining in (my) hands of the childs part or portion of Mary Street be raised soon as possible & paid to MY BROTHER WM RICH in discharge of the sd £50 he being also charged with 3rd child's part. Above & funeral exp being paid, remainder to be divided into 2 parts
     To my wife Elizabeth to have the one half in full satisfaction of all claims.
     To John Hobson of Dodworth &
DANIEL RICH of SMALLSHAW my BROTHER IN LAW all my messuage in Silkston & lands thereto belonging now in occupation of John Swift to sell them to pay debts.
     Wife to have the education & tuition of Jonas Strete. To sd wife messuage wherein I live & the several romes in the same & also half of the outhouse & lands thereto belonging, said Elizabeth paying four marks by the year in such manner & to much use so hereafter is expressed.
     I make sd John Hobson & Daniel Rich exors. To said exors the other half of the outhouses and lands etc in Middop afsd to hold the one half in ... & the other half in reversion after death of my sd wife paying during the life of my sd wife the sum of 26/8 to such uses as hereinafter expresssed and after the death of sd wife the sum of 53/4 to such uses as hereafter expressed.
     The sd yearly rent I give to be paid out of my lands afsd for ever for & in my discharge of a gift of 10 pounds given by widow Savage of Middop decd to be by me disposed to the uses hereafter mentioned.
     To sd John Hobson &
Daniel Rich a close in Langsett called the Royde paying to John Wainwright of Middop George Sanderson of the same Wm Cooke of the same & Thomas Hattersley of the same 4 pounds to be paid one half at Pentecost & the other at St Martin the Bishop, if twenty days in arrears then ...
     I bequeath towards the maintenance of a preacher ... Middop chapel ... Several small legacies. Dated 25 Nov 1645. Signed. Witnesses John Priest, Humphrey Street, John Downend.

     John died between Nov 1645 & July 1642 in Midhope, Ecclesfield, YKS.
     His will was proved on 17 July 1652 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Proved in London 17 July 1652 by Daniel Rich the surviving executor. Probate granted the ... of the Liberty of England with admon to Daniel Rich the surviving exec.

William Haigh

(circa 1590? - after November 1645)
     William resided at Midhope, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
William Haigh married Unknown Coldhill. William Haigh was born circa 1590? In Midhope, Bradfield, Yorkshire.
     William died after November 1645 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.

Child of William Haigh and Unknown Coldhill

William Hailstone

(circa 1845? - )
     William Hailstone was born circa 1845?. William and Jane were listed as the children of William Peck in the 1851 census in Pakenham.
William Hailstone married Caroline Emma Bullett, daughter of Susan Bullett, on 3 May 1874 in Pakenham, Suffolk.

Joan Haine

(before 1570 - before 26 June 1593)
     Joan Haine was born before 1570.
Joan Haine married Abell Poole, son of Thomas Poole and Joan Unknown, on 22 December 1588 in St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex.
     Joan died before 26 June 1593 in Brighton. She was buried on 26 June 1593 in Brighton, Sussex.

Children of Joan Haine and Abell Poole

Mary Ann Haines

(9 April 1864 - 24 April 1941)
     Mary Ann Haines was born on 9 April 1864 in South Australia?.
     Mary Ann Haines married Charles Killigrew Dobson as his second wife, on 18 August 1890 in Dalkey, Gilbert, South Australia. They married at the residence of the bride's parents.
     Mary died on 24 April 1941 in St Peters, Adelaide, South Australia, aged 77.

Children of Mary Ann Haines and Charles Killigrew Dobson

David Hainsworth

     David Hainsworth married Hannah Briggs before 1859.

Child of David Hainsworth and Hannah Briggs

Tamar Susannah Hainsworth

(1863 - 1 February 1932)
     Tamar Susannah Hainsworth was born in 1863 in Brunswick, Victoria. She was the daughter of David Hainsworth and Hannah Briggs.
Tamar Susannah Hainsworth married Albert Daniels, son of Isabel Daniels, in 1893 in Victoria.
     Tamar died on 1 February 1932 in Bethesda Hospital, Richmond, Victoria.

Children of Tamar Susannah Hainsworth and Albert Daniels

Gertrude/Ida de Hainult

     Gertrude/Ida de Hainult married Roger (3) de Tosny, son of Radulph/Ralph/Raoul (4) de Tosny and Adeliza/Alicia Lady of Walthamstow, before 9 August 1138.

