William Luscombe

     William Luscombe married Susan Sergeant, daughter of William Sergeant and Mary Jeffery, on 5 April 1836 in Newton Abbot, Wolborough, Devon. They were both of this parish, in the presence of John Towell & Sara/Dan Sarjeant.

Joan Luscote

( - circa 1355)
     Joan died circa 1355. CIPM 29 Edw III #31. This date is impossible but as quoted.
Joan Luscote married John Arundell, son of John Arundell and Elizabeth Carminow, between 1362 and 1367. The marriage brought to the Arundells (after the deaths of Joan and her second husband Sir William Lambourn in 1397 x 1407) the Devonshire manors of Battishorne, Darracott, Gratton, Loddiswell, Ideford, and Spreacombe and land in Buckland Dinham and Luscott.
Joan Luscote married Sir William Lambourne as her second husband, before 23 July 1394. Sir William's first marriage was to Joan, daughter and heiress of Ralph Soor of Toverne & Joan Lansladron. Their daughter was Annorah Lambourne who married the next Sir John Arundell (V).

Ruby Florence Lush

(2 July 1920 - 26 September 2016?)
     Ruby Florence Lush was born on 2 July 1920.
Ruby Florence Lush married Harold Frederick Ruby, son of George Ruby and Ethel Olive Myrtle Cullen, in Victoria.
     Ruby and Harold were registered as He was a labourer at Curlwaa, New South Wales, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Ruby was registered at Yelta, Red Cliffs, Victoria, on the 1980 electoral roll.
     Ruby resided at Yelta, Victoria, 1982.
     Ruby resided at 883 15th Street, Mildura, Victoria, 2001.
     Ruby died on 26 September 2016? Aged 96. Ruby Florence Ruby [Vic Supreme Court]..

Jean Hamlin Lusk

(13 March 1884 - 22 August 1953)
     Jean Hamlin Lusk was born on 13 March 1884 in Dunedin, New Zealand. She was the descendant of John & Jean Hamlin of Greenock, who married fin 1835 and had a son Thomas Hamlin Lusk born 1836 at Greenock, Renfrewshsire. She graduated in July 1908 from Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand, with a Master of Arts.
     Jean Hamlin Lusk married Arthur Frederick Hooper as his second wife, on 23 September 1908 in Christ Church, South Yarra, Victoria.
     Jean and Arthur resided at 'Darnlee', 33 Lansell Rd, Toorak, from 1909 to 1913.
In 1911 he built and resided at "Enmore" or "Little Enmore", 16 Lansell Rd, Toorak, which is no longer standing. In 1913 he built and resided at 10 St Georges Rd, Toorak. (East side, house has been demolished and replaced with new street - Teringa Place - and court of houses). In 1915 he rented a house in Woorigoleen Rd, West side, next house to that on the corner of Toorak Rd.
     Jean and Arthur were registered at 4 Bruce St, Toorak, Victoria, on the 1914 electoral roll.
     Jean and Arthur were registered at 'Whare', St George's Rd, Toorak, Victoria, on the between 1915 and 1925 electoral roll.
     Jean and Arthur resided at 149 Kooyong Rd, Toorak, Victoria, between 1927 and 1928.
     Jean was registered at 11 Douglas St, Toorak, on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Jean died on 22 August 1953 in Melbourne, Victoria, aged 69.

Child of Jean Hamlin Lusk and Arthur Frederick Hooper

Ann Lutemond

     Edward Bland married secondly Ann Lutemond on 17 July 1834 in Longford, Tasmania, Australia.

