William Edward Hooper

(9 December 1846 - 9 January 1926)
     William Edward Hooper was born on 9 December 1846. He was the son of Dr Edward Jones Hooper and Amelia Massy.
William Edward Hooper married Martha Philips Meriwether in 1869. They had 6 children..
     William died on 9 January 1926 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, aged 79.

William George Hooper

(1865 - 4 February 1867)
     William George Hooper was born in 1865 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. He was the son of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday.
     William died on 4 February 1867 in Deniliquin, New South Wales. On 8 February 1867 the Pastoral times reported his death: On the 4th instant, at Cressy Street, South Deniliquin, of convulsions, William George, younger son of William Henry & Sophie Hooper, aged seventeen months and three days.

William Henry Hooper

(9 October 1834 - 8 May 1906)
     William Henry Hooper was born on 9 October 1834 in Claremont Row, Islington, London, England. He was the son of William Benjamin Hooper and Mary Ann Trull. William Henry Hooper was christened on 26 December 1834 in St Mary, Islington.
     William Henry Hooper appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Martha Gambell and William Benjamin Hooper in Manchester Terrace, Liverpool Rd, Islington. William, Robert, Mary and Frederick were listed as the children of Mary Ann Trull in the 1851 census in 2 Albion Villas, Liverpool Rd, Islington, London.
     William Henry Hooper arrived per "Marco Polo" on 1 December 1856 at Victoria, Australia. The ship departed Liverpool on September 5, 1856 - the original ticket (cost £50) and advertisement are held by Jim Hooper, along with a signed copy of a testimonial to Captain Clark dated 1 Dec 1856 on the Marco Polo: Dear Sir, At the conclusion of this our prosperous voyage, during which you have evidenced the highest qualities of a Gentleman and a Sailor, we beg leave to present you with the accompanying token of our respect and esteem. The signatories were J Robinson, R O'Hara Burke, James Currie, A G Phelps Dodge, J McMurray, John Elliott, E Beck, W H Hooper, John Lindsay, W Drummond, Jas McEvoy and Dr Christoph. Schafer, On the back the following women have signed: Emily Bainbridge, Agnes Mason?, E Bainbridge, M A Robinson, E P Bainbridge, E Sanders, E Sheppard, H Smith. Eliza Drummond, Jessie Grant.
William Henry Hooper married Sarah Sophia Halliday, daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday and Sarah Spiers, on 25 March 1862 in 30 Hotham St, East Melbourne, Victoria. They married at the residence the Rev Joseph Beer, of the Independent Church He was a bachelor, born Islington, London, Post Office clerk, aged 27 of Deniliquin, son of William Benjamin Hooper, gentleman, and Mary Ann (Trull); she was described as Sarah Sophia Halliday, spinster, born Brompton, Kent, 27, of Melbourne, daughter of Thomas Edward Halliday, ship builder & Sarah Sophia (Spires).
William Henry Hooper moved to Deniliquin, New South Wales, circa 1863. However an article on the Deniliquin Post Office states that in August 1862 W H Hooper had been assistant for the past 18 months. A petition asking that Hooper be appointed postmaster of the proposed new post and telegraph office. Nothing came of the petition but he remained a resident for many years as a book-keeper or accountant. He was listed in directories dated between 1866 and 1867 as Wm Henry Hooper, book-keeper, Deniliquin, New South Wales. William was an auctioneer and accountant between 1865 and 1893, in Deniliquin. He advertised in the Pastoral times from 1869. William was the Registrar of births, deaths and marriages from 1874, in Deniliquin.
William Henry Hooper was listed in a directory dated between 1875 and 1877 as W H Hooper, accountant at Deniliquin.
     William resided at George St, Deniliquin, from 1880 to 1900. It was a brick house. He also paid rates on a office in Wellington Street, owned by Alex Landale from 1894 to 1900. From 1882 to 1895, William was the owner of brick and weatherboard cottages in Cressy Street in Deniliquin. From 1895 to 1900, William was the occupier of a weatherboard cottage in Harfleur St, Deniliquin.
     William died of acute bronchitis (5 days) on 8 May 1906 in Deniliquin, New South Wales, aged 71. In his obituary published 12 May 1906 [paper not quoted]: Born London 1834, 72 years of age. First arrived at Deniliquin 1863, when he was first employed by J N Alexander, later Mort & Watson's store. Alexander had applied for the Post Office, but Hooper was appointed the Post Master for some unknown reason. He was employed by Mort & Watson as accountant for some 30 years. During this time he was treasurer of the hospital, later with the Deniliquin & Moama Railway Company and the Riverina Brewery Company. Also held some position with Deniliquin Municipal Council. Was a widower with four sons. In June 1892 he left Mort & Watson, after 29 years, and started as accountant on his own next to Sinclair's Coffee Palace, later the Australian Club Hotel (was Tattersalls when demolished in 1963).
     The Pastoral times newspaper of 12 May reported: William Henry Hooper: After an illness of only a few days' duration a very old and respected townsman, Mr. William Henry Hooper, passed away on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hooper, though not looking well, at the end of last week completed, with Mr R H Turnbull, the audit of the Municipal Council's books, and on Saturday became ill with an attack of bronchitis. He suffered acutely for the next three days, and succumbed to the attack on Tuesday afternoon. The fact that he was seriously ill was not known to many of his friends, so that the announcement of his death was quite unexpected.
The late Mr. Hooper was born in London in 1834, so that at the time of his death he was 72 years of age. He left England for Victoria at the time of the early gold rushes in the adjoining State, and he first arrived in Deniliquin about 1863. From that date until his death - a period of 43 years - he was a resident of the town. Like the majority of those who may be rightly termed pioneers of the town, Mr. Hooper was one who took an active interest in the welfare of Deniliquin and district, and for many years he was an energetic worker in connection with local public bodies, chief among which may be mentioned his services on behalf of the Hospital. He was a member of the committee for a number of years, he fulfilled the duties of president for a term, and he acted as treasurer for a long period. His advance in years caused his retirement from active participation in public work several years ago.
For a period of over 30 years Mr. Hooper was with the firm of Mort and Watson as accountant, and in later years after leaving the firm his services as auditor were availed on by the Deniliquin and Moama Railway Co., the Riverina Brewery Co. and the Municipal Council, while in an honorary capacity he acted as auditor for several local bodies. He was held in high esteem by a very large circle of friends, and his death has removed a familiar figure in the community, and one very closer associated with the everyday affairs of the town.
Deceased leaves a widow, four sons, and a daughter, viz. Mr Arthur Hooper manager of the wool department of Goldsbrough, Mort and Co., Melbourne; Charles Hooper, of Brawarrina; Mr Sidney Hooper, Union Bank inspector; Murray Hooper, teller at the Bank of New South Wales, Ararat, and Mrs J Jeremy of Wagga. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon, the remains were interred in the local cemetery in the presence of a representative gathering townsmen, The burial service was read by Rev. R Smee
. He was buried on 10 May 1906 in Deniliquin.
     His will was proved on 13 July 1906 at New South Wales.

