Susanna Emma Manwaring

(circa 1788 - 6 March 1828)
     Susanna Emma Manwaring was born circa 1788 in London?. She may be the Susannah Manwaring baptised 10 May 1786 at St Luke, Old Street, Finsbury, London, who was born on 12 Apr 1786 daughter of Richard & Hannah.
Susanna Emma Manwaring married John Poad Tindale on 25 January 1809 in St Mary, Whitechapel, London. A John Poad Tindale & Susanna Manwaring, spinster by banns, both of this parish.He had a de facto relationship with Elizabeth Wybrow nee Clarke resulting in several children. His first wife Susanna died in 1828 leaving a son John Richard born 1809.
In 1819, a Mrs Susannah Tindale was leaving the colony in the Shipley, and requested Claims (if any) to be presented. This may be linked to the sale of a house in York St, owned by Mr John Tindal advertised on 3 Apr 1819..
Mrs Susannah Tindale leaving the Colony in the Shipley, requests Claims (if any) to be presented.
     Susanna Emma Manwaring and John Richard Tindale arrived per "Surrey" in 1820 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
SALES BY AUCTION. ON TUESDAY NEXT the 18th Instant, on the Premises of Mrs Susannah Tindale, at Noon precisely-Sundry articles belonging to Mrs. Tindale, retiring from Business-comprising Cotton Balls; Thread; Tapes; Windsor Soap; Mottled Soap in Boxes; Mould Candles; with various other Articles; also, severs handsome pieces of Furniture, &c. &c..
     Susanna was buried on 6 March 1828 in St Philip's, Sydney, New South Wales. Susannah Tindall, aged 40, abode Sydney.

Child of Susanna Emma Manwaring and John Poad Tindale

Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu

     Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu was born in Wales. He was the son of Ceneu ap Coel.

Child of Maeswig Gloff Mar ap Ceneu

Donald Mar Earl of Mar

(circa 1327 - 11 August 1332)
      Domhnall (or Donald) II of Mar (c. 1302 in Saline, Fife – 11 August 1332) was Regent of Scotland for just over a week during the minority of David II.
His father was Gartnait, Earl of Mar, and his mother was Christina Bruce, sister of Robert I of Scotland. In 1332 the regent, Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray, died. On August 2 Domhnall was elected as the new regent at a meeting of the Scottish nobles at Perth.
Following the invasion of Edward Balliol, with the support of Edward III of England, Mar led the Scots loyalists to confront them. He was defeated and killed at the Battle of Dupplin Moor, only nine days after his election as regent.
Through his marriage to Isabella Stewart they had a son Thomas, and a single daughter, Margaret, who succeeded her brother and became in her turn Countess of Mar
. Donald Mar Earl of Mar was born circa 1327. He was the son of Gartnait, Earl of Mar, and Christina Bruce Countess of Mar.
     Donald died on 11 August 1332.

Lady Isabella Mar

(1246 - December 1302)
     Lady Isabella Mar was born in 1246 in Scotland. Isabella of Mar the daughter of Donald, 10th Earl of Mar, by his wife Helen (b. 1246 d. after Feb 1295). She was the daughter of Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar, and Ellen of Wales ferch Llywelyn the Great.
Lady Isabella Mar married Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland, son of Robert de Bruce Earl of Carrick, 6th Lord of Annandale and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick, in 1295 in Scotland.
     Isabella died in December 1302 in Scotland. She died soon after giving birth to their daughter Marjorie (c Dec 1302). Isabel of Mar was never Queen of Scotland. She died prior to 1302 when Robert Bruce married Elizabeth de Burgh. Bruce was not crowned king until 1306.

Child of Lady Isabella Mar and Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland

Jonathan March

     Jonathan March married Helen Martha Grace Barr (March), daughter of Andrew James Barr and Janet Belgowan MacPherson, in 1910 in Victoria.

Elizabeth Marchand

     Elizabeth Marchand married James Denty as his second wife, on 25 July 1820 in St John's, Calcutta, India. James Denty of the town of Calcutta, widower, and Elizabeth Marchand of the same place, spinster, were married at St Hohyn's Cathedral i Calcutta, by licence. Both signed in the presence of I/J/? Crouch and I A Conell?. Elizabeth Marchand was widowed before 4 September 1822 on the death of her husband James Denty.
She may be the Eliza Denty, widow who married Arnold Grose 1 Feb 1823, Writer in the office of Secry. to Govt. Milty.Dept.

Children of Elizabeth Marchand and James Denty

Brychan ap Marchell

     Brychan ap Marchell was born in Wales. He was the son of Marchell ap Tewdrig (?) and Anlach ap Cononoc.

Joan de la Mare

     Joan de la Mare was born in England.
Joan de la Mare married Ralph de Cromwell, son of Ralph de Cromwell.

