Sir David Lindsay Earl of Crawford

(circa 1360 - 1407)
     Sir David Lindsay Earl of Crawford was born circa 1360.
Sir David Lindsay Earl of Crawford married Katherine or Jean or Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Euphemia Ross Countess of Moray, between 1380 and 1384. John Ravilious calls her Elizabeth.They had 7 known children incuding Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford.
     David died in 1407.

Child of Sir David Lindsay Earl of Crawford and Katherine or Jean or Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Lindsay

     Elizabeth Lindsay married John Drummond Lord, son of Sir Malcolm Drummond and Mariot Murray. Elizabeth Lindsay was the daughter of Alexander Crawford 4th Earl.

Sir James Lindsay (of Crawford) (1346)

(after 1324 - )
     Sir James Lindsay (of Crawford) (1346) married Giles Stewart, daughter of Walter Stewart and Isabel Graham. Sir James Lindsay (of Crawford) (1346) was born after 1324. He was the son of Sir David Lindsay and Mary Abernethy (1324).

Elizabeth Lingard

     Elizabeth Lingard married Thomas Rich, son of Thomas Rich and Elizabeth Creswick, on 24 January 1621/22 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Mary Linnard

(25 April 1803 - )
     Mary Linnard was christened on 25 April 1803 in Pakenham, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Thomas & Mary.
Mary Linnard married Benjamin Cocksedge, son of Benjamin Cocksedge and Bridget Mills, on 22 November 1824 in Gt Barton, Suffolk.
     Mary Linnard and Benjamin Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Gt Green, Thurston.
     Mary Linnard and Benjamin Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Thurston, Suffolk. Benjamin Cocksedge aged 55, born Hessett, his wife Mary aged 48, born Pakenaham.
     Mary Linnard and Benjamin Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Thurston. Benjamin Cocksedge, head, 64, farm labourer, born Hessett and his wife Mary aged 57, born Pakenham.
     Mary Linnard and Benjamin Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Thurston. Benjamin Cocksedge, head, 74?, farm labourer, born Hessett; his wife Mary aged 68? born Pakenham; with a lodger and two visitors Sarah & James Grant.

Child of Mary Linnard and Benjamin Cocksedge

Jane Linstead

(1778 - 1804)
     Jane Linstead was born in 1778.
Jane Linstead married Mark Noble, son of Thomas Noble and Mary Duffield, in 1797.
     Jane died in 1804.

Allan Gordon Linton

(1900 - )
     Allan Gordon Linton was born in 1900 in Maffra, Victoria. He was the son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.

Arnold Jackson Linton

(1880 - 1965)
      He possibly emigrated to New Zealand.. Arnold Jackson Linton was born in 1880 in Maffra, Victoria. He was the son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.
Arnold Jackson Linton married Margaret Miller Campbell in 1921 in Victoria.
     Arnold died in 1965 in Dromana, Victoria.

Dora Gertrude Linton (Brandon)

(1895 - 1966)
     Dora Gertrude Linton (Brandon) was born in 1895 in Maffra, Victoria. She was the daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.
     Dora died in 1966 in Elsternwick, Victoria.

Edmund Leslie Linton

(1887 - )
     Edmund Leslie Linton was born in 1887 in Maffra, Victoria, Australia. He was the son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.

Emily Jessie Linton

(2 May 1889 - 29 March 1984)
     Emily Jessie Linton was born on 2 May 1889 in Maffra, Victoria. She was the daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.
     Emily and Jessie were registered at 13 Oak Grove, East Malvern, on the 1937 electoral roll.
Emily Jessie Linton married Laurence Mayfield Golding after 1942? In Victoria?. David Laurence Mayfield Golding had 5 wives and David Magraith has traced 4 divorces. The first three in South Australia and the 4th in Victoria.
1. Edith Maria White m 21 Feb 1906, divorced 23 March 1915
2. Cynthia Viola Chinner m 23 June 1915, divorced 26 June 1923
3. Florence May Elizabeth Celia Rothwell m 26 Sept 1923, divorced 10 July 1928
4. May Francis Spencer m 23 March 1929, divorced 27 Feb 1942
In 2 cases David Laurence Mayfield was petitioner and in 2 cases the respondent
     Emily and David were registered as David Mayfied & Emily Jessie Golding, traveller & Home duties, at 35 Seaview Crescent, Sandringham, on the 1949 electoral roll.
     Emily resided at 27 Macedon Ave, Dromana, 1982.
     Emily died on 29 March 1984 in Rosebud, Victoria, aged 94.