Children of William Henry Hooper and Sarah Sophia Halliday

William Lawrence Hooper

(19 November 1867 - 28 June 1942)
     William Lawrence Hooper was born on 19 November 1867 in London, England. He was the son of John Rossi Hooper and Elizabeth Glover.
William Lawrence Hooper married Ellen Sidon on 9 July 1912 in New Zealand. They had no children..
     William died on 28 June 1942 in New Zealand aged 74.

Dr William Wilberforce Hooper

(January 1816 - 25 November 1864)
     William was a doctor. He was born in January 1816. He was the son of William Hooper and Frances Pollack Jones.
Dr William Wilberforce Hooper married Mary Jane Kearny on 23 December 1852.
     William died on 25 November 1864 aged 48.

Children of Dr William Wilberforce Hooper and Mary Jane Kearny

John Frances Hope

     John Frances Hope married Frances Anne Lascelles, daughter of Henry Lascelles 2nd Earl of Harewood and Henrietta Saunders Sebright, on 2 March 1835 in Harewood, Yorkshire.

Margaret Hopey

(circa 1700? - 7 February 1724/25)
     Margaret Hopey was born circa 1700? In Devon, England.
Margaret Hopey married William Ruby, son of William Ruby and Mary Unknown, on 31 December 1721 in Ashburton, Devon. William Ruby of Withecombe & Margerit Hopey were married.
     Margaret was buried on 7 February 1724/25 in Widecombe, Devon. Margarett Rubie, wife of William.

Mary Hopkin

(before 1770? - )
     Mary Hopkin was born before 1770?.
Mary Hopkin married William Rich on 15 January 1788 in Laxton, Nottinghamshire.

