Anna-Maria Heywood

(14 June 1806 - June 1840)
     Anna-Maria Heywood was born on 14 June 1806 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Pemberton Heywood of Stanley Hall, Wakefield, Esq. She was christened on 15 July 1806 in St John, Wakefield, Yorkshire.
Anna-Maria Heywood married Rev Henry Gylby Lonsdale, son of Rev John Lonsdale and Elizabeth Steer, on 5 August 1824 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. They had a large family.
     Anna-Maria's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1840 in Lichfield RD.

Jane Hibbird

(circa 1805? - December 1863)
     Jane Hibbird was born circa 1805?.
Jane Hibbird married Josiah Mackglew, son of Daniel Mackglew and Martha Smith, on 30 September 1833 in St Giles Without Cripplegate, London.
     Jane Hibbird was recorded on the 1851 census in Caroline Place, Deptford, St Paul, Kent. Jane McGlew, head, married, 44, mariner's wife, born Berkshire.
     Jane Hibbird was recorded on the 1861 census in 249 Broomfield Rd, Deptford, Kent. Jane Mackglew, widow, aged 59 was listed as aunt in the household of Charles & Elizabeth Ward, he was a pork butcher. Jane was born in Buckinghamshire, both Charles & Elizabeth were born in Deptford.
     Jane's death was registered in the quarter ending in December 1863 in Greenwich RD.

Catherine Hickey

(before 1850 - )
     Catherine Hickey was born before 1850 in Cork, Ireland.
Catherine Hickey married Michael Colbert on 24 November 1866 in Youghal, Cork, Ireland.

Hannah Hickey

( - after 1842)
     Hannah Hickey married John Corbett Colbert. Hannah Hickey was born in Tipperary, Ireland.
     Hannah died after 1842.

Child of Hannah Hickey and John Corbett Colbert

Mary Hickey

(circa 1832 - 27 June 1897)
     Mary Hickey was born circa 1832.
Mary Hickey married Owen Toohey, son of Owen Toohey and Mary Harty, circa 1852. Mary Hickey was buried on 10 June 1897.
     Mary died on 27 June 1897.

Children of Mary Hickey and Owen Toohey

Ann Hicks

(circa 1730 - )
     Ann Hicks was born circa 1730.
Ann Hicks married Samuel Vodry, son of John Vodry and Mary Clark, on 4 August 1751 in St Phillip, Barbados.

David Norman Hicks

(12 January 1913 - May 1997)
     David Norman Hicks was commonly known as Norman. He was born on 12 January 1913.
David Norman Hicks married Helena Joyce Hackney (Hicks), daughter of Lily Ellis (Hackney), in June 1939 in Coventry, Warwickshire.
     David died in May 1997 in Truro RD, Cornwall, aged 84.

Robert Bannatyne Hicks MRCS, LRCP

     Robert Bannatyne Hicks MRCS, LRCP married Katharine Grace Tapply, daughter of Rev Frederick Tapply and Ann Emily Pickmore Rumsey, on 28 August 1916 in All Saints, Kensington, London.

Russell S Hicks

Elizabeth Hides

(circa 1640? - )
     Elizabeth Hides was born circa 1640?.
Elizabeth Hides married John Steer, son of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?, on 20 February 1661/62 in Darley, Derbyshire. Mrs Elizabeth Hides of Cowley.

Elizabeth (Mary) Higby

(1723 - before 27 August 1807)
      She was called Mary from Samuel's baptism onwards, but buried as Elizabeth.
. Elizabeth (Mary) Higby was born in 1723 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.
Elizabeth (Mary) Higby married Burgess Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Mary Burgess, on 6 September 1743 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence and both of Yaxley.
     In Burgess Bowker's will dated 21 October 1790 in Alconbury Weston, Elizabeth (Mary) Higby was named as heir. She was an executor of Burgess Bowker's estate on 27 December 1790 in Huntingdonshire.
     Elizabeth died before 27 August 1807 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 27 August 1807 in St Peter & St Paul, Alconbury Weston.

Children of Elizabeth (Mary) Higby and Burgess Bowker

Elizabeth Higgins

     Elizabeth Higgins married John Bowker, son of John Bowker and Susanna Hopkins, in 1812 in All Saints, Fulham, London.
     Elizabeth Higgins and John Bowker were recorded on the 1841 census in Manor Lane, Clapham, Surrey. John Bowker 50, cow-keeper, Elizabeth Bowker 45, Edwin Bowker 15, Jane Bowker 15, Elizabeth Bowker 15, David Bowker 10, Alfred Bowker 5, Thomas Bowker 5, all born in the county.
     Elizabeth Higgins and John Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Manor Farm Dairy, Clapham. John Bowker 61, cow keeper; his wife Elizh Bowker 59, Edwin Bowker 29, cow-keeper's son, Jane S Bowker 26, David Bowker 21, brick layer, all born Batterseas, Sry; Alfred Bowker 17, sea app, born Claphan, Thomas Bowker 15, cow keeper's son, born Clapham.
     Elizabeth Higgins and John Bowker were recorded on the 1871 census in Private Rd, Theobald House, Stockwell, Lambeth St Mary, Surrey. John Bowker 81, Gardener, born Battersea, Sry, his wife Elizabeth Bowker 79, housekeeper, ditto, unmarried daughter Jane S Bowker, 43, charwoman, ditto.
This is next door to Theobald Farm.

Children of Elizabeth Higgins and John Bowker

Ellen Higgins

     Ellen Higgins was also known as Hellen Huggins in records. She was born in Worcestershire, England. She was named in the will of James Killigrew in 1567.
Ellen Higgins married Peter Killigrew, son of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard, on 17 February 1560/61 in St Mary le Bow, London.

Jane Higgins

     Jane Higgins married Samuel Bowker, son of John Bowker and Elizabeth Higgins, on 30 October 1845 in St Pancras, London, Middlesex.

Sarah Higgins

(circa 1832 - )
     Sarah Higgins was born circa 1832 in Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire.
Sarah Higgins married David Bowker, son of John Bowker and Elizabeth Higgins, on 4 July 1854 in Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire. A David (born Battersea) & Sarah Bowker aged 30 & 26 with daughter Alice aged 1,were living with mother Charlotte White at Clapham in 1851.
     Sarah Higgins and David Bowker were recorded on the 1861 census in 29 Park Crescent, Clapham, Surrey. David Bowker, head, married, 30, bricklayer, born Battersea, Sry; his wife Sarah 26, born Goddmanchester, and daughter Alice Bowker 1, born Clapham.
     Sarah Higgins and David Bowker were recorded on the 1881 census in 42 Park Road (Stanley House), Clapham, Surrey. David Bowker 51, retired builder, born Battersea, Sry; his wife Sarah Bowker 48, born Hunts, children Edward H. Bowker 19, commercial clerk, Edith B. Bowker 17, Alice M. Bowker 9, scholar, David E. Bowker 5, all born at Clapham.
     Sarah Higgins and David Bowker were recorded on the 1891 census in Stanley House, Clapham. David Bowker 61, retired builder, born battersea; Sarah Bowker 58, born Huntingdon, Edward Bowker 29, cycle manuf, Alice Bowker 19 David Bowker 17, all born Clapham.

John Higgs

     John Higgs married Ann Unknown (Popplewell) in 1714 in Lincolnshire. The marriage bond/allegation shows Ann Popplewell, widow and John Higgs to be married at Gainsborougn or Lea.

Rebecca Hilbert

     Rebecca Hilbert married John Popplewell, son of Stray Popplewell, on 3 March 1700/1 in Scawby, Lincolnshire, England.

Children of Rebecca Hilbert and John Popplewell

Solomon Hilbert

     Solomon Hilbert married Leah Valender on 1 June 1806 in St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London.

John David or Harry Robert Hill or Lawrence

     The marriage of John David or Harry Robert Hill or Lawrence and Sarah Frances Mann, daughter of Arthur Mann and Adelaide Mary Nunn, was registered in Woodbridge RD, Suffolk, in the December 1906 quarter.

Thomas or Samuel Hill or Moore

     Thomas or Samuel Hill or Moore married Martha Stanser in March 1856 in Bristol RD.

Ann Hill

(before 1650 - before 12 January 1692/93)
     Ann Hill was born before 1650.
Ann Hill married John Bullett/Bulletout, son of Robert Bullett and Catherine Unknown, on 11 June 1666 in Elmswell, Suffolk. John Bulletout & Ann Hill.
     Ann died before 12 January 1692/93 in Tostock, Suffolk. She was buried on 12 January 1693/94 in St Andrew, Tostock, Suffolk. Ann, wife of John Bulletoul/Bulletout.

Children of Ann Hill and John Bullett/Bulletout

Elizabeth Rosa Hill

(circa 1812 - 24 January 1899)
     Elizabeth Rosa Hill was born circa 1812.
Elizabeth Rosa Hill married William Sheppard/Shepherd Grimwade, son of William Grimwade and Elizabeth Sheppard, before 1 October 1847 in Stonham Aspall, Depwade RD, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Rosa Hill and William Sheppard/Shepherd Grimwade were recorded on the 1851 census in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk. Elizabeth Rosa Hill was an executor of William Sheppard/Shepherd Grimwade's estate on 4 May 1888 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Elizabeth died on 24 January 1899 in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk. Memorial inscription: Elizabeth Rosa Grimwade, deid 24 January 1899, aged 86, wife of Wiliam Shepherd Grimwade.. She was buried on 28 January 1899 in Stonham Aspal.

Children of Elizabeth Rosa Hill and William Sheppard/Shepherd Grimwade

Grace Hill

     Grace Hill married William Daniels, son of Albert Daniels and Tamar Susannah Hainsworth.

Harriett Hill

(before January 1812 - before 4 January 1897)
     Harriett Hill was born before January 1812 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
Harriett Hill married George Grimwood, son of Thomas Grimwood and Mary King, on 16 October 1833 in Ringshall, Suffolk.
     Harriett Hill and George Grimwood were recorded on the 1841 census in Gt Bricett, Suffolk. George Grimwood, ag. lab., 30 Harriott 25, Samuel 6, Sergent 2, all born in the county..
     Harriett Hill and George Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Gt Bricett, Suffolk. Cottage: George Grimwood, head, 42, ag. lab., born Battisford, his wife Harriet, 39, born Cockfield, children Samuel 16, ag. lab, Sergant, 12, ag. lab, Mary 9, George 2, all born at Bricett.
     Harriett Hill and George Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Bricett, Suffolk. George aged 52, ag. lab., born Battisford with his wife Harriett aged 44 born Cockfield, children Samuel 26, Mary Ann 19, George 12, John 3 & Ellen 6 months, all born at Bricett.
     Harriett died before 4 January 1897 in Gt Bricett, Suffolk. She was buried on 4 January 1897 in Gt Bricett.

Children of Harriett Hill and George Grimwood

Isobel Hill

     Isobel Hill married James Carnegie in 1792? In Inverkeilor, Angus, Scotland.

Children of Isobel Hill and James Carnegie

Mary Hill

( - circa 26 April 1686)
Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641) Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1638
     Mary Hill married Sir William Killigrew, son of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse. A picture of Mary Hill and Sir William Killigrew by the Flemish master, Anthony Van Dyck. The portraits were reunited when purchased by the Tate about 2000.
Sir Anthony van Dyck's Portraits of Sir William and Lady Killigrew, 1638

     ‘I ... doe desire nothinge in this world more then to have my Wife live [with] me'
Sir William Killigrew 1655

Van Dyck (1599-1641) was one of the most significant painters to work within the British Isles. In the centuries following his death he had a far greater influence on portraiture there than any other artist. The forms of portrait that he introduced during the years that he worked for the Stuart king Charles I and members of his Court were to be an inspiration to numerous later artists, including Sir Peter Lely, Thomas Gainsborough, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Richard Parkes Bonington and John Singer Sargent. Yet until 2002 Tate possessed only a single work by this most influential of masters, the full-length portrait of an unknown lady thought to be a member of the Spencer Family, which had been acquired in 1977. Although delightful, this work was not in tip-top condition.
Tate's acquisition of the portrait of Sir William Killigrew came in part through the 'acceptance in lieu' scheme, under which pre-eminent works of art and important heritage objects can be transferred into public ownership in payment of inheritance tax. The story might have ended there, but for the sudden unexpected appearance in an auction in January 2003 in New York of the companion piece to this picture, van Dyck's portrait of Sir William's wife, Lady Mary Killigrew. This picture had been known to be in a private collection somewhere in the USA, but exactly where had been unclear. Through an exceptional combination of circumstances, it became possible for Tate to bid for it, and thus to acquire it, too.
Thus the two portraits by van Dyck, both dated 1638, closely related in size and clearly conceived as a pair, are re-united at last within the Tate collection. We do not know how long they have been apart, but at the very least it has been a century and a half. Certainly by the early nineteenth century, Sir William's portrait was owned by the Carpenter family, who sold it at auction in 1853. At the same date, Lady Mary's portrait was almost definitely with the Grey family, who were Earls of Stamford. During the nineteenth century, the 7th Earl kept it at the family's house at Enville in Staffordshire, but research is currently under way to establish whether it was previously at the family's original residence, Dunham Massey (now a National Trust property).
Like many other artists, van Dyck painted a number of matching husband-and-wife portraits, particularly when he was living and working in Antwerp. One English pair are his early full-lengths of Sir Robert and Lady Shirley of 1622, thought to have been painted in Rome (Petworth House). It is thought, however, that the Killigrews, now at Tate, may be the only example from van Dyck's English period of a (non-royal) pendant pair in a British public museum.
Over the previous century, it had not been unusual for artists in Britain to receive commissions to produce such paired portraits. Hans Holbein II, who worked for Henry VIII and his court during the years 1527-9 and 1534-43, painted a number, including those of Sir Henry and Lady Guildford, 1527 (The Royal Collection and the Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri), and Dr William and Margaret, Lady Butts (Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston).
Portrait of Sir William Killigrew 1638
Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)
Portrait of Sir William Killigrew 1638
Tate: Accepted by HM Government in lieu of tax with additional payment (General Funds) made with assistance from the Patrons of British Art, Christopher Ondaatje and the National Art Collections Fund 2002
+View in Tate Collection      Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1638
Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)
Portrait of Mary Hill, Lady Killigrew 1638 in 1638.
Petition of Sir William Killigrew, complaining of the behaviour of his sister-in-law, Charlotte Killigrew, when his wife died while in attendance on the Queen at Somerset House (1681!).
     The administration of her estate was granted on 26 April 1686 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Sir William Killigrew, Kt, husband.
     Mary died circa 26 April 1686 in St Mary le Savoy, Middlesex.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 16 September 1690 at PCC. Lady Mary Killigrew. Letters of administration renounced 16 Sep 1690. Previous grant. int. and ren; new grant. to Peter Hume, guardian dur. min. of Barbara K., g-dda. ex da.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 6 December 1695 at PCC. Grant. of Sept. 1690 exp., Barbara Killigrew. having attained her Majority; new grant. to Sir Robt. Killigrew, son.

Children of Mary Hill and Sir William Killigrew

Pearl Dunleavy Hill

     Pearl Dunleavy Hill married Patrick Colbert.

Child of Pearl Dunleavy Hill and Patrick Colbert

Richard Hill

(circa 1780? - )
     Richard Hill was born circa 1780?.
Richard Hill married Lydia Rich, daughter of Elizabeth Rich, on 22 March 1803 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Married by licence.

Sarah Hill

(circa 1755 - )
     Sarah Hill was born circa 1755.
Sarah Hill married Thomas Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Sarah Unknown (Squirrell), on 2 November 1772 in St Nicholas, Wattisham, Suffolk.

Children of Sarah Hill and Thomas Squirrell

Mary Hillary

(15 April 1688 - )
     Mary Hillary was born on 15 April 1688 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Henry & Catherine Hillary (Quakers) of Wexford and had brothers Joshua and Samuel.
Mary Hillary married Thomas Handy, son of Thomas Handy and Sarah Deaves, on 2 July 1714 in Wexford, Wexford, Ireland. He was of Dublin and she was of Wexford.
Whereas Thomas Handy ofthe City of Dublin, son of Thomas Handy of Newcastle int eh county of Wexfirdm ti Mry Hillary, daughter of Henry Hillary of the town of Wexford having declared their intentions of each other in marriage before several publick meetings of the people... Quakers in the said City of Dublin, county and town of Wexford ... having consent of parents and relations among the signatories to the event were Tho Handy, John Handy, Sarah Handy, & several Deaves, the last two (separate column) are Thomas Handy & Mary Handy.

Children of Mary Hillary and Thomas Handy