Elizabeth Lyas

(circa 1800 - before 1 February 1869)
     Elizabeth Lyas was born circa 1800 in Onehouse, Suffolk.
Elizabeth Lyas married James Dykes, son of Thomas Dykes and Mary Offord, on 25 December 1821 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth Lyas and James Dykes were recorded on the 1841 census in Brettenham Rd, Buxhall. James Dykes 40, ag. lab., Elizabeth Dykes 35, Eliza Dykes 15, Henry Dykes 2, George Dykes 1, all born in the county.
     Elizabeth Lyas and James Dykes were recorded on the 1851 census in Buxhall. James Dykes 53, farmer of 114 acres, employing 5 men, born Buxhall; his wife Elizebeth Dykes 46, born Onehouse, children: Henrey Dykes 12 Gorge Dykes 11, both employed on farm, both born at Buxhall.
     Elizabeth Lyas and James Dykes were recorded on the 1861 census in Dykes Farm, Buxhall. James Dykes 62, farmer of 56 acres employing 3 men, born Buxhall; his wife Elizabeth Dykes 60, born Onehouse; George Dykes 21, unmarried son, ag labourer, born Buxhall.
     Elizabeth died before 1 February 1869 in Buxhall, SFK. Betsy Dykes aged 69. She was buried on 1 February 1869 in Buxhall. Elizabeth Dykes, aged 69.

Children of Elizabeth Lyas and James Dykes

Annie? Mabel Lybbe

(circa 1861 - )
     Annie? Mabel Lybbe was born circa 1861. She was possibly the daughter of Phillip & Frances Lybbe, but Mabel aged 4 in 1871 and daughter of Charlotte Thorn (living next door with Thorn children) was living with sister Amy 6 in 1871, both born in London and described as daughters. But they also had a servant (nurse) and 2 visitors with them, so perhaps the parents were away.
The marriage of Annie? Mabel Lybbe and Herbert Bowker, son of Henry Francis Bowker and Eliza Alice Keep, was registered in St Paul's Chapel of Ease, St John, Battersea, Surrey, in the June 1885 quarter.
     Annie? Mabel Lybbe and Herbert Bowker were recorded on the 1891 census in Chelmsford, Essex. Herbert Bowker 39, electrical enginerr, born London', his wife Annie M Bowker 30, Claude H Bowker 3 born Brighton, Sussex & Violet G Bowker 8/12, born Chelmsford; with lodger James H Cornish 22, & servant Clara Staines 14.

Children of Annie? Mabel Lybbe and Herbert Bowker

John Lydia

     John Lydia married Mary Jacob, daughter of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens, on 8 October 1664 in Buxhall, Suffolk.

Nellie Frances Lymn

     The marriage of Nellie Frances Lymn and George Stancer, son of Thomas Stancer and Mary Jane Andrew, was registered in the June 1903 quarter.

Children of Nellie Frances Lymn and George Stancer

Agnes Louise Ann Lynch

(circa 1865 - before 20 December 1961)
     Agnes Louise Ann Lynch was born circa 1865 in Jamaica, West Indies.
Agnes Louise Ann Lynch married Louis Fullarton Mackinnon, son of Louis Fullarton Mackinnon and Sarah Ashby, on 10 August 1887 in St Catherine parish, Jamaica, West Indies. He was the son of Louis Fullerton Mckinnon and she was the daughter of Edward Bancorft Lynch.
     Agnes Louise Ann Lynch and Louis Fullarton Mackinnon were recorded on the 1911 census in 46 Croxted Road, West Dulwich, Camberwell, Surrey. Lewis Fullarton Mackinnon 62, Retired Colonial Civil Service, his wife Agnes Louise Mackinnon 45, children Louis Charles Mackinnon 22, civil engineer, Ronald Fullerton Mackinnon 21, bank clerk, Bank of England, students Lionel Norman Mackinnon 16, Agnes Violet Mackinnon 13, nephew Maurice Gorden Lynch 11, all born in Jamaica.
     Agnes died before 20 December 1961 in 19 Orpington Mews, Brompton. Agnes Louise Ann Mackinnon, aged 86. She was buried on 20 December 1961 in Holy Trinity, Brompton.

Children of Agnes Louise Ann Lynch and Louis Fullarton Mackinnon

Jessie Lynch

(21 June 1910 - 14 September 1993)
     Jessie Lynch was born on 21 June 1910 in Barcaldine, Queensland.
Jessie Lynch married George Slater Pratt, son of John Slater Pratt and Mary Dickinson, circa 1944 in Queensland.
     Jessie died on 14 September 1993 in Brisbane, Queensland, aged 83.

