Peter Peterson Refshauge

(circa 1830 - 10 July 1914)
     Peter Peterson Refshauge was born circa 1830.
Peter Peterson Refshauge married Eliza Thornhill Dudley before 1861.
     Peter was registered as Peter Refshauge, Independent Means at Mepunga, Allansford, Victoria, on the 1909 electoral roll.
     Peter died on 10 July 1914 in Wangaratta, Victoria. He was buried at Yackandandah (aged 83) with his wife.

Children of Peter Peterson Refshauge and Eliza Thornhill Dudley

William Dudley Refshauge

(1862 - )
     William Dudley Refshauge was born in 1862 in Yackandandah, Victoria. He was the son of Peter Peterson Refshauge and Eliza Thornhill Dudley.

William Dudley Duncan Refshauge

(3 April 1913 - 27 May 2009)
     William Dudley Duncan Refshauge was born on 3 April 1913 in Carlton, Victoria. He was the son of Francis Christopher Refshauge and Margaret Isabella Craig.
William Dudley Duncan Refshauge married Helen Elizabeth Stanfield Allwright in August 1942 in Victoria. They had four sons and a daughter.
     William died on 27 May 2009 in Canberra, ACT, aged 96. He was a Major General and Director General of the Commonwealth Health Department.

George John Regan

(1865? - 1901?)
     George John Regan was born in 1865? In Young, New South Wales.
George John Regan married Ellen Isobel Phillips, daughter of Edward Augustus Phillips and Ellen Besnard, in 1888 in Young, New South Wales.
     George died in 1901? In Young, New South Wales.

Children of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips

John Regan

(circa 1867 - 14 August 1923)
     John was a blacksmith. He was born circa 1867 in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
John Regan married Harriet Hannah Colbert, daughter of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, in 1888 in Victoria, Australia.
     John died on 14 August 1923 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. He was buried in the New Cemetery, Ballarat.

Lena Regan

(1891 - )
     Lena Regan was born in 1891 in Young, New South Wales. She was the daughter of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips.

Leslie J Regan

(1895 - 1919)
     Leslie J Regan was born in 1895 in Young, New South Wales. He was the son of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips.
     Leslie died in 1919 in Young, New South Wales.

Linda May Regan

(1894 - 1979)
     Linda May Regan was born in 1894 in Young, New South Wales. She was the daughter of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips.
Linda May Regan married Alan Carruthers in 1924 in Sydney, New South Wales.
     Linda died in 1979 in New South Wales.

Mary Florence Regan

(1898 - )
     Mary Florence Regan was born in 1898 in Young, New South Wales. She was the daughter of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips.
     Mary resided at Boundary St, Roseville, New South Wales, 1936.

Walter Ballard Regan

(1889 - 1944)
     Walter Ballard Regan was born in 1889 in New South Wales. He was the son of George John Regan and Ellen Isobel Phillips.
     Walter resided at Boundary St, Roseville, New South Wales, between 1930 and 1936.
Walter Ballard Regan married Ruby Harriett Thompson in 1940 in Chatswood, New South Wales.
     Walter died in 1944 in Chatswood district, New South Wales.

Home Maitland Reid

     Home Maitland Reid married Florence Mary Richardson Handy, daughter of Orme William Handy and Kathleen Davenport Lett, on 29 August 1908 in Baggotrath, Dublin, Ireland. Home Maitland Reid, gentleman of 132 Earlscourt Rd, London, son of James Reid, Major General, to, Florence Mary Handy, of Bracca Castle, Horseleap, Westmeath, daughter of Orme William Handy (deceased), gentleman. They were both of full aged and single, and married by special licence. Both signed in the presence of J Reid & Katherine Davenport Lett.

Katherine Reid

(say 1545 - 1610)
     Katherine Reid was born say 1545 in Moray. She was the daughter of the Abbot of Kinloss and sister of Walter Reid, the last RC Abbot of Kinloss; niece of Robert Reid, the Abbot of Kinloss!
Annals of Forres p. 581 calls her sister of Robert Reid, the famous Abbot of the Reformation.
Katherine Reid married Alexander Dunbar, son of David Dunbar, circa 1561. This marriage brought the lands of West Grange to the estate of Burgie. Other sources (to bwe confirmed) state he married Barbara Hay & both are buried at Auldearn.
Letters of tolerance by John Haye of Lochloye [Lochloy] and Park, with consent of John Haye [Hay], his son and apparent heir, to Mr Alexander Dunbar, dean of Murray [Moray], and Katherine Reid, his spouse, and tenants and inhabitants of their lands of Litill Penyk, Boychthill and the dean's four acres beside Auldearne [Auldearn], to win lead and cast peats in moss of Lochtloye [Lochloy] and Insocht. Seal, loose, on tag. With a copy.
Alexander & his wife Katherine Reid disponed the lands of West Grange to their second son Thomas, as the eldest son Alexander was mentally defective.
     Katherine died in 1610. She's heir was Alexander Dunbar on 20 December 1631.

