three daughters Handcock

     Three daughters Handcock was the daughter of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily.

Timothy Handcock

     Timothy Handcock was the son of Rev? Eliah Handcock and 'Widow' Crowse.
Timothy Handcock married Unknown Handy.

Timothy Handcock

     Timothy Handcock was the son of Joseph Handcock and Anna Forbes?
     Timothy Handcock was mentioned in the will of Joseph Handcock dated 13 October 1729.

Tobias Handcock

(circa 1766 - before 11 March 1840)
     Tobias Handcock was born circa 1766.
Tobias Handcock of Hugh St, Kilkenny advertised paper hangings, etc in Finns Leinster Journal on Wednesday, May 20, 1789.
Tobias Handcock was listed in a directory dated between 1812 and 1818 as Tobias Handcock, paper stainer.In 1835 he was fined for forging stamps for excise duties [Limerick chronicle 14 Feb 1835].He was discharged as insolvent debtor in Feb 1828 [Dublion Mercnatile advertiser.. 19 Feb 1838]. at 53 Aungier St, Dublin.
     Tobias died before 11 March 1840 in Aungier St, Dublin. He was buried on 11 March 1840 in St Peter, Dublin. Tobias Handcock of Aungier St aged 72.
     His will was proved in 1840. Tobias Handcock, 52 Aungier St, Dublin, gentleman p. 128.

Children of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily

Tobias Handcock

(circa 1804 - before 28 March 1839)
     Tobias Handcock was born circa 1804. He was the son of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily.
     Tobias died before 28 March 1839 in Aungier St, Dublin. He was buried on 28 March 1839 in St Peter, Dublin.

Tobias Handcock

( - circa June 1758)
     Tobias Handcock was the son of Richard Handcock and Ann Unknown.
Tobias Handcock married Mary Unknown.
     Tobias Handcock made a will dated 30 May 1758 in the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. Tobyas Handcock of Upper Court, Kilkenny. Gent mentions his wife Mary, son Tobyas, daughters Ann & Eleanor, eldest son Richard, son Robert, daughters Hester, Deborah.
     Tobias died circa June 1758 in Ireland.
     His will was proved on 23 August 1758 at Kilkenny, Ireland. Tobias Handcock, Upper Court, co. Kilkenny, gent.

Child of Tobias Handcock and Mary Unknown

Tobias Handcock

     Tobias Handcock was the son of Tobias Handcock and Mary Unknown.
     His will was proved. He may be the Tobias of Kilkenny whose estate was granted probate in 1813.
He may be the Tobias Handcock of the city of Kilkenny, gent who married Joannah Reily of the parish of St Mary's , spinster, both Protestants with a marriage licences from the Diocese of Ossory.

Tobias Handcock

(circa 1791 - 13 April 1871)
     Tobias Handcock was born circa 1791 in Ireland. He was the son of Tobias Handcock.
Tobias Handcock served in the military He purchased his commission in 1815 in the 27 Regiment of Foot. He was an Ensign of the 27 Foot, on half pay firstly from 26 March 1816 and then from 1835 at his death. He was listed in the 1815 Waterloo Roll call on 4 May 1815.
Tobias Handcock married Mary Ann Lawrence on 13 April 1821 in St Luke's, Chlesea, Middlesex, England.
Tobias Handcock married Jane Grace Hutchings (alias Freeman) on 4 November 1857 in St Michael, Dublin, Ireland. Tobias Handcock of Eagle Cottage, Sandymount, Lt, late 27th Regt,bachelor of full age, son of Tobias Handcock, getleman, Hutchings, to, Jane Grace Hutchings, widow, of 52 High St, daughter of Richard Hutchings, watchmaker.
     Tobias died on 13 April 1871 in Clonmell, Tipperary, Ireland. On the 13th April ... Tobias Handcock, Esq., 27th Regiment, aged 79 years, father of Mr Handcock of Takaka [NZ]. The deceased gentleman with his brother, the late Lt -Colonel Handcock, 46th Regiment, served at Waterloo, where he was wounded... Shortly after the close of the campaign, Mr Handcock retired upon half-pay. He was buried in Old St Mary's, Clonmel, Kilkenny, Ireland. Sacred to the memory of Charles Loftus Hutchings Esq., who departed this life at Clonmel, 4th April 1868, aged 67 years. Also Louisa Eliza Hutchings, who died 13th April 1858. Richard Forsayeth Hutchings, died 4th December 1909, aged 81 years. Jane Handcock, died September 1890, aged 88 years. Also Tobias Handcock Esq., 27th Regiment, who died on the 13th April 1871, aged 79 years.

