Catherine Roelt

(1350 - 10 May 1403)
     Catherine Roelt married John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, son of Edward, III, King of England. Catherine Roelt was born in 1350. She was the daughter of Pain de Roelt.
     Catherine died on 10 May 1403.

Child of Catherine Roelt and John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster

John F Roennfeldt

     John F Roennfeldt married Alice May Bowker, daughter of William James Bowker and Cassandra Jemima Crowhurst, on 12 September 1911 in Laura, South Australia. ROENNFELDT- BOWKER.-On the 12th Sep tember, at Baptist Church, Laura, by Rev E. B Turner, John F, second son of L and the late K Roennfeldt, of Poplar Holme, Grenock to Alice May, eldest surviving daughter of C J and the late W J Bowker, of Water Newton, Laura. Present address-Laura. At home October 25 tnd 27.

Ann Roger

     Ann Roger married Joseph Hooper, son of Joseph Hooper and Janet Row, on 23 August 1753 in Stitchill, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

Children of Ann Roger and Joseph Hooper

Catherine Roger?

(circa 1520? - before 26 December 1567)
     Catherine Roger? was born circa 1520? In Suffolk.
Catherine Roger? married Edmund Bland in Suffolk, England. Marriage records begin in 1586.
     Catherine Roger? made a will dated 2 December 1567 in Depden. Will : 2? Dec?, I Catheryn Bland, widow of Depden, Sfk ... in bodye but perfect of remembrance do make my last will and testament in manner and form following, First I bequeath my soule unto almighty God & my body to ... buryall ... the ... unto John Bland my son conditionally that he shall pay unto Edmonde Bland my son the sum of five pounds of lawful English money on the same day at the same ... of Andrew Stott? and Edward E... ... Edmonde ... unto Mary my daughter ... I bequeath to my daughter Ellyne ... Also I bequeath to Elizabeth ... I bequeath to my daughter Margret ... among my sons ... Andrew Stott of Depden ... unto my daughter Margaret ... my executors ... ... ... John Roggers Andrew Stott Edward? Tylar ...
     Catherine died before 26 December 1567 in Depden, Suffolk. She was buried on 28 December 1567 in Depden.
     Her will was proved on 26 December 1568 at Sudbury.

Children of Catherine Roger? and Edmund Bland

Anne Rogers

     Anne Rogers married Hammond Banks, son of Rev Robert Banks and Margaret Thornton. They had no issue.

Catherine Rogers

     Catherine