Charles Bayldon

(30 September 1799 - )
     Charles Bayldon was christened on 30 September 1799 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Elizabeth Bayldon

(15 April 1805 - )
     Elizabeth Bayldon was christened on 15 April 1805 in Royston, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Henry Bayldon

(1 June 1801 - )
     Henry Bayldon was christened on 1 June 1801 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

John Bayldon

(11 April 1781 - 25 March 1883)
     John Bayldon was born on 2 May 1774 in Carlton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Richard Bayldon, yeoman & Susannah Wood who married at Royston 7 Aug 1778, but the dating doesn't fit - no suggestion of illegitimacy at his baptism. He was christened on 30 May 1774 or 11 April 1781 in Royston, Yorkshire. John, son of Richard Bayldon of Carlton, was baptised. However there was also a John baptised 11 Apr 1781 buthe seems a little too young to marry in 1786. He may have been also christened on 11 April 1781 in Royston.
John Bayldon married Elizabeth Sanderson, daughter of John Sanderson and Elizabeth Rich, on 4 January 1796 in Darfield, Yorkshire. John Bayldon was possibly buried on 20 March 1833 in Royston. John Bayldon of Carlton, aged 58.
     John Bayldon was recorded on the 1841 census in Royston, Yorkshire. John Bayldon Esq. 60, farmer, Mary Bayldon 45, Susan Bayldon 20, Richard Bayldon 20, Thomas Bayldon 20, Charles Bayldon 10, Joseph Bayldon 8, all born in the county. (This would be the marriage to Mary Ann Briggs in 1832). He was buried on 28 August 1852 in Royston. John Bayldon, of Royston, aged 71.
     John died on 25 March 1883 in Carlton, Yorkshire, aged 101.

Children of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson

John Sanderson Bayldon

(10 April 1798 - )
     John Sanderson Bayldon was christened on 10 April 1798 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Joseph Bayldon

(12 July 1804 - )
     Joseph Bayldon was christened on 12 July 1804 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Martha Bayldon

(15 July 1797 - )
     Martha Bayldon was christened on 15 July 1797 in Royston, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Richard Bayldon

(1 January 1803 - )
     Richard Bayldon was christened on 1 January 1803 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

Thomas Bayldon

(30 March 1809 - )
     Thomas Bayldon was christened on 30 March 1809 in Royston, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.

William Edward Bayldon

(22 August 1818 - )
     William Edward Bayldon was christened on 22 August 1818 in Royston, Yorkshire. William Edward, son of John Bayldon, farmer& Elizabeth Sanderson, of Carlton. Privately baptised so received into the church 27 Dec 1818.
He married Elizabeth Mathilda Kelly nee Leaman and had James Joseph Bayldon and Sarah Hall.
The last named couple were the parents of my wife's great-grandmother (Ada) Emily Beatrice Bayldon; she had a child with a Swedish sailor (Emily Ada, my wife's grandmother) but fostered her out and never made contact again; she later married one Samuel John McCay in WA and had a son, Rupert Allan McCay, but seems to fade from the records about 1906. A descendant is Amanda McCay. He was the son of John Bayldon and Elizabeth Sanderson.
     William Edward Bayldon was recorded on the 1851 census in Luton, Bedfordshire. William E Bayldon 32, born Carlton, Yks, Eliza Bayldon 37, born Barnstaple, Devon, Annie Bayldon 10, born Adelaide, Sth Australia, Charles W Bayldon 8, born at sea, Mary G Bayldon 5, bornLondon, John Louis Bayldon 4, born Luton, James J Bayldon 1, born Luton, Beatrice Bayldon 8 months, born Luton, Lavinia Bayldon 0 months, born Luton, Mary Lucke 36.

Sarah Elizabeth Bayley

(circa 1827 - 22 May 1874)
     Sarah Elizabeth Bayley was born circa 1827.
     Sarah Elizabeth Bayley married Alexander Ashby as his second wife, on 28 April 1847 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.
     Sarah died on 22 May 1874 in London, Marylebone RD, England. She was aged 47 according to the GR index.. She was buried in July 1874 in St George's, Barbados.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Bayley and Alexander Ashby

Nicholas P Bayly

(circa 1860? - before 1885)
     Nicholas P Bayly was born circa 1860?.
Nicholas P Bayly married Florence Mary Marks in 1883 in Paddington, New South Wales.
     Nicholas died before 1885.

George Baynard

     George Baynard married Sarah Fawler, daughter of John Fawler and Sarah Page, on 7 December 1697 in Chatham, Kent.

