William de Moravia 1st Earl of Sutherland

( - 1248)
     William de Moravia 1st Earl of Sutherland was the son of Hugh de Moravia Lord of Duffus.
Willliam (Moray afterwards Sutherland) was the eldest son of Hugh Freskin or Moray (who was son & heir of Freskin, alledgedly Flemish- Freskin died before 1172, not 1166 as in Scots peerage) Lord of Duffus and Stradbrock, acquired land in Sutherland before 1211, died between 1214 and 1222.
     William died in 1248. He was buried in Dornoch cathedral.

Child of William de Moravia 1st Earl of Sutherland

William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland

(say 1300 - 19 June 1371)
     William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland was born say 1300. He was the son of Kenneth Sutherland 4th Earl of Sutherland.
William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland married Margaret Bruce Countess of Sutherland, daughter of Robert, the Bruce, King of Scotland and Elizabeth de Burgh, after 3 August 1345. They married between 3 August & 29 September, she was the sister of David II.
William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland married secondly Joanna Menteith before 9 November 1347. He was her fourth husband and they had two other sons- kenneth & William. She was the daughter of Sir John Menteith of Rusky and the widow of Malise, 7th Earl of Strathearn.
     William died on 19 June 1371. He fought at the Neville's Cross 17 Oct 1346.

Child of William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland and Margaret Bruce Countess of Sutherland

Child of William de Moray / Sutherland 5th Earl of Sutherland and Joanna Menteith

Sir Andrew Moray Lord of Bothwell

(29 May 1298 - 1338)
     Sir Andrew Moray Lord of Bothwell was also known as Murray in records. He was born on 29 May 1298. He was the son of Andrew Murray, Commander of the Army of Scotland who died 1297; wgho was the son of Andrew Murray of Petty, justiciar of Scotia.
     Christina Bruce Countess of Mar married thirdly Sir Andrew Moray Lord of Bothwell circa October 1326. A dispensation for their marriage was granted October 12, 1326. They were related in the fourth degree. She did not have any children by her third marriage.
     Andrew died in 1338. He was buried at Elgin Cathedral.

Maria Grace Morcombe

(circa 1883 - 1975)
     Maria Grace Morcombe was born circa 1883 in Devon, England.
Maria Grace Morcombe married Alfred Thomas Ruby or Salt, son of Thomas Ruby and Sabina Saunders, before 1 April 1908 in Tavistock, Devon.
     Maria Grace Morcombe and Alfred Thomas Ruby or Salt arrived in 1927 at Canada.
     Maria died in 1975 in Canada.

Children of Maria Grace Morcombe and Alfred Thomas Ruby or Salt

Margaret Mordant

     Margaret Mordant married William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam, son of William Acclom or Aclam or Acklam and Elizabeth Ryther. They had issue: John - living in 1584, Robert, Henry, William, Alis & Anne.

Ann More

(say 1680 - )
     Ann More was born say 1680.
Ann More married Thomas Ruby on 7 December 1701 in St Mary Major, Exeter, Devon. Thomas Raby and Ann More.. Ann was present at Grace Ruby's christening on 30 June 1702 in Exeter, St Mary Major, Devon. Ann was present at Ann Ruby's christening on 14 January 1703/4 in Exeter, St Mary Major, Devon.