Child of Gertrude/Ida de Hainult and Roger (3) de Tosny

Rose Haiward

     Rose Haiward married Benjamin Batt, son of John Batt and Dorothy Sturgen, in 1711 in Harleston, Suffolk.

Children of Rose Haiward and Benjamin Batt

Alfred Litton Halahan

(22 March 1828 - )
     Alfred Litton Halahan was born on 22 March 1828 in Woolwich, Kent, England. The Morning chronicle on 28 March 1828 reported: Births - On gthe 22nd instant at Woolwich, the lady of Dr Halhan, Royal Artillery, of a son.. He was the son of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Mary Anne Creighton. Alfred Litton Halahan was christened on 30 March 1828 in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent, England.

Anne Halahan

(circa 1787 - 15 September 1839)
     Anne Halahan was also known as Fanny in records. She was born circa 1787 in Ireland.
     Anne died on 15 September 1839 in Rathcormac, Cork. Church of Ireland.

Anne Hannan Halahan

(23 November 1864 - 11 December 1945)
     Anne Hannan Halahan was born on 23 November 1864 in Coolattin & Clonegall RD, Wicklow, Ireland. She was the daughter of Rev Christopher Halahan and Elizabeth Catherine Dobbin Halahan. Anne Hannan Halahan was christened on 12 February 1865 in Carnew, Wicklow. Anne was a nurse "at Guy's Hospital" in London.
     Anne Hannan Halahan was recorded on the 1901 census in Royal Cottage Hospital, Willingham, Lincolnshire, England. Annie Halahan, Matron, single, 35, matron of institution, worker, born Ireland. She were listed as Rev Christopher Halahan's adult children in the 1911 census in Donaghmoyn, Monaghan.
     Anne Hannan Halahan and Harriet Anne Halahan were administrators of Jane Flemyng Halahan's estate, on 12 September 1928 in London Jane Flemyng Halahan, of Blenheim, Marlborough Rd, Glenagary, co. Dublin, spinster died 20 March 1928. Adminstration was granted to her sisters Anne& Harriet.
     Anne died on 11 December 1945 in 6 Spencer? Villas, DunLaoghire, Rathdown RD, Dublin, Ireland, aged 81.
     Her will was proved on 13 August 1946 at Dublin, Ireland. Ann H Halahan, late of 6 Spencer Villas, Glenageary, Dublin, spinster, who died 11 Dec 1945, granted at Dublin to Henry J McCullen, bank official. Effects £26.

Lt Col Arthur Crosby Halahan OBE

(10 March 1874 - 7 December 1962)
     Arthur was nick-named Tommy. He was born on 10 March 1874 in Sydenham, Kent. He was the son of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan and Hannah Croucher Engeham. Kathleen, Constance, Henrietta, Arthur, George, John and Frederick were listed as the children of Capt Samuel Handy Halahan in the 1881 census in Thomas' Hill, Haighlands, Camberwell, Surrey, England.
     He served in the British Army from 1896. He enlisted from the militia in 1896. He served in the South African War and was employed with Mounted Infantry operations in the Orange River Colony from Dec 1 1901 to 31 May 1902. He received the Queen's Medal with four clasps. In the First World War he commanded the 1st Battalion of Essex Regt from 5 June 1916 to 24 April 1917. Afterwards he was Commandant (1) of the 29 Divisional Reinforcement Camp from 25 April 1917 to 13 July 1917...
When commanding 1st Essex he was temporary Lt Colonel, but thereafter was a Major until his retirement in 1923 when he was entitled to use the honorary rank of Lt Col. He was 2IC of the Battalion when he retired from Bordon Camp in Hampshire in 1923.
Lt Col Arthur Crosby Halahan OBE married Audrey Theodora Agnes Kirwan on 25 May 1909 in St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London.
     Lt Col Arthur Crosby Halahan OBE was recorded on the 1911 census in Curragh Military Camp, Kildare. Halahan,      Arthur Crosby, 37, Head, Captain Army Infantry, born Surrey; with son Desmond, 1, born Kildare, both Church of England, with servants. He and Audrey Theodora Agnes Kirwan were divorced in February 1930. The decree nisi was granted on 3 Feb 1930 on the grounds of his misconduct with a Miss Knight at Malborough, near Kingsbridge. The suit was not defended. Colonel and Mrs Halahab were married on May 25 1909 at the parish church of St Mary Abbott, Kensington, and Col Halahan left Sunny Cot, Titchfield, last year..
     Arthur died on 7 December 1962 aged 88.