Child of Joan de la Mare and Ralph de Cromwell

Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain

     Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain was born in Wales. She was the great grand dauaghter of the lawgiver Hywel Dda, King of Deheubarth. She was the daughter of Maredudd ab Owain (?).
Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain married Llewelyn ap Seisyll before 1020.
Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain married Cynfyn ap Gwerystan, son of Gwerystan ap Gwaithfoed and Nest ferch Cadell ap Brochwel, circa 1024.

Child of Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain and Llewelyn ap Seisyll

Children of Angharad ferch Maredudd ab Owain and Cynfyn ap Gwerystan

Hywel ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn

     Hywel ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn was the son of Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn.

Child of Hywel ap Maredudd ap Bleddyn

Ceingar ferch Maredudd

     Ceingar ferch Maredudd was the daughter of Maredudd ap Tewdws (?).
Ceingar ferch Maredudd married Gwriad ap Brochwel (?), son of Brochwel ap Rhys.

Child of Ceingar ferch Maredudd and Gwriad ap Brochwel (?)

Dafydd ap Maredudd

( - after 1550)
     Dafydd ap Maredudd was the son of Maredudd ap Hywel (?) and Gwenhwyfar f Ieuan (?).
Dafydd ap Maredudd married Agnes ferch Rhys. Dafydd ap Maredudd was buried after 1550 in Llynycil, Penllyn.
     Dafydd died after 1550 in Bala, Merioneth, Wales.

Children of Dafydd ap Maredudd and Agnes ferch Rhys

Gruffudd ap Maredudd

(before 1116 - 1128)
     Gruffudd ap Maredudd was born before 1116 in Wales. He was the son of Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn.
     Gruffudd died in 1128.

Child of Gruffudd ap Maredudd

Madog, ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys Fadog

( - 1160)
     Madog, ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys Fadog was the son of Maredudd Lord of Powys ap Bleddyn.
Madog, ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys Fadog married Susanna ferch Gruffydd ap Cynan, daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan King of Gwynedd and Angharad ferch Owain ab Edwin. His wife was possibly Susanna ferch Gruffudd ap Cynan (sister of #4), who was wife of Madog ap Maredudd, but Madog is known to have had children by other women also, and Bartrum does not list a mother for Margred in his charts in BWG, indicating that the early sources do not identify Margred's mother. PF, vol. 1, pp. 119-124 states that Margred (Margaret) was daughter of Madog by Susanna, but this source also gives Madog a chronologically impossible second wife Maude who md. 2nd, John Fitz Alan, d. 1268, earl of Arundel, who lived a hundred years later, and PF cannot be considered reliable on this matter.
     Madog died in 1160.

Children of Madog, ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys Fadog and Susanna ferch Gruffydd ap Cynan

Child of Madog, ap Maredudd, Prince of Powys Fadog

Owain ap Maredudd

( - 811)
     Owain ap Maredudd was the son of Maredudd ap Tewdws (?).
     Owain died in 811.

Child of Owain ap Maredudd

Sarah Markall

(15 March 1816 - before 10 April 1843?)
     Sarah Markall was christened on 15 March 1816 in Thurston, Suffolk.
Sarah Markall married Thomas Stearn Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Sarah Stearn, on 22 November 1839 in Thurston, Suffolk.
     Sarah Markall and Thomas Stearn Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Thurston. Thomas Cocksedge 20 & Sarah Cocksedge 25, both born in the county.
     Sarah died before 10 April 1843? In Thurston, Suffolk. She was buried on 10 April 1843? In Thurston.

Child of Sarah Markall and Thomas Stearn Cocksedge

Eleanor or Elizabeth Markenfield

     Eleanor or Elizabeth Markenfield married Robert Aske, son of John Aske and Eleanor Ryther. She was the daughter of Sir Ninyon Markenfeld. They had three daughters, 2 married (one to a Thomas Jones) and Elizabeth unmarried in 1604.

Child of Eleanor or Elizabeth Markenfield and Robert Aske

George Marker

(1872 - 1920)
     George Marker was born in 1872 in Sale, Victoria. He was the son of John Marker and Mary Ann Parrott.
     George died in 1920 in Korrumburra, Victoria.

John Marker

(say 1842 - 1904?)
     John Marker was born say 1842 in Devon, England.
John Marker married Mary Ann Parrott, daughter of Robert Parrott and Mary Hart, in 1870 in Victoria, Australia.
He is mentioned in Vic Government gazettes between 1879 and 1881 re land licences in Gippsland.
     John died in 1904? In Victoria. A John Marker, aged 62, parents unknown, died at Prahran.