Robina Marian Lynch

(1889 - 12 February 1971)
     Robina Marian Lynch was also known as Rubina Marion in records. She was born in 1889 in New Zealand.
Robina Marian Lynch married Richard Black, son of Richard Black and Jane Eliza Sargeant, on 29 June 1911 in St Paul's, Kaikohopu, Wanganui, New Zealand.
     Robina died on 12 February 1971 in New Zealand.

Children of Robina Marian Lynch and Richard Black

Maud Lynley

     Maud Lynley married Sir William Gascoigne, son of Sir William Gascoigne and Lady Margaret Percy.

Sir John Lyon Lord of Glamis & Kinghorn

( - 1382)
     Sir John Lyon Lord of Glamis & Kinghorn married Jean Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Elizabeth Mure, in 1379.
     John died in battle in 1382.

Margaret Lyon

(circa 1838 - )
     Margaret Lyon was born circa 1838.
     Margaret Lyon married Paul MacPherson as his second wife, on 7 February 1872 in Methlick, Aberdeenshire. Paul McPherson, agricultural labourer, widower, aged 44, son of Paul McPherson, crofter & Catherine McPherson (alias Christie) married Margaret Lyon, domestic servant, aged 33.

Bruce Monro Lyons

(23 April 1930 - 25 February 1999)
     Bruce Monro Lyons was born on 23 April 1930.
     Bruce died on 25 February 1999 aged 68.

Ellen Lyons

     Ellen Lyons married John Colbert (of Kilworth?) on 15 February 1831 in Kilworth, Cork, Ireland.

Child of Ellen Lyons and John Colbert (of Kilworth?)

Mary Anne Lyons

      She went on to have children by Robert Paulovich starting in 1856..
Mary Anne Lyons married William Thomas Phillips, son of James Phillips and Lydia Ballard, on 17 October 1843 in East Maitland, New South Wales.

Children of Mary Anne Lyons and William Thomas Phillips

Ann Lysley

     Ann Lysley married Chief Justice William Gascoigne as his third wife, before 1419. She was the daughter of William Lysley.

Robert Lyster

     Robert Lyster married Mary Ann Blount, daughter of Charles James Blount and Mary Ann Barton, on 30 June 1845 in St Marylebone, London. They married by lincence, both single and of full age and of Marylebone, BUT she was described as the daughter of Edward! Blount, however the witness was William Barton..
     Robert Lyster and Mary Ann Blount were recorded on the 1861 census in 9 Montpelier Crescent, Brighton, Sussex. The only record found does not seem to fit: Robert Lyster, 62, proprietor of bonds, born Ireland, wife Mary A Lyster, 55, annuity shares, born Middlesex, unmarried daughters Gertrude Lyster 24, Porn Portsmouth Hampshire & Agusta Lyster 20, born France, British subject and a general servant, Eliza J Houseman, 23.

Gwladys ferch Lywarch ap Trahayarn

     Gwladys ferch Lywarch ap Trahayarn married Owain Gwynedd ferch Gruffudd Prince of North Wales, son of Gruffydd ap Cynan King of Gwynedd and Angharad ferch Owain ab Edwin. Gwladys ferch Lywarch ap Trahayarn was born in Wales. Continue her ancestry in Bartrum's TrapC6.. She was the daughter of Llywarch ap Trahaern (?).

Children of Gwladys ferch Lywarch ap Trahayarn and Owain Gwynedd ferch Gruffudd Prince of North Wales

Aedan Mac Gabran

( - 608)
     Aedan Mac Gabran was the son of Gabran, King of Dalriada.
Aedan Mac Gabran married Ygerna de Acqus.
     Aedan died in 608.