Tobias Handcock

(circa 1753 - 1 February 1815)
     Tobias Handcock was born circa 1753. He was the son of Richard Handcock and Mary Caulfield.
Tobias Handcock married Johanna Reily circa 13 May 1783 in Ossory Diocese, Ireland. Tobias Handcock of the city of Kilkenny, gent, and Joannah Reily of the parish of St Mary's, spinster. Both Protestants..
     Tobias died on 1 February 1815. He was buried in St Lachtains, Clonmel, Kilkenny, Ireland. Here lieth interred the remains of Richard Handcock of Freshford Esq who died April?17-5, aged 45 years, also his wife Mrs Mary Handcock alias Caulfield who died May 1808 aged 82 years and four children who died young, and their son Tobias Handcock of the City of Kilkenny who departed this life on 1st February 1815 aged 61 years.

Child of Tobias Handcock and Johanna Reily

Tobias Handcock

(circa 1767 - )
     Tobias Handcock was born circa 1767.

Child of Tobias Handcock

Unknown Handcock

Children of Unknown Handcock

Wallamy Macklin Handcock

     Wallamy resided at Queensland, Australia. He was the son of Rev Robert Handcock and Jane Elizabeth Macklin.

William Handcock

(circa 1631? - circa 1706)
     William Handcock was born circa 1631? In Ireland?. The famiily were from Devon or Lancashire?
William Handcock (c. 1631 – c. 1 July 1707)[1] was an Irish politician.
Originally from Lancashire, Handcock entered the Irish House of Commons in 1661, holding his seat for Westmeath until 1666.[1] He was then appointed to the Council of Connaught and in 1680, he received a grant to erect a manor in Twyford, Westmeath.[2] Handcock represented Athlone from 1692 until 1699 and sat in the following parliament again for Westmeath from 1703 until his death in 1707.[1]
His sons William and Thomas sat also in the Parliament of Ireland.[3]. He was the son of Patriarch? Handcock.
William Handcock married Abigail Stanley, daughter of Rev Thomas Stanley, on 25 July 1652 in Ireland. They had 16 children.
See for further details on this line.
An order made 3 Dec 1656 for removing Irish Papists out of wall'd towns, garrisons, etc & sent to the following towns & prisons? ... Mullingar & Athlne - Lt Col. Alex Brayfield, Cap Eyres * William Handcock Esq.      
William Handcock was the Member of Parliament in the first parliament after the Restoration in 1661 for Westmeath, Ireland. He was appointed one of the cCuncil of Connaught and was the first High Sheriff of Longford & Westmeath.
He obtained a patent, 12 Feb 1680 to erect his estates into a manor, under the designation of the Manor of Twyford.
The Handcocks obtained a grant of 5,500 acres in 1680 which formed the manor of Twyford, and they continued as large land and property owners in Athlone until the 20th century.
William Handcock of Twyford, most probably came into the country with Cromwell. He obtained a grant by letter patent in 1680 of the manor of Twyford, of 5500 acres, in the barony of Kilkenny West, under the Act of Settlement, with considerable powers. In 1661 he had arms granted him by Richard St George, Ulster King of Arms "Whereas Willliam Handcock of Porleeke in the county of Westmeath, in the province of Leinster, Esquire, being a person of eminent quality in the county, and or that reason was made High Sheriff of that county, of the of the county of Longford after His Majesty's most happy restoration, and since Knight of the Shire, and one in the Commission of the Peace for the aforesaid counties, and one of the Councell of Conaght, etc." In 1695 and 1698 he was appointed a Commissioner to raise a subsidy for King William III.
The greatest beneficiary in South Westmeath under the Cromwellian plantation was a soldier called William Handcock who was given 7026 acres of lland around what is now called Moydrum..
Is this "good friend William Handcock Esq" mentioned in the will of Nicholas Mahon Oct 1680 who was a military comrade who was serving as Captain with a militia company at Athlone when Mahon was hunting Dualtagh Costello. Handcock was given 479 acres of land belonging to Bryan oge McBrian McLoughlin Kelly and Charles McUstan McDonell in the parishes of Killinvoy, St John's and Taghsrara in the barony of Athlone. He was appointed to be one of the overseers of his children. The will states " Item also I bequeath & desire this my last will & testament that my eldest son John Mahon do marry one of the daughters of Wm Handcock Esq. Whichsoever of them he shall think fit, I having formerly treated with Mr Handcock several times about the giving a portion according to John Mahon's estate. Item whereas hath been ___ Mr Handcock and I for the lands of Tully which acres I have sett two years and desire if there be any arrears in the same that Mr. Handcock may see himself satisfied and paid. [The Irish genealogist 3:6 (Oct 1961) p.231-3]..
     William Handcock made a will dated 20 June 1705 in Dublin, Ireland. William Hancock, city of Dublin, Esquire, mentions his sons Matthew, Adam & Stephen, grandson William Handcock, George Rochford, John Rochford, John Handcock; daughter Hanna, son in law Chichester Phillips.
     William died circa 1706 in Dublin. He was described as "sometime of Twyford". The History of the Irish Parliament states he died before 1 July 1707.
     His will was proved on 14 April 1706 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Children of William Handcock and Abigail Stanley

