Kenneth Bruce Jones

(1929 - )
     Kenneth died in New South Wales. He was unmarried and was owner of shoe shops in Pennant Hills and Katoomba. He was born in 1929 in New South Wales. He was the son of Thomas H Jones and Rita H Cocksedge.

Louisa Edith Jones

(before April 1908 - 29 March 1952)
     Louisa Edith Jones was commonly known as Louie. She was born before April 1908. At her daughter's death she was named as Louisa Ethel Turpin..
Louisa Edith Jones married Clarence William Speed, son of George Daniel Speed and Isabella MacKenzie, in 1928 in Victoria.
     Louisa died on 29 March 1952 in Yarram, Victoria. She was buried in Yarram.

Child of Louisa Edith Jones and Clarence William Speed

Mabel N or D Jones

     Mabel N or D Jones married Claude Eustace Cocksedge, son of Charles Cocksedge and Emma Augusta Pearce, in 1905 in Redfern, New South Wales.

Child of Mabel N or D Jones and Claude Eustace Cocksedge

Margaret Jones

Mary Jones

     Mary Jones was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
Mary Jones married David Evans, son of John Evans and Eleanor Evans, in 1862 in Victoria. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters, with 6 surviving.

Children of Mary Jones and David Evans

Mary Jones

     Mary Jones married Francis Amiet in 1889 in Victoria.

Child of Mary Jones and Francis Amiet

Neil Jones

(21 July 1908 - )
     Neil Jones was born on 21 July 1908.
Neil Jones married Elizabeth Clover (Bessie) Glover, daughter of Edward Glover and Elizabeth Ellen Fox, in 1931 in Victoria.

Child of Neil Jones and Elizabeth Clover (Bessie) Glover

Noel Richard Jones

     Noel Richard Jones married Glenda Muriel Dobson, daughter of Clarence Wright Dobson and Amelia Violet Wood, in 1943 in Victoria.

Rita Willmott Jones

(17 July 1897 - )
     Rita Willmott Jones was born on 17 July 1897 in Victoria, Australia.
Rita Willmott Jones married Charlton Lyndon James Rout, son of Charles Rout and Ellen Bland, on 12 September 1918 in Victoria.
     Rita resided at 6/8 Simpsons Road, Box Hill, Victoria, 1982.

Children of Rita Willmott Jones and Charlton Lyndon James Rout

Robert W Jones

     Robert W Jones married Melva Maud Ruby, daughter of John Henry Ruby and Emily Myrtle Rogers, in 1935 in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Thomas H Jones

( - 1996)
     Thomas H Jones married Rita H Cocksedge, daughter of William Henry Stephens Cocksedge and Maud Elizabeth Thursfield, in 1926 in Burwood, New South Wales.
     Thomas died in 1996 in New South Wales.

Child of Thomas H Jones and Rita H Cocksedge

Rev Unknown Jones

     Unknown was rector at Macroom, Cork, Ireland.
Rev Unknown Jones married Eliza Armstrong, daughter of Andrew Armstrong and Eleanor Briscoe.

Johane Jop

(before 1400 - )
     Johane Jop married William Marlott, son of William Marlott and Isabella de Muntham. Johane Jop was born before 1400. She was the daughter of Thomas Jop and Matilda Unknown (Jop).

Children of Johane Jop and William Marlott

Thomas Jop

     Thomas died in Brokehouse, Shipley, Sussex, England.
Of Brokehouse, in Shipley, Sussex. In 1705 a John Jupp was an elector in the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Sussex at Shipley.
Thomas Jop married Matilda Unknown (Jop).

Child of Thomas Jop and Matilda Unknown (Jop)

Thomas Jordan

     Thomas Jordan married Eliza Marshall Bowker, daughter of William Bowker and Mary Ann Unknown (Green), on 16 May 1847 in St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London.

Unknown Jordan

     Unknown Jordan married Unknown Costello.

Child of Unknown Jordan and Unknown Costello

Mary Ann Jordan?

     Mary Ann Jordan? married Robert Ruby on 15 March 1813 in St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon. Robert Reeby & Mary Ann Jordan, both of this parish, by banns.
     Mary Ann Jordan? and Robert Ruby were recorded on the 1841 census in Exeter St, Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon. Robert Ruby, 50, carpenter J, Mary 50, Robert 15 Pattern maker app., John 14, Coach smith app., Jane 7, all born in the county.
     Mary Ann Jordan? and Robert Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in 17 Exeter St, Plymouth, Charles the Martyr, Devon. Robert Ruby/Reeby, head, 50, gardner, John son, 25, coach smith, Mary wife, 57, Jane daughter 17, all born in Plymouth; with Ann Scarle, visitor, aged 60, pauper/nurse, and Mary J Ruby, grand daughter 8, scholar, born Plymouth.

