Georgina Florence Bantick

(June 1886 - )
     Georgina Florence Bantick's birth was registered in the quarter ending in June 1886 in Lambeth RD, Surrey.
The marriage of Georgina Florence Bantick and Howard Leonard George Hawkins, son of Richard Leonard Hawkins and Eliza Alice Wafford, was registered in Lambeth RD Surrey in the December 1912 quarter.

Child of Georgina Florence Bantick and Howard Leonard George Hawkins

Elizabeth Bantoft

(before 1660 - )
     Elizabeth Bantoft was born before 1660.
Elizabeth Bantoft married George Cocksedge on 14 October 1677 in Woolpit, Suffolk.
     Administration of the estate of George Cocksedge was granted to Elizabeth Bantoft, in August 1685 in Sudbury.

Children of Elizabeth Bantoft and George Cocksedge

Benjamin Barber

(before 1800 - )
     Benjamin Barber was born before 1800.
Phoebe Ruddick married secondly Benjamin Barber on 3 January 1821 in Langham, Suffolk.

Edward Barber

(before 1600? - )
      He was a yeoman of Gawber Hall..
Edward Barber married Dorothy? or Ann? Rich, daughter of Amor Rich and Alice Burdett. Edward Barber was born before 1600?. He was mentioned in a conveyance of property Michaelmas term, 11 James I (. John Micklethwaite & Wm Wordsworth quer: Barbers & Rich Rich & Frances his wife re Thurleston. He was mentioned in a conveyance of property Michaelmas 1613. Richard Rich quer: Edw Barber sr & Ann his wife, Edw Barber jr. & Dorothy his wife, Robt Barber def. re Barn & toft in Thurleston & a moiety of a messuage & lands in Thurleston & Thurleston Meare.
Edward was party to a deed dated 3 December 1628; Conveyance in trust (conterpart). Edward Barber of Gawberhall, Yks, to William Riche of Denbie Hall and Francis Jenkinson of Barnesley, 4 closes called the Great Roide, Broad yage, the Great New close and the Little New close in Darton and belonging to the messuage called Gawber Hall, to the use of the said Edward Barber, and Dorothy his wife for their lives and then to their issue; because certain lands of her jointure have been sold, to witt the halfield, the Great Fox Roide, Denge? Roide, Yatefield and Little Foxe Roide.

Elizabeth Barber

     Amor Rich married Elizabeth Barber as his second wife, on 5 October 1812 in St Margaret Pattens, London. Amos Rich of the parish of St Gabriel, Fenchurch, widower, & Elixabeth Barber of the same parish, spinster,by banns, both signed in the presence of Joshua Livingland? & Eliz Brown.

Henry Mitford Barber Mitford Barberton

     Henry Mitford Barber Mitford Barberton married Mary Layard Bowker, daughter of Thomas Holden Bowker and Julia Eliza MacGowan, on 28 March 1894 in Bathurst, South Africa.

Sarah Barber

     Sarah Barber married George Cocksedge on 3 November 1809 in St Michael, Peasenhall, Suffolk. He was a widower..

Child of Sarah Barber and George Cocksedge

Thomas Barber

( - after 1557)
     Thomas Barber married Jane Wilson (Barber), son of John Wilson and Margaret More.
     Thomas died after 1557 in Yorkshire, England.

Margaret Barclay

     Margaret Barclay married Walter Stewart Lord Brechin, Earl of Athol, son of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Euphemia Ross Countess of Moray, before 19 October 1378.

Euphemia Barclay? Countess of Ross

     Euphemia Barclay? Countess of Ross married William, Earl of Ross,, son of William MacTaggart Earl of Ross, before 1297.

Children of Euphemia Barclay? Countess of Ross and William, Earl of Ross,

Mary Anne Barfield

(circa 1827 - 1893)
     Mary Anne Barfield was born circa 1827 in Huntingdonshire, England. She may be the Mary Ann who arrived with William from England on the Saxon with daughter Emily, however there is a 10 year discrepancy in their ages.
Mary Anne Barfield married William Colbert, son of Robert Colbert and Sarah Unknown.
Mary Anne Barfield married Robert Stainsby in 1878 in Victoria.
     Mary died in 1893 in Geelong, Victoria.

Child of Mary Anne Barfield and William Colbert

Elizabeth Barg

(circa 1782 - before 2 December 1824)
     Elizabeth Barg was born circa 1782.
Elizabeth Barg married George Rich, son of Amor Rich and Sarah Unwin, on 24 December 1805 in St Mary (Priory), Worksop, Nottinghamshire. George Rich of Carlton & Elizabeth Barg.
     Elizabeth died before 2 December 1824 in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire. She was buried on 2 December 1824 in Carlton-in-Lindrick.