William Handcock

(circa 1704 - 13 August 1741)
     William Handcock was born circa 1704 in Westmeath. He was the son of William Handcock and Susan/Sarah Warburton. William Handcock matriculated on 13 December 1720 at Trinity College, Dublin, William Handcock, pensioner (co. Westmeath aged 16; son of William, armiger, born Westmeath.      
William Handcock was MP for Fore between 1727 and 1739.
William Handcock married Elizabeth Vesey.
     William Handcock made a will dated 2 March 1733. William Handcock of Willbrook, c. Westmeath, esq. mentions his wife Elizabeth Vesey, daughtre of Thomas Vesey... Bishp of ... ..., eldest brother Ruchard H, 2ndi brother Robert, mother Susannah Handcock, eldest sister Dorothy Handcock, 2wn sister Susannah Handcock, 3rd ssiter Abigail Handcock, 3rd borhter John Gustavus Handcock, uncle, Richared Warburton.
He served as Sheriff in 1734 and was succeeded by his eldest son William who married Elizabeth Vesey... but dying without issue was succeeded by his brother: the Very Rev Richard Handcock, Dean of Achonry, born in 1712. He married Sarah, only daughter & heir of Richard Toler of Ballintore, Kildare, by whom he had issue. He died in 1791.
     William died on 13 August 1741. He was of Willsbrook and then Twyford, he left no issue.
     His will was proved after 13 August 1741 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

William Handcock

(circa 1676 - before 29 August 1723)
     William Handcock was born circa 1676 in Ireland. He was the son of Thomas Handcock and Dorothy Green. William Handcock matriculated on 1 August 1694 at Trinity College, Dublin, William Handcock, pensioner (Mr Lodge, Preston, Lancs), aged 18; son of Thomas, generosus, born co. Meath.      
William Handcock was MP for Athlone. he entered the Irish House of Commons in 1703, representing Athlone until 1714.He sat for Dublin City from 1721 until his death two years later. in 1703 for Westmeath/Roscommon.
William Handcock married Susan/Sarah Warburton.      
William Handcock was MP for co. Westmeath in 1721.
     His will was proved in 1722? At the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.
     William died before 29 August 1723.

Children of William Handcock and Susan/Sarah Warburton

William Handcock

(1689 - )
     William Handcock was born in 1689. He was the son of Very Rev Stephen Handcock and Margaret Warner.
     William died. He was unmarried.

