Marie (?)

     Marie (?) married Ralph Bulletout before 1619 in Essex.

Child of Marie (?) and Ralph Bulletout

Marudd ab Eldad (?)

     Marudd ab Eldad (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Eldad ab Eldog (?).

Child of Marudd ab Eldad (?)

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married Charles Copperwheat before 1796.

Child of Mary (?) and Charles Copperwheat

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) was the daughter of Michael O'Brien and Margaret Mary Gardiner.

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married John Colbert before 1840.

Child of Mary (?) and John Colbert

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married Edward Rich.

Child of Mary (?) and Edward Rich

Mary (?)

(before 1640 - )
     Mary (?) was born before 1640.
Mary (?) married Stephen Ludlam, son of Thomas Ludlam and Unknown Cox?, before 1657.

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married Thomas Ludlam in 1682?.

Children of Mary (?) and Thomas Ludlam

Mary (?)

     Mary (?) married James Hagan.
     Administration of the estate of James Hagan was granted to Mary (?), on 16 April 1902.

Mary (?)

(circa 1733 - 2 April 1780)
     Mary (?) married Thomas Noakes. Mary (?) was born circa 1733.
     Mary died on 2 April 1780.

Mary Prudence (?)

     Mary Prudence (?) married William Francis Moss, son of Thomas Moss and Ethel Gladys Hebbert, before 1938.
     Administration of the estate of William Francis Moss was granted to Mary Prudence (?), on 14 March 1947 in London William Francis Moss of Perrydence Copse, Hascombe, Godalming, Surrey died 30 June 1944 at Imber Court, East Molesey, Surrey. Administration to Mary Prudence Moss, widow. Effects £162 1s 5d.

Meilir Eutun ab Elidir (?)

     Meilir Eutun ab Elidir (?) was the son of Elidir ap Rhys Sais (?).

Child of Meilir Eutun ab Elidir (?)

Meirchion Gul ap Gwrwst (?)

     Meirchion Gul ap Gwrwst (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Gwrwst Ledlwn ap Ceneu (?).

Children of Meirchion Gul ap Gwrwst (?)

Merchydd ap Sandde (?)

     Merchydd ap Sandde (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Sandde (Bryd Angel) ap Llywarch (?).

Child of Merchydd ap Sandde (?)

Meurig ab Idwal (?)

( - 986)
     Meurig ab Idwal (?) was born in Wales.
Burke claims Meuric, elder son of Idwal & his cousin Avandreg f Merfyn. He was taken prisoner in the defeat sustained 977, and deprived of his eyes by Iago, who suffered him to languish in prison, where he died leaving a son. He was the son of Idwal Foel vach ap Anarawd King of North Wales and Mereddon ferch Cadwr.
     Meurig died in 986 in Wales.

Child of Meurig ab Idwal (?)

Meurig ap Dyfnwallor (?)

     Meurig ap Dyfnwallor (?) was the son of Dyfnwallor ab Arthen (?).

Child of Meurig ap Dyfnwallor (?)

Meurig ap Tewdrig, (?),

     Meurig ap Tewdrig, (?), was born in Wales. He was the son of Tewdrig Fendigaid (the Blessed) and Enynny ferch Cynfarch.

Child of Meurig ap Tewdrig, (?),

Meurig Fychan ab Ynyr (?)

     Meurig resided at Nannau, Gwynedd, Wales. He was born in Wales. He was the son of Ynyr Fychan and Gwenhwyfar ferch Gruffydd.
Meurig Fychan ab Ynyr (?) married Generys ferch Gruffydd, daughter of Gruffudd.

Child of Meurig Fychan ab Ynyr (?) and Generys ferch Gruffydd

Muldivana (Maud) (?)

     Muldivana (Maud) (?) married Banquo, Thane of Lochaber,, son of Kenneth and Dunclina,. Muldivana (Maud) (?) was the daughter of Phaetus (?).

Muriel Dorothy (?)

( - 31 October 1943)
     Muriel Dorothy (?) married Charles Humphrey Carden Noad, son of George Henry Carden Noad.
     Muriel died on 31 October 1943 in Ripon Hosptal, Simla, India.
     Her will was proved on 17 April 1944. Noad, Murial Dorothy Carden of Temple Chambers , 6 Old Post Office-street, Calcutta, India (wife of Charles Humphrey Carden Noad) died 31 Oct 1843 at Ripon Hospital, Simla, India, administration (limited) at LLandudnow 17 April to Rowland Hayes Evans Umfreville Pickering solicitor attorney of the said Charles Humphrey Carden Noad. Effects under £1047 10s.

Neithon ap Senyllt (?)

     Neithon ap Senyllt (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Senyllt Hae ap Dingad (?).

Child of Neithon ap Senyllt (?)

Nest f Gwerystan (?)

     Nest f Gwerystan (?) married Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?), son of Lluddica ap Tudur Trefor. Nest f Gwerystan (?) was born in Wales. She was the daughter of Gwerystan ap Gwaithfoed and Nest ferch Cadell ap Brochwel.

Child of Nest f Gwerystan (?) and Llywarch Gam ap Lluddica (?)

Nesta of Gwynedd (?)

     Nesta of Gwynedd (?) married Fleance, Thane of Locaber,, son of Banquo, Thane of Lochaber,. She married secondly Osbern Fitz Richard, grandson of Guiomarc, Comtede Leon, who held substantial estates in Dol. In later life, Guiomarc became a Benedictine monk of St Florent at Saumar, where Flaald of Dol was to become the Baron. The family ties were very close, wich is Osbern came to marry Nesta. Nesta of Gwynedd (?) was the daughter of Gruffyd, Prince of Gwynedd.

Child of Nesta of Gwynedd (?) and Fleance, Thane of Locaber,

Ninnio ap Cynwrig (?)

     Ninnio ap Cynwrig (?) was the son of Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon.

Child of Ninnio ap Cynwrig (?)

Nowy (Noe) ab Arthur (?)

     Nowy (Noe) ab Arthur (?) was the son of Arthur ap Pedr.

Child of Nowy (Noe) ab Arthur (?)

Octreda or Ethreda (?)

     Octreda or Ethreda (?) was the daughter of Gospatrick Earl of Northumbria.
Octreda or Ethreda, who married Waldeve, son of Gillemin.

Owain ap Hywel (?)

( - circa 930)
     Owain ap Hywel (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Hywel ap Rhys, King of Glywysing.
Owain ap Hywel (?) married Nest ferch Rhodri Mawr, daughter of Rhodri Mawr ap Merfyn and Angharad ferch Meurig.
     Owain died circa 930.

Child of Owain ap Hywel (?) and Nest ferch Rhodri Mawr

Owain ap Hywel Dda (?)

(before 929 - 988)
     Owain ap Hywel Dda (?) married Angharad ferch Llywelyn, daughter of Llywelyn ap Merfyn. Owain ap Hywel Dda (?) was born before 929. He was the son of Hywel Dda ap Cadell (?) and Elen ferch Llywarch.
     Owain died in 988 in Wales.

Children of Owain ap Hywel Dda (?) and Angharad ferch Llywelyn

Pabo Post Prydyn ap Ceneu (?)

     Pabo Post Prydyn ap Ceneu (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Ceneu ap Coel.

Child of Pabo Post Prydyn ap Ceneu (?)

Pasgen ab Urien (?)

     Pasgen ab Urien (?) was born in Wales. He was the son of Urien Rheged ap Cynfarch.

Child of Pasgen ab Urien (?)