Children of Mary Hopkin and William Rich

Fanny Hopkins

(before April 1848 - )
     Fanny Hopkins was born before April 1848 in Duncton, Sussex.
Fanny Hopkins married Joseph Dempster, son of Charles Dempster and Jane Russell, on 31 May 1866 in Woolavington, Sussex, England.
     Fanny Hopkins were recorded on the 1881 census in North Street, Midhurst. Fanny Dempster, head, aged 33, nurseryman's wife, born Duncton, Sussex; with her children Joseph aged 12, born Brighton, Charles J aged 10 born Horsham, Harry aged 6, born Gumshall, Robert aged 3, born Rye, Katherine A, aged 1 born Midhurst. Alice Knight was their general servant.
     Fanny Hopkins was recorded on the 1891 census in Midhurst.

Children of Fanny Hopkins and Joseph Dempster

Jessica Hopkins

(31 October 1993 - )
     Jessica Hopkins was stillborn on 31 October 1993.

Lily Eliza Hopkins

(circa 1881 - 21 December 1955)
     Lily Eliza Hopkins was born circa 1881. She was the daughter of Joseph Hopkins.
Lily Eliza Hopkins married John Manning Colbert, son of John Colbert and Elizabeth Manning, on 4 November 1908 in St Aiden, Marden, South Australia.
     Lily died on 21 December 1955 in Payneham, South Australia. She was buried in Payneham.

Children of Lily Eliza Hopkins and John Manning Colbert

Mary Hopkins

     Mary Hopkins was born in Kildare, Ireland.
Mary Hopkins married William Culbert Colbert before 1817.

Child of Mary Hopkins and William Culbert Colbert

Mary Hopkins

(circa 1840? - )
     Mary Hopkins was born circa 1840? In Ireland.
Mary Hopkins married William Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1872.

Children of Mary Hopkins and William Handy

Susanna Hopkins

(circa 1755 - before 22 January 1816)
     Susanna Hopkins was born circa 1755.
Susanna Hopkins married John Bowker on 1 March 1789 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey.
     Susanna died before 22 January 1816 in St Johns Hill, Battersea, Surrey. She was buried on 22 January 1816 in St Mary's, Battersea.

Child of Susanna Hopkins and John Bowker

Annie Hopner

( - 1935?)
     Annie Hopner married John Zachariah Cocksedge, son of Thomas Henry Cocksedge and Ellen Halpin, in 1908 in Balmain South, New South Wales.
     Annie died in 1935? In Waverley district, New South Wales.

Children of Annie Hopner and John Zachariah Cocksedge

Elizabeth Horden

(6 February 1815? - 21 February 1843)
     Elizabeth Horden was born on 6 February 1815? In St Mary, Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Elizabeth Horden married William Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Elizabeth McClean, before July 1837 in Stamford, St Mary, Lincolnshire.
     Elizabeth Horden and William Bowker were recorded on the 1841 census in St Mary's Hill, Stamford, St Mary, Lincolnshire. William Bowker 30, born Scotland, currier, Elizth Bowker 25, born in the county, Elizth Bowker 50, born Scotland, William BowkerJr 3, born in the county. Frances Todd was a female servant in the same building.
     Elizabeth died on 21 February 1843 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, aged 28.

Child of Elizabeth Horden and William Bowker

Children of Elizabeth Horden and William T Bowker

Sarah Elizabeth Horder

(18 June 1826 - 18 November 1871)
     Sarah Elizabeth Horder was christened on 18 June 1826 in St Olave, Hart St, London. She was the daughter of Henry & Elizabeth, dancing master.
Sarah Elizabeth Horder married John James Hooper, son of William Hooper and Mary [Darby] Bickley, on 26 February 1846 in St Matthew's, Brixton, Surrey.
     Sarah Elizabeth Horder and John James Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in St John Street, Brewhouse Yard, Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex. John James Hooper, head, 41, annatto manufacturer, born Lothbury, London; Sarah his wfe, 25, born Whitechapel, children James 3, Robinah 1, both born Clerkenwell, Annie Wakefield, visitor, unmarried aged 23, born Leicester and two servants.
     Sarah Elizabeth Horder and John James Hooper were recorded on the 1861 census in 2 Hill-Martin Villas West, Islington. John J Hooper, 54 [51?], auctioneer; Sarah E wife, 34, James son, 13 scholar; Robinah J daughter 11; Sarah A daughter 9; Walter H, son 8, Emily A daughter 6, Frank A son 2; all born city of London; Charles E son 11 months born Islington, Mdx; with a nurse and housemaid.
     Sarah died on 18 November 1871 in Auckland, New Zealand, aged 45.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Horder and John James Hooper

Emily Florence Horkings

(18 June 1912 - )
     Emily Florence Horkings was born on 18 June 1912.
Emily Florence Horkings married George Allan MacKenzie, son of Donald Thomson MacKenzie and Lily Hannah Attenborough, in 1936 in Victoria.
     Emily resided at 9 Dugdale St, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, 1982.