John James Linton

(1851 - 1937)
     John James Linton was born in 1851 in Flemington, Victoria. He was the son of Andrew Linton and ElizaBadrick born at Flemington in 1851, but he claimed to have been born at Dandenong at his marriage.
John James Linton married Jessie Bates Dunbar, daughter of George Killigrew Dunbar and Anne Potter Watt, on 30 April 1879 in Dandenong. They were married by Rev Alex Morrison, at the residence of the bride's mother.
     John died in 1937 in East Malvern, Victoria.

Children of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar

John James Linton

(1884 - 1941)
     John James Linton was born in 1884 in Maffra, Victoria. He was the son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.
     John died in 1941 in Bundoora, Victoria.

Millie May Linton

(1892 - )
     Millie May Linton was also known as Millicent in records. She was born in 1892 in Maffra, Victoria. She was the daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar. Millie May Linton and Vair Linton were registered on the electoral roll dated 1937 at 13 Oak Grove, East Malvern, with Jessie Bates Dunbar and Emily Jessie Linton.

Thomas Merton Linton

(1882 - )
     Thomas Merton Linton was born in 1882 in Maffra, Victoria, Australia. He was the son of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar.

Vair Linton

(1902 - )
     Vair Linton was born in 1902 in Maffra, Victoria. She was the daughter of John James Linton and Jessie Bates Dunbar. Vair Linton and Millie May Linton were registered on the electoral roll dated 1937 at 13 Oak Grove, East Malvern, with Jessie Bates Dunbar and Emily Jessie Linton.
Vair Linton married James Leslie MacKindley in 1939 in Victoria.

