Ralph Marsden

(circa 1620? - )
     Ralph Marsden was born circa 1620?.
Ralph Marsden married Sarah Rich, daughter of John Rich and Ellen Wilson, on 14 May 1646 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Radulphus Marsden & Sarah Rich, May 14 1646.

Sarah Marsden

(7 September 1780 - )
     Sarah Marsden was christened on 7 September 1780 in St Paul, Manchester, Lancashire. She was the daughter of William Marsden and Ellen Rich.

Thomas Marsden

(18 October 1776 - )
     Thomas Marsden was christened on 18 October 1776 in the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire. He was the son of William Marsden and Ellen Rich.

William Marsden

( - 20 December 1815)
     William Marsden was born in Manchester, Lancashire.
William Marsden married Ellen Rich, daughter of John Rich and Sarah Bramold, on 28 January 1765 in the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire. They had 13 children, 5 of whom were living at the time this pedigree was written viz: Dorothy (Cowgills), William (ob. s.p.), Ellen (Hornby), Thomas (ob. s.p.) and James- on the side George, Geo, Eliz & Sarah are pencilled in.
     William and Ellen resided at Liverpool, Lancashire.
     William died on 20 December 1815.

Children of William Marsden and Ellen Rich

William Marsden

(3 February 1771 - )
     William Marsden was christened on 3 February 1771 in St Paul, Manchester, Lancashire. He was the son of William Marsden and Ellen Rich.

Jane Marsh

     Jane Marsh married Richard John Somers, son of John Richard Somers and Maria Jane Handy, in 1870. Richard John, late Captain 11th Hussars, married 1870 Jane, a daughter of the Rev Peter Marsh.

Thomas Marsh

     Thomas Marsh married Margaret Killingworth, daughter of John Killingworth and Frances Pillington, on 12 September 1619 in All Hallows, Lombard St, London.

Isabel Marshall or Pembroke?

(say 1200 - 1239)
     Isabel Marshall or Pembroke? married Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford, son of Richard de Clare Earl of Hertford and Amice de Gloucester. Isabel Marshal?. Isabel Marshall or Pembroke? was also known as Marshall in records. She was born say 1200. She was the daughter of William, Earl of Pembroke.
     Isabel died in 1239.

Child of Isabel Marshall or Pembroke? and Gilbert de Clare 3rd Earl of Gloucs & Hertford

Ann Marshall

     Ann Marshall married George Kirk, son of George Kirk and Martha Wing, before 1844.

Child of Ann Marshall and George Kirk

Anthony Marshall

     Anthony Marshall was born in England.
Anthony Marshall married Cisley Bowker, daughter of William? Bowker and Ann Unknown.

Child of Anthony Marshall and Cisley Bowker

Betsey Marshall

(11 February 1821? - 16 September 1903)
     Betsey Marshall was christened on 11 February 1821? In Heanor, Derbyshire.
Betsey Marshall married Dr Robert Stanser Bowker, son of Thomas Dawson Bowker and Elizabeth Steer, on 12 September 1844 in St Lawrence, Heanor, Basford RD, Derbyshire.
     Betsey Marshall and Dr Robert Stanser Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Main Street, Bulwell. Robert Bowker, head, 35, Member of Royal College of Surgeons, London, born Yks, Warmsworth; with his wife Betsy aged 39 born Dby, Heanor and children Betsy 6, Eliza 5, Jane 3, Helen 1, all born at Bulwell, and 2 servants.
     Betsey Marshall and Dr Robert Stanser Bowker travelled to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 28 June 1856 per the "Cyclone". Dr & Mrs Bowker, 3 boys & 3 girls and an unnamed servant. Their son Richard was born en-route and was the 7th child. His mother Elizabeth, accompanied them as first class passengers.
     Betsey Marshall and Dr Robert Stanser Bowker were recorded on the 1861 census in The Villa, Appleby, Leicestershire. Robert S Booker, head, married, 43, General Practitioner MRCS, born Yorkshire, Wandsworth; Betsey M Booker, wife, 40, surgeon's wife, born Nottingham, Bulwell; with their children: Betsey M 16, Eliza 14, Jane P 12, Ellen 10, Robert S 18 [=8?], all born at Bulwell; continued on next page as: Richard R Bowker, son, 6, born Bay of Biscay, Maria 3, born England; Elizabeth S Booker 7 months, born Leicester, Appleby; Richard Wychesly [?], visitor, unmarried, 25, surgeon, birth place not known.
     Betsey Marshall and Dr Robert Stanser Bowker were recorded on the 1871 census in Newton Regis, Warwickshire. Robert H? Bowker, head, 57, surgeon, born Warmsworth, his wife Betsey 56, born Heanor, and unmarried children Lizzey 27 & Ellen 23, Robert H?15, all born at Bulwell, Richard H? 15, born Bay of Biscay, Martha 12, Elizabeth 9 and Charles H? 6, all born at Appleby, Leics.
     Betsey Marshall were recorded on the 1881 census in Appleby Magna, Leicestershire. Betsy Bowker, head, widow, 58, Doctor's wife, born Heanor with her children, Charles S aged 16, student, born Warwick adn Elizabeth S aged 18, unemployed, born Appleby Magna, Leics and a servant.
     Betsey Marshall was recorded on the 1891 census in Overtown?, Appleby, Leicestershire. Betsy Bowker, head, widow, 70, income from medical practice, born Heanor Derbyshire, children Jane single, 35, born Bulwell Ntt, Richard [Ryther] S single, 31, born Bay of Biscay, Maria, single 29, born Appleby, Elizabeth S, single 27, ditto, with a board Alexander Davidson, GP, 2 servants and a groom.
     Betsey Marshall was recorded on the 1901 census in 71 Stanton Rd, Stapenhill, Staffordshire. Betsy Bowker, widow, 73, living on own means, born Heanor Dby; Betsy M Scott, daughter, widow, 45 ditto, born Bulwell, Ntt; Jane P Bowker, daughter, single 41, born Bulwell; Maria, single 39, ditto, born Appleby, Leics; Charles S son married, aged 35, physician & surgeon, born Appleby; with 2 servants.
     Betsey died on 16 September 1903 in Appleby, Leicestershire, aged 82. She was buried 21 Sep at Appleby, aged 85, of Mavesyn Ridware, Rugely..

