Sir George Manners 12th Baron

(say 1470 - 27 October 1513)
     Sir George Manners 12th Baron was born say 1470. He was the son of Eleanor de Ros by her marriage to Sir Robert Manners. He inherited the barony of de Ros from his uncle, Edmund de Ros, 11th Baron de Ros of Hamlake.
He married Anne St. Leger (1476-1526). She was a daughter of Sir Thomas St. Leger and Anne of York. His mother-in-law was the second child and eldest surviving daughter of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and Cecily Neville. She was an older sister of Edward IV of England, Edmund, Earl of Rutland, Elizabeth of York, Duchess of Suffolk, Margaret of York, George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence and Richard III of England.
Their son was Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland, who inherited the barony.
George Manners owned a medieval manuscript copy of a chanson de geste, Les Voeux de paon (The Vows of the Peacock) by Jacques de Longuyon, that is now New York Public Library, Spencer MS 9. He wrote his name on a flyleaf of the manuscript, f. i v, which may be seen online at the Digital Scriptorium. He was the son of Sir Robert Manners and Eleanor de Ros.
     George died on 27 October 1513 in Tourney, France. He was buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, England.

Sir Robert Manners

     Sir Robert Manners married Eleanor de Ros, daughter of Thomas de Ros 10th Baron.

Children of Sir Robert Manners and Eleanor de Ros

Sir Robert Manners

     Sir Robert Manners married Eleanor de Ros, daughter of Thomas de Ros 10th Baron.

Ann Manning

     Ann Manning married William Dykes, son of Thomas Dykes and Mary Offord, on 5 October 1824 in Gt Finborough, Suffolk.

Caroline Beatrice Manning

( - 28 August 1810)
     Caroline Beatrice Manning married Charles Reddish, son of Samuel Reddish and Mary Ann Costello, on 28 February 1805 in Calcutta, India. Lieutenant Charels Reddish of the Honorable Conmpany's Military Service, Batchelor [sic] and Beatrice-Caroline Manning, spinster, both of Calcutta Fort William in Bengal were married at Calcutta aforesaidthis twenty eighth day of February 1805... in the presence of J Wade, J Wilson, F E Wade, C? Walker.
     Caroline died on 28 August 1810 in Patna, Bengal Presidency, India.

Children of Caroline Beatrice Manning and Charles Reddish

Charles Manning

(circa 1897 - )
     Charles Manning was born circa 1897. He was the son of William John Manning and Amelia Bullett.

Elizabeth Manning

(circa 1843 - 20 January 1917)
     Elizabeth Manning was buried in Payneham, South Australia. She was born circa 1843.
Elizabeth Manning married John Colbert, son of William Colbert, on 22 August 1869 in Trinity church, Adelaide, South Australia.
     Elizabeth died on 20 January 1917 in South Australia.

Children of Elizabeth Manning and John Colbert

Ellen Manning

(1874 - )
     Ellen Manning was born in 1874 in Preston St Mary, Suffolk.
Ellen Manning married Alfred George Cocksedge, son of George Cocksedge and Mary Anne Cracknell, on 20 November 1896 in Cockfield, Suffolk.

Child of Ellen Manning and Alfred George Cocksedge

Ernest Manning

(circa 1895 - )
     Ernest Manning was born circa 1895. He was the son of William John Manning and Amelia Bullett.

Mary Manning

     Mary Manning married Thomas Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Elizabeth Thorpe, on 12 February 1684/85 in Buxhall, Suffolk. They are possibly the Thomas & Mary who had a large family (of several generations) at Kersey between 1685 and 1782.

Susanna Manning

     Susanna Manning married Robert Wilkin, son of Edward Wilkin and Mary Brooks, on 8 September 1842 in Hessett, Stow RD, Suffolk.

Child of Susanna Manning and Robert Wilkin

Sydney J Manning

(circa 1893 - )
     Sydney J Manning was born circa 1893. He was the son of William John Manning and Amelia Bullett.

William Manning

     William Manning married Mary Cocksedge, daughter of John Cocksedge and Sarah Palfrey, on 18 September 1749 in Isleham, Cambridgeshire. Which Mary?.

William John Manning

(circa 1868 - )
     William John Manning was born circa 1868.
William John Manning married Amelia Bullett in 1892.

Children of William John Manning and Amelia Bullett

Peter Mansell

     Peter Mansell was the son of William A Bryam Mansell and Allison G Cameron.

William A Bryam Mansell

     William A Bryam Mansell married Allison G Cameron, daughter of Rev Ronald J Cameron and Lilly Wafford Dempster, in 1928 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Child of William A Bryam Mansell and Allison G Cameron

Agnes Manson

(circa 1733 - before 5 January 1814)
     Agnes Manson was born circa 1733.
Agnes Manson married Alexander Riddell, son of Patriarch Riddell.
     Agnes died before 5 January 1814. She was buried on 5 January 1814 in Spittal burial ground, Aberdeen. Agnes Manson, widow of Alex. Riddell, blacksmith, Aberdeen, 5 January 1814, aged 80 years.