Martin Lister

(before 1665 - 6 March 1744/45)
     Martin Lister was also known as Martin Lister Killigrew in records. He was born before 1665 in Staffordshire, England.
Martin Lister married Ann Killigrew, daughter of Sir Peter Killigrew (2nd Bart) and Lady Frances Twisden, on 23 February 1689 in Falmouth, Cornwall. Martin Lister, Esqure & Anne Killigrew, daughter of Peter Killigrew, Knight & Baronet.
     Martin was registered as Martin Killigrew, Esq at Falmouth on the 1710 electoral roll. He was an executor of Lady Frances Twisden's estate on 9 April 1711 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
Martin Lister was trustee to a marriage settlement between Major John Dunbar and Anne Killigrew dated 20 May 1718. Extract from the pre-niptial marriage settlement of Major John Dunbar and Ann Killigrew, dated May 20, 1718. ... and whereas the said Anne Killigrew is also seized in fee to her and her heirs of & in several lands and tenements herinafter mentioned to be lying & situate in the said county of Cornwall, and whereas the said John Dunbar is likewise seized in fee of the manor, town & lands of Kilcoe, situate, lying and being in the county of Fermanagh , Upper and Lower Ballicarey in Catherloch [Ballycarney, Carlow]; Prisloe in Budock. The trustees to said settlement were, Sir William Twysden, Martin Killigrew, Owen Wynne and Walter Weldon. Witnesses, Francis Errisey, John Hamilton, Thomas Wilson.
1722 Agreement between rector of Falmouth and Martin Killigrew regarding tithes.
     Martin Lister was mentioned in the will of Frances Killigrew dated 16 February 1731.
30 Nov 1736/1 Dec 1736: Lease and release to create trust: (1) Martin Killigrew of Arwenack, esq., Mary Killigrew and Frances Killigrew both of Bury, Suffolk, spinsters & (2) Richard Mounteney of Lincolns Inn, esq. Manor of Mylor; Manor of Arwenack otherwise Roskrow, with barton of Arwenack, in parishes of Budock and Falmouth; also Trevethan or Trefuthan, Trevethan Wartha and Wollas, Cargannow, Prislow, Trebollan, Stengellan Down alias Moor Porthen, and Prislow fields;
also advowson and rectory of church of Falmouth; grist mills or corn mills late in occ. of Richard Tregian, now Thos. Banfield; other grist mills late in occ. of Jn. Netherton, now Wm. Bluett; other grist mills late in occ. of Jn. Wilforth and Jn. Vermuyden, now turned into dwelling-house, and grist mill called Arwenack Mill late in occ. of Anthony Welsh, now Abraham Hall; all messuages, lands and premises called Castle Hill alias Pendennis alias Pendennis Castle lying or being within a ditch or fortification known by the name of Wises Line; fields and premises known as Castle Hill without Wises Line, the Fox Holes, the Deputy Meadow, the next field adj. to the west, the townplace, the Cliffte Close alias Three-cornered Close, and field next adj. formerly called Way Close, Crane Close, Gillen Vale alias Gillen Valls, Castle Ground, Arwenack Meadows, Arwenack Little Meadows, Pond Close, Windmill Hill Ground, Porhan, Porhan Hill, Arwenack Bar, Lower and Higher Shutt Close, Tree Close and plot by the well, Higher Fields, Barretts Fields;
tenements, in town of Falmouth (listed by names of tenants) including houses, gardens, brewhouses, The Strand, new courts, dwelling house and gardens near new quay late in occ. of Chas. Cornelis, new quay with duties, profits, quayage and advantages; cellars, wharfs, buildings and appurtenances; ground, beach, seashore and ground under and between all premises and low water mark, all in Falmouth and Budock; also market house and market place with tolls, dues and profits; one ferry called Falmouth ferry boat and ferry, and all fees, tolls and dues; messuage, lands and tenement called Trescobeas in Budock late in occ. of wm. Grosse; Treganeggy in Budock late in occ. of Jn. Howard from whom Sir Peter Killigrew purchased it;
Tregenver in Budock; house, garden and meadow called the Clangye in Budock late in occ. of Nich. Polgwyn; Boles tenement in churchtown, Nantellis, Porthloo and Arthur Deacon's tenement, all in Mylor
Martin Lister and Mary Erisey and Frances Erisey were mentioned on 1 December 1736.
1 Dec. 1736: Articles of agreement (1) Martin Killigrew of St. James, Westminster, esq., exor. of will of Frances Erisey, widow, decd.
(2) Mary and Frances Killigrew of Bury, Suffolk, spinster, daus. of John West, and John West, esq.
Recites: 28 July 1699 conveyance (Sir Peter Killigrew of Arwenack and w. Dame Frances, Martin Killigrew and others, to Walter Quarme of Falmouth, clerk, and Peter Hill of Falmouth, merchant).
Reciting: trust deed of 1695 relating to manors of Mylor and Arwenack. Subsequent deaths leaving (2) above as next heirs
