Jane King?

(circa 1826 - )
     Jane King? was born circa 1826 in Plymouth, Devon.
Jane King? married Richard Ruby, son of John Ruby and Selina Unknown, before 1847.
     Jane King? and Richard Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Plymouth. Richard Ruby 27, cabinet maker, his wife Jane Ruby 25 Richard Ruby 3 William Ruby 8 months, all born at Plymouth.

Children of Jane King? and Richard Ruby

Ann Kingman

(before 1705 - )
     Ann Kingman was born before 1705 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
Ann Kingman married Thomas Popplewell, son of John Popplewell and Christian Popplewell, on 30 March 1725 in Springthorpe, Lincolnshire. They were both of Belton.
     Ann Kingman and Thomas Popplewell were mentioned in a deed dated 20 October 1733 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. Surrender by Thomas Popplewell & Ann his wife, of previously mentioned lands.
     In Thomas Popplewell's will dated 7 November 1737 in Althorpe, Ann Kingman was named as executrix of the estate; In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Poplewell of Althorpe in the county of Lincoln Yeoman being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and memory do make and ordain my last will and testament in manner following (That is to say) First I give and devise all my estate whatsoever towards bringing up my children unto Ann my beloved wife until my sons severally shall arrive at twenty one years of age if she so long live and continueth my widow. But if during that time she either happen to dye or marry again then I give and devise to Thomas Poplewell my eldest son all the close called new close with the appertenances to him his heirs and assignes for ever. And to Richard my second son the two intax closes towards the west and to his heirs and assignes for ever. And to John my third son the three intax closes towards the east with their appertenances and to his heirs and assignes for ever they severally entring at twenty one years of age. ut in case any of my said sons happen to dye before they attain their respective ages of twenty one years then my will and mind is that their part or parts so dying shall be equally divided between the survivor or survivours to hold to them their heirs and assignes for ever. And all the rest of my goods chattels and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give to my said wife and my daughters Elizabeth and Ann and appoint them as joint executrixes of this my last will and testament they paying all my debts and funeral expenses. And I do hereby revoke all former wills by me heretofore made in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this seventh day of November, one thousand seven hundred and thirty seven.
Signed sealed published and declared by the testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of Us who subscribed our names at his request and Thomas Poplewell in his presence of us with the two alterations above first being made. Thos. Smelt, Hum: Poplewell Robt. Hum: Poplewell Esq.

     Ann Kingman and Thomas Popplewell were mentioned in a deed dated 1 September 1755. A deed for a Declaration of Trust stating: whereas by indenture bearing the date 1 September 1855 was made between 1. Samuel Savatt 2. Ann Popplewell of Belton, widow of Thomas Popplewell late of Althorpe deceased; Thomas Popplewelll of Nottingham, Frame work knitter & Ann his wife; Richard Popplewell of Belton, yeoman; John Popplewell of Belton, yeoman [Thomas, Richard & John being brothers] 3. Harphan Green of Wakefield; Richard Green of Berwick, Yks; the land was subsequently purchased by Alan Johnson..
     Ann Kingman and Thomas Popplewell were mentioned in a deed dated 2 September 1755 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. Indenture dated 2 Sept 1755, between Ann Poplewell of Belton, widow and relict of Thomas Poplewell, late of Althorpe, yeoman, deceased, Thomas Poplewell of Nottingham, frame-work knitter, Richard Popplewell of Belton, yeoman, and John Poplewell of Belton, yeoman / which last mentioned Thomas is the eldest son and heir and the said Richard and John are the younger sons of the said Thomas Poplewell deceased and Ann Poplewell of the one part and Joshua Kynman of Epworth, innholder of the other part. Sale by the Poplewells to Kynman of five closes called the Intacks Closes in Belton..
     Ann Kingman was mentioned in the manorial court roll dated 24-25 October 1759. Surrender by Ann Popplewell, widow & Richard her second son to Wm Beilby of Winterton & John Barrett of Winterton, trustees for the marriage of Richard with Ann Barrett, sister of John; re property now in the occupation of Ann & Richard. She was an executor of Richard Popplewell's estate on 2 June 1762 in the Stow Archdeaconry.

Children of Ann Kingman and Thomas Popplewell

John Kingsley

(circa 1800? - )
     John Kingsley was born circa 1800? In Southill, Bedfordshire, England.

