William Handy

(say 1730 - )
     William Handy was also known as William Handy (of Rahoon) in records. He was born say 1730. He was the son of Stray Handy.
     William resided at Rahoon?, Tipperary, Ireland, 1755.
William Handy married Deborah North? circa 26 May 1755 in Ireland. William Handy of Rahoon, co. Tipperary, gentleman & Deborah North? of Ballycurly? parish, King's county, spinster, licence dated 26 May 1755.

William Handy

(13 November 1892 - 1947?)
     William Handy was born on 13 November 1892 in 59 Patrick St, Kingstown, Rathdown RD, Ireland. William son of Harry Handy & Sarh formerly Wandrum, carpenter. He was the son of Henry Handy and Sarah Wandrum. William, Thomas and John were listed as Henry Handy's children in the 1911 census in 97 Patrick St, East Side, Kingstown, Monkstown, Ireland.
     William died in 1947?.

William Handy

     William Handy was the son of William Dawson Handy.

William Handy

(say 1780 - )
     William Handy was born say 1780 in Westmeath, Ireland.
William Handy married Frances MacDermott on 11 December 1804 in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland.

William Handy

( - before 15 January 1730)
     William died before 15 January 1730 in Dublin. He was buried on 15 January 1730 in St Catherine, Dublin.

William Handy

(circa 1898 - 11 August 1916)
     William Handy was born circa 1898 in Newherrington, Durham, England.
     William Handy was recorded on the 1901 census in New Herrington, Durham, England. William Handy 40, Born St Giles, Durham; his wife Margaret Handy 37, born Horton, Northumberand; children John E Handy 12, Mary H Handy 10, Jane A Handy 8, William Handy 3 all born West Herrington.
     William Handy served in the War between 1914 and 1916. Regt #26951, Private Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Batt.
     William died of wounds on 11 August 1916 in France.

William Handy

(9 May 1726 - 15 January 1730)
     William Handy was christened on 9 May 1726 in St Catherine, Dublin. Wm Handey, son of John & Ellornah. He was the son of John Handy and Eleanor Burke.
     William was buried on 15 January 1730 in Dublin. Will: Handy, C [child?].

William Handy

(2 February 1845 - )
     William Handy was christened on 2 February 1845 in the Catholic church, Kilbeggan, Westmeath. He was the son of Edward Handy and Mary Convey.
William Handy married Anne Kelly on 21 June 1868 in Dundee?, Angus.

William Handy

(16 November 1915 - June 1972)
     William Handy was born on 16 November 1915 in Kirkcaldy, Fife. He was the son of William Handy.
William Handy married Isabella Davidson in 1934 in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
     William's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1972 in Brent, Middlesex, England.

Children of William Handy and Isabella Davidson

William Handy

(1937 - 2000)
     William Handy was born in 1937. He was the son of William Handy and Isabella Davidson.
     William died in 2000.

William Handy

(before 1780 - )
     William Handy was born before 1780.
William Handy married Anne Parkins on 1 January 1801 in Church of Ireland, Newcasltle, Wicklow, Ireland. They were both of Delgany.

William Handy

(1890 - 1893?)
     William Handy was born in 1890 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland. He was the son of Mary Ann Handy.
     William died in 1893? In Dundee, Angus.

William Handy (which?)

(circa 1765 - )
     William Handy (which?) was also known as William Handy in records. He was born circa 1765. He was the son of Protestant Stray Handy.
William Handy (which?) married Elizabeth Knox on 16 October 1787 in 'Rappa Castle', Ballina, Kilfian, Tirawley barony, Mayo.

William Alexander Handy

(7 May 1849 - )
     William Alexander Handy was christened on 7 May 1849 in Wesleyan Methodist church, Albion, Ontario, Canada. He was the son of James Handy and Charlotte Unknown.