William Handcock

(circa 1698 - )
     William Handcock was born circa 1698 in Dublin. He was the son of Rev Matthew Handcock and Elizabeth Best.
     William matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 28 March 1716. William Handcock, pensioner (Mr Cashin), aged 18; son of Matthew, Archdiaconus Kilmore; born Dublin. BA 1720, Ll B 1726.

William Handcock

(circa 1765 - )
     William Handcock was born circa 1765. He was the son of Rev Elias Handcock and Catherine Smyth.
William Handcock married Catherine Robison on 22 December 1790 in Leixlip, Kildare. They had at least 7 children.
William Handcock married secondly Anne Henry in October 1802. Claudine Nelson is a descendant of this marriage. They had 5 children.
Miss Henry married William Handcock whose immediate ancestors were Protestant clergymen in Cavan, and as he was a man of no fortune the Henry family opposed her right to the estate under the terms of the will. Handcock took the case through Chancery to the House of Lords, achieved success in 1816, and established the Handcocks at Carantrila...
     William Handcock married thirdly Sarah Sandes. They had two children.

Child of William Handcock and Catherine Robison

Children of William Handcock

William Handcock

(26 November 1689 - )
     William Handcock was born on 26 November 1689 in Ireland. He was the son of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington.

William Handcock

( - 1786)
     William Handcock was the son of Rev? Eliah Handcock and 'Widow' Crowse.
His son John became Lt Governor of Kinsale.
     William died in 1786.

William Handcock

(circa 1737 - 7 April 1794)
     William Handcock was born circa 1737 in Roscommon. He was the son of Robert Handcock and Jane Blackburne. William Handcock matriculated on 7 November 1755 at Trinity College, Dublin, William Handcock, pensioner (Mr Grueber, Athlone), aged 18, son of Robert, generosus, born co. Roscommon.      
William Handcock was MP for the borough of Athlone, one of the Commissioners of the Hon. the Barrack Board in 1759.
William Handcock married Susannah Lloyd, daughter of William Lloyd and Sarah Blackbourne, on 9 October 1767 in Dublin, Ireland.
     William died on 7 April 1794 in Athlone, Westmeath/Roscommon, Ireland. He may be - In the family vault are deposited the remained of Willm. Handcock Esquire, Late Representative in Parliament for this town, for 28 years he exerted the most conscientious diligence in the discharge of his office as Collector of Trim and Commissioner of the Board of Works. He fulfilled the several duties of Husband, Father, and Friend in a manner rarely equall’d, never excel’d, and was most deservedly admired by all who knew him, whether personally or by character. With the strength of mind and fortitude becoming a Christian he sustained the repeated attacks of a lingering disorder till the seventh of April A.D. 1794, AEtatis 56, when with a joyful hope of a blessed Resurrection, and a firm reliance on the merits of his all-gracious Redeemer, he resigned his meek spirit into the hands of his God. This monument a small tribute to as many virtues as ever centred in one man, was erected at the joint expense of Mrs. Sus. Handcock, his deeply afflicted widow [who passed above 26 years of uninterrupted happiness with this truly best of Husbands, and still existed but in the idea of rejoining him in a better world] and his only son Robert Handcock, Esq.
     His will was proved after 7 April 1794 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Child of William Handcock and Susannah Lloyd

William Handcock

( - 1811)
     William Handcock was the son of Richard Handcock 2nd Baron Castlemaine and Ann French.
     William died in 1811. He was an ensign in the 11th Foot and drowned off the Lizard Point in 1811.

William Handcock

(circa 1795 - )
     William Handcock was born circa 1795 in Westmeath. Parentage uncertain. He was the son of William Handcock.
     William matriculated on 2 November 1812. William Handcock, pensioner (Dr Shields), aged 17, son of William, generosus, born Westmeath. BA 1817.

