Richard de Muscegros

(before 1200 - after 1239)
     Richard de Muscegros married Alice Dyve. Richard de Muscegros was born before 1200. He was the son of Richard de Muscegros and Hilary Folet.
     Richard died after 1239.

Child of Richard de Muscegros and Alice Dyve

Richard de Muscegros

( - circa 1200)
     Richard de Muscegros married Hilary Folet.
     Richard died circa 1200.
Glouc'. Jurata de consensu partium venit recognitura si Ricardus de Muchegros aliud jus vel alium ingressum habuit in quoddam mesuagium cum pertinentiis in Borherst quam per Illariam que fuit mater ipsius Ricardi, que mesuagium illud tenuit in dotem de dono Ricardi quondam viri sui patris Roberti de Mucegros, cujus heres ipse est, quod mesuagium idem Robertus petit versus predictum Richardum sicut de eo unde pater suus fuit seisitus ut de feodo die quo obiit etc. Juratores dicunt quod predictus * ipsius Roberti obiit inde seisitus ut de feodo (etc.) et predictus Ricardus nullum jus nec aliud ingressum habuit in mesuagium illud nisi per predictam Illariam, que non habuit illud nisi in dotem. Et ideo consideratum est quod Robertus recuperavit seisinam suam: et Ricardus in miscericordia.
*I think there must be something missing here - "Robertus pater" - or words to that effect
As I read the extract, it shows that one Richard de Muscegros left a son and heir Robert, and a widow Hilary, who granted a messuage from her dower land to her son Richard de Muscegros, which Robert successfully claimed in 1232 - because being Muscegros land it should have reverted to him after Hilary's death.

Children of Richard de Muscegros and Hilary Folet

Robert de Muscegros

( - before 29 January 1253/54)
     Robert de Muscegros was the son of Richard de Muscegros and Alice Dyve.
Robert de Muscegros married Hawise Malet, daughter of Sir William Malet and Alice Basset, before 11 February 1220/21. Sir Robert and Hawise married between April 1220 and February 1220/1. She was the widow of Hugh Poyntz,of Curry malet, who died bef 4 April 1220.
21/139 (09 June 1237) - 9 June. Rochester. Dorset. Order to the sheriff of Dorset to take into the king’s hand the land that Helewise, who was the wife of Robert de Muscegros , held in dower in Sutton Poyntz and to keep it safely until the king orders otherwise..
     Robert died before 29 January 1253/54 in Charlton, Somerset. He also had property at Brewham, Somerset. He was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held on 29 January 1254/55. John de Mucegros is the next heir of the said Robert and he was aged 21 years on the Feast of St Laurence last past, to wit, in the 37th year of King Henry III.
He was the Queen's seneschal. He held property in Ireland. In October 1275 his grandson, Sir Robert, handed over his castle of Bunratty in Ireland to the king, on condition that as soon as the contention between the king and his subjects in Ireland was settled, and the said Robert paid all expences for its repair, munition, upkeep, and custody while in the king's hand, that it be restored to him or his heirs; in March 1276, however, the king granted the castle to Thomas de Clare. Clare in turn granted the Irish properties back to Muscegros..

Children of Robert de Muscegros and Hawise Malet

Robert de Muscegros

(before 1200 - )
     Robert de Muscegros was born before 1200. He was the son of Richard de Muscegros and Hilary Folet.

Ellen/Ellenor Musgrave

     Ellen/Ellenor Musgrave married Ottiwell Rider Ryther on 21 September 1637 in St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Children of Ellen/Ellenor Musgrave and Ottiwell Rider Ryther

George Musgrave

     George Musgrave married Anna Maria Colbert in 1859 in Victoria, Australia.

James Musgrave

     James Musgrave married Sarah Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell and Martha Green.

Phillip Musgrave

     Phillip died in Canada.
     Phillip died in Canada. He was commonly known as Pip.
Margaret Katharine Lewall married secondly Phillip Musgrave.

Anne Elizabeth Musson

(circa 1823 - 20 June 1896)
     Anne Elizabeth Musson was born circa 1823.
Anne Elizabeth Musson married Charles Saxon Hooper, son of Robert Saxon Hooper and Chiara or Clara Marianna de Rossi, on 14 September 1858 in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire. At Caythorpe on the 14th inst., Charles Saxon Hooper, Esq, of 39 Woburn-square, London, to Anne Elizabeth daughter of Mr Francis Musson, late of Caythorpe.
     Anne died on 20 June 1896 in Northfleet, Kent. She was buried after 20 June 1896 in Northfleet.