Children of Elizabeth Barg and George Rich

Rebecca Grace Baring

(1861 - )
     Rebecca Grace Baring was born in 1861 in Australia. She was born en route to Victoria..
Rebecca Grace Baring married George Killigrew Dunbar, son of George Killigrew Dunbar and Anne Potter Watt, on 13 December 1883 in St James, Dandenong, Victoria. Marriage announcement: Baring - Dunbar, George Killigrew, 3rd son of the late George K Dunbar and grandson of late Rev John Dunbar of Ballybay co. Monaghan, Ireland. The groom works for Vic Railways. Bride the only daughter of C H Baring of Ballarat. At St James Dandenong 1 Dec 1883. He was of Echuca at his marriage in Dandenong.
Rebecca Grace Baring was listed in a directory dated 1915 at Stonmore St, Enmore, New South Wales.

Children of Rebecca Grace Baring and George Killigrew Dunbar

Ann Barker

(circa 1820 - )
     Ann Barker was born circa 1820 in Ipswich, Suffolk.
Ann Barker married James Bullett, son of Richard Bullett and Sophia Mulley, on 9 October 1840 in the Register Office, Thingoe RD, Suffolk. The were both of Rougham.
     Ann Barker and James Bullett were recorded on the 1841 census in Rougham Green, Rougham, Suffolk. James Bullett, 20 ag lab, Ann Bullett, 20, Sarah A 3 months, all born in the county.
     Ann Barker and James Bullett were recorded on the 1851 census in Great Green, Thurston, Suffolk. James Bullett, 31, beer house keeper, born Rougham, with his wife Ann 31, born Ipswich and children Sarah Ann 10, James 8, Mary Ann 5 all born Rougham and Emma aged 2 months? born Thurston.
     Ann Barker and James Bullett were recorded on the 1861 census in Kings Hall St, Rougham, Suffolk. James Bullett, aged 41, ag. lab. born at Rougham with his wife Ann, aged 41, born Ipswich, and their children James aged 18/48!, blacksmith, Mary A 15; Emma 10 and Nelly aged 6 born Thurston. All others born at Rougham. There is a Frederick Wright aged 6 boarding with them born Rougham.
     Ann Barker and James Bullett were recorded on the 1871 census in Bury Rd, Rougham, Suffolk. James Bullett, head, 51, ag. lab, born Rougham; his wife Ann 51, born Ipswich and son William 8?, born Rougham.
     Ann Barker and James Bullett were recorded on the 1881 census in Great Green, Rougham, Suffolk. James aged 61, ag. lab., Ann 61, & Bertie aged 1 grandson all born at Rougham.
     Ann Barker was recorded on the 1891 census in Rougham, Suffolk. Ann Bullett, aged 71 born Ipswich.

Children of Ann Barker and James Bullett

Edward Barker

     Edward Barker married Mary Killigrew, daughter of Henry Killigrew Lord of Admiralty and Lucy Jervoise, on 3 February 1726/27 in St George, Hanover Square, Westminster.
Copy of part of a Chancery decree in Boteler v Barker 23 Nov 1736 ordering accounts to be taken of the personal estate of Judith Killigrew and the rents received by Edward Barker, senior since the death of his wife Mary, which are to be invested for the benefit of Edward Barker, junior.

Elizabeth Barker

(25 March 1783 - )
     Elizabeth Barker was christened on 25 March 1783 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. She was the daughter of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson.
     Elizabeth Barker was mentioned in the will of Rev William Dawson dated 28 June 1791.
Elizabeth Barker married Willingham Longstaff on 29 March 1804 in Mattersey, NTT.

Child of Elizabeth Barker and Willingham Longstaff

Frances Barker

(before 1755 - )
     Frances Barker was born before 1755 in Yorkshire, England.
Frances Barker married Christopher Popplewell on 12 February 1771 in St Michael-le-Belfry, York, Yorkshire. Christopher Popplewell, this parish, Sergt 1st Regt Foot Guards & Frances Barker, parish of Tadcaster, widow, by licence; by Thos Pickard, wtnesses: Tho Jackson & Tho Haxby..

Isabella Frances Barker

(22 February 1781 - )
     Isabella Frances Barker was christened on 22 February 1781 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. She was the daughter of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson.
     Isabella Frances Barker was mentioned in the will of Rev William Dawson dated 28 June 1791.
Isabella Frances Barker married Robert Spencer on 6 March 1800 in Mattersey, NTT.