William Dawson Handy

(18 October 1846 - 7 January 1933)
     William Dawson Handy was also known as Dawson in records. He was born on 18 October 1846 in Canada. He had a close relationship with S W Handy. However William Handy married Elizabeth Frances Dawson in 1841 in Dublin and the name and dating suggest this link. He may be the father of Wesley, James & Dudley from a marriage to Minerva who also lived at Grass Valley and whose father was born in Canada. He was the son of William Handy and Elizabeth Frances Dawson.
He may be (but the ages don't fit) the 22 year old William Handy, born Ireland, religion Church of England, clerk, single, possibly living with an English Gambe family at Goderick, listed in the 1861 census of West Canada..
William Dawson Handy moved to USA in 1870 per the "from Canada".
     William Dawson Handy and Samuel Wesley Handy appeared on the census of 13 July 1870 in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, USA. Samuel W Handy, head, aged 70, white male, farm labourer, born Ireland, with William D Handy, aged 22, white male, 22 Q miner, born in Canada.
Handy, Samuel Wesley, 66 in ---, born in Ireland; Handy, Thomas Killeen, 26 in 1871, born in Ireland; Handy, William Dawson, 21 in ---, born in Canada.
William Dawson Handy married Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane on 8 November 1877.
William Dawson Handy married Mary Unknown circa 1889.
William Dawson Handy was listed in a directory dated 3 October 1892 as William Dawson Handy at Boston Ravine (Grass Valley), Nevada County, California, USA. He was entitled to vote in the general election 8 Nov 1892, by virtue of his father's naturalization. He was described as 5' 10", dark complexion, brown eyes with dark hair, miner born Canada.
William Dawson Handy was listed in a directory dated 1895 as William D Handy, farmer at Nevada County, Califonia, USA.
     William Dawson Handy and Mary Unknown were recorded on 28 June 1900 census in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California. William D Handy, born Oct 1848 in Canada, aged 51 years married 11 years, parents Irish, immigrated 1870, 30 years in the US; Mary, born Sep 1865, aged 34, mother of 4 children, all living, parents Irish; Mary daughter, aged 14, born Aug 1885; sons Emil 5, born Jan 1895 & Dawson born Aug 1897, aged 2; all born in California.
     William Dawson Handy and Mary Unknown were recorded in 1910 census in Grass Valley, Nevada County California. William D Handy, 64, born Canada, parents Irish, immigrated 1870; Mary wife, 45, Emily Jenkins, step-daughter 23 (this may be the son Emil aged 11 in the previous census); Dorson (Dawson) Handy jr, son, 13, all born California.
     William Dawson Handy and Mary Unknown were recorded in 1920 census in Grass Valley, Nevada County California. Township of Grass Valley, county Nevada, state of California: William D Handy, 73, born Canada; Mary wife, 56; Henry D, son, 23, both born California; both parents born in Ireland, sheep farmer.
William Dawson Handy married Bessie Unknown before 1921.
     William Dawson Handy and Mary Unknown were recorded on 7 April 1930 census in Grass Valley, Nevada County California. William D Handy, head, 83, born Canada, stock farmer, parents born Northern Ireland, wife Mary, 66, born California, age at first marriage 20 but her age obscured, son Henry D, 33, born California and Nellie, daughter in law, 24, they were aged 29 & 19 at marriage.
     William died on 7 January 1933 in Nevada County, California, USA, aged 86. W D Handy, 86, died quietly at early hour. William Dawson Handy, 86 year old resident of the Lime Kiln section, venerable and widely known patriarch of the Handy family western Nevada county prominence, died quietly in his sleep, some time yesterday morning at his ranch home. Handy passed away in much the same manner as he had lived - quietly and without discomfort. The demise was first recognized by his wife, Mrs Mary Handy at 5.30 o'clock in the morning. Members of the family were notified at once when the fact of death had been accepted by the family, Coroner A M Holmes and the W R Jefford and Son Funeral Parlours were notified. An enquiry into the cause of death conducted by Coroner Holmes with Dr Carl P Jones as post mortem surgeon revealed that death was due to a heart complaint - myocarditis. Deceased was a native of Canada, born October 18 1846, son of the late .... [clipping cut off].

Children of William Dawson Handy and Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane

Children of William Dawson Handy and Mary Unknown

Child of William Dawson Handy and Bessie Unknown

William H? Handy

     William H? Handy was the son of John Handy and Emily Alexander.

William Hawker Handy

(1 February 1850 - )
     William Hawker Handy was born on 1 February 1850 in Kingstown, Dublin. He was the son of Henry Handy and Harriett Hawker. William Hawker Handy was christened on 3 March 1850 in Church of Ireland, Monkstown, Dublin.

William John Handy

(1877 - 1877)
     William died in 1877 in Rathdown RD, Dublin & Wicklow. He was born in 1877 in Rathdown RD Dublin & Wicklow. He was the son of William Handy and Mary Hopkins.

William Leo Handy

(12 October 1903 - )
     William Leo Handy was born on 12 October 1903 in Cloonshany/Clonshanny, Rahan, Tullamore RD, Offaly. He was the son of Andrew Handy and Mary Bracken. Mary, Margaret, Bridget, Susan, Elizabeth, William, Anne and John were listed as Andrew Handy's children in the 1911 census in Clonshanny, Rahan, Offaly.