Children of Mary Ann Jordan? and Robert Ruby

Ann Joslin

(31 March 1756 - before 21 January 1785)
     Ann Joslin was also known as Ann Joslyn in records. She was christened on 31 March 1756 in Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk.
Ann Joslin married James Cocksedge, son of Robert Cocksedge (of Rickinghall) and Martha Unknown, on 16 April 1781 in Rickinghall Superior, Suffolk. They were both of this parish (Joslyn).
     Ann died before 21 January 1785 in Rickinghall Inferior, Suffolk. She was buried on 21 January 1785 in Rickinghall Inferior. Wife of John!

Children of Ann Joslin and James Cocksedge

George Jowitt

     George Jowitt married Harriet Cocksedge, daughter of Abraham Cocksedge and Maria Lock, on 25 December 1897 in Mexborough, Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Joy

     Elizabeth Joy married Thomas Chase, son of Stephen Chase and Margaret Unknown (Chase), on 5 February 1681/82 in Christ Church, Barbados.

Children of Elizabeth Joy and Thomas Chase

Bridget Joyce

(before 1850 - )
     Bridget Joyce married John Culbert Colbert (of Cork RD). Bridget Joyce was born before 1850 in Cork, Ireland.

Child of Bridget Joyce and John Culbert Colbert (of Cork RD)

John Joyce

     John Joyce married Eliza Anne Wallen, daughter of Alexander Wallen, on 2 November 1841 in Stranorlar, Donegal. November 6 1841: On the 2nd inst., at Stranorlar Church, by the Rev. Thomas Fullerton, John Joyce, Esq., of Beechmount, in the county of Tyrone, to Eliza Anne, only daughter of the late Alexander Wallen, Esq., of Drumboe Abbey, county Donegal.

Herbert John Judd

     Herbert John Judd married Isabella Emeline Ruby Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Susan Jane Jarred, in 1927 in Victoria.

Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd

(29 December 1870 - 3 February 1949)
     Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd was born on 29 December 1870 in Grenfell, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Edward Pullen (1827-1911) & Emma (1837-1910) Judd.
Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd married George MacPherson, son of Peter MacPherson and Ann Murray, on 3 October 1892 in St John's Church of England, Forbes, New South Wales.
     Lillie died on 3 February 1949 in Parkes, New South Wales, aged 78.

Children of Lillie Sarah Elizabeth Pullen Judd and George MacPherson

Winefred Judd

(before April 1849 - 24 January 1879)
     Winefred Judd was born before April 1849.
     Winefred Judd married Frederick Henry? Mackglew as his second wife, on 4 September 1870 in St James, Shoreditch, London. He was a widower and claimed to be 35.
     Winefred's death was registered in the quarter ending on 24 January 1879 in the Infirmary, St Leonards Shoreditch, Shoreditch RD, Middlesex.

Elizabeth Judge

(before 1739 - )
     Elizabeth Judge married Philip Armstrong, son of William Armstrong and Alice Coghlan. Elizabeth Judge was born before 1739. She was the daughter of Peter Judge, esq & his wife Mary Toler and sister of Samuel Judge, esq. of Ballyshaile, King's county. She was the daughter of Peter Judge.

Child of Elizabeth Judge and Philip Armstrong

Mary Judge

     Mary Judge married Andrew Armstrong, son of Edmund Armstrong and Isabella Armstrong. Mary Judge was the daughter of Peter Judge.

Peter Judge

( - circa 1752)
     Peter died circa 1752 in Ballysheil, Offaly.

Children of Peter Judge

Samuel Judge

(1736 - 15 March 1813)
     Samuel Judge was born in 1736 in Ballysheil, Offaly. He was the son of Peter Judge.
     Samuel died on 15 March 1813 in Tipperary.

Yolanthe von Julich

( - 31 October 1387)
     Yolanthe von Julich married Frederick VII, Count of Leiningen, before 3 November 1348.
     Yolanthe died on 31 October 1387. See Leo van de Pas website for further information:

Child of Yolanthe von Julich and Frederick VII, Count of Leiningen,