Rev William Handcock

(22 December 1795 - 3 January 1873)
     Rev William Handcock was born on 22 December 1795 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of Rev Robert Handcock D D and Jane Bryanton.
     William matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, on 1 July 1811. William Handcock, pensioner (Mr Fea), aged 15, son of Robert, clericus, born Dublin. William late Rector of Kilgariffe, Diocese of Ross, co. Cork; Leslie states: priest 1820 (Dromore), Vicar choral St Patrick's Cathedral 1819-21; Curate Ardee (Armagh) 1820, Prebend and Vicar Ballisodare (Achonry) 1821-9, exchanged with Charles Mulloy for Rector of Clontarf 1829-40; Rector Radanstown (Meath) 1840-52; Rector Kilnagross (Ross) 1852-8; resigned. Succeeded to his father's estate at Cole Hill, co. Longford between 1820 and 1858.
Rev William Handcock married Sarah Coddington on 6 January 1821.
He owned an estate of just over 500 acres in the parish of Aughrim, barony and county of Roscommon in the 1850s. In the 1870s Mrs Sarah Handcock of Ballyknockan House, Ballypatrick, county Tipperary, owned 515 acres in county Roscommon.
     William died on 3 January 1873 aged 77.

Children of Rev William Handcock and Sarah Coddington

Sir William Handcock

(10 September 1655 - September 1701)
     Sir William Handcock was born on 10 September 1655 in Ireland. He was the son of William Handcock and Abigail Stanley. Sir William Handcock matriculated on 16 March 1670/71 at Trinity College, Dubllin, William Handcock, pensioner (Mr Thullis), aged about 17; son of William armiger, born co. Westmeath.
Sir William Handcock married Elizabeth Coddington on 31 May 1685 in Ireland. She married secondly James Forth, MP on 14 Oct 1702 at St Michan's Dublin.      
Sir William Handcock was the Member for Athlone in 1692.
     William was Recorder of Dublin between 1695 and 1701.
     Sir William Handcock made a will dated 13 September 1701 in Dublin, Ireland. William Handcock, Recorder of the City of Dublin, mentions his wife Elizabeth Handcock, son John, brothers Matthew, Adam, Stephen (Dean of Kilmaduagh), and others, daughters Ann, Abigail & Jane, father William Handcock of Dublin.
     William died in September 1701 in Dublin.
     His will was proved in November 1701 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.
     Sir William Handcock and Rev Matthew Handcock, Adam Handcock, Very Rev Stephen Handcock, Hannah Handcock, George Rochford, John Rochford and Capt Chichester Phillips were beneficiaries in William Handcock's will dated 20 June 1705 in Dublin.

William Handcock Baron Castlemaine

(28 August 1761 - 7 January 1839)
     William Handcock Baron Castlemaine was born on 28 August 1761 in Westmeath, Ireland. He was the son of Rev Richard Handcock and Sarah Toler. William Handcock Baron Castlemaine matriculated on 4 August 1779 at Trinity College, Dublin, William Handcock, SC (Mr Baggs), aged 16, son of Richard, diaconus; born Dublin.
He built Moydrum castle at Wilbrook. He was Constable and Governor of Athlone 1813-1839 and Governor of county Westmeath 1814-1831, He married Florinda Trench on 20 March 1782, she died 9 Feb 1851. She was the daughter of William Trench, 1st Earl of Clancarty.
See for further details.      
William Handcock Baron Castlemaine was was MP in the English Parliament between 1800 and 1803. William Handcock, who was a MP from 1800 to 1803 inherited the land. He violently opposed the Act of Union and spoke against it in his native Athlone. After refusing a monetary bribe, he eventually succumbed to the promise of a title and voted for the Union. His reward came in 1812 when he was created Baron and took the title Lord Castlemaine. He then built a new home to suit his status, Moydrum Castle, which was designed by famous architect Sir Richard Morrison and completed in 1814 in a sham Gothic style with theatrical turrets and battlements. The 3rd Baron Castlemaine erected the eight foot high wall around the grounds which can be seen today. With the new land acts, further generations of the Barons had to hand back more and more land, leaving just 550 acres by 1906. William was created Baron Castlemaine in 1812, and Viscount Castlemaine in 12 Jan 1822 on 21 December 1812.
     William died on 7 January 1839 in Moydrum Castle, Moydrum, Athlone, Westmeath, aged 77. On his death his viscountcy became extinct and his barony was passed to his brother Richard. He died when he fell from a window in his Castle during a freak squall.. He was buried in Athlone, Westmeath/Roscommon. Sacred to the memory of William Viscount Castlemaine, who departed this life 7th Janry. 1839 aged 75 years. His death though sudden, was not unprepared. Entirely and habitually renouncing all merit in himself, with the utmost humility, and contrition of heart, he vested all his hope of salvation, on the atonement and mediation of our Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ. Erected by his afflicted widow.