Child of John Marker and Mary Ann Parrott

Sir Arthur Basil Markham

     Sir Arthur Basil Markham married Lucy Bertram Cunningham, daughter of Albert Berwick Cunningham and Georgiana Steer, on 17 September 1898 in London, Paddington RD, Middlesex, England. Sir Arthur Basil Markham was the informant at the death of Georgiana Steer, on 24 November 1899.

Catherine Markham

(1715 - )
     Catherine Markham was born in 1715 in South Leverton, Nottinghamshire.
     Catherine Markham and Thomas Stanser obtained a marriage licence on 24 September 1741 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Thomas Stancer, of North Wheatley, souldier, 23, bachelor & Catherine Markham, of South Leverton, 26 spinster, for a marriage at Fledborough.
Catherine Markham married Thomas Stanser, son of George Stanser and Ann Kithemass, circa 24 September 1741 in Fledborough, Nottinghamshire. Fledborough was the 'Gretna Green' of the Midlands from 1729 to 1753 when the incumbent was the Rev Sweetapple.

Florence Mary Marks

(8 February 1863 - 15 September 1932)
     Florence Mary Marks was born on 8 February 1863 in Kiama, New South Wales.
Florence Mary Marks married Nicholas P Bayly in 1883 in Paddington, New South Wales.
Florence Mary Marks married Dr Robert Steer Bowker as her second husband, on 7 May 1886 in St Mark's, Darling Point, New South Wales..
     Florence was registered as Florence Bowker, domestic duties at 'Corryong', New South Head Rd, Darling Point, on the 1903 electoral roll.
     Florence Mary Marks and Dr Robert Steer Bowker were on the passenger list of the "Miltiades" dated 14 December 1903 from London. Dr Bowker & Mrs Bowker to Sydney. But which Dr Bowker?
     Florence Mary Marks and Dr Robert Steer Bowker travelled to London on 1 May 1914 per the "Medina". He may the Dr R Bowker with his wife and 2 children listed, all Australians. Florence Mary Marks was widowed on 15 September 1928 on the death of her husband Dr Robert Steer Bowker.
     Florence died on 15 September 1932 in Woollahra, New South Wales, aged 69. She was buried in South Head cemetery.

Children of Florence Mary Marks and Dr Robert Steer Bowker

Harold Reginald Marks

(19 January 1929 - 6 April 1994)
     Harold Reginald Marks was born on 19 January 1929.
Harold Reginald Marks married Mardy Delysia Rees, daughter of Ashley Pegler Rees and Mary Dorothea Harriet Halahan, on 14 February 1952.
     Harold died on 6 April 1994 aged 65.

Hugh Marks

(before 1745 - )
     Hugh Marks was born before 1745.
Hugh Marks married Mary Colbert on 31 December 1768 in Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Ethel Elsie Markwell

     Ethel Elsie Markwell married Cecil Clive (Ching?) Dixon, son of Joseph Black Dixon and Louisa Jane Sloan, on 24 December 1918 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Pauline Marlan

(circa 1902 - 30 July 1934)
     Pauline Marlan was born circa 1902 in Bowning, New South Wales.
Pauline Marlan married William Noel Paul, son of Dr George William Frederic Paul and Frances Marie Townsend, on 22 May 1926 in Waverley district, New South Wales.
     Pauline died on 30 July 1934 in Queensland. She was buried on 31 July 1934 in the cemetery, Toowong, Queensland.

Abraham Marlott

( - circa 1742)
      He married Margaret Smith of Bristol.. Abraham Marlott was the son of John Marlott.
     Abraham resided, 1731.
     Abraham died circa 1742.

Children of Abraham Marlott

Alice Marlott (Dunstall)

     Alice Marlott (Dunstall) was born in Muntham, Itchingfield, Sussex. She was the daughter of John Marlott and Elizabeth Homewood.
Married John Dunstall of Steyning, yeoman whose will was dated 14 July and proved 3 August 1582 at Chichester 12.262. They had issue.
     In Elizabeth Homewood's will dated 6 December 1563, Alice Marlott (Dunstall) was named as executrix of the estate. She was an executor of Elizabeth Homewood's estate between 8 March 1563 and 1564 in Chichester, Sussex.
     Alice died in Steyning, Sussex.

Ann Marlott

(say 1594 - before 23 February 1624/25)
     Ann Marlott was born say 1594 in Stopham, Sussex. She was the daughter of James Marlott.
Ann Marlott married Henry Bartelott on 22 July 1612 in Stopham, Sussex, England. They had issue.
     Ann died before 23 February 1624/25. She was buried on 23 February 1624/25.

Dorothy Marlott

(26 July 1591 - )
     Dorothy Marlott was christened on 26 July 1591 in Itchingfield, Sussex. She was the daughter of Nicholas Marlott and Mary Unknown (Marlott).