William Michael Handy

(23 December 1879 - )
     William Michael Handy was born on 23 December 1879 in Arden, Tullamore, Offaly. He was registered as Hand on 30 Jan 1880. He was the son of Patrick Handy and Ann Downes.

William Orme Handy

(1783 - 16 August 1855)
     William Orme Handy was born in 1783 in Ireland. He was described as the fourth son by his grandfather Fleming in 1793. He was the son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming.
     William resided at Ballintober, Kilfian, Tyrawley barony, Mayo, Ireland, 1803.
William Orme Handy married Mary Kingstone circa November 1803 in Ireland. William O Handy, esq of Ballintubber, co. Mayo, son of Samuel O Handy,es., of Bracca Castle, co Westmeath, married Miss Mary Kingston.
William Orme Handy was listed in a directory dated 1814 as William Orme Handy, esq at 'Ormeston House' or 'Moneidiveen', Millbrook, Killeigh, Geashilll, Offaly. He was listed as a resident in the 1821 census in Balllintobber townland in Kilfian, Tyrawley barony, Mayo. Two storied house no. 5, Jane Handy aged 35, wife of Samuel Handy, gentleman, holder of 60 acres, absent in Dublin, Anne 16, Catherine 15, Jane 14, Samuel 12, Dora aged 10, Wm 9, Jn 7, Elizabeth 5, Maria 4, Thos 2, and George under 1, their children. Anne Orme, widow, aged 53, her mother
Wm Orme Handy, gentleman aged 38, resident in King's County, Samuel Handy aged 14 his son, visitors, 4 manservants and 7 maidservants. There is a cornmill & 100 acre turbary on this part of the townland
     William resided at Offaly, Ireland, 1821.
Alarming outrage ... William Henderson (Steward to Samuel Wesley Handy, of Bracca Castle, Esq.) ... Subscribers ... Samuel Wesley Handy, Esq Ballintubber, co. Mayo, William Orme Handy, Ormston, Esq [£10 each], ... Thomas Handy, Esq. Rev. Richard Handy, Anthony Dopping, Esq, John Armstrong Esq, Haynes Wade Battersby, Esq, John Handy, Bettymount, Goresbridge, Esq [£5/13/9 each] ... others inlcude Fetherson & Handcock.
     William Orme Handy was assessed under the Tithe Commutation Act between 1823 & 1837 in Mulagharush, Kilconfert, Offaly, in 1824..
William Orme Handy was listed in a directory dated 1824 as Wm Orme Handy, esq at Millbrook, Killeigh, Geashilll Offaly.
     In Samuel Wesley Handy's will dated 12 August 1824 in Brackagh/Bracca Castle, Ardnurcher or Horseleap, William Orme Handy was named as heir. He was mentioned in a codicil to the will of Samuel Wesley Handy on 13 August 1826.      
William Orme Handy and Samuel Handy paid tithes of 10/-, or £1/2/- on 2 June 1827 in Ardnurcher or Horseleap, Westmeath, Ireland. Samuel Wesley Handy Esq of Bracca Castle paid tithes on land valued at £16/18/2 on Braccareagh and Coolalough, being 210 acres 35 perches. Samuel Wesley & William Handy paid tithes for Kilnacreeve, Ardnurcher.      
William Orme Handy paid tithes of 6/- in June 1827 in Ardnurcher or Horseleap, WEM, IRL. William Handy Esq of Kingston, Killeagh or the Misses Handy paid tithes on Little Ballinakill, total rent charge £1/4/1 1/2.
     William and Samuel resided at Millbrook, Killeigh, Geashilll Offaly, March 1828. William Orme Handy was mentioned in the marriage settlement for Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton dated 13 March 1828. Marriage Settlement dated 13th March 1828 of Samuel Wesley Handy Esq. and Miss Mary Middleton - Between William Orme Handy and Samuel Wesley Handy both of Ormestown Kings Co. William Middleton MD and Mary, his second daughter, of Mullingar Westmeath, John Handy of Barraghcore, Kilkenny, and Samuel Marshall of Roscrea, Tipperary - James Middleton of Monie Tipperary and Captain Arthur Richardson of the 29th Foot.
William Orme Handy being seized in fee of lands of Ballintober, Barony of Tryawly, Co. Mayo he for considerations assigns same to John Handy and Samuel Marshall, as trustees, for the use of himself, for life, and to provide Samuel Wesley Handy, with £100 per annum for Mary Kingston, alias Handy, his wife, Samuel to have power to dispose of said lands by his will among his children he might have by his said wife Mary Middleton, or his issue by any other wife, also £50 per annum for any other wife, failing such issue, reversion to Alexander Kingston Handy, second son of William O Handy, reversion to Catherine and Mary Handy daughters of William O Handy and charged with £3000 for younger children of William O Handy.
William Middleton being seized for two lives of lands of Bennisnow, Barony Kerrin Tipperary, he assigns same to said Trustees for the use of the said Samuel and Mary and their issue, failing such issue reversion to Ann Middleton, eldest daughter of William Middleton to her heirs, failing their reversion to William Middleton, son of William Middleton by Catherine Dalton, reversion to James Middleton brother of William Middleton.
W Orme Handy Esq of Glenva in Crossmolina, Mayo was a subscriber to Lewis's Topographical dictionary of Ireland, published in 1837. William Orme Handy was the author of a congratulatory address in verse to HM Queen Victoria on the auspicious event of 1842 with a pressing solicitation that HM would visit Ireland published in 1845.
     In Dorothea Ann Handy's will dated 31 March 1853 in Dublin, Ireland, William Orme Handy was named as executor of the estate.
     William resided at 'Park House', Westmeath, 1853.
William Orme Handy was listed in a directory dated 1854 as William Esq., 4 Whitehill Tce, Dublin; Wm, solicitor, 2 Waverley Tce & 30 Merrion St. Upper at Dublin.
     William died on 16 August 1855 in 'Park House', Upper Moyfenrath, Meath. In August 1859, his brother Richard Fleming Handy states that his five brothers are dead. He was buried at Geashill, Offaly and his memorial states:

Children of William Orme Handy and Mary Kingstone

William Orme Handy

(circa 1829 - 22 October 1899)
     William Orme Handy was born circa 1829 in Westmeath. His parentage is assumed.
The Westmeath journal on 22 Jan 1829 reported: On the 15th inst. in this town, the Lady of Samuel W. Handy, jun., Esq. of a son and heir.. He was the son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton.
     William was educated from between 1857 and 1858 at Queen's College, Galway. In the Agriculture Faculty.
     William died on 22 October 1899 in 'Glencarn', Ardcarn, Boyle RD, Roscommon. Bachelor, aged 70, farmer.
     His will was proved on 19 June 1900 at Tuam, Galway, Ireland. Admon (with will) of William Orme Handy, late of Glencarne, co. Roscommon, esq died 22 October 1899, granted at Tuam to Charles Burton, farmer, the nephew. Effects £54/10/-.

William Orme Handy

(before March 1840 - before 6 November 1889)
     William Orme Handy was born before March 1840 in New Ross, Wexford, Ireland. He was the son of Samuel Handy and Anna Townsend. Mary, John, William, Samuel, Charles, Annie, Fleming and Emily were listed as the children of Samuel Handy in the 1851 census in 30 King St, Liverpool, Lancashire.
     William matriculated at Queens College, Galway, in 1858. He matriculated in the 1857-8 Session and studied Agriculture.
     William Orme Handy were recorded on the 1881 census in 3 Alexandra Terrace, Liscard, Cheshire. William Handy, aged 42, unmarried, was a lodger with Mary Vaughan & Emily Dewhirst. He was a book keeper (commercial clerk). He was born at New...., Wexford, Ireland.
     William's death was registered in the quarter ending before 6 November 1889 in Wallasey SD, Birkenhead RD, Cheshire. He was buried on 6 November 1889 in St Hillary, Wallasey, Cheshire.

William Trougher Handy

(circa 1831 - 23 October 1875)
     William Trougher Handy was born circa 1831. He was the son of John Trougher Handy and Catherine Newman.
     William died on 23 October 1875 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

William Wesley Handy

(circa 1841 - )
     William died in Williamson county, Tennessee, USA. He was born circa 1841 in Tennessee, USA. He was the son of Thomas Kingston Handy and Mariah Louise Henderson.
Edward M. Crutcher Bond, Williamson Co, Tn.
Know all men by these presents, that we Edward M. Crutcher & Deddrick R. Crutcher are held and firmly bound unto L. B. McCowicco? Chairman of the County Court for the County of Williamson, in the State of Tennessee, and his successors in office, in the sum of One Thousand Sixty Seven 70/100 dollars, which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 17 day of October 1856.
The Condition of this Obligation is such, That whereas, the said Edward M. Crutcher in right of his wife Mariah L. late Mariah L. Handy & as guardian for John H. Handy has received from hte Clerk of the Williamson County Court, agreeably to the order of said court at the term, 1856 Five hundred & thirty three /10100 dollars there distributive share of the balance found due against ______? H. Figuers the administrator of the extate of Elizabeth Eaton deceased, upon settlement with the Clerk of said Williamson County Court. Now if the said Edward M. Crutcher & John H. Handy shall well and truly pay and refund their ratable part of any debt or debts truly owing by the deceased, on which may be hereafter sued for and recovered, or otherwise duly made to appear, then this obligation to be void; else to be and remain in full force and virtue.
E. M. Crutcher
E. M Crutcher, as Guardian J. H. Handy

Mary Hanlan

     Mary Hanlan married Edward Handy before 1804.