Children of Betsey Marshall and Dr Robert Stanser Bowker

Eliza Marshall

     Eliza Marshall was born in London.
     Eliza Marshall married George Alexander Forbes as his second wife, in 1882 in Victoria. Eliza Marshall and Lily Maud Forbes were registered as George Dempster was a packer
listed with Eliza, home duties and Lillian Maud, waitress and George Alexander ironmonger on the electoral roll dated 1909 at 211 Pigdon St, Carlton North, Victoria, with George Dempster Forbes and George Alexander Forbes.
     Eliza and George were registered at 24 Hodgkinson St, Clifton Hill, on the 1914 electoral roll. He was an ironmonger, his wife Eliza was listed as home duties, children George Dempster was a warehouseman, Edith Hilda, Athenia Adelaide & Lily Maud were machinists.

Children of Eliza Marshall and George Alexander Forbes

Elizabeth Marshall

( - before 6 December 1771)
     Elizabeth Marshall was born in London. She was the daughter of William Marshall of Lincoln's Inn.
Elizabeth Marshall married Richard Ryder, son of Rev Dudley Ryder and Ann Bickley. She was his second wife.
     Elizabeth died before 6 December 1771.

Child of Elizabeth Marshall and Richard Ryder

Francis Marshall

     Francis died in Standingholme, Yorkshire, England.
Francis Marshall married daughter Ryther, daughter of Oliver Ryther and Ann Hungate.

George G Marshall

     George G Marshall married Florence Sophia Minter, son of Arthur Minter and Julia Elizabeth Cocksedge, in 1920 in Edmonton, London.

Isabella Marshall

(circa 1755? - )
     Isabella Marshall was born circa 1755?. She may be the Isabella Marshall, daughter of John & Sarah who was baptised 8 April 1776 at St Clement Danes, Westminster.
Isabella Marshall married Simon Hughes on 5 January 1777 in St Anne, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex. Simon Hughes and Isabella Marshall, both of this parish were married in this church by banns 5th day of January 1777, by me Thomas Martyn, curate. Signed Simon Hughes & Isabella Marshall, in the presence of Benjamin Lillington & John Elcock. Isabella Marshall was buried. An Isabella Hughes of Adam Street East, aged 69 was buried 7 Nov 1816; another of the same name of St Pancras, aged 58, was buried on 12 Nov 1817, at the Pentonville chapel in the parish of St James, Clerkenwell - recorded in the St John Clerkenwell register; Isabella Hughes, aged 65, March 1812 at St Paul, Covent Garden ...

Children of Isabella Marshall and Simon Hughes

Mafeking Pretoria Marshall

(5 June 1900 - )
     Mafeking Pretoria Marshall was born on 5 June 1900 in Maryborough, Victoria. She was the daughter of Joseph Marshall & Elizabeth Collins.
Mafeking Pretoria Marshall married Gilbert Gavan Robertson, son of Peter Robertson and Harriet Isabel Bursill, in 1920 in Victoria.
     Mafeking and Gilbert were registered at Albert St, Maryborough, Surrey, on the 1922 electoral roll.

Children of Mafeking Pretoria Marshall and Gilbert Gavan Robertson

Mary Marshall

(circa 1758 - 26 September 1832)
     Mary Marshall was born circa 1758 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire.
Mary Marshall married Peter Bowker, son of Burgess Bowker and Elizabeth (Mary) Higby, on 24 October 1791 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence.
     Mary died on 26 September 1832 in Alconbury Weston, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 29 September 1832 in Alconbury Weston.

Children of Mary Marshall and Peter Bowker

Mary Marshall

     Mary Marshall married Andrew du Bourdieu, son of Saumarez du Bourdieu and Jane Carmichael, in 1855 in Burin, Newfoundland.

Mary Marshall

(1814 - )
     Mary Marshall was born in 1814.
Mary Marshall married George Stancer, son of John Stancer and Ann Buttery, on 9 August 1831.

Mary Marshall

     Mary Marshall married William Cocksedge, son of Francis Cocksedge and Sarah Lambert, on 17 February 1822 in Eriswell, Suffolk. According to his Elijah's descendant there were 7 more children to this couple.

Child of Mary Marshall and William Cocksedge

Matthew Marshall

(before 1660 - )
     Matthew Marshall was born before 1660 in England. He was the son of Anthony Marshall and Cisley Bowker.

Nanny or Ann Marshall (Bingham)

(circa 1785 - before 5 February 1854)
     Nanny or Ann Marshall (Bingham) was also known as Ann Stancer in records. She was born circa 1785 in Staffordshire or Nottinghamshire.
     Nanny or Ann Marshall (Bingham) married Jarvis Stancer as his third wife, on 13 March 1839 in Rampton, Nottinghamshire. Jervase Stancer (widower) married Nanny Bingham (widow) - fathers are named as William Marshall (for Nanny Bingham) and William Stancer for Jervase.
     Nanny or Ann Marshall (Bingham) and Jarvis Stancer were recorded on the 1841 census in Rampton, NTT. Gervis Stancer, aged 70. ag lab, not born in the county, wth Ann Stancer, aged 60, born in Nottinghamshire.
     Nanny or Ann Marshall (Bingham) and Jarvis Stancer were recorded on the 1851 census in Rampton. Garvis Stancer head, 81 born Duninton [Donington?], Lincs & Ann Stancer, wife aged 66 born Staffordshire, both paupers, living alone.
     Nanny died before 5 February 1854 in Rampton, NTT. She was buried on 5 February 1854 in Rampton.

William Marshall Earl of Pembroke

     William Marshall Earl of Pembroke married Alice Betune, daughter of Baldwin de Betune and Hawise le Gros, in 1203. According to The Honour of Skipton by Farrer, she married in 1203 William, son of William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, she died before 1221.

Emily Louisa Elizabeth Lascells Marston

(before 1864 - )
     Emily Louisa Elizabeth Lascells Marston was born before 1864.
Emily Louisa Elizabeth Lascells Marston married Charles Freeman Murray, son of James Florence Murray and Marianne Ryder, on 12 August 1884 in St John the Evangelist, Hammersmith, Middlesex.

Jane Martell

     Jane Martell was born in Bricett Parva, Suffolk. She was of Hitcham and Bricett Parva.
     Jane Martell and William Squirrell obtained a marriage licence on 3 December 1803 in Suffolk.
     Jane Martell and William Squirrell were recorded on the 1841 census in North Gate Street, Bildeston. William Squirrell 60, wine merchant, Jane aged 60, William 30, auctioneer, Sarah 24, all born in the county; in the same building were Ann Trufitt 33, bor nin the county and her son Francis 3 months not born in the county; Mary makins 57, born in the county and Elizabeth Lovett 19, female servant, born in the county.

Children of Jane Martell and William Squirrell

Alan Lionel Bland Martin

(17 June 1930 - 30 November 2001)
     Alan Lionel Bland Martin was born on 17 June 1930 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Lionel Samuel Douglas Martin and Iona Estella Bland.
     Alan resided at 20 Cass Street, Rosebud, Victoria, 1982.
     Alan died on 30 November 2001 in Victoria aged 71.

Annie Elizabeth Martin (Ellis)

(September 1872 - )
     Annie Elizabeth Martin (Ellis)'s birth was registered in the quarter ending in September 1872 in Plumstead, Woolwich RD, Kent. She was the daughter of Samuel Thomas Martin and Maria Ann Davis.

Charles Thomas Martin

(December 1878 - )
     Charles Thomas Martin's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1878 in Plumstead, Woolwich RD, Kent. He was the son of Samuel Thomas Martin and Maria Ann Davis.

Constance Fawler Martin

(1863 - 1906)
     Constance Fawler Martin was born in 1863. She was the daughter of William Samuel Martin and Mary Ann Jane Richardson.
The marriage of Constance Fawler Martin and Augustus Miles Wybourne was registered in Hendon RD in the September 1890 quarter. They had no issue.
     Constance died in 1906.