Child of Aedan Mac Gabran and Ygerna de Acqus

Christian Mac----

Child of Christian Mac---- and Donald MacPherson

Rebecca MacAinch

(1892 - 1973)
     Rebecca MacAinch was born in 1892 in Lancefield, Victoria. She was the daughter of William MacAinch and Sarah Margaret Wilson.
Rebecca MacAinch married Eric Oliver Hobson, son of Benjamin Hobson and Anna Maria Devonshire, in 1920 in Victoria.
     Rebecca died in 1973 in Devon, Victoria.

Sarah Janet MacAinch

(1891 - 27 October 1966)
     Sarah Janet MacAinch was also known as Sarah Jane in records. She was commonly known as Jean. She was born in 1891 in Romsey, Victoria. She was the daughter of William MacAinch and Sarah Margaret Wilson.
Sarah Janet MacAinch married James Frederick MacKenzie, son of William MacKenzie and Lily Weston, on 4 February 1914 in St Andrew's Presbyterian church, Yarram, Victoria. A pretty wedding was celebrated at the Presbyterian Church on Wednesday morning by the Rev. AY. R. Cun-
ningham, when Miss Jean McAinch daughter of Mr and Mrs Wm. McAinch of North Devon, and Mr Jas. F. McKenzie, son of Mr Wm. McKenzie, of "Heathville," Mack's Creek, were the contracting parties. In the church assembled quite a large gathering of relatives and friends. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore an ivory silk striped voile, veil and orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of white sweet peas and asparagus fern. The bridesmaids were Misses Ruby McAincli and l.ily McKenzie, sisters of the bride and bridegroom, and were attired in white embroidered voile, each carrying a crook and Mowers. The wedding breakfast was partaken at Mr G. F Sauer's residence, at which
the Rev. Mr Cunningham presided, and proposed the toast ot bride and bridegroom in felicitous terms. Mr Jas. Harlow proposed the parents of the bride and bridegroom, acknowledged bv Mr. J .A. McKenzie and Mr McAinch. The happy couple then hied away to the railway station, en route to the city, where the honeymoon is to be spent. The bride wore a travelling dress of mole resilda, with hat of white tuille and plait, and neat Saxe tinted plume. The presents were numerous and of the useful order. In the evening Mr and Mrs McAinch held a reception in the Yarram Mechanics'
She was a great worker for charity, always a willing worker in everything.
     Sarah was registered as Sarah Janet McKenzie, home duties at 'Calrossie', Yarram, on the 1966 electoral roll.
     Sarah died on 27 October 1966 in Yarram, Victoria, Australia. She was buried on 29 October 1966 in the Presbyterian section, Yarram, Victoria.

William MacAinch

     William MacAinch married Sarah Margaret Wilson.

Children of William MacAinch and Sarah Margaret Wilson

Ellen MacAleece

(23 December 1865 - after 1950)
     Ellen MacAleece was also known as MacAleese in records. She was commonly known as Nellie. She was born on 23 December 1865 in Antrim, Ireland.
Ellen MacAleece married William George Walling, son of Reuben Thomas Walling and Harriett Ruby, on 28 March 1889 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.
     Ellen MacAleece and William George Walling were listed in the 1901 census in Dysart township, Peterborough district, Ontario.
     Ellen died after 1950.

Child of Ellen MacAleece and William George Walling

Aed or Aeth, MacAlpin, King of Scotland

( - 878)
     Aed or Aeth, MacAlpin, King of Scotland was the son of Kenneth, MacAlpin, King of Scots.
Aed or Aeth, MacAlpin, King of Scotland married Daughter,.
     Aed died in 878.

Child of Aed or Aeth, MacAlpin, King of Scotland and Daughter,,

Constantine MacAlpin

( - 877)
     Constantine MacAlpin was the son of Kenneth, MacAlpin, King of Scots.
     Constantine died in 877.

Child of Constantine MacAlpin

Kenneth, MacAlpin, King of Scots

( - 859)
     Kenneth, MacAlpin, King of Scots was the son of Alpin, King of Scots.
     Kenneth died in 859.

Children of Kenneth, MacAlpin, King of Scots