Child of Lt Col Arthur Crosby Halahan OBE and Audrey Theodora Agnes Kirwan

Augusta Halahan

(circa September 1847 - 1 December 1847)
     Augusta Halahan was born circa September 1847. She was the daughter of Dr John Wallen Halahan and Henrietta Brownrigg.
     Augusta died on 1 December 1847 in Gibraltar. She was buried in December 1847 in Sandpits cemetery, Gibraltar. Augusta Halahan, died 1st December 1847, aged 3 months, the daughter of Dr. Halahan.

Augusta Frederica Halahan

(before 1795 - )
     Augusta Frederica Halahan was born before 1795 in Ireland. She was the daughter of John Halahan and Mary Handy.
Augusta Frederica Halahan married John Burke Fitzsimons on 7 October 1815 in St Peter, Dublin, Ireland. On 20 February 1850 Augusta Frederica Halahan leased property to George Augustus Frederick Halahan in Rathmines, St Peter's parish, Dublin. Indenture of lease 20 Feb 1850: between Jane Armstrong Halahan of Gulistan, executor of Mary Halahan, widow, deceased ... Dorothea Dopping Halahan, & Lucy Halahan spinsters of Gulistan & ... Augusta Frederica Fitzsimons of Gulistan, widow ... re land of Cullenswood now called Gulistan.
Indenture of lease, same date between 1) Jane Armstrong Halahan, administrator of Mary Halahan, widow, Dorothea Dopping & Lucy Halahan; 2) Augusta Frances Fitzsimons, widow; 3) George Augustus Frederick Halahan of St Stephens Green, MD; whereby 1 & 2 let to 3 Cullenswood or Gulistan ... Mosopher Cottage build by Augusta Frederick Fitzsimon & Aubrey Cottage now in the possession of Mr Robert Halahan for 82 years


Child of Augusta Frederica Halahan and John Burke Fitzsimons

Bruce Crosby Halahan

(1 December 1925 - February 2005)
     Bruce Crosby Halahan was born on 1 December 1925 in Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire. He was the son of Capt Frederick John Crosby Halahan and Agatha Katherine Rose Close.
Bruce Crosby Halahan served in the military as part of the Royal Navy between 1942 and 1945.
He served in the Metropoltan Police, Colonial Police 1949-1960 and S... in Malaysia 1965 to 1973.
     Bruce was a family historian.
     Bruce died in February 2005 in Ipswich, Suffolk, aged 79.

Carina May Halahan

(27 May 1909 - 22 December 1990)
     Carina May Halahan was born on 27 May 1909 in Southsea, Hampshire. She was the daughter of Lt Cdr Robert Crosby Halahan and Gwladys Mabel Gwatkin-Williams.
She was the Commandant VAD at Hasler RN Hospital. She was unmarried.. Carina May Halahan was honoured in the New Years List as Carena May Halahan, Associate of the Royal Red Cross (ARRC) - Royal Navy in 1946.
     Carina died on 22 December 1990 in Hampshire aged 81.

Catherine Sampson Halahan

(before 1845 - )
     Catherine Sampson Halahan was born before 1845. She was the daughter of Dr Richard Newton Christophilus Halahan and Alice Mary Smyth.
Catherine Sampson Halahan married Vernon Lloyd on 12 November 1861 in St Mary's, Shandon, Cork, Ireland.

Catherine Sophia Halahan

(19 June 1865 - between January 1885 and March 1885)
     Catherine Sophia Halahan was born on 19 June 1865 in Portmadoc, Caernarvonshire, Wales. June 19 1865, at Portmadoc, North Wales, to the wife of R F Halahan, Esq., a daughter. She was the daughter of Richard Flemyng Halahan and Mary Mills Legh. Catherine and Richard were listed as the children of Richard Flemyng Halahan in the 1881 census in 46 Ampthill Rd, Bedford.
     Catherine died between January 1885 and March 1885 in Bedford RD, Bedfordshire.