Child of John Kingsley and Sophia Daniels

Mary Kingstone

(1779 - 24 December 1833)
     Mary Kingstone was born in 1779 in Mosstown, Longford, Ireland. She was the daughter of Alexander Kingston(e) of Mosstown, co. Longford, esq.
Mary Kingstone married William Orme Handy, son of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming, circa November 1803 in Ireland. William O Handy, esq of Ballintubber, co. Mayo, son of Samuel O Handy,es., of Bracca Castle, co Westmeath, married Miss Mary Kingston. Mary Kingstone was mentioned in the marriage settlement for Samuel Wesley Handy and Mary Farrington Middleton dated 13 March 1828. Marriage Settlement dated 13th March 1828 of Samuel Wesley Handy Esq. and Miss Mary Middleton - Between William Orme Handy and Samuel Wesley Handy both of Ormestown Kings Co. William Middleton MD and Mary, his second daughter, of Mullingar Westmeath, John Handy of Barraghcore, Kilkenny, and Samuel Marshall of Roscrea, Tipperary - James Middleton of Monie Tipperary and Captain Arthur Richardson of the 29th Foot.
William Orme Handy being seized in fee of lands of Ballintober, Barony of Tryawly, Co. Mayo he for considerations assigns same to John Handy and Samuel Marshall, as trustees, for the use of himself, for life, and to provide Samuel Wesley Handy, with £100 per annum for Mary Kingston, alias Handy, his wife, Samuel to have power to dispose of said lands by his will among his children he might have by his said wife Mary Middleton, or his issue by any other wife, also £50 per annum for any other wife, failing such issue, reversion to Alexander Kingston Handy, second son of William O Handy, reversion to Catherine and Mary Handy daughters of William O Handy and charged with £3000 for younger children of William O Handy.
William Middleton being seized for two lives of lands of Bennisnow, Barony Kerrin Tipperary, he assigns same to said Trustees for the use of the said Samuel and Mary and their issue, failing such issue reversion to Ann Middleton, eldest daughter of William Middleton to her heirs, failing their reversion to William Middleton, son of William Middleton by Catherine Dalton, reversion to James Middleton brother of William Middleton.
     Mary died on 24 December 1833 in Killeigh, Geashill, Offaly, Ireland. Mrs Mary Handy aged 54. She is buried with her husband and the gravestones states died 20 Dec 1833 aged 52, The Dublin Morning Register on 28 Jan 1834 listed: At Ormeston, King's County, Mary, wife of William Orme Handy, Esq.
     Her will was proved on 2 March 1848 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. She contributed £2000 to the endowment of the Circular-road, North, Female Orphan House; and £1000 to the Dublin Protestant Orphan Society.

Children of Mary Kingstone and William Orme Handy

Ann Kinman

(2 September 1657 - )
     Ann Kinman was christened on 2 September 1657 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She married Richard Hill in 1677. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.

Elizabeth Kinman

(24 March 1654/55 - )
     Elizabeth Kinman was born on 24 March 1654/55 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.

Frances Kinman

(8 May 1669 - )
     Frances Kinman was christened on 8 May 1669 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Francisca. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.

Isabel Kinman

(26 July 1667 - 2 February 1670/71)
     Isabel Kinman was christened on 26 July 1667 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
     Isabel was buried on 2 February 1670/71 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Jane Kinman

(before 1618 - )
     Jane Kinman was also known as Jane Kinman in records. She was born before 1618 in Lincolnshire, England.
Jane Kinman married James Popplewell, son of John Popplewell and Ann Aldus, on 8 December 1635 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Jane Kinman was buried on 17 May 1645 in Belton, LIN.

Children of Jane Kinman and James Popplewell

Jane Kinman

(17 November 1662 - )
     Jane Kinman was christened on 17 November 1662 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.

Josiah Kinman

(18 February 1680/81 - 16 March 1681/82)
     Josiah Kinman was christened on 18 February 1680/81 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
     Josiah was buried on 16 March 1681/82 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