John Myatt

(circa 1825 - )
     John Myatt was born circa 1825 in Bethnal Green, London.
John Myatt married Sarah Ann Mackglew, daughter of William John Mackglew and Eliza Whitbread, on 2 July 1849 in St Philip's church, Bethnal Green, London.
     John Myatt and Sarah Ann Mackglew were recorded on the 1851 census in 13 Gloucester St, Shoreditch, St Leonard. John Myatt 26, shoemaker born Bethnal Green and his wife Sarah Ann aged 22, born St Lukes are living with a daughter Louisa Sarah aged 10 months, born Shoreditch.

William Myatt

(circa 1830 - )
     William Myatt was born circa 1830.
William Myatt married Elizabeth Mackglew, daughter of William John Mackglew and Eliza Whitbread, on 30 April 1849 in St Philip's church, Bethnal Green, London. They made thier marks.

Ann Myles

(9 November 1746? - )
     Ann Myles was christened on 9 November 1746? In Tempsford, Bedfordshire.
Ann Myles married James Daniel, son of James Daniel and Elizabeth Dunton, on 8 November 1768 in Southill, Bedfordshire.

Child of Ann Myles and James Daniel

William Mynnet

(circa 1570? - )
     William Mynnet was born circa 1570?.
William Mynnet married Dorothy Popplewell, daughter of Francis Popplewell and Dorothy Thornhill, on 25 May 1608 in Worlaby by Brigg, Lincolnshire, England.

Alexander Mystery

(circa 1842 - 1902)
     Alexander Mystery was born circa 1842.
Alexander Mystery married Hannah Skinner, daughter of William Skinner and Hannah Miller, in 1867 in Victoria, Australia.
     Alexander died in 1902 in South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Eileen Nagle

     Eileen Nagle married Ronald Ernest Ruby, son of George Ruby and Ethel Olive Myrtle Cullen, in 1933 in Victoria.

Elizabeth Nailer

(circa 1565 - )
     Elizabeth Nailer was born circa 1565.
Elizabeth Nailer married Francis Popplewell, son of Patriarch Popplewell (of Blyth), on 20 April 1587 in Blyth, Nottinghamshire.

Elizabeth Napier

     Elizabeth Napier married Robert Boyd 4th Lord, son of Alexander Boyd (3rd Lord) and Janet Colville, before December 1542.

Colin Nardrop

     Colin Nardrop married Jessie M Paul, daughter of William Henry Paul and Frances Spencer, in 1892 in St Leonards district, New South Wales.

William Narnabie

     William Narnabie married Mary Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell and Joan Charles, on 15 April 1667 in Bawtry, Blyth, Yorkshire.

Clarice I Narracott

     Clarice I Narracott married Sholto Winton McRae Colbert, son of Edmond Colbert and Catherine MacRae, in 1925 in Lithgow RD, New South Wales.

Andrew Nash

(before 1730 - November 1767)
     Andrew Nash was born before 1730 in Cork, Ireland. He was the second son of Llewellin Nash (1679-1765) of Farrihy, Cork.
Andrew Nash married Margaret Drew in September 1752 in Ireland. Marriage settlement dated 2 Sep 1752 between Andrew Nash Esq., of Carkerbegg, Cork, second son of Lewellin Nash Esq., of Farrily, Cork, Francis Drew the elder of Drews Court, Limerick, Esq & Margaret Drew, youngest daughter of the said Francis Drew of Drewcourt, Limerick, Esq of the second part & Francis Drew the younger, eldest son of the said Francis Drew the elder and the Rev William Nashof Farrihy, Cork of the third part reciting that a marriags was soon after to be had and solemnised before the said Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew and writing? that the said Andrew Nash was possessed of several leasehold interests therein mentioned by each said deed of release the said Andrew Nash in consideration of sd marriage and the other conversations therein mentid did grant bargain sale assign realease and cofirm unto the said Francis Drew the younger and Wm Nash and their heirs all the said farme and lands of Carkerbegg, Bally Bark, Newtown Gurteen Ronaslee, Ballymaquirkk more and ... begg in the county of Cork and .... in the county of Kildare with their and every of their rights members and appurtenances and all his the said Andrew Nash right titles insore property claim and demand of and... farms lands .... covenan of renewals therein contained to have and to hold unto the said Francis Drew the younger and William Nash thier heirs & assigns for and during the lives in the several leases of said lands mentioned ...sworn before me at ... Cork, the 19th day of January 1753 by virtue of .. HM Court of Exchequer for taking affdavits pursuant to the statutes. Andrew was a solicitor. He was admitted to Kings Inn, Dublin, attorney, exchequer, Dublin.
     Andrew Nash made a will dated 13 July 1767 in Ireland.
     Andrew died in November 1767 in Whitefryer St, Dublin, Ireland. Died - Mr Andrew Nash, an eminent attorney. A footnote to this newspaper transcript states that he was the father of Andrew, George, Margaret, Jane, Hellen, Catherine - source Betham abstract of will.
     His will was proved in 1768 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland. Andrew Nash, Dublin, gent. Betham's abstract: #227 Nash, Andrew of Dublin, gent. Dated 13 July 1767, proved 6 Feb 1768 - wife Margaret [Drew], brother Rev William Nash, brother in law George Purdon Drew of Dublin Esq., daughters Margaret, Jane, Hellen and Catherine, second son George, eldest son Andrew. Burke's Landed gentry states Margaret Drew married -- Nash Esq., of Brinny, co.Cork.

Children of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew

Andrew Nash

(before 1760 - )
     Andrew Nash was born before 1760 in Ireland. He may be the Andrew Nash of Ballygalan, co. Waterford, whose will was proved in 1800. He was the son of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.

Catherine Nash

(before 1767 - )
     Catherine Nash was born before 1767. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.

George Nash

(before 1761 - )
     George Nash was born before 1761. He was the son of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.

Helena Nash

(before 1767 - 29 March 1806)
     Helena Nash was born before 1767 in Dublin, Ireland. Described as 'a Cork woman' by E H V Dunbar. The original pedigree document describes her as Helen, the daughter of Andrew Nash, Esquire, of Whitefriars Street, Dublin. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.
     Helena Nash and Major John Killigrew Dunbar obtained a marriage licence on 19 September 1795 in Dublin. He was described as of Fermanagh and she was from the parish of St Thomas in Dublin.
Helena Nash married Major John Killigrew Dunbar, son of George Dunbar and Martha St Aubyn, on 25 September 1795 in St Thomas Church of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.
     Helena died on 29 March 1806 in St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands.

Children of Helena Nash and Major John Killigrew Dunbar

Jane Nash

(before 1765 - )
     Jane Nash was born before 1765. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.

Joan Nash

(before 1568 - )
     Joan Nash was born before 1568 in Hampshire.
Joan Nash married Robert Ryther, son of Unknown Ryther, on 22 September 1583 in Heckfield & Mattingley, Hampshire, England.

Child of Joan Nash and Robert Ryther

Lewellyn Nash

     His will was proved in 1805 in Cork, Irleand. Lewelin Nash, South Liberties of Cork, esq. But there is also a Lewellin , esq, Cork in 1794. Plus Rev Wm if Farrihy, Corkm, clerk in 1770.

Margaret Nash

(before 1763 - )
     Margaret Nash was born before 1763. In September 1752 Margaret Drew married Andrew Nash of Brinny, Co. Cork.[33] Andrew Nash was the second son of Llewellyn Nash of Farrihy, Co. Cork. He was admitted into the King’s Inn, Dublin and was an attorney at the Exchequer. In November 1767 Andrew Nash died.[34] Margaret Drew and Andrew Nash had two sons and four daughters (Margaret, Jane, Helena and Catherine).[35] Further information on the four daughters is as yet undiscovered. [EMAIL:][ITAL:][][:ITAL][:EMAIL]. She was the daughter of Andrew Nash and Margaret Drew.

Rev William Nash

      He miarried Judith, only child of Peter Bombonius, of the city of Cork, physician, and with other children, three sons: William, Llewellyn & Andrew.
     His will was proved on 4 July 1770 in Cork, Ireland. Rev William Nash of Farrihy, co. Cork. Clerk. Daughter Mary, wife Judith Nash ....Baubonaus - younger son Andrew, son Lewellen, second son William - mother in law Mrs Margaret Baubanans, brother Andrew Nash.