(1) has delivered to (2) leases of properties given up by him (described in attached schedule). Martin Lister witnessed the marriage settlement dated 6 July 1737 between Mary West or Killigrew and John Merrill. Pre-nuptial settlement (also counterpart) between (1) Susanna Merrill of St James, Westminster, widow, and son John M. & (2) Mary Killigrew, dau. of Jn. West by his wife Mary decd. (3) Martin Killigrew of St James, Westminster, esq. Consideration: marriage between John Merrill and Mary Killigrew
(2) is seised of moiety of estates of Sir Peter Killigrew in Budock, Falmouth and Mylor
Recites: 30 Nov/1 Dec. 1736 deed of settlement
(1) agrees to provide £400 annuity to (3) in trust for (2) in lieu of dower, and to support younger children of the marriage
     Martin Lister made a will dated 13 October 1743. Will of Martin Killigrew of St James Westminster.
     Martin died on 6 March 1744/45 in St James, Picadilly, Westminster, Middlesex. The much later administration of his estate stated 6 March 1744. He was possibly buried on 7 March 1744/45 in Hampshire.
     His will was proved on 11 March 1744/45 at PCC. His will had five codicils. He was buried on 12 March 1744/45 in Westminster, Middlesex. He was mentioned in a deed dated 20 December 1790. Indenture #137026 430/125 Assigned memorial George Dunbar, Esq., of Ballycarney, co. Carlow, but then of Dublin City, P1, 22 Dec 1790: George Dunbar for the considerations and purposes mentioned assigned to Whally etc, the personal fortune of Martin Killigrew in Gt Britain £7505 for the purposes mentioned. Registered 22 Dec 1790.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 21 October 1885 at the Principal Probate Registry. Killigrew,Martin. Esq. £99. Resworn August 1886 £668/8/2. 21 October 1885: Administration (with will and six codicils) of the personal estate of Martin Killigrew late of the parish of St James, Westminster in the county of Middlesex. Esquire, who died 6 March 1744 at the said parish left unadministered by Peter le Maitre Thomas Lloyd and Joshua Sharpe the executors was granted at the Principal Registry under the usual limitations to Harry John Vernon Philpott of Butcher's Hall Bartholomews Close in the city of London solicitor the lawful attorney of the Reverend Halahan Killigrew Dunbar, clerk, the residuary legatee for life substituted now residing in California. Former grant PCC March 1744 (old style).
     Martin Lister was mentioned in a civil court action in April 1886. QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. (Before Mr. Justice Day.) Phillpot v. Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation – This was an action brought by the solicitor of a Mr. Dunbar, the legal representative of a Mr. Martin Killigrew, to recover from the Defendants about 600/., being the amount of dividends and interest which had accumulated since the year 1741 on stock originally of the value of£ 600, which had been held by Martin Killigrew in the Corporation. The Corporation did not dispute the claim if it could be established that the Martin Killigrew, under whose will Mr. Dunbar sought to recover, was identical with the Martin Killigrew who held the Corporation shares. — Mr. Grosvenor Woods and Mr. Winch were Counsel for the Plaintiff ; while Mr. Willis, Q.C, and Mr. E. L. Ford were for the Defendants. — Mr. Woods said the Martin Killigrew, under whom the Plaintiff claimed, was one of the original shareholders of the Corporation, which was established by charter in 1720, and received dividends down to the year 1741. He died in 1744, leaving the will under which Mr. Dunbar claimed his estate, which was said to be of considerable value. The Corporation published from time to time lists of persons who had held shares and whose dividends had been accumulating; but it appears that no previous claim had been made in respect of those of Martin Killigrew.— The Defendants' Counsel stated that search had been made in the British Museum and elsewhere, with the view of ascertaining whether there was any other Martin Killigrew answering to the description — he being described as originally of Cornwall, and afterwards of Charles-street, St. James's — but that no other could be found. There was another claimant, a lady ; but the Plaintiff's Counsel represented her ; and a letter had been written to the Corporation by another person, who asked for information, but made no claim. It was stated that some of the documents which would have helped the Plaintiff to establish his title perished in the fire which destroyed the old House of Commons, and that some of those which would have assisted the Defendants were lost by a fire at the premises of the Corporation.—Mr. Justice Day said that, looking at the evidence before him, he could have no reasonable doubt that the Martin Killigrew of the Plaintiff and the Martin Killigrew of the Defendants were one and the same person ; and therefore gave judgment for the Plaintiff for the amount claimed.