Richard Kinman

( - 26 January 1709)
     Richard Kinman was born. For further information about the Kinman family see: http://kingsman.one-name.net/home.html.
Richard Kinman married Ann Popplewell, daughter of Humphrey Popplewell and Ann Aldus, on 15 January 1654/55 in Belton, Lincolnshire. Published the intention of marriage of Richard Kinman bachelor of this parish & Ann Popplewell, spinster daughter of Humfrey Popelwell of Beltoft, gen. in our church the last day of Dec. the 7th & 14th day of January 1654/5. The afsd Richard Kinman & Anne Popelwell were married at Beltoft the 15th Jan by Michael Monckton Esquire in the presence of Humfrey Poplewell generosus , David Poplewell, Robt. Barnard.. Richard Kinman was mentioned at the inventory of Thomas Popplewell's estate 21 April 1673. A true & perfect inventory of the goods and chattels of Thos Poplewell of Beltoft in the parish of Belton and county of Lincoln, yeoman, deceased, as followeth:
Impremis, his purse & apparel £26/13/4
... in the little parlour ... and other goods in the same room £9/0/0
... in the little room adjoining one servants? bed with some other small things 15/-
in the new parlor one
in the hall a long table a little table...
in the buttery two
in the great parlor chamber two cheese
in the little parlor chamber and room adjoining one stand bed one half headed bed
in the hall chamber 2 bedsteads some servants bedding a talbe a press & other small things £4/5/-
in the brewe house chamber one .... £3/0/0

one stock of bees 6/-
7 horses and 2 hol horse harness

B turfs, wood blocks, stocks & mannure in the yard £3/0/0
: ... Goods valued at £239/17/0. Appraised by Robert Bernard, Fr: Monkton, Richard Kynman & David Poplewell [signature] at Gainsborough. Dorothea Poplewell was executrix.
     Richard was buried on 26 January 1709 in Belton, LIN.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 1 February 1709/10 Ann formally declined the administration of her husband's estate, asking instead that it be granted to William Godfrey who alleged he was son to Richard.

Children of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell

Richard Kinman

(15 May 1675 - 25 April 1721)
     Richard Kinman was also known as Kingman in records. He was christened on 15 May 1675 in Belton, Lincolnshire. He married Elizabeth Pearson 9 Dec 1697. See http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kingsman/kynman/lincolnshire/indiI23 for further information. He was the son of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
Deed Poll of Grant ? Robert Poplewell of Belton, gent, and Katherine his wife,
to Edward Dutton of Belton, tailor.
Property: Messuage situate in Belton in Westgate together with a croft adjoining containing 2a. the ground of Richard Kinman on the north, the heirs of John Good on the south abutting on the ground of George Taylor on the west and Kings highway on the east.
Consideration: £45.
Signature and seal: Robert Poplewell, Katrene (sic) Popplewell.
Date: 10 Sep 1701
[Note that the Richard Kinman referred to could be either this Richard or his father].
     Richard was buried on 25 April 1721 in Belton, LIN.

Susanna Kinman

(4 October 1672 - )
     Susanna Kinman was christened on 4 October 1672 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She married William Moody in Belton 18 Nov 1691. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.

Thomas Kinman

(9 October 1678 - 10 May 1762)
     Thomas Kinman was christened on 9 October 1678 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
     Thomas was buried on 10 May 1762 in Belton, Lincolnshire.

unnamed/Isabel Kinman

(1 February 1654/55 - before 1667)
     Unnamed/Isabel Kinman was christened on 1 February 1654/55 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
     Unnamed/Isabel died before 1667.

William Kinman

(28 July 1660 - before 8 March 1708)
     William Kinman was christened on 28 July 1660 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Richard Kinman and Ann Popplewell.
He may be the William Kinman who married Mary Bernard, widow, 13 July 1684.
     William died before 8 March 1708 in Belton in Axholme, Lincolnshire.

Beatrix Kinross/Kinloss

     Beatrix Kinross/Kinloss married James Dunbar, son of Alexander Dunbar, before 1613. 19 Aug 1613: Instrument of sasine following on precept, 7 Aug 1613, by Sir John Campbell of Calder, kt, and Hugh Campbell in Ballingoun [Balnagown], to James Dunbar of Boyth [Boath] and Beatrix Kinrois [Kinross], his spouse, in town and lands of Belmakeythe [?Balnageith]..

Child of Beatrix Kinross/Kinloss and James Dunbar

Ellen Mary Kinsella

(circa 1881 - 3 April 1943)
     Ellen Mary Kinsella was also known as Mary Ellen in records. She was born circa 1881 in Kyabram, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Kinsella & Gertrude Alice Radcliff. Her birth does not appear to have been registered although 5 siblings were between 1878 & 1887.
Ellen Mary Kinsella married Edmond John Colbert, son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1902 in Victoria.
     Ellen was registered as at Kyabram on the between 1914 and 1936 electoral roll. Mary Ellen Colbert.
     Ellen died on 3 April 1943 in Mooroopna, Victoria. COLBERT.- On April 3, Ellen Mary, beloved wife of Edmond John Colbert, of Wyuna, loving mother of Jack. Winnie, Kate, Ted (2nd A.I.F.) Ellie, Lil, Cliff (2nd A.I.F.) Dick, and Patricia (deceased). R.I.P. She was buried in Kyabram. Aged 62, R C section, with husband & daughter.