Child of Mary Hanlan and Edward Handy

Catherine Hanley

     Catherine Hanley married Maurice Colbert on 11 March 1808 in Youghal, Cork.

Annie Hanlon

(8 February 1842 - 28 November 1921)
     Annie Hanlon was born on 8 February 1842 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Annie came to Australia as an assisted immigrant on the ‘General Caulfield’, landing in Moreton Bay 8th September 1864.
Annie Hanlon married James William Phillips, son of William Thomas Phillips and Mary Anne Lyons, on 25 November 1867 in Donnybrook, Maranoa, Queensland. They married on 25th November 1867 according to later birth certificates.
James and Annie appear to have had 13 children, although there is some confusion about the first three.
Mabel Alice ( IGI) is said to have been born at ‘Dykehead Station’ in Dec 1869 /70 although there does not appear to be birth registration this. There is a ‘Dykehead Station’ listed west of Maryborough, near Mundubberra. She married James William Thygesen 6th June 1887 at ‘Bona Vista’ Walla and died 21 Jan 1943.
Mary Ann is registered as born at ‘Jindah’ 25 Dec 1870, there does not appear to be any further information re Mary Ann. This appears to be in the same area as ‘Dykehead Station’, is it possible that Mary Ann and Mabel Alice are one and the same?
This appears to be in the same area as ‘Dykehead Station’, is it possible that Mary Ann and Mabel Alice are one and the same?
May Lydia Phillips does not appear to have birth registration either, but is said to have been born 27 November 1871 in Maryborough. At the time of her marriage to John Charles Wood she was said to be ‘the second daughter of J W Phillips Esq’.
Other children of James William and Annie were:
William James b 29 Nov 1872 d 25 November 1875
Effie Isabel b30 October 1874 d 20 February 1876
Alfred James b 8 September 1876 m Charlotte Bridget Simcock 29 April 1908
Un-named female b15 May 1878. This is probably Catherine Isabella (Kitty) who married Daniel Joseph O’Regan 24 May 1905.
Bridget Maude (Maude) b 4 May 1880 m 1 John Henry Hendy 27 September 1905
2 Alexander O’Connel 1950, d October 1961
Virgil Lyons b 1 May 1882 m Christina Irwin 30 April 1913
William Percival b 19 May 1884 d 8 Feb 1885
Edward John b 11 February 1886 d 8 Jul 1886
Annie b 4 March 1887 m Charles James McWalters 15 February 1911
Margaret Phillips b 8 March d 28 March 1889.
Mary Anne Phillips was registered as born at ‘Jindah’which appears to be a property or locality on the Mary River west of Maryborough.
He was also listed as a landholder and publican .
He purchased a property ‘BonaVista’ at Walla 1883 and later resided there.
Mabel Alice (IGI) was married at ‘Bona Vista’ in 1887 and Margaret was born there in 1888. I believe there is a gravestone for her on the property which would suggest they still lived there when she died in March 1889.
In 1897, at the time of May Lydia’s marriage the family home was ‘ ‘Cuba Plantation’ Burnett River’, and James William was described as a sugar planter. ‘Cuba’ in 1988, had been described as having 70 acres under cane, under a prior owner.
A JW Phillips was the licensee of the ‘Doolbi’ hotel in Childers from 1898 to1904.
I am not sure if this is our James William. In June 1905, James William became the licensee of the ‘ Railway Hotel’ in Bundaberg and held the license June 1912.
In other notes it also says that he was the licensee of the ‘North Bundaberg Hotel’ in 1918 and that he owned Phillips Cordials which was managed by his son Virgil. ( B’berg and District Pioneers)
     Annie died at the home of her daughter Kitty O’Regan on 28 November 1921 in Childers, Queensland, aged 79.

Children of Annie Hanlon and James William Phillips

Eliza Hann

     Eliza Hann married Samuel Ruby as his second wife, in St John's, Newfoundland.

Ann Sarah Hannaford

(2 July 1872 - March 1944)
     Ann Sarah Hannaford was born on 2 July 1872 in Prospect Palce, Duffield, Derbyshire, England. She was the daughter of Arthur Mews Hannaford and Dinah Ruby. Ann Sarah Hannaford was christened in Abbotskerswell, Devon.
     Ann died in March 1944 in England aged 71. She was a spinster.