Children of Katherine Reid and Alexander Dunbar

Margaret Mary Reid

(18 July 1866 - 18 October 1925)
     Margaret Mary Reid was born on 18 July 1866 in Waterford, Ireland. She was the daughter of Hugh Albert Reid; born about 1840 in Waterford, Ireland in 1895 in Kings County, New York, and died July 5, 1926, in Bergenfield, New Jersey..
Margaret Mary Reid married Samaurez de Bourdieu Halahan, son of Dr Henry Samuel Halahan and Frances Catherine Bourne, in 1895.
     Margaret died on 18 October 1925 in Dupont, New Jersy, USA, aged 59.

Children of Margaret Mary Reid and Samaurez de Bourdieu Halahan

Mary Reid

(circa 1720 - )
     Mary Reid was born circa 1720 in Scotland.
Mary Reid married John Bremner, son of Donald Bremner and Isabel Leslie, before 1754 in Scotland.

Child of Mary Reid and John Bremner

Robert Reid

     Robert Reid married Mary Ann Allan, daughter of Robert Allan and Elisabeth Robertson, in 1878 in Victoria.

Bridget Reilly

(say 1845 - before 1871)
     Bridget Reilly was born say 1845.
Bridget Reilly married James Handy, son of John Handy and Ann Kenny, on 28 August 1865 in St Andrew's RC chapel, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.
     Bridget died before 1871.

Children of Bridget Reilly and James Handy

Bridget Agnes Reilly

(10 June 1856 - 21 March 1944)
     Bridget Agnes Reilly was born on 10 June 1856 in Marrabel, South Australia. She was the daughter of Michael Reilly & Margaret nee McCabe..
Bridget Agnes Reilly married Daniel Colbert, son of Thomas Colbert and Honora Curren, on 10 May 1885 in Kapunda, South Australia.
     Bridget died on 21 March 1944 in Adelaide, South Australia, aged 87. She was buried on 22 March 1944 in the West Terrace cemetery, Adelaide. She was of Clarence Park.

Children of Bridget Agnes Reilly and Daniel Colbert

Johanna Reily

     Johanna Reily married Tobias Handcock, son of Richard Handcock and Mary Caulfield, circa 13 May 1783 in Ossory Diocese, Ireland. Tobias Handcock of the city of Kilkenny, gent, and Joannah Reily of the parish of St Mary's, spinster. Both Protestants..

Child of Johanna Reily and Tobias Handcock

Children of Johanna Reily and Tobias Handcock

Mary Remnant

     Mary Remnant married General John Murray on 5 May 1768 in St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich, Kent. John Murray, Esquire, she was a minor, both of this parish. Witnesses were 5 Remnants & Mary Jonson..

Child of Mary Remnant and General John Murray

John Rencie Goldolphin

     John Rencie Goldolphin married Elinor Godolphin, daughter of William Godolphin and Melior Cowlinge. He assumed the name of Godolphin..

Child of John Rencie Goldolphin and Elinor Godolphin

Margaret Mary Rendell

     Margaret Mary Rendell married Rupert Lyle Coulthard, son of James Emerson Coulthard and Eliza Hannah Vaux, in 1917.
     Margaret was registered at 10 Evelyn St, Yarram, on the 1972 electoral roll.

Child of Margaret Mary Rendell and Rupert Lyle Coulthard

Sarah Rendle (Edwards?)