Children of Ellen Mary Kinsella and Edmond John Colbert

Adolph Arnost Kinski Count

      He was the son of William Count Kinsky (1574-1634), cr 1628. He was active circa 1648.

Robert Kippis

(circa 1699 - )
     Robert Kippis was born circa 1699 in Nottinghamshire, England.
     Robert Kippis and Ann Ryther obtained a marriage licence on 22 May 1723 in Snenton, Nottinghamshire. Robert was a frame work knitter..

Frances Kirby

(circa 1580 - )
     Frances Kirby was born circa 1580 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Thomas Kirby of Bury St Edmunds.
Frances Kirby married Oliver Bland in 1602 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He is likely to be the son or grandson of Oliver Blande who was buried at St Clement, Cambridge on 10 Oct 1564.

Child of Frances Kirby and Oliver Bland

Dr John Kirby

     Dr John Kirby married Lucy Rose, daughter of Hickman Rose and Jane Handy, before 1823.

Mary Kirby

     Mary Kirby married Elias Wallen, son of Thomas Wallen, before 18 December 1798.

William Kirby

     William Kirby married Frances Putland, daughter of Charles Putland and Ann Terry, on 25 December 1839 in Willingdon, Sussex.
     William Kirby and Frances Putland were recorded on the 1851 census in Green Man Inn, Ringmer, Sussex. William Kirby, 32, innkeeper and master smith employing 1 man, born Lewes, his wife Frances, 32, born Willindon, son Wiliam Alfred aged 5, scholar, born Lewes, Jane Putland, wife's sigter, unmarried 22, house maid, born Willingdon and a servant and a nurse child aged 2.

Albert Kirk

     The marriage of Albert Kirk and Lynda Popplewell, daughter of Charles Edward Popplewell and Emma Dunk, was registered in Barnsley RD, Yorkshire, in the March 1937 quarter.

Alicia Martha Kirk

(1874 - 22 July 1956)
     Alicia Martha Kirk was born in 1874 in Melbourne, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Kirk and Anna Maria Callanan.
     Alicia died on 22 July 1956 in Woollahra?, New South Wales.
     Her will was proved on 9 October 1956 in NSW & Victoria. Her will mentiond sher sister Anna McGregor, the wife of Sam! McGregor and her sister in law Thelma Kirk, and daughter in law Patricia King..

Anna Maria Kirk

(1878 - )
     Anna Maria Kirk was born in 1878 in Footscray, Victoria. She was the daughter of William Kirk and Anna Maria Callanan.
Anna Maria Kirk married Duncan Robert McGregor in 1913 in Victoria.