Elsie Violet Manson

(8 May 1902 - 15 February 1978)
     Elsie Violet Manson was born on 8 May 1902 in Tilpa, New South Wales. She was the daughter of James Manson and Alice Sarah Stephens and worked as a domestic servant.
Elsie Violet Manson married Frederick Charles Dunbar, son of George Killigrew Dunbar and Rebecca Grace Baring, on 14 March 1922 in St Andrew's, Bourke, New South Wales.
Elsie Violet Manson moved to Perth, Western Australia, in 1958.
Our mother was so pretty, slim and liked by all who came into our home and lives. Always the most talkative of the two with pretty, merry eyes and lovely wavy hair. She was a clever and skilled mother and housekeeper, loved music, played tennis and loved company and dancing. Years after Father died, mother married again, this time to a pure Irishman who also liked dancing, music and playing bowls, which Mother was very skilled at, having learned after moving to Perth to live in 1958.
     Elsie died on 15 February 1978 in 2 Clarke Way, Bassendean, Western Australia, aged 75. She was buried on 17 February 1978 in the Anglican section, Southern Cross.

Children of Elsie Violet Manson and Frederick Charles Dunbar

Ivy Manson

     Ivy Manson married Aubrey John Mackglew, son of Cornelius Stanley Mackglew and Eleanor Ann Davies, on 18 March 1908 in Perth, Western Australia. SOCIAL ITEMS. WEDDINGS. McGLEW-MANSON.
The wedding of Miss Ivy Isabel Manson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Manson, of Caithness, West Leederville, to Mr. Aubrey John McGlew, of Forrest, Emanuel and Co., Perth, son of Mr. C. S. McGlew, of Sydney, was celebrated at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Pier- street, on Wednesday, March 18. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. A. S. C. James, the bridal music being played by Mrs. Cranstoun. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dainty frock of white gaz-de-soie over silk, ornamented with white silk ap- plique and designed with a pretty Empire tram of white satin. A handsomely worked tulle veil (the work and gift of Miss Myrtle Manson) was worn with a coronet of orange blossoms, and a shower bouquet of white flowers and fern was carried. The bridegroom's present to the bride consisted of a gold watch and gold muff chain, and the bride's present to the bridegroom was a set of shaving accessories. A rainbow effect in delicate colours was given by the bridal procession, the four bridesmaids, Miss Myrtle Manson (sister of the bride), Miss Greta Richards (cousin of the bride). Miss Doris Hardwick, and Miss Edith Sheath, wearing pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow, and pale green respectively. Their frocks were carried out in soft silk, ornamented with cream lace, the kimono effect being emphasised by a touch of velvet and silk trimming. Hats in crinoline straw, softened with tulle, clasped with a cluster of flowers in conjunction with pretty bouquets to harmonise with their dresses, completed the costumes. The bridegroom's presents to the bridesmaids were a gold bracelet and gold brooches set with rubies. A pretty little mite-Jean Sellick, also attended the bride, and was dressed in a picture frock of soft white silk, reaching to the ground, and a little lapelled corsage effect in lace to match the close-fitting Dutch bonnet of cream lace. The little maid carried a posy of flowers, tied with rainbow-bued ribbon. Mr. Kim Forrest acted as best man, and Mr. McMillan, of Fremantle, as grooms- man. After the ceremony was over, a reception was held by Mr. and Mrs. Manson, in St. Andrew's Hall. Mrs. Manson received iu a charming frock of black gaz-de-soie over white glace, ornamented with insertions and trimmings of black Chantilly lace ; a hat in white tulle and black lace completed the toilette, with a bouquet of roses. A handsome set of presents were displayed on the platform, of the hall, which was prettily decorated for the occasion. The usual toasts were honoured, and songs were given by Miss Ruby Goss. Mrs. Manson, sen. (grand mother of the bride), wore a handsome dress of black silk, and a black lace cap and bonnet, with relief of white. The bride went away in a smart frock of Copenhagen blue silk, with trimmings of lace applique, and becoming white hat, softened with Ascot plumes.
McGLEW—MANSON.-On March 18, 1908, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Perth, by the Rev. A. S. C. James, Aubrey J. McGlew, youngest son of C. S. McGlew, Sydney, to Ivy Isobel eldest daughter of G. H. Manson, of West Leederville. At home, Caithness, McCourt-street West Leederville, on May 21 and 22..

Child of Ivy Manson and Aubrey John Mackglew

Walter Mantell

     Walter Mantell married Jane Hales, daughter of Sir James Hales K.B. and Mary Hales, in 1547.

Janet Agnes Mantle

     Janet Agnes Mantle married Lt Cdr John Paul Lavallin Puxley, son of Henry Edmond Lavallin Puxley and Jane Eliza Halahan. She was the daughter of Benjamin Mantle of Jesmond, Biggleswade Bedfordshire.