Albreda de Lisures

(before 1130 - after 1200)
      She was the heiress of her mother and Henry & Ilbert de Lacy. Widow of Richard FitzEustace, constable of Chester, by whom she had John FitzEustace, founder of the second line of the Laci family, she probably had married secondly William de Clairfaith, c.1168 [Clay, 1913]. The English version of her name is Aubrey.
Albreda de Lisours was a great heiress through both her parents (CP V: 755).
Her mother inherited all the Lacy estates when her uncle Robert de Lacy, Lord of Pontefract died 21 Jun 1193 without any children. Robert was the grandson of Ilbert de Lacy by Henry de Lacy. His son John succeeded his step-father Robert fitz Count as constable of Chester. Albreda de Lisures was also known as Aubrey Lisours in records. She was born before 1130 in Halton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Robert de Lisures and Aubrey de Lacy.
     Albreda de Lisures and John FitzEustace Constable of Chester were mentioned in a deed dated 1166. John gave 1,000 marks to have the inheritance of his mother Albreda.
Albreda de Lisures married William de Clairfait circa 1167.
     Albreda de Lisures married William FitzGodric as her third husband, before 1178. They married between 1165 & 1173.
"Phil Moody"
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 6:31 AM Subject: RE: marriage of William Fitz Godric and Aubrey de Lisours
> Paul Reed wrote: about a book from England which contains the surviving English decretals of the popes for the 1140-98 period, most of which had not been published elsewhere.
> In a decretal dated by the editor 1168-75, Alexander III to Roger, Archbishop of York, mandate to forbid the marriage of William Fitz Godric and Aubrey de Lisours, mother of the girl (by a previous spouse) to whom William had been originally betrothed while she was under age, and bind them with an anathema if they dare to act contrary to the oath which the Archbishop had prudently exacted from them.
> PLM: This appears to forbid the marriage if the "oath" is broken; so is there any indication of the particulars of this "oath."
> As expected, "desponsavit" was the word used for betrothal. This mandate is found only in _Rotomagensis prima_. This decretal concerns an earlier stage in the marriage negotiations between William Fitz Godric and Aubrey de Lisours.
> PLM: Paul, is this a separate decretal from the preceding one, or is it all inclusive?
> William Fitz Godric claimed that the girl [Aubrey] was under age when she refused her assent to the marriage, and that her father [Robert Fitz Eustace] took her to the Archbishop [name?] to release her from the betrothal. He also claimed that after the death of the father [when?] years later, the King gave the mother Aubrey to him in marriage, and he accepted her to quiet a discord between the two families [William of Clairfait is neglected?]. The girl [Aubrey] had also married [Henry Byset, son of William Byset] elsewhere in the meantime.
> PLM: Paul, I hope you don't mind my bracketing in some names and questions in the above paragraph for clarity:-) We appear to have the personal testimony of William fitz Godric concerning how his marriage to Aubrey de Lisours (The Elder) came about. This is certainly contemporary evidence. William fitz Godric claims that the King gave him Aubrey de Lisours in marriage after the death of the father, Robert Fitz Eustace; so did William de Clairfait go against the King's wishes, and marry Aubrey de Lisours, or are William de Clairfait and William fitz Godric one and the same man?
> William Fitz Godric had even traveled to the court of the pope, and had offered a cleric a certain church if he would promote his concern in the papal curia.
> PLM: Any indication of what church was offered? What churches did William fitz Godric possess?
> These records would indicate that William Fitz Godric did indeed marry Aubrey de Lisours before 1175. CP 5:519 estimated that William Fitz Godric married Aubrey about 1169-70. Since Aubrey did not marry her second husband William de Clairfait until about 1167, the girl involved (who later also married), would therefore be daughter of Aubrey's first marriage to Robert Fitz Eustace.
> PLM: No, I believe the "girl", Aubrey (de Lisours) Byset was married prior to William fitz Godric's marriage to the mother, Aubrey de Lisours (the Elder). You assert that the decretal states "The girl had also married elsewhere in the meantime.", and take this to mean that
the daughter was already married, prior to William's marriage to the mother. If this were not the case, there would be nothing to prevent the king from giving William fitz Godric the daughter, as originally intended. Paul, since you have studied this evidence first hand, how might it be applied to the daughter Aubrey, with respect to her date of birth, and the marriage date to Henry Byset?
> Phil Moody.

     Albreda de Lisures and Roger FitzEustace or Lacy The Constable were mentioned in a deed dated 5 Richard I [1193-4]. A fine between Albreda de Lisores [Robert's daughter] and Roger de Laci, her grandson, by which she the said Albreda quit-claimed to him [Roger] all those lands which did belong to Robert de Lacy, and he covenanted with her that she should enjoy all the lands which were Robert de Lisours, her father's for life by the name of 8 Knight's Fees.
     Albreda de Lisures and William FitzWilliam were mentioned in a deed dated 1200. Albreye and William FitzWilliam her son, recovered from the Hospitallers the advowson of the church of "Fauford", co. Nott.
     Albreda died after 1200.