Ralph Baynes

     Ralph died in Mewith Head, Yorkshire. He was born in England.
Ralph Baynes married Margaret Banks, daughter of Robert Banks and Anne Craike, on 1 September 1617 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. In Joseph Banks' 1719 pedigree they were described as Margaret & Ralph Baines of Meweth Head in Craven, Esq. with descendants still being there.

John Van Norden Bazelgette

     John Van Norden Bazelgette married Lucy Ellen Octavia Cocksedge, daughter of Martin Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Susanna Le Heup, on 7 May 1863 in St Marylebone, Westminster, Middlesex.

Sylvia Doreen Barham Beal

     Sylvia Doreen Barham Beal married Rupert Cavendish Skyring Walters, son of Prof William Charles Flamstead Walters and Ethel Mary Aileen Skyring, on 12 May 1932 in London, England.

Ann Beals

(circa 1679 - before 17 March 1726/27)
     Ann Beals was also known as Anna in records. She was born circa 1679 in Suffolk. She was the daughter of Francis Beals and Rachel Hudson.
Ann Beals married Thomas Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Bridget Lambe, on 6 July 1699 in Gt Cornard, Suffolk.
     Ann died before 17 March 1726/27 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. She was buried on 17 March 1726/27 in St George, Stowlangtoft. Anne Cocksedge, wife of Mr Thomas Cocksedge.

Children of Ann Beals and Thomas Cocksedge

Harriet Hannah Beamond

(1840 - 5 July 1914)
     Harriet Hannah Beamond was born in 1840 in St Mary Aldermary, London. She was the daughter of a convcit Edward Beamond (1802-1868) and his wife Harriet Jackson (1804-1876).. She was christened on 30 July 1848 in St Giles Without Cripplegate, London.
     Harriet Hannah Beamond arrived in 1850 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She emigrated with her mother and two brothers to join their father.
Harriet Hannah Beamond married Joseph Colbert, son of John Colbert and Mary Scott, on 28 December 1857 in Christ Church, Geelong, Victoria.
     Harriet died on 5 July 1914 in 37 Oban St, South Yarra, Victoria. She was buried on 7 July 1914 in Boroondara cemetery, Kew.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 11 August 1914 at Victoria.

Children of Harriet Hannah Beamond and Joseph Colbert

George Henry Beams

(1909 - )
     George Henry Beams was also known as Keith in records. He was born in 1909 in Sale, Victoria.
George Henry Beams married Winifred Mary Fox, daughter of Marjoram Fox and Annie Maria Miller, in 1933 in Victoria.

Mary Bean

(say 1705 - before 7 March 1745/46)
     Mary Bean was born say 1705.
Mary Bean married John Denman, son of John Denman and Bridget Morley, on 24 November 1729 in Willingdon, Sussex. Married by licence.
Bean v Denman.Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Walter Bean, Elizabeth Bean, John Bean, Henry Bean, William Bean, Thomas Bean (children of John Bean, farmer, deceased late of Willingdon, Sussex; infants, the eldest aged about 12 years, by Robert Bean, their uncle).
Defendants: Henry Bean, John Denman and Mary Denman, his wife.
Bean v Denman.Depositions: Plaintiffs: Walter Bean, Elizabeth Bean, John Bean, Henry Bean and William Bean infants (by Robert Bean, their next friend).
Defendants: Henry Bean, John Denman and Mary Denman his wife (said Henry Bean and Mary Denman being executors of John Bean, deceased).
Depositions taken at Eastbourne, Sussex. 1731
     Mary died before 7 March 1745/46 in Willingdon, Sussex. She was buried on 7 March 1745/46 in Willingdon.

Children of Mary Bean and John Denman

Charity Beard

(13 March 1655/56 - before 11 November 1735)
     Charity Beard was born on 13 March 1655/56 in Rottingdean, Sussex. She was the daughter of Richard & Ann. There was a Quaker family of Beards in Rottingdean. In 1705 a Richard Beard, gent. was one of three listed in the poll for the knights of the shire, at Rottingdean. She was the daughter of Richard Beard.
Charity Beard married Diones Geere, son of Thomas Geere and Mercy Doe, on 20 October 1672 in Rottingdean, SSX. Charity was present at Charles Geere's christening on 26 August 1687 in Rottingdean, SSX.
     Charity Geere was mentioned in the will of Diones Geere dated 1697.
     Charity resided at Rottingdean, 20 July 1726. I gave ground room in the church of Rottingdean just beneath the close adjoyning unto the funt for the use of the Women belong to the this parish ever to be Churcht in. but upon old Mrs Charity Geeres being turned out from sitting in Mr Thomas Geeres seat at her and Mr Thomas Beard earnest importunity to help Mrs Geer in that Strait and upon both their Engaging to erect at thier own Charge one Side and one end unto the font Sides if during Only my being Minister of Rotingdeane an during only their personal dwelling in my Parish and under my care they may have the only right and title so long Only to use the seat upon all occasions Ecepting only the Womans Churching Times ... Thos Pelling. See J Geere's newsletter for full transcript.
     Charity died before 11 November 1735 in Rottingdean, SSX. She was buried on 11 November 1735 in Rottingdean.