James Mantoch

(circa 1820 - before April 1844)
     James Mantoch was born circa 1820 in Scotland. James was probably from Morayshire as name was prevalent there. [Fran Bumann 7/4/88].
     James died before April 1844 in Rothes, Moray, Scotland.

Child of James Mantoch and Mary Tindal

Susanna Emma Manwaring

(circa 1788 - 6 March 1828)
     Susanna Emma Manwaring was born circa 1788 in London?. She may be the Susannah Manwaring baptised 10 May 1786 at St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, London, who was born on 12 Apr 1786 daughter of Richard & Hannah.
Susanna Emma Manwaring married John Poad Tindale on 25 January 1809 in St Mary, Whitechapel, London. A John Poad Tindale & Susanna Manwaring, spinster by banns, both of this parish.He had a de facto relationship with Elizabeth Wybrow nee Clarke resulting in several children. His first wife Susanna died in 1828 leaving a son John Richard born 1809.
In 1819, a Mrs Susannah Tindale was leaving the colony in the Shipley, and requested Claims (if any) to be presented. This may be linked to the sale of a house in York St, owned by Mr John Tindal advertised on 3 Apr 1819..
Mrs Susannah Tindale leaving the Colony in the Shipley, requests Claims (if any) to be presented.
     Susanna Emma Manwaring and John Richard Tindale arrived per "Surrey" in 1820 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
SALES BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY NEXT the 18th Instant, on the Premises of Mrs Susannah Tindale, at Noon precisely-Sundry articles belonging to Mrs. Tindale, retiring from Business-comprising Cotton Balls; Thread; Tapes; Windsor Soap; Mottled Soap in Boxes; Mould Candles; with various other Articles; also, severs handsome pieces of Furniture, &c. &c..
     Susanna was buried on 6 March 1828 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales. Susannah Tindall, aged 40, abode Sydney.

Child of Susanna Emma Manwaring and John Poad Tindale

Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu

     Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu was born in Wales. He was the son of Ceneu ap Coel.

Child of Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu

Donald Mar Earl of Mar

(circa 1327 - 11 August 1332)
      Domhnall (or Donald) II of Mar (c. 1302 in Saline, Fife – 11 August 1332) was Regent of Scotland for just over a week during the minority of David II.
His father was Gartnait, Earl of Mar, and his mother was Christina Bruce, sister of Robert I of Scotland. In 1332 the regent, Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray, died. On August 2 Domhnall was elected as the new regent at a meeting of the Scottish nobles at Perth.
Following the invasion of Edward Balliol, with the support of Edward III of England, Mar led the Scots loyalists to confront them. He was defeated and killed at the Battle of Dupplin Moor, only nine days after his election as regent.
Through his marriage to Isabella Stewart they had a son Thomas, and a single daughter, Margaret, who succeeded her brother and became in her turn Countess of Mar
. Donald Mar Earl of Mar was born circa 1327. He was the son of Gartnait, Earl of Mar, and Christina Bruce Countess of Mar.
     Donald died on 11 August 1332.

Lady Isabella Mar

(1246 - December 1302)
     Lady Isabella Mar was born in 1246 in Scotland. Isabella of Mar the daughter of Donald, 10th Earl of Mar, by his wife Helen (b. 1246 d. after Feb 1295). She was the daughter of Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, and Ellen of Wales ferch Llywelyn the Great.
Lady Isabella Mar married Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland, son of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick, in 1295 in Scotland.
     Isabella died in December 1302 in Scotland. She died soon after giving birth to their daughter Marjorie (c Dec 1302). Isabel of Mar was never Queen of Scotland. She died prior to 1302 when Robert Bruce married Elizabeth de Burgh. Bruce was not crowned king until 1306.

Child of Lady Isabella Mar and Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland

Jonathan March

     Jonathan March married Helen Martha Grace Barr (March), daughter of Andrew James Barr and Janet Belgowan MacPherson, in 1910 in Victoria.

Elizabeth Marchand

     Elizabeth Marchand married James Denty as his second wife, on 25 July 1820 in St John's, Calcutta, India. James Denty of the town of Calcutta, widower, and Elizabeth Marchand of the same place, spinster, were married at St Hohyn's Cathedral i Calcutta, by licence. Both signed in the presence of I/J/? Crouch and I A Conell?. Elizabeth Marchand was widowed before 4 September 1822 on the death of her husband James Denty.
She may be the Eliza Denty, widow who married Arnold Grose 1 Feb 1823, Writer in the office of Secry. to Govt. Milty.Dept.

Children of Elizabeth Marchand and James Denty

Brychan ap Marchell

     Brychan ap Marchell was born in Wales. He was the son of Marchell ap Tewdrig (?) and Anlach ap Cononoc.

Joan de la Mare

     Joan de la Mare was born in England.
Joan de la Mare married Ralph de Cromwell, son of Ralph de Cromwell.

Child of Joan de la Mare and Ralph de Cromwell