(circa 1810 - June 1890)
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) was born circa 1810 in Dean Prior or Kingsbridge, Devon. Sarah, daughter of William & Eliz Rendle, was baptised May 20 1810.
The marriage of Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) and George Ruby, son of William Ruby and Mary Rendle, was registered in Newton Abbot RD, Devon, in the June 1848 quarter.
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) and George Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Abbotskerswell, Devon. George was a married agricultural labourer, aged 60, birthplace not known, living with his wife Sarah, aged 40 born Dean Prior and their son Samuel Rendall Ruby aged 1, born at Abbotskerswell & young visitors William & Mary Rendell, aged 9 & 5 ,born at Kingsteignton with Jane Andershay Chudleigh, aged 4 born Abbotskerswell.
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) and George Ruby were recorded on the 1861 census in East St, Newton Abbot, Wolborough, Devon. George Ruby, head, 71, labourer, born Widecombe; his wife Sarah Ruby, 50, born Kingsbridge, son Samuel Ruby, 11, t/sailor, born Abbotskerswell.
Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) married Thomas Furze as her second husband, before January 1870 in Newton Abbot RD Devon. She remarried in the December quarter of 1869.
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) and Samuel Rendell Ruby were recorded on the 1871 census in Wolborough St, Newton Abbot, Wolborough, Devon. Thomas Furze married, 76, Greenwich pensioner, born Devonport, Sarah, wife 60 b. Dean Prior, Samuel Ruby step-son, unmarried, 21, tailor/sailor?, born Abbotskerswell.
     Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) were recorded on the 1881 census in Lemon Place, Newton Abbot, Wolborough, Devon. Sarah Furze, widow, aged 70, born Dean Prior, was a lodger with the Keen family.
     Sarah's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1890 in Newton Abbot RD Devon.

Child of Sarah Rendle (Edwards?) and George Ruby

Mary Rendle

(15 May 1763 - )
     Mary Rendle was born on 15 May 1763 in Plympton, Devon. A Mary Rendle, daughter of John was baptised May 31st 1763, Mary daughter of Jno Rendle at Bovey Tracey.
Mary Rendle married William Ruby, son of William Ruby and Elizabeth Cornish, on 11 January 1785 in Widecombe, Devon. The marriage was witnessed by John Rendle. Mary Rendle was widowed on 23 May 1813 in Holne, Devon, on the death of her husband William Ruby. Mary Rendle was buried on 17 September 1843 in Holne, Devon. Mary Ruby, of Ashburton, aged 80, but also a Mary Ruby aged 68 buried at Plymouth St Andrew 2 March 1828.

Children of Mary Rendle and William Ruby

Ann Rennie or Rannie

     Ann Rennie or Rannie was buried in St Peter's RC church, Aberdeen.
Ann Rennie or Rannie married William MacPherson, son of Paul MacPherson and Catherine Christie, on 25 January 1856 in Church of Scotland Manse, Aberlour, Banffshire.

Children of Ann Rennie or Rannie and William MacPherson

Margaret Renny

(circa 1775? - )
     Margaret Renny was born circa 1775?.
Margaret Renny married Donaldson Riddell, son of John Riddell and Jean Charles, on 30 October 1796 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     Margaret Renny and Donaldson Riddell were recorded on the 1841 census in Riddler Court, Bon Accord, Aberdeen. Donaldson Riddel, 65 Blacksmith Aberdeenshire; Margaret Riddel, 70 Aberdeenshire; Donaldson Riddel, 30 Watch Maker Aberdeenshire, James Riddel, 25 Goldsmith Aberdeenshire.

Children of Margaret Renny and Donaldson Riddell

Adam de Reresby

     Adam resided at Thribergh, Yorkshire. He was born in England.

Child of Adam de Reresby

Jane or Joan de Reresby

(before 1305 - )
     Jane or Joan de Reresby was born before 1305 in Thribergh, Yorkshire, England. She was the daughter of Adam de Reresby.
Jane or Joan de Reresby married Sir John Fitzwilliam, son of Sir William Fitzwilliam and Isabel Deincourt.

Children of Jane or Joan de Reresby and Sir John Fitzwilliam

Thomas Revell

(say 1590 - )
     Thomas Revell was born say 1590.
Thomas Revell married Ann Wilson, daughter of Christopher Wilson and Ellen Bramall, on 16 November 1613 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. More information about the Revell family may be found at: e-mail address.
     Thomas resided at Stannington, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

Annie Revil

(1861 - )
     Annie Revil married William Squirrell, son of Benjamin Squirrell. Annie Revil was born in 1861 in Crowle, Lincolnshire.

Child of Annie Revil and William Squirrell

Allan Thomas Reville

(1903 - 1904)
     Allan Thomas Reville was born in 1903 in Alberton, Victoria. He was the son of Henry Reville and Christina Booker.
     Allan died in 1904 in Victoria.