John Barker

(after June 1760 - )
     John died in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire.
A John & Frances Barker also had a daughter Ann baptised 3 Sep 1786 at Grainsby, Lincs.. He was born after June 1760.
John Barker married Frances Isabella Dawson, daughter of Rev William Dawson and Elizabeth Robinson, on 15 June 1780 in St Peter, Clayworth, Nottinghamshire. The marriage licence for John Barker, of the parish of Mattersea, gentleman, aged 19, b.d. & Frances Isabella Dawson, of the parish of Clayworth, 21, spinster will marry at Clayworth. Anthony Barker of Barnby, in parish of Blyth, gentleman, signs the bond stating that he is the natural and lawful father of the afsd John Barker and that he is consenting to the above intended marriage.

Children of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson

John Barker

(25 March 1783 - )
     John Barker was christened on 25 March 1783 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson.
He may have married in 1815 at Mattersey.

Phoebe Ann Barker

(circa 1875 - 1951)
     Phoebe Ann Barker was born circa 1875.
Phoebe Ann Barker married Frederick Stancer, son of Henry Stancer and Mary Jane Ullyart, in March 1897 in St Paul, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire.
Phoebe Ann Barker married Charles Robert Kidby in 1920 in St Matthew, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire.
     Phoebe died in 1951 in Paragon SD, Yorkshire.

Children of Phoebe Ann Barker and Frederick Stancer

Samuel Barker

(3 July 1785 - )
     Samuel Barker was christened on 3 July 1785 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson.

Sarah Barker

(before 1690 - before 24 March 1743/44)
     Sarah Barker was born before 1690.
Sarah Barker married John Cocksedge on 1 July 1707 in Bardwell, Suffolk.
     Sarah died before 24 March 1743/44 in Bardwell, Suffolk. She was buried on 24 March 1743/44 in Bardwell. Which Sarah?

Children of Sarah Barker and John Cocksedge

Thomas Barker

(23 May 1784 - )
     Thomas Barker was christened on 23 May 1784 in Mattersey, Nottinghamshire. He is mentioned in the1792 will of his grandfather, William Dawson. He was the son of John Barker and Frances Isabella Dawson.
     Thomas Barker was mentioned in the will of Rev William Dawson dated 28 June 1791.
He may have married in 1803 at Mattersey.

Anna Barklie

(before June 1810 - 22 June 1886)
     Anna Barklie was born before June 1810 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Anna Barklie married George Trull, son of George Trull and Martha Copperwheat, on 15 October 1829 in the Associate Reformed Church, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She was the 19 year old, third daughter of Thomas C & Jane McCormick Barklie of Baltimore.
     Anna Barklie appeared on the census of 1870 in Baltimore, Maryland. Annie Trull, 59, born Maryland & John Trull, 37, born Maryland, between Barkies?
     Anna Barklie appeared on the 1880 census. Anna Trull, aged 68, born Maryland, head, widowed, Graham Trull aged 33, son, single, born Maryland, Ellen H Trull, aged 39, daughter, widowed, born Maryland, George H Trull aged 7, grandson & Hattie H Trull aged 2 - born New Jersey, Anna's father's birthplace was Ireland and her mother's was England. She was described as Keeping House.
     Anna died on 22 June 1886 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. She was living with her son William Evans Trull. She was buried in Loudon Park cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Children of Anna Barklie and George Trull

Thomas Barkworth

(say 1690 - )
     Thomas Barkworth was born say 1690.
Thomas Barkworth married Susanna Popplewell on 30 October 1714 in Hawerby, Lincolnshire.

Mary Barlow

(before May 1772 - before 31 May 1847)
     Mary Barlow was born before May 1772.
Mary Barlow married William Rich, son of Amor Rich and Sarah Unwin, on 20 March 1794 in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire.
     Mary Barlow and William Rich were recorded on the 1841 census in Laughton, Yorkshire. William Rich 70, carpenter, Mary 65, Eliza 30 & Thomas 20, all born in the county.
     Mary died before 31 May 1847 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. She was buried on 31 May 1847 in Laughton en le Morthen.

Children of Mary Barlow and William Rich

Mervyn Francis Barlow

(25 August 1917 - 16 February 1977)
     Mervyn Francis Barlow was born on 25 August 1917 in Clifton, Queensland.
Mervyn Francis Barlow married Nancy Grace Phillips, daughter of Richard Wallace Phillips and Ruby Grace Pullen, on 18 December 1940.
     Mervyn died on 16 February 1977 aged 59.

Emma Barlowe

     Emma Barlowe married Ralph Stansall on 29 June 1619 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Child of Emma Barlowe and Ralph Stansall

Ann Barnard

     Ann Barnard married Samuel Putland, son of Henry Putland and Sarah French, on 18 October 1785 in Jevington, Sussex.