Samuel Penwell

(circa 1836 - )
     Samuel Penwell was born circa 1836 in Ashburton, Devon. He was the son of John Penwill and Susanna Ruby.
The marriage of Samuel Penwell and Mary Ann Webber was registered in Newton Abbot RD, Devon, in the March 1858 quarter.
     Samuel Penwell and Mary Ann Webber were recorded on the 1861 census in Tormohan, Devon. Samuel Penwell 24 , chimney swweep, born Ashburton; his wife Mary Ann Penwell 24, born Chittlehampton?, Mary Ann Penwell 2, born Cockington, Susanna Penwell 8 Months, born Torquay; James Webber 72, father in law; with lodgers George Kendall 23, Elizabeth Kendall 29.

Child of Samuel Penwell and Mary Ann Webber

Susannah Penwell

(1860 - )
     Susannah Penwell was born in 1860 in Torquay, Devon. She was the daughter of Samuel Penwell and Mary Ann Webber.
The marriage of Susannah Penwell and Robert Parnell was registered in Newton Abbot RD, Devon, in the December 1880 quarter.
     Susannah Penwell and Robert Parnell were recorded on the 1891 census in Cross St, Moretonhampstead, Devon. Robert Parnell 34 , farm labourer, born Paignton, Devon, his wife Susan A Parnell 30 . born Torquay, Samuel I Parnell 11 , born Torquay, Earnest E Parnell 9, born Paignton, Emily A Parnell 6, born at Moreton Hamostead, Laura E Parnell 0 born Moreton Hampstead.

Child of Susannah Penwell and Robert Parnell

John Penwill

(circa 1804 - )
     John Penwill was born circa 1804 in Totnes, Devon, England. As of 21 May 1829, John Penwill was also known as Penwell in records.
John Penwill married Susanna Ruby, daughter of William Ruby and Mary Rendle, on 21 May 1829 in Ashburton, Devon.
     John Penwill and Susanna Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Old Mill, Ashburton, Devon. John Penwell 47, born Totnes; his wife Susanna Penwell 46, born Widecombe in the Moor, Mary Penwell 4 born Ashburton.

Child of John Penwill and Susanna Ruby

Ann Pepper

     Ann Pepper was born in Water Newton, Huntingdonshire.
Ann Pepper married George Bowker in 1766 in Water Newton, Huntingdonshire.

Roger Pepys

(3 May 1617 - before 4 October 1688)
     Roger Pepys was born on 3 May 1617 in Impington, Cambridgeshire. He was the son of Talbot Pepys (1583-1668) & Beatrice Castell.. He was christened on 13 May 1617 in Heydon, Norfolk. Roger was a lawyer of the Middle Temple on 4 November 1634, London. In 1719 Joseph Banks described him as Roger Pepys of Impington near Cambridge.

153. (Talbot , John , William , William , Robert , Thomas ) Roger was admitted to Middle Temple on 4 Nov 1634. He was employed as Recorder 1660 - 1688 in Cambridge, England. He was employed as M.P. 1661-1678 in Cambridge, England. He was administrator of the estate of his son Talbot on 15 Dec 1681. He signed a will 26, 27 on 31 Aug 1688.