William Bryanton Handcock

(25 January 1822 - 1874)
     William Bryanton Handcock was born on 25 January 1822 in Ireland. He was the son of Rev William Handcock and Sarah Coddington.
     William died in 1874.

William Domville Handcock

(2 September 1830 - 5 June 1887)
     William Domville Handcock was born on 2 September 1830 in Ireland. He was the son of William Elias Handcock and Margaret Phillips. William was admitted as a lawyer in 1854, the King's Inns, Dublin.
William Domville Handcock married Ellen Olivia Rooke on 5 June 1862 in St Stephen's, Waterford, Waterford. On the 5th inst at St Stephen's church, Mount St, by the Rev John Pim, cousin to the bride, William Domville, eldest on of William Elias Handcock, Sallypark, co. Dublin, Esq, to Ellen Olivia,eldes and only surviving daughter of the late Major Rooke, 13th Regt, Madras Army..
William Domville Handcock, the eldest son of William Elias Handcock. Educated at Nutgrove School, Rathfarnham, and at Trinity College, Dublin, he took his degree in 1852. As a magistrate for the County Dublin, Mr Handcock constantly presided on the Tallaght Petty Sessions bench, of which he was a much-valued member. He was also a Guardian of the South Dublin Union, and a frequent attendant at the meetings of that board. For many years he was an active supporter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
He wrote a family memoir in 1883 [now held by] Christine Ellis who indexed the names memtioned.
     William died on 5 June 1887 aged 56. Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland, 1958 ed states: William Domville Handcock (d.6 June 1887), of Sally Park, Firhouse, Co. Dublin, m.5 June 1862, Eleanor Olivier (b.5 Sep 1835, d.s.p.1920 July 6), eldest daughter of Thomas Slator Rooke, Major 12th Regt. Madras Native Infantry.

William Elias Handcock

(circa 1794 - March 1880)
     William Elias Handcock was born circa 1794. He was the son of William Handcock. William Elias Handcock graduated in 1815 from Trinity College, Dublin, with a Bachelor of Arts.
William Elias Handcock married Margaret Phillips on 11 January 1828 in St Peter, Dublin.
Morning Chronicle on Friday 07 June 1850 announced: On the 4th inst, at Fir House, Dublin, the lady of Wm Elias Handcock of a daughter.
In 1869,William Elias Handcock was elected on 7th September lay representative of the parish if Tallaght, Dublin, in pursuance of a circular issued by His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin.
     William's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1880 in Dublin South RD, Dublin, Ireland.

Children of William Elias Handcock and Margaret Phillips

Rev William Fraser Handcock

(circa 1820 - )
     William was in holy orders. He was born circa 1820. He was the son of Lt Col Richard Handcock and Jane Fraser (Woodham).
     William matriculated at Cambridge University in 1838. B.A. 1849, incorp. from Oxford. Son and heir of Richard, Lieut.-Col., 46th Regt., and Jane Fraser, widow of Capt. Woodhouse, of ‘Glen Rocky at Calpen.’ Matric. (age 16) from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, July 7, 1838. Ord. deacon (Gloucester) 1845; priest, 1846. V. of St Luke's, Cheltenham, 1854-71. C. of St Luke's, S. Kensington, 1871-4; V. there, 1874-93. Lived latterly at 66, Redcliffe Square, S. Kensington, and disappears from Crockford, 1903.
Rev William Fraser Handcock married Elizabeth Jane Colville in 1869.