Children of Ann More and Thomas Ruby

Margaret More

(before 1500 - circa 1553)
     Margaret More married John Wilson, son of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Unknown (Wilson). Margaret More was born before 1500 in More Hall, Yorkshire. John More died at Moor Hall in 17 Hen VII as owner was the last of the family, his widow held it in dower after his decease as I find she did to the Hen VIII, but when she died I cannot find nor that he had any issue except one daughter Margaret who in 1 Hen VIII married John Wilson, son of Chris. Wilson of Bromhead and were both alive 26 Hen VIII The said John Wilson had several sons by her we we may suppose that it came to him after the decease of her mother but was some way or other alienated so that it abode not long in his family. Moor Hall is in the township of Bolsterstone in the parish of Bradfield. [Ronksley citing Mr Wilson's documents, Ronksley Collection #1639].
     daughter to More of More Hall, John Wilson married ... Barber, - Witnesses John Greyve, John Morton, Richard Ibbotson & Edward Bower..
     Margaret More made a will dated 9 April 1553 in Broomhead, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Will of Margaret Wilson of Bromhead, widow, - to be buried in the church of St Nicholas at Bradfield - Christopher Wilson my son 20/-, to John my son 13/4, to John Crosland and Ellen his wife two oxen and two bushel of haver (oat) meal - & to Richard, Jane, Anne & Grace Crosland each a lamb, - Jane Barber my daughter an almory - to Elizabeth Greyves my daughter my best belt and to Margaret her daughter a ewe - to Ann Thomoson a ewe & her whole years wage which is 10/- - to Jennet Martin my servant a coverlet, a blanket a keydle pan & a dubler - to Elizabeth, daughter of my son Christopher a cow, an ewe & a lamb - to Jane daughter of George Wilson a cow, - & to Ellen daughter of Arthur Wilson a quye - to Arthur Wilson my son all my corn in the house lathe & sown in the ground on condition that he maintains all my whole household folk man woman & child for one year - to Thomas Wilson a ewe - to Henry Diconson a ewe - to Willliam Crosland a ewe - to George Wilson, son of George Wilson a ewe - the residence to be equally divided between my children George & Arthur Wilson whom are made executors. Dated 9 April 1553.

     Margaret More made a will dated 9 April 1553 in Broomhead, Ecclesfield, YKS. Margaret Wilson of Bromhead, widow daughert to More of More Hall... Christopher, John, Arthur & George Wilson her children allalive, John Wilson married ... Barber, Elizabeth Wilson married .... Greaves, her duaghter Margaret.. Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Wilson my son - Jane daughter of George Wilson - Elen daughter of Arthur Wilson ... to be continued.
     Margaret died circa 1553 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.

Children of Margaret More and John Wilson

Gruffudd ap Moreddig

     Gruffudd ap Moreddig was born in Wales. He was the son of Moreddig of Warwyn, Lord of Penyfed.

Child of Gruffudd ap Moreddig

Richard Morehead

     Richard Morehead married Susanna Cutting, daughter of John Cutting and Mary Unknown (Cutting), on 24 May 1660 in Christ Church, Barbados. They had issue..

Maria Morewood

(3 October 1690 - 1758)
     Maria Morewood was born on 3 October 1690 in The Oaks, Bradfield, Yorkshire. Described as the daughter of Samuel Morewood of the Oaks near Bradfield.. She was christened in October 1690 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.
Maria Morewood married Joseph Steer, son of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam, on 17 November 1715 in Bradfield, YKS.
     Maria died in 1758 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

Children of Maria Morewood and Joseph Steer

Samuel Morey

     Samuel Morey married Mildred Maud Cox, daughter of Elijah Cocksedge and Harriett Ada Australia Guy, in 1918.

Lleucu ferch Morgan Mawr

     Lleucu ferch Morgan Mawr married Seferws ap Cadwr (?), son of Cadwr ap Cadwr Wenwyn. Lleucu ferch Morgan Mawr was the daughter of Morgan Mawr Howard Hen, King of Morgannwg.

Children of Lleucu ferch Morgan Mawr and Seferws ap Cadwr (?)

Andrew William Morgan

     Andrew William Morgan married Veronica Hoey, daughter of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson, in 1935 in Victoria.

Ethel Ida Morgan

     Ethel Ida Morgan married Stanley Ruby, son of William Ruby and Maria Arscott, on 15 April 1933 in St Budeaux, Devon.

Catherine Morice

( - 16 June 1740)
     Catherine Morice was born. She was the eldest daughter of Sir Nicholas Morice, 2nd Baronet by Catherine, daughter of Thomas Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. She was the sister and co-heir of Sir William Morice of Werrington, who died in 1750..
Catherine Morice married Sir John St Aubyn (3rd Bart), son of Sir John St Aubyn (2nd Bart) and Mary de la Hay, on 3 October 1725 in St James, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex. It was also registered at Werrington.
     Catherine died on 16 June 1740 in Crowan, Cornwall. She was buried on 19 June 1743 in Crowan.

Children of Catherine Morice and Sir John St Aubyn (3rd Bart)

Ann Morley

     Ann Morley married William Stanser, son of Ralph Stanser, on 11 June 1610 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. William Stanciall & Anne Morley, at St Mary's..

Bridget Morley

     Bridget Morley married John Denman, son of William Denman and Susan Godsmarke, on 21 April 1696 in Shermanbury, Sussex.

Child of Bridget Morley and John Denman

Harriett Morley?

(circa 1818 - before 28 April 1900)
     Harriett Morley? was born circa 1818 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.
Harriett Morley? married Robert Cocksedge, son of Francis Cocksedge and Sarah Lambert, before 31 December 1838.
     Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Pakenham, Suffolk. Robert Cocksedge 25, ag. lab., Harriet Cocksedge 20, Samuel Cocksedge 2 Sarah Cocksedge 5 months, all born in the county.
     Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Norton St Andrew, Suffolk. Robert aged 40 born Langham, ag. lab., with his wife Harriett aged 33, born Badwell Ash, children Samuel aged 11, ag. lab., born Pakenham, Sarah aged 10 born Pakenham, Harry aged 7 born Pakenham, Emma 4, both born Pakenham & Frances aged 1 born Norton.
     Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Stowlangtoft. Robert Cocksedge, aged 48, ag. lab. born Stowlangtoft, with his wife Harriet 43, born Badwell and children Samuel 22, ag. lab., born Norton, Frances 11, born Pakenham, Ellen 9, George 7, Robert 4 & Harriett 7 months, all born at Stowlangtoft.
     Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. Robert Cocksedge, 59, ag. lab., his wife Harriet, 53, children Ellen 19, servant out of employ, George 15, servant ditto, Robert 13, gardiner, Harriette 10, scholar, Harry 4, scholar; all born at Stowlangtoft.
     Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1881 census in Ixworth Rd, Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. Robert Cocksedge, 68, agricultural labourer, his wife Harriet, 63, children Robert 23, ag. lab., Harry 14, ag. lab., all born at Stowlangtoft.
     Harriett died before 28 April 1900 in Stowlangtoft, Suffolk. She was buried on 28 April 1900 in Stowlangtoft.

Children of Harriett Morley? and Robert Cocksedge

Ellen Lloyd ferch Morris ap John

     Ellen Lloyd ferch Morris ap John was born in Clenenney, Wales. She was the daughter of Morris ap John, of Clenenney (see p.218 of pedigree).
Ellen Lloyd ferch Morris ap John married John ap Maredudd Wynne, son of Meredith ap Ieuan Wyn and Alice William ap Griffith.

Children of Ellen Lloyd ferch Morris ap John and John ap Maredudd Wynne

Cecile Gwendoline Morris

(circa 1889 - 1936)
     Cecile Gwendoline Morris was born circa 1889.
     Cecile Gwendoline Morris and Captain James Reginald Stanser MC were engaged on 1 March 1918 in London.
Cecile Gwendoline Morris married Captain James Reginald Stanser MC, son of James Bingham Stanser and Matilda Alice Waring, on 19 October 1918 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster.
     Cecile died in 1936 in Rotherham RD, Yorkshire.

Children of Cecile Gwendoline Morris and Captain James Reginald Stanser MC

Charlotte Maud Morris

(circa 1877 - 1945)
     Charlotte Maud Morris was born circa 1877.
Charlotte Maud Morris married Edward Devonshire, son of John Charles Rashleigh Devonshire and Charlotte Cocksedge, in 1901 in Victoria.
     Charlotte died in 1945 in Chelsea, Victoria.

David James Morris

(10 October 1849 - 25 June 1852)
     David James Morris was born on 10 October 1849 in Gundagai, New South Wales. He was the son of John Morris and Anne Riddell. David James Morris was christened on 10 January 1852 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia.
     David died on 25 June 1852 in Gundagai, NSW, aged 2. He "perished in the floods".

Edith Morris

     Edith Morris married Horace William Ruby, son of John Ruby and Mary Ann Opie, on 12 May 1958 in Plymstock, Devon. They had no issue.

Frances Emma Morris

(1857 - 14 September 1901)
     Frances Emma Morris was born in 1857 in Melbourne, Victoria.
Frances Emma Morris married Henry Edward Bird, son of William Henry Bird and Emily Cole, on 19 July 1884 in Launceston, Tasmania.
     Frances died on 14 September 1901 in Prahran, Victoria.

Child of Frances Emma Morris and Henry Edward Bird

Geoffrey or Harry? Morris

     Geoffrey or Harry? Morris married Lily MacKenzie, daughter of David Turnbull MacKenzie and Catherine Snadden MacKenzie.

George Morris

     George Morris married Joanna Colbert in 1859 in Victoria, Australia.

Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris

(16 July 1872 - 1 September 1914)
Hon. George Henry Morris in 1913
     Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris was born on 16 July 1872 in Spiddal, Galway, Ireland. He was the younger son of 1st Baron Morris & Killanin, Michael Morris, of Spidall, co. Galway, and Anna, daughter of the Hon G H Hughes, a Baron of the Court of the Exchequer in Ireland.
     He served as an officer in the Irish Guards between 1892 and 1914. Lieut-Colonel Hon. George Henry Morris was the first commanding officer to lead the Irish Guards regiment into battle. He joined The Rifle Brigade in India as 2nd Lieutenant in 1892, after having passed from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. In 1897 he was appointed Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion The Rifle Brigade, a position he held for four years. He saw active service with the Tochi Valley Expeditionary Force in 1897-98, receiving the medal with clasp. In the second Boer War he served with Damant’s Horse from 1901-1902, being present in operations in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony. He was twice Mentioned in Dispatches and received the Queen’s Medal with four clasps. On the conclusion of the war he rejoined the Staff College, which he had entered in 1901, and passed out in 1903. Obtaining his Majority on transfer to the Irish Guards in 1906, he was next a General Staff Officer at the Army Staff College from 1908-1911, finally becoming Lieut-Colonel when succeeding Charles FitzClarence to the command of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards in July 1913.
He took the battalion to France on August 12, 1914, at the outbreak of World War I and was killed in action on September 1, during the Retreat from Mons when the 4th (Guards) Brigade formed a rear-guard for the 2nd Division in La forêt de Retz near Villers-Cotterêts. Colonel Morris was recognised as one of the most brilliant lecturers in the British Army, and was an authority on strategy, tactics, and military history. He was a member of the Guards’ Club, the Garrick Club and the County Galway Club
     Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris and Dora Maryon Wesley Hall were engaged in January 1913. Major the Hon. George Henry Morris, Irish Guards, whose engagement to Miss Dora Wesley Hall is announced, is the younger son of the late Lord Killanin, a former Lord Chief Justice of Ireland and brother and heir presumptive of the present peer. Major Morris, who is in his 41st year, entered the army in 1892. He served with the Tochi Field Force on the North West Frontier, India, during 1897-8, for which he has the medal with clasp; and in 1902 saw active service in the South African War, being mentioned in dispatches and receiving the medal with four clasps. His brother Lord Killanin, was born in 1867, and is still a bachelor.
Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris married Dora Maryon Wesley Hall, daughter of James Wesley Hall and Mary Frederica Dora Dempster, on 29 April 1913 in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
     George was killed in action on 1 September 1914 in France aged 42. He is commemorated on the Guards Grave, Villers Cotterets Forest, Aisne, France (reference II/1).

Child of Lt Col, Hon George Henry Morris and Dora Maryon Wesley Hall

Henry Morris

     Henry Morris married Ethel S Newman, daughter of Ernest Newman and Elizabeth Duncan, in 1911 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Herbert Henry Morris

(circa 1886 - 1972)
     Herbert Henry Morris was born circa 1886.
Herbert Henry Morris married Winifred Teresa Colbert, daughter of Edmond John Colbert and Ellen Mary Kinsella, in 1936 in Victoria.
     Herbert died in 1972 in Brig...., Victoria.

John Morris

(before 1803 - 25 June 1852)
     John Morris was born before 1803.
     John Morris arrived per "Parmelia" in 1832 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     John resided at Patrick's Plains, New South Wales, Australia, 31 December 1837.
John Morris married Anne Riddell, daughter of John Riddel and Ann Bruce, on 19 March 1847 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia. In the temporary churchTheir marriage application showed that she was 22 years old and had immigrated in 1841 and he was a 34 year old "Ticket of Leave" convict serving a life sentence, having arrived on the "Parmelia" in 1836.
Her address was given as Tumut House - the only substantial building of that time was Tumut Plains House which was owned by the Shelley family. According to local historians, Lindley's Rose Inn at Gundagai was likely to be the temporary church used by Rev Brigstocke. Was a horse-breaker.
     John died "perished in the floods" on 25 June 1852 in Gundagai, New South Wales. He was described as a horse-breaker, aged 43. His body was not recovered. Most accounts mention John Morris, horse-breaker aged 43 and his two children drowned, and house swept away, his wife was taken off by the blacks..

Children of John Morris and Anne Riddell