There are records for Roger Pepys and Barbara Bacon, Roger Peaps/Peapes/Pepis and Barbery/Barbary Bacon. Birthplace is shown as St Stephens, Norwich, Norfolk or Impington Cambridge. WCP says he was baptised at Heydon Norfolk and says that Barbara Bacon is buried in St.Stephens Norwich. The various children's birth dates that appear under these references do not conflict. However some are shown as Norfolk births and some as Cambridge. WCP shows children of Impington but the IGI has a number of Norfolk births. There are also a number of Norfolk references in the previous two generations. Presumably the family had Norfolk and Cambridge connections and that is how Roger and Barbara met and why some of the children were born and/or lived in Norfolk. It would appear that he lived in Norfolk for the first two childrens births, Elizabeth 1643 and Barbara 1645, next child Talbot born in 1647 in Chancery Lane London later children in Impington Cambridge; and then returned to Norfolk for the births and/or christenings of John in 1655 and Robert in 1656, Barbara died and/or buried in 1657 in Norfolk.
IGI shows birth on 12th.
The following probably applies to this Roger:
Historic auction AN historic document relating to Diss during the reign of Chalrles II goes under the hammer next month. Auctioneers Mullock & Madeley will sell the document in Ludlow, Shropshire next Friday. It dates from 1670 and relates to Roger Pepys, owner of the market and tolls of Diss. It states that he has received 'at the courst of his Majesty at Westminster, from the hands of Sir Robert Long, one measure of brass containing one bushel sizes and seals by his Majesty's measures and standards for the common wealth profit and case of all people' "This is a very early and scarce example of weights and measures legislation being applied to markets," said the auctioneers' head of documents Richard Westwood-Brookes. The Diss document is estimated to fetch £60-90. Further information from:P Richard Westwood-Brookes on 01568 770803 or from the auctioneers on 01694 771771. The newspaper was Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury, dated Friday, March 7 2003.
Roger Pepys married Ann Banks, daughter of Luke Banks and Hester Bellingham. They were childless, but he had issue by his second wife Barbara Bacon.
     More information about Roger Pepys may be found at
He was Commissioner for assessment, Norf. Jan. 1660, Cambridge Univ. Aug. 1660-1, Cambs. 1661-80, Cambridge 1661-3, 1664-9, Cambridge Univ. and Norf. 1677-80; j.p. Norf. Mar.-July 1660, Cambs. Mar. 1660-80; recorder, Cambridge May 1660-79; commr. for pontage, Cambridge, 1663, 1673; bencher, M. Temple 1664; commr. for recusants, Cambs. 1675.2.
His cousin Samuel Pepys, the diarist, wrote on 3 August 1661: at Cambridge . . . at night I took horse and rode with Roger Pepys and his two brothers to Impington. 14th August 1661: Lord's Day. Got up and by and by walked into the orchard with my cousin Roger and there plucked some fruit. To church and had a good plain sermon. My uncle Talbot went with us, and at our coming in, the country people all rose with much reference, and when the parson begins he begins 'Right Worshipful and dearly beloved etc' to us.
A lease dated 1670 shows: 1. Roger Pepys of Impington, Camb. 2. Richard Quarry of Botesdale, Suffolk. Messuage called Park House in Diss.
     Roger died before 4 October 1688. He was buried on 4 October 1688 in Impington, Cambridgeshire.
     His will was proved on 13 October 1688 at Ely, Cambridgeshire. Schedule of money to be paid by Roger Pepys for the settlement of the manor of Diss WILL: 1688 Aug. 31. Roger Pepys of Impington, Cambs. [ACBIA]. To be buried at Impington near my father. To my grandson Talbot Pepys when 21. Proved Ely 13 Oct. 1688 by Charles Long his son-in-law.

Robert de Perci

     Robert de Perci was the son of Walter de Perci and Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin.

Walter de Perci

      Of Rugemond..
Walter de Perci married Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin, daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli, before 1153.

Samuel Percival

     Samuel Percival married Ann Colbert on 14 September 1742 in Habrough, Lincolnshire, England.

William de Percy

( - between 1174 and 1175)
     Sibyl de Valognes married secondly William de Percy circa 1166.
     William died between 1174 and 1175.

Lady Elizabeth Percy

     Lady Elizabeth Percy married Henry le Scrope 6th Lord Scrope of Bolton. He married, 1stly (before 20 April 1494), Alice (aged 12 and more 23 April 1493), suo jure Baroness Scrope (of Masham), only daughter and heir of Thomas (le Scrope), 6th Lord Scrope (of Masham), by Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of John (Neville), Marquess of Montagu. She died s.p.m. about 1510.
He married, 2ndly, Mabel, daughter of Thomas (Dacre), 2nd Lord Dacre (of Gilsland), by Elizabeth, according to modern doctrine suo jure Baroness Greystoke, daughter and sole heir of Sir Robert Greystoke.".

Henry Percy

(1160 - before 1205)
     Henry Percy married Isabel Brus, daughter of Adam Brus and Jueta de Arches. Henry Percy was born in 1160. He was the son of Josceline de Lorraine and Agnes de Percy who was born 1134.
     Henry died before 1205.

Margaret Percy

     Margaret Percy married Robert de Umfraville, son of Gilbert de Umfraville 3rd Earl of Angus and Maud Lucy. They had no issue. Robert pre-deceased his father.. Margaret Percy was born. She was the daughter of Henry, Lord Percy..

Lady Margaret Percy

     Lady Margaret Percy was born. She was the daughter of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland, who was born 25 Jul 1421, Leconfield.
Lady Margaret Percy married Sir William Gascoigne, son of William Gascoigne and Jane Nevil.

Children of Lady Margaret Percy and Sir William Gascoigne

Maude or Matilda Percy

(circa 1489 - between 1528 and 1543)
     Maude or Matilda Percy was born circa 1489. The case for her birth and parentage as daughter of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumbelrand and his wife Maud Herbert, was made by Brad Verity in Feb 2010
(Option 6) Maud, legitimate daughter of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland and his wife Maud Herbert. At first glance, this possibility seems easily ruled out. CP states the couple was married "about 1476", but they were actually married by Michaelmas (October) 1472 (see Michael Hicks, "Dynastic Change and Northern Society: The Career of the Fourth Earl of Northumberland, 1470-89" in 'Northern History', xiv (1978), pp. 83-84). Per the Percy pedigree in the
Visitation of the North circa 1480-1500, their children were "Henricus Percy, Anna, Elizabeth Percy obijt iuuencula, and
Aleonora." Per the will of the 4th Earl, dated 27 July 1485 as he was mustering to fight for Richard III at Bosworth, his children were sons Henry, William, Alan and Jocelin, and daughters Eleanor and Anne. No daughter Maud. Eleanor (named for paternal grandmother Eleanor, Countess of Northumberland), the eldest surviving daughter and no doubt born before her brother Henry the 5th Earl, was bequested 3,000 marks as her marriage portion by her father, and was contracted in marriage in 1490, the year following her father's murder, to Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham. Anne Percy (named for maternal grandmother Anne, Countess of Pembroke), bequested 2,000 marks as a marriage portion by her father, did not marry William, son and heir of the Earl of Arundel, until February 1511, when she was well over age 25 and possibly (if older than her brother the 5th Earl) over age 30. Why there was such a delay in her marrying is not clear. Per CP, Maud Herbert, wife of the 4th Earl, died before July 1485, when her husband made his will. So it would appear there is no room for another daughter Maud, wife of Sir Ralph Ryther.

But CP is incorrect in its statement about Maud Herbert's death. A full reading of the 4th Earl's will shows that she was alive when he wrote it. He goes into great detail about his funeral arrangements, and prayers for the soul of himself and his parents, without any indication that his wife had died. And later he clearly states, "Also I will that William Rilston [an executor and one of his most trusted retainers] have fourtie markes yerlie during his lyve, t'abide wt my wyff and wt myne heir." So, how did CP get confused?
Because a codicil to the will, added by the 4th Earl "at Newburgh, ye xxiiij day of Fev'yer, wt my hand" adds the following, "Also I wol ther be mortest as moch land to Beverlay, wher my wife lyes, and I entend shal lye..." So at some point after Bosworth, Countess Maud died. The 4th Earl was imprisoned after the battle but released by December 1485, so the February 24th codicil could have been written in 1486/87/88 or 89. Countess Maud was a young woman in the late 1480s, in her early 30s at the most - could her death have been in childbirth? A daughter Maud, born in 1486/88, would be of the perfect age for marriage in October 1510.
After the 4th Earl's children were orphaned in April 1489, the two eldest, Eleanor and Henry, in their preteens, were taken in by the Court and soon married, probably under the watchful eyes of the King's mother and her good friend their maternal aunt Anne (Herbert), Lady Powis. Anne, the next daughter, probably close in age, may have
been taken into the Court as well. But the younger sons, all under age 10, would have been given to the care of their father's executors, as per the instructions in his will, until they reached the age of 18.
And little Maud would have been a mere infant, perhaps sent to the household of one of her paternal aunts, Dame Margaret Gascoigne or Elizabeth, Lady Scrope of Bolton? Each of which ladies would see a granddaughter and daughter, respectively, married to a son of Sir Ralph Ryther before October 1510. And it would be perfectly natural for the brother who would oversee Maud's interests in her marriage to Sir Ralph, to not be her eldest brother the 5th Earl, raised far away from her at Court, but her next eldest brother Sir William, himself approaching age 30 in 1510, who was her oldest sibling while they were raised in the North.
It is not clear when Maud Percy, Dame Ryther, died. She was alive when her stepson Thomas Ryther made his will in 1527 and dead by the time her son Henry Ryther made his will in 1543. Perhaps she is mentioned in the wills of Eleanor, Duchess of Buckingham (1528), Joscelin Percy (1532), or Anne, Countess of Arundel (1552), and her identification as their sister can be confirmed.
At this point, her identification as a daughter of the 4th Earl of Northumberland seems very solid on chronological and other evidence (she named her son 'Henry'), and the possibility of her being a daughter by his wife Maud Herbert seems promising as well. Maud Percy's daughter Elizabeth Ryther married, at some point after 1527, William Aclam of Moreby, Yorkshire, and died before her brother Henry, who died without issue 5 January 1544, when his nephew William Aclam (d. 1567) was found to be one of his co-heirs, and the latter carried the line of his grandmother Maud Percy further forward.
     Maude or Matilda Percy married Sir Ralph Ryther as his second wife, circa 1510. His second wife was Maud daughter of Henry Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland, who survived him (her stepson's inquisition).
     Maude or Matilda Percy was mentioned in the will of Thomas Ryther dated 1 July 1527.
     Maude died between 1528 and 1543.
     Maude or Matilda Percy was mentioned in the will of Sir Henry Ryther dated 23 January 1542/43.

Children of Maude or Matilda Percy and Sir Ralph Ryther

Mary Perkehus

(circa 1730? - before 7 September 1758)
     Mary Perkehus was born circa 1730?.
Mary Perkehus married Richard Popplewell, son of Humphrey Popplewell and Mary Whitaker, on 13 December 1739 in St Benet, Paul's Wharf, London. First wife was Mary PERKEHUS (possibly foreign - part of the Dutch contingent in Axholme?) but may be English PARKHOUSE..
     Mary died before 7 September 1758 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 7 September 1758 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. Mary Poplewell, wife of Richard.

Children of Mary Perkehus and Richard Popplewell

Alfred Perks

(1849 - )
     Alfred Perks was born in 1849 in Old Swinford, Worcestershire.
Alfred Perks married Mary Ann Keen, daughter of Valentine Keen and Tryphena Johnston, before 1 July 1900 in Stourbridge RD, Worcestershire.
     Alfred Perks and Mary Ann Keen were recorded on the 1901 census in Prospect Row, Field Lane, Upper Swinford, Worcestershire. Alfred Perks Head Mar 51 Chain Maker Old Swinford; Mary Ann Keightley-Perks 58 Laundress Lower Slaughter; Pamela Holdger Visitor Mar 26 Kingswinford, Staffs.

Beatrice Margaret Perman

(14 January 1895 - 1988)
     Beatrice Margaret Perman was also known as Trixie in records. Beatrice Margaret Perman was also known as Margaret Beatrice in records. She was born on 14 January 1895 in the Barracks, Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland. Beatrice was known in the Perman family as Trixie. She was the daughter of Charles John Perman and Margaret Marsden. Beatrice was the sixth of eight children.
     Beatrice and Claude resided at Nundah, Queensland, 1919.
Beatrice Margaret Perman married Claude Turner Paul, son of Dr George William Frederic Paul and Margaret Smith, on 7 January 1919 in St John's, Putney, Middlesex, England.
     Beatrice died in 1988 in Sandgate?, Queensland, Australia.

Child of Beatrice Margaret Perman and Claude Turner Paul

Helena Perrot

(say 1690 - )
     Helena Perrot was born say 1690.
Helena Perrot married Nathaniel Cave, son of Francis Cave, on 10 February 1708/9 in St Phillip, Barbados. Helena was present at John Cave's christening on 23 July 1714 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Child of Helena Perrot and Nathaniel Cave

Child of Helena Perrot

Ellen Louisa Perry

     Ellen Louisa Perry married Frederick Mathew Redding, son of John Matthew Redding and Rachel Coleman.

Albert Edward Perryman

(1877 - 1966)
     Albert Edward Perryman was born in 1877 in Albury, New South Wales. He was the son of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson.
     Albert died in 1966 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Dorothy Euphemia Perryman

(1913 - 2003)
     Dorothy Euphemia Perryman was born in 1913 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel George Perryman and Sarah Hogan.
Dorothy Euphemia Perryman married Frederick Edison Box Stevens in 1939 in Victoria.
     Dorothy died in 2003.

Dulcie Edna Perryman

(31 August 1911 - 18 July 2012)
     Dulcie Edna Perryman was born on 31 August 1911 in Carisbrook, Victoria. She was the daughter of Samuel George Perryman and Sarah Hogan.
Dulcie Edna Perryman married John Austin Carey in 1937 in Victoria.
     Dulcie died on 18 July 2012 in New South Wales aged 100. She was buried on 24 July 2012. CAREY, Dulcie Edna 31.8.1911 - 18.7.2012 Aged 100 years Late of Minchinbury Manor Rooty Hill Beloved wife of John (deceased). Loving mother of
Marion and Lesley. Loving grandmother and great- grandmother. Family and friends of DULCIE are invited to attend her Funeral Service to be held
Tuesday, 24th July 2012 in the Guardian Funeral Chapel, Pinegrove Memorial Park, Minchinbury at 10am.

Children of Dulcie Edna Perryman and John Austin Carey

Henry Perryman

(circa 1838 - 9 February 1910)
     Henry Perryman was born circa 1838 in Devon, England. He was the son of Richard Perryman & Jane Skinner according to his death registration.
     Henry Perryman was recorded on the 1841 census in Tawstock, Devon. Richard Perryman 55, ag. labourer; Ann Perryman 14, Edwin Perryman 8, Joshua Perryman 8, Matilda Perryman 6, Henry Perryman 3, all born in the county.
Henry Perryman married Margaret MacPherson, daughter of Paul MacPherson and Jane Emslie, in 1871 in Victoria.
     Henry died on 9 February 1910 in Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia.
     The administration of his estate was granted on 13 April 1910 at Victoria. Administration of the estate of Henry Perryman, caretaker of Carisbrook, was granted to Albert Edward Perryman, miner, of Carisbrook, son of the deceased. Died on the 9th according to the affidavit leaving no real estate and goods worth £50/7/8. Robert McCulloch was a bondsman.

Children of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson

Herbert Henry Perryman

(1919 - )
     Herbert Henry Perryman was born in 1919 in Carlton, Victoria. He was the son of William Charles Perryman and Alice May Smith.

James Edward Perryman

( - 1 July 1942)
     James Edward Perryman was the son of Samuel George Perryman and Sarah Hogan. James Edward Perryman was born on 19 October 1918 in Carlton, Victoria.
     James died on 1 July 1942 in Carlton, Victoria. James was prisoner of war aboard Japanese prisoner of war ship which was torpedoed by the American submarine, USS Sturgeon off the coast of the Philippines. James was one of the 1400 prisoners aboard who drowned. JReference: "Heroes at Sea" by Don Wall". See:

Jessie Perryman

(1879 - 1940)
     Jessie Perryman was born in 1879 in Albury, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson.
Jessie Perryman married Ernest Rapley, son of William Rapley and Sarah Unknown, in 1897 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
     Jessie died in 1940 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Children of Jessie Perryman and Ernest Rapley

John Henry Perryman

(1873 - 1956)
     John Henry Perryman was born in 1873 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson.
John Henry Perryman married Frances Priscilla Frazier in 1904 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. They had at least three children: Charles A Perryman, b 1905 Wagga Wagga (NSW 8474/1905); Phyllis F Perryman, b 1906 Wagga Wagga (NSW 8581/1906) married Alexander P Wise at Wagga Wagga in 1931 (NSW 3484/1931), Lonnie J Perryman ( on some documents is listed as Lorrie), b 1907 Wagga Wagga (NSW 41094/1907) married Margaret I Douglas at Wagga Wagga in 1932 (NSW 2630/1932). Lonnie died in 1975 in NSW (NSW 22076/1975).
     John died in 1956 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Leslie Raymond Perryman

(1909 - 21 September 2007)
     Leslie was nick-named George. He was commonly known as Ray. He was born in 1909 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Samuel George Perryman and Sarah Hogan.
     Leslie resided at Caulfield, Victoria, before 1914.
     Leslie resided at Merbein, Victoria, circa 1918. Leslie was a hairdresser.
Leslie Raymond Perryman married Daphne Iris Scullen in 1934. They were members of the Merbein Uniting Church.
     Leslie resided at 222 Commercial St, Merbein, 1948.
     Leslie died on 21 September 2007 in Victoria.

Margaret J Perryman

(1876 - )
     Margaret J Perryman was born in 1876 in Albury, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson.
Margaret J Perryman married Ebenezer Rapley, son of William Rapley and Sarah Unknown, in 1896 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Children of Margaret J Perryman and Ebenezer Rapley

Martha Perryman

(1883 - )
     Martha Perryman was born in 1883 in Albury, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson.