Grace (Polly) Hart

(circa 1750 - 24 March 1799)
     Grace (Polly) Hart was commonly known as Polly. She was born circa 1750 in London. She was the daughter of a tradesman in St James.
     Grace (Polly) Hart had a long term relationship with Samuel Reddish from 1767. When Reddish made his debut at Drury Lane, there was a Miss Hart in the theatre, who enjoyed an income derived from a degrading source, and Reddish, tempted by her money, and utterly indifferent as to how it was acquired, wooed and married her in less than ten weeks. Afterwards, prevailling upon her to sell her annuity, he dissipated the proceeds and then abandoned her. Grace was an actress from 1767. Bagot states that she "derived her income from a degrading source."
The Biographical dictionary of actors states that Polly Hart Reddish is recoverable today only as a dim and pitiable figure. On 22 October 1760 a "Gentlewoman" made what was advertised as her first appearance on stage, playing opposite Thomas Sheridan's Lord Townley in The Provok'd husband at Drury Lane Theatre. The prompter Hopkins jotted in his diary: "Lady Townley - Miss Hart - some applause.". The applause must have been restrained. Whichever of her admirers it was who had sponsored her to Garrick had to try again, this time inducing the actors Baddeley, Fawcett, and Kear to employ her at their joint benefit on 11 May 1761. She did not take and was seen no more in London as Miss Hart. She was named among the courtesans in Edward Thompson's Meretriciad (1761):
With regal grace H---t fills the fretting stage,
      And would do honour to the train, and page,
But now she's changed the operative plan,
To sleep in peace, with an endearing man.
Who that man might have been was not suggested by Horace Walpole, who identifies "H--t" as Polly in an annotation to a copy of the poem in his library at Strawberry Hill, now at Harvard. But Walpole expanded that information with a little gossip to George Montagu in a letter dated 10 August 1762: "My pen is in such a sublime humour, that it can scarce condescend to tell you that Sir Edward Deering is going to marry Polly Hart, Danvers' old mistress, and three more baronets, whose name nobody knows, but Collins [of Collin's Peerage] are treading in the same steps." Walpole's jeer was cruel but correct. She probably went into "Keeping" but she never married a baronet. Perhaps she did not even marry Samuel Reddish, whose name she bore when she accompanied him to London in 1767 after acting briefly at Orchard Street Theatre, bath, and at Bristol. But we assume that she did. ... Early accounts of his life persuade us that he had laid siege to her affections in order to gain control over an annuity of £200 given her as settlement by a former lover and that he then sold it on ruinous terms to pay his importunate creditors. By the end of 1772 if not before, Reddish took up with the actress Mary Anne Canning and left Polly to fend for herself.
     Grace died on 24 March 1799 in London, England. European Magazine , April 1799 p. 285: 24 March. In a state of extreme poverty and distress, Mrs Reddish, alias Hart, formerly of Dury Lane Theatre, where she first appeared in the character of Lady Townly the 26th Octobe 1760. She was daughter of a person belonging to the Court, who left her some property, whch she early dissipated during the time she lived with Mr Reddish, who name she assumed. Her performances on the stage were never remarkable for thier excellence, though she very unaccountably obtained the notice of Churchill, who thus mentions her in the Roscis .... with transient gleam of grace, Hart sweeps along. Lately she used to speak at one of the debating societies in Westminster, the proprietors of which, after her death was known, opened their room for the purpose of procuring money to provide for her a decent funeral.

Hume Edward Hart

(1900 - 1919)
     Hume Edward Hart was born in 1900 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.
     Hume died in 1919 in Queensland.

Leslie Walter Hart

(1908 - )
     Leslie Walter Hart was born in 1908 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.

Mary Hart

(1826 - before 23 April 1901)
     Mary Hart was transported to Tasmania. Per the Earl Grey. She was born in 1826. She was the daughter of Thadeus Hart & Julia Collins.
Mary Hart married Robert Parrott on 24 February 1852 in Christ Church, Longford, Nofolk Plains district, Tasmania. Robert Perrott, aged 24 & Mary (X) Hart, 21. Permission was graned 3 Feb 1852 - Robert Parrott, free & Mary Hart per Earl Grey. She came to Gippsland to join her husband after his return from the Snowy River diggings abaout 40 years before her death in 1901.
     Mary died before 23 April 1901 in Yarram, Victoria. She was buried before 24 April 1901 in Greenmount Cemetery, Yarram. A coroner's inquest was held regarding her death on 1 May 1901.

Children of Mary Hart and Robert Parrott

Mary Ann Hart

(27 March 1825 - )
     Mary Ann Hart was christened on 27 March 1825 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
Mary Ann Hart married Hammond Cocksedge, son of Zachariah Cocksedge and Phillipa Robinson, on 25 May 1847 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
     Mary Ann Hart and Hammond Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Cross Green, Cockfield, Suffolk. Hammond Cocksedge, aged 27, born Thorpe Murrux, with George 26 lodger, brother, widower, Mary Cocksedge, aged 26, born Cockfield, with Harry aged 3, born Cockfield & Susannah aged 1, born Cockfield.
     Mary Ann Hart and Hammond Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Cockfield, Suffolk. Hammond Cocksedge, 33, ag. labourer; Mary his wife, 35, Harry, son, 12, Susanna 10, daughter, scholar; Alfred, son, aged 9, all born at Cockfield.
     Mary Ann Hart and Hammond Cocksedge were recorded on the 1881 census in Cockfield, Suffolk. Hammond Cocksedge, head, married aged 56, born Cockfield, farm labourer with his wife Mary aged 55, born Cockfield and son Alfred, aged 21, farm labourer, born at Cockfield.

Children of Mary Ann Hart and Hammond Cocksedge

Mina Hart

     Mina Hart was born in Queensland. She was the daughter of Edward Monro Hart and Marion Grace Black.

William Hart

(circa 1790 - )
     William Hart was born circa 1790.
William Hart married Frances Bullett, daughter of John Bullett and Elizabeth Dykes, on 12 October 1818 in Hessett.

Arthur Charles Hartley

(7 June 1885 - 9 August 1917)
     Arthur Charles Hartley was born on 7 June 1885 in Bumble Park, near Yetman, New South Wales.
Arthur Charles Hartley married Alice Elaine Pollard, daughter of Thomas William Pollard and Alice Bland, on 8 February 1906 in Silverspur, Texas, Queensland.
     Arthur Charles Hartley was employed as a silver miner/labourer/stock Inspector.
     Arthur died on 9 August 1917 in the Hospital, Texas, Queensland, aged 32. He was buried on 10 August 1917 in Texas.

Children of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard

Charlie William Hartley

(2 April 1907 - 12 September 1964)
     Charlie William Hartley was born on 2 April 1907 in Silverspur, Texas, Queensland. He was the son of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard.
Charlie William Hartley married Nora Elizabeth Hunt on 11 May 1932 in Glen Innes, New South Wales.
     Charlie William Hartley was employed as a shearer/road builder/turkey farmer.
     Charlie died on 12 September 1964 in Brisbane, Queensland, aged 57. He was buried in Mt Gravatt.

Cyril Lionel Hartley

(1916 - )
     Cyril Lionel Hartley was buried in the Lawn Cemetery, Mount Gravatt. Cyril was a labourer and fruit vendor. He was born in 1916 in Emmaville, New South Wales. He was the son of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard.

Florence May Hartley

(29 December 1909 - 1956)
     Florence May Hartley was born on 29 December 1909 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard.
Florence May Hartley married Arthur Joseph Hilton in 1929 in Emmaville, New South Wales. Florence had home duties.
     Florence died in 1956 in the Hospital, Glen Innes, New South Wales. She was buried in Glen Innes.

Children of Florence May Hartley and Arthur Joseph Hilton

Frederick Norman Hartley

(22 April 1912 - 9 February 1980)
     Frederick Norman Hartley was born on 22 April 1912 in Queensland. He was the son of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard.
     Frederick Norman Hartley was employed as a sawmiller and doing rotary hoeing.
     Frederick died on 9 February 1980 in Brisbane, Queensland, aged 67. He was buried in Mt Gravatt.

Gordon Arthur Hartley

(21 February 1909 - 1909)
     Gordon Arthur Hartley was born on 21 February 1909 in Queensland. He was the son of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard.
     Gordon died in 1909 in Queensland.

Keith Emanuel Hartley

(13 February 1914 - 4 January 1979)
     Keith Emanuel Hartley was born on 13 February 1914 in Silverspur, Texas, Queensland. He was the son of Arthur Charles Hartley and Alice Elaine Pollard. Keith Emanuel Hartley was christened on 8 March 1914 in Silverspur, Texas.
     Keith served in the Army during World War II.
     Keith Emanuel Hartley was employed qs a baker/goldminer/farmer/Council janitor.
     Keith died on 4 January 1979 in Greenslopes Repat Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, aged 64. He was buried on 6 January 1979 in Mt Gravatt.

Edward Hartopp

(circa 1665 - )
     Edward resided at London, England. He was born circa 1665.
Edward Hartopp married Rebecca Barbara Ryther, daughter of Robert Ryther and Margaret Campion, after 6 July 1691 in St Dunstan in the East, Stepney, London. The marriage licence allegation of Edward Hartopp of St Andrew's Holborn, bachelor, 30 & Mrs Rebecca Ryder, of St Peter's Cornhill, London, spinster, 24, at her own disposal is preserved at the Faculty Office.
     Edward Hartopp and Baptist Ryther were mentioned in a civil court action in 1693. Baptist Ryther of Belton vs Hartopp were listed in the Inheritance Disputes Index in 1693.

Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell

(1883 - )
     Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell was born in 1883 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of George Hartwell & Emily Rose. 1896 Attended Lagoon Flats School, Dwelling: Victoria 1896 Lagoon Flats, Fathers Occ: 1896 Farmer.
     Victoria was educated from 1896 at Lagoon Flats, Texas, Queensland. The local school.
Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell married John Bland, son of Elijah Bland and Mary Ann Murray (Goben or Gobin), in 1901 in Emmaville, New South Wales.
     Victoria and John resided at Lagoon Flats, Texas, Queensland, between 1907 and 1941. He was listed as a farmer to 1919.

Children of Victoria Elizabeth Hartwell and John Bland

Mary Harty

     Mary Harty married Owen Toohey.

Child of Mary Harty and Owen Toohey

Charlotte Harvey

(25 May 1823 - )
     Charlotte Harvey was born on 25 May 1823 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Harvey and Mary Cocksedge.

Ellen Harvey

(1840 - 10 June 1931)
     Ellen Harvey was born in 1840 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She was the second daughter of Henry D & Harriet H Harvey of Baltimore..
Ellen Harvey married George Trull, son of George Trull and Anna Barklie, on 6 November 1866 in her residence, 137 Park St, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. By Presbyterian rites. Ellen was listed as a daughter-in-law in Anna Barklie's household on the 1880 census. Anna Trull, aged 68, born Maryland, head, widowed, Graham Trull aged 33, son, single, born Maryland, Ellen H Trull, aged 39, daughter, widowed, born Maryland, George H Trull aged 7, grandson & Hattie H Trull aged 2 - born New Jersey, Anna's father's birthplace was Ireland and her mother's was England. She was described as Keeping House.
She sold her parents home in 1907 and lived elsewhere in Baltimore and Elizabeth, then bought a home in Baltimore.
     Ellen died on 10 June 1931 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was buried in Loudon Park cemetery, Baltimore.

Children of Ellen Harvey and George Trull

Harriett Harvey

(6 January 1822 - )
     Harriett Harvey was christened on 6 January 1822 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Harvey and Mary Cocksedge.

Robert Harvey

(circa 1795 - )
     Robert Harvey was born circa 1795.
Robert Harvey married Mary Cocksedge, daughter of William Cocksedge and Charlotte Fulcher, on 26 October 1818 in Hessett, Suffolk. Robert was present at Harriett Harvey's christening on 6 January 1822 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. Robert was present at Robert Harvey's christening on 13 May 1824 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Children of Robert Harvey and Mary Cocksedge

Robert Harvey

(13 May 1824 - )
     Robert Harvey was christened on 13 May 1824 in Drinkstone, Suffolk. He was the son of Robert Harvey and Mary Cocksedge.

Ann Harvie

     Ann Harvie was born. 1811 may have been born at Lavenham, not proven that she is the wife of this William.
Ann Harvie married William Grimwood, son of William Grimwood and Elizabeth Unknown, on 30 January 1639/40 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.

Children of Ann Harvie and William Grimwood

Evon Harview

(1919 - 3 January 2010)
     Evon Harview was born in 1919 in Winterhouse, Newfoundland, Canada.
Evon Harview married Charles John Pawlett, son of Charles Edmund Pawlett.
     Evon died on 3 January 2010 in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada. It is with great sadness that the family of the late Evon Pawlett announce her passing at the Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital, Stephenville on Sunday, January 3, 2010 at the age of 90 years. She will be sadly missed by four sons: Harvey (Darlene) Pawlett of Stephenville, Herman (Cynthia) Pawlett of Stephenville Crossing, Clifton (Connie) Pawlett of Stephenville, Gene (Myra) Pawlett of Labrador City, three daughters: Genevieve (George) MacDonald of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Joan Cutting of Louisiana, USA, Rise (Lorne) Harvey of Milton, Ontario, three sisters: Theresa McCarthy of Port au Port, Vina O’Quinn of Ontario, Dorothy Harview of New York, USA, 14 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends. She was predeceased by her husband, Charles Pawlett in 1983. Friends may call at Russell’s Funeral Home, 57 Prince Rupbert Drive, Stephenville on Tuesday from 2-4 p.m. and visiting will also take place at St. Joseph’s Church in Heatherton from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday. Funeral Service will take place on Wednesday, January 6th at 2:00 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Church in Heatherton with Interment in the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Heatherton.

Thomas Harvy

     Thomas Harvy married Hellen Bullett, daughter of Francis Bullett and Alice Unknown, in September 1655 in St Mary, Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Anne Harvy?

(say 1550 - )
     Anne Harvy? was born say 1550.
Anne Harvy? married Augustine Noble, son of Richard Noble, before 1640.

Francis William Haskins

(26 September 1899 - 23 June 1973)
     Francis William Haskins was born on 26 September 1899 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He was christened in the Baptist church, Bristol.
     Francis William Haskins arrived circa 1910 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Francis was a clergyman.
Francis William Haskins married Hazel Blanche Walling, daughter of Thomas Ruby Walling and Laura Melinda Long, on 2 June 1926 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.
     Francis died on 23 June 1973 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, aged 73. He was buried in Summerland.

Mary Hassett

(circa 1878 - 14 September 1958)
     Mary Hassett was born circa 1878.
Mary Hassett married John Edward Colbert, son of Edmund Colbert and Ellen Shannahan, in 1915 in Victoria. He name is also indexed as Bassett.
     Mary died on 14 September 1958 in Bendigo, Victoria. She was buried after 14 September 1958 in the New Cemetery, Ballarat. Mary, wife of John E Colbert, died 14 September 1958.

Child of Mary Hassett and John Edward Colbert

Agnes Haste

     Agnes Haste married Ezra Ebenezer Bullett, son of Richard Bullett and Susan Palfrey, in March 1888 in Salford RD, Lancashire.
     Agnes Haste and Ezra Ebenezer Bullett were recorded on the 1891 census in White Hart St, Thetford St Peter, Norfolk. Ezra Bullett, head, 26?, Brick maker, born Thetford; his wife Agnes aged 23; children Lilly A, 6?, George 8 months, all born at Thetford.

Children of Agnes Haste and Ezra Ebenezer Bullett

Frederick Crewe Haswell

(before April 1796 - May 1841)
     Frederick Crewe Haswell was born before April 1796.
Cynthia Mackglew married secondly Frederick Crewe Haswell on 18 April 1834 in the Presbyterian church, Sydney, New South Wales. She gave August rather than April - to be checked.
Frederick Crewe Haswell and Cynthia Mackglew witnessed Alexander Abbott and Martha Mackglew's wedding on 11 October 1836 in St Andrew's Scot's church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Frederick died in May 1841 in St James parish, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.