Eliza Rowdon Kirk

(26 November 1847 - 14 February 1916)
     Eliza Rowdon Kirk was born on 26 November 1847 in Melbourne, Victoria. She was the eldest daughter of George (1820-1882) & Elizabeth (Wippell) Kirk. He was a Member of Parliament in Victoria.. She was the daughter of George Kirk and Elizabeth Wippell.
Eliza Rowdon Kirk married Walter Russell Hall, son of Walter Hall and Elizabeth Carleton Skarratt, on 16 April 1874 in St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria. HALL - KIRK. —On the 16th inst., by the Rev S. L. Chase, at St. Paul's Church Melbourne, Walter R. Hall, Esq (Cobb and Co), Sydney, N.S.Wales, to Eliza Rowdon Kirk, eldest daughter of George Kirk, Esq., Avoca, South Yarra..
     Eliza died of cancer. She was buried with her husband in Melbourne. on 14 February 1916 in 'Wildfell', Potts Point, New South Wales, aged 68.
     Her will was proved in March 1916. THE LATE MRS. ELIZA HALL. PROBATE OF WILL GRANTED. Sydney, March 16. Probate has been granted of the will of Mrs. Eliza Hall, widow of Mr Walter Hall, who died at her residence, Pott's Point, on February 14 last. The testatrix appointed Messrs. Kelso King and Richard Gardiner Casey executors and trustees of her estate. She bequeathed annuities of £156 each to Rebecca Elizabeth Vies, of Kew, Victoria; Catherina A. Humphries, Hector A. Humphries of Kingston, England; Magaret Thompson, widow, and Miriam Candd Harriet Williams, of North Fitzroy,Victoria; and the following, among othe legacies:—£20,000 to each of the sons of her brothers-inlaw, Thomas Skarratt Hall and Frederick Baines Hall, £20,000 to each of the daughters of her late brother-in--law, James Wesley Hall, £900 to each of the children of the late Charles Carleton Skarratt, an uncle of her late husband; £5,000 to Louisa Hall, widow, of her brother-in-law, Albert Hall; £20,000 to George King, son of George Marshall King; £10,000 each to certain members of the Skarratt family, cousins of her late husband, and Henry Skarratt Brothwood, chemist, of Manly; £20,000 to her cousin, George William Ellison, of Melbourne; £25,000 each to her cousins, G. E. King, Anna Maria McGregor, and Alicia Martha Kelso King, wife of Kelso King; £30,000 each to her cousins. Frances Elizabeth Wippell and Sophia Wippell, £15,000 each to her cousins, John Charles Arthur Wippell, Emma Rowdon Stokes, and Emily Sophia Scarce; £10,000 each to her cousins, Frederick W. Wippell, W. A. Dowle Wippell, George E. Wippell, Harry V. Wippell, and Charles Rowdon Wippell; £15,000 to Joan Rowdon Collins, widow of her late relative, Arthur Collins, of England, £20,000 to Charlotte Kirk, widow of G. M. Kirk, of Brisbane; £10,000 each to Frances Elizabeth Thomas and Charlotte Eleanor Stutchbury, daughters of William Carleton Skarratt, and to Gertrude Skarratt, wife of Charles Skarratt, £6,000 to Lucy Sheppard, wife of her brother, William Sheppard; £2,000 to her aunt, Martha White; £1,500 to each of certain relatives of hers in England; £2,000 each to Iris Annie Kelso Waring and Olive May Kelso King, daughters of Kelso King; £5,000 each to her medical advisor, Dr. William Kelty, John Russell French, her and her late husband's valued friend, and Adrian Knox, K.C., "in token of the esteem and regard in which my husband held him and in recognition of the services he rendered in connection with a certain charitable sentiment created by me." The testatrix also bequeathed to the National Art Gallery of Sydney certain pictures, statuary, and bronzes, including four reputed Gainsboroughs, an ivory miniature of Sir Isaac Newton, an oil painting of William Pitt, by Hoppner, three pictures by Conrad Martin, two Florentine mosaic tables, three Carrara marble statuary, busts of a veiled lady, a gardener's daughter, and a girl with a woollen wrap and hood, two bronze horses, and a bust of her late husband by Mackennal. She devised certain pictures to the Walter and Eliza Hall trust for its office, certain pictures to Frances Elizabeth Wippell, and statuary and pictures to Kelso King; certain jewellery that belonged to her father, mother, and sister, and her wedding presents to her cousins, Frances Elizabeth Wippell, Sophia Wippell, and Emma Rowdon Stokes. She bequeathed the residue of her real and personal estate to her trustees upon trust as to her residence, "Avoca," in Melbourne, to permit Frances Elizabeth and Sophia Wippell to reside in it during their lives, to realise the estate, and out of the proceeds to pay the legacies mentioned in the will, and to divide the balance and residue of the proceeds and ready money among the children of her late husband's brother, Francis Baines Hall, William Pattison Hall, Grace Hall, Madge Hall, and Molly Hall, George Kirk, Elizabeth Lallie Kirk, Frances Elizabeth Thomas, Charlotte Eleanor Stutchbury, Donald F. Skarratt, Gertrude Skarratt, Henry Skarratt Brothwood, Frances Eliza Wippell, George William Ellison, Alicia Martha Kelso King, Anna Maria Macgregor, George Kirk, Sophia Whippell, Emma Rowden Stokes, Emily Sophia Scarce, Frederick Walter Whippell, William Alfred Dowle Wippell, George E. Wippell, Harry Vincent Wippell, John Charles Arthur Wippell, and Charles Rowden Wippell, legatees under the will, in the proportion of the legacies bequeathed to them by the will. The trustees were empowered to postpone the realisation of the estate until they thought it expedient. To each of them she bequeathed a legacy of £15,000 in lieu of any commission they would be entitled to. The legacies were to be paid free of stamp duties. The net value of the New South Wales estate was sworn at £802,448, of which £196,365 consisted of realty, £93,648 shares in public companies, £64,928 money at current account, £210,615 debentures, £167,918 mortgages, and £51,273 money on deposit..

Emma Wippell Kirk

(circa 1854 - 1858)
     Emma Wippell Kirk was born circa 1854 in Richmond, Victoria. She was the daughter of George Kirk and Elizabeth Wippell.
     Emma died in 1858 in Victoria.