Elizabeth Horn

(circa 1850 - )
     Elizabeth Horn was born circa 1850 in Meldon, Devon.
The marriage of Elizabeth Horn and John Ruby, son of John Ruby and Elizabeth Dustan, was registered in Okehampton, Devon, in the December 1881 quarter.
     Elizabeth Horn was recorded on the 1891 census in Okehampton. Elizabeth Ruby 30, widow, charwoman, born Okehampton, children Elizabeth A Ruby 9, Mary A Ruby 7, John Ruby 6, all scholars born Exbourne.
Elizabeth Horn married William Bevan in March 1897 in Okehampton RD.
     Elizabeth Horn was recorded on the 1901 census in Okehampton. William Bevan 39 blacksmith, his wife Elizabeth Bevan 39, born Meldon, daughters Mary Bevan 8, Ellen Bevan 7, John Ruby 16, stepson, machinist apprentice, born Exbourne, Henry Bevan 26, nephew, John Matthews 63 lodger.

Children of Elizabeth Horn and John Ruby

Isabella Horne

( - 2 June 1876)
     Isabella Horne married Alexander Forbes on 12 September 1820 in Inveravon, Banffshire.
     Isabella died on 2 June 1876 in Eddington, Victoria. She was aged 83 and buried at Eddington in the Presbyterian Section, allotment 220, along with another Isabella Forbes on 30 May 1900.

Children of Isabella Horne and Alexander Forbes

Elizabeth Hornidge

     Elizabeth Hornidge married Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh, son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Alicia Berry.

Child of Elizabeth Hornidge and Francis Berry Fetherstonhaugh

Joanna Hornsley

     Joanna Hornsley married William Grimwade, son of John Grimwade and Mary Bridges, on 19 July 1773 in Norton, Near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. By banns.

Children of Joanna Hornsley and William Grimwade

Elizabeth Jane Inglis Horsburgh

(23 November 1915 - 15 March 2003)
     Elizabeth Jane Inglis Horsburgh was born on 23 November 1915 in 1 Ardross Place, Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Her father Hugh Horsburgh was shown as a Chauffeur serving for the 341 Gunner Royal Horse Artillary Mother Agnes Paterson Horsburgh M.S. Wilson D.O.M. 10th January 1912 in Inverness. Informant of birth was W. J. Wilson (Uncle) residing @ 7 Greig Street Inverness.
Elizabeth Jane Inglis Horsburgh married Alexander Holm MacKenzie, son of James MacKenzie and Justina Melville (MacKenzie), on 10 June 1940.
     Elizabeth died on 15 March 2003 aged 87.

Joshua Horsfield

     Joshua Horsfield married Ann Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Mary Unknown (Wilkinson), on 15 February 1802 in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Amy Bruce Horsley

(December 1881 - )
     Amy Bruce Horsley's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1881 in Tynemouth RD. She was the daughter of William Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson.
     Amy Bruce Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson were recorded on the 1901 census in Trout St, Preston?, Tynemouth, Northumberland. Elizabeth J Horsley, 58, born London, widow, living on own means, Amy B Horsley 19, plus servant.

Anne Horsley

     Anne Horsley married Robert Banks, son of Rev Robert Banks and Margaret Thornton.

Collingwood Horsley

(before April 1880 - )
     Collingwood Horsley was born before April 1880. He was the son of William Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson.

Edith Horsley

(before April 1864 - )
     Edith Horsley was born before April 1864. She was the daughter of William Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson.

Elizabeth Jane Horsley

(before April 1866 - )
     Elizabeth Jane Horsley was born before April 1866. She was the daughter of William Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson.

Ernest Kyle Horsley

(before April 1876 - )
     Ernest Kyle Horsley was born before April 1876. He was the son of William Horsley and Elizabeth Jane Thompson.