Child of Albreda de Lisures and William FitzGodric

Fulk de Lisures

      He was a domesday tenant of Sprotborough and other West Riding manors [Marr, Frickley & Adwick-le-street], as well as Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire as Fulk, Roger's man, in 1086, under Roger de Busli. For nearly three centuries after the Conquest, members of the family were settled at Fledborough in Nottinghamshire. Fulk and his brother Torald were benefactors to Blyth Priory in 1088. See 'Notes on the family of Lisure' by W F Carter & R F Wilkinson in The Yorkshire Archaeological joural v.35 pts 137-40, 1943 pp.183-200 for a full account of this family and their origins in Normandy..
Fulk de Lisures married Albreda Unknown (Lisures). Fulk de Lisures was born in Lisors, Lyons-la-Foret, Eure, France.

Child of Fulk de Lisures and Albreda Unknown (Lisures)

Robert de Lisures

(before 1100 - )
     Robert de Lisures was born before 1100 in Sprotborough, Yorkshire. He was stated by John the Constable of Chester to be the son of Fulk de Lisores and mentions land in Ulecotes which "Albreda de Lisoriis my mother gave". He was the son of Fulk de Lisures and Albreda Unknown (Lisures).
Robert de Lisures married Aubrey de Lacy, daughter of Robert de Lacy Lord of Pontefract, before 1130 in Yorkshire. Robert was fined that he might marry the sister of Ilbert de Lacy. He was of Blythe. Robert de Lisoriis is mentioned in 1130 and had married Albreda de Lacy shortly before that.

Child of Robert de Lisures and Aubrey de Lacy

Ellen Little

     Ellen died in New York, USA. After her husband's death she moved to New York with her five surviving children.
Ellen Little married John Williams Rumsey, son of Rev John Williams Rumsey and Ann Emily Hunn, in 1876. Ellen Little was widowed on 5 October 1891 on the death of her husband John Williams Rumsey.

Children of Ellen Little and John Williams Rumsey

John Little

(before 1660 - )
     John Little was born before 1660.
John Little married Margaret Ashby in 1684 in St John, Barbados.

Augustus Easter/Easten Littlejohns

(7 May 1812 - )
     Augustus Easter/Easten Littlejohns was christened on 7 May 1812 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire. He was the son of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George.
     Augustus Easter/Easten Littlejohns was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Edwin Dempster Littlejohns

(9 August 1810 - )
     Edwin Dempster Littlejohns was christened on 9 August 1810 in St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was the son of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George.
Edwin Dempster Littlejohns married Arabella Beare on 3 November 1840 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire.
     Edwin Dempster Littlejohns was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Frederick George Littlejohns

(13 September 1807 - 8 August 1812)
     Frederick George Littlejohns was born on 13 September 1807 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was the son of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George. Frederick George Littlejohns was christened on 22 November 1807 in St Thomas, Portsmouth.
     Frederick died on 8 August 1812 aged 4.

Henry Alexander Littlejohns

(3 September 1815 - 1 October 1815)
     Henry Alexander Littlejohns was christened on 3 September 1815 in St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire. He was the son of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George.
     Henry died on 1 October 1815 in Hampshire.

Isaac Littlejohns

     Isaac Littlejohns married Ann George, daughter of John George and Betty Coward, on 17 May 1807 in St Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire.
     Isaac Littlejohns was mentioned as being deceased in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.

Children of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George

Matilda Dempster Littlejohns

(1 January 1809 - 31 May 1810)
     Matilda Dempster Littlejohns was born on 1 January 1809 in Portsmouth, Hampshire. She was the daughter of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George. Matilda Dempster Littlejohns was christened on 21 May 1809 in St Thomas, Portsmouth.
     Matilda died on 31 May 1810 aged 1.

Thomas Littlewood

     Thomas Littlewood married Zenah Rich, daughter of John Rich and Isabella Morton, before 1680.

Child of Thomas Littlewood and Zenah Rich

Two children Littlewood

(before 1682 - )
     Two children Littlewood was born before 1682. Two children Littlewood was the child of Thomas Littlewood and Zenah Rich.