Children of Charity Beard and Diones Geere

Richard Beard

Child of Richard Beard

Zachariah Beard

(say 1620 - )
     Zachariah Beard was born say 1620.
Zachariah Beard married Ellen Street, daughter of Reginald Street, on 10 February 1648/49 in Ecclesfield. He married Ellin Rich, who may have been the widow of Edward Rich - that marriage being at Ecclesfield on 31 July 1642 to Eleanor Street. But if that was to the Edward of Renall, they continued to have children after this date. More work required.

Arabella Beare

     Arabella Beare married Edwin Dempster Littlejohns, son of Isaac Littlejohns and Ann George, on 3 November 1840 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire.

Sir Gilbert Beare

     Sir Gilbert Beare married Isabella Pidekswell after 1291.

Sir David Beaton or Bethune

     David died in Fife, Scotland. He was of Creich. Comptroller of Scotland, brother of Cardinal Bethune..

Child of Sir David Beaton or Bethune

Janet Beaton

( - circa 1522)
     Janet Beaton was born in Creich, Fife, Scotland. She was the daughter of Sir David Beaton or Bethune.
Janet Beaton married Sir Robert Livingstone.
Janet Beaton married James Hamilton 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Arran, son of Sir James Hamilton (1st Lord) and Princess Mary Stewart, on 23 November 1516. She was the widow of Sir Thomas Livingstone of Easter Wemyss.
     Janet died circa 1522.

Rev Edmund Beatson

(circa 1730? - )
     Rev Edmund Beatson was born circa 1730? In Yorkshire, England.
Rev Edmund Beatson married Ann Steer, daughter of Rev William Steer and Ann Banks, on 28 April 1755 in York, Yorkshire. Edmund was the Vicar at Ilkley, Yorkshire.

Mary Stewart McKenzie Beatson

(circa 1830 - )
     Mary Stewart McKenzie Beatson was born circa 1830.
Mary Stewart McKenzie Beatson married Campbell Mackinnon, son of John Mackinnon DD and Isabella Fullarton, on 31 July 1861. She was the youngest daughter of of the late Mr H O Beatson of Campbelton, Argylshire. They had a son aged four and a half at his father's death.

Child of Mary Stewart McKenzie Beatson and Campbell Mackinnon

Isobel Beattie

(circa 1824 - )
     Isobel Beattie was born circa 1824 in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Isobel Beattie married James Emslie, son of James Emslie and Barbara Mitchell, on 6 September 1848 in Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     Isobel Beattie and James Emslie were recorded on the 1851 census in Auchlevan, Premnay, Aberdeenshire. James Emslie, head, m. 24, carpenter, house wright, cart wright employing 1 man, born Premnay; Isobel E, wife 24, carpenter's wife, b. Inverury; Andrew son 2 born Premnay; James son 2 months, b. Premnay; Gordon Watt? sevt. unm. 21?, Appr. to carpenter, born Banffshire Cabruck??; John Robertson, lodger unm. 19, shepherd b. Insch; James Robertson, visitor, unm. 9 scholar, b. Insch; James Beattie, visitor unm. 9?, scholar, b. Insch.
     Isobel Beattie and James Emslie were recorded on the 1871 census in 4 North Broadford, Old Machar. James Emslie, 45, head, house carpenter, born Lonmay, Abd, with his wife Isabella 44, born Premnay?, Abd, and children Andrew 22, born Premnay?, James 21, butcher, born Premnay, Peter 18, house carpenter, born Premnay, Mary 16, grand daughter born Premnay, Barbara, 14, daughter born "Neig", Abd, Betsy, aged 9, daughter, ditto, John, son, 7, born Monymusk, Jessie, 5, daughter, born Monymusk, Alexander 4, son, born Monymusk.

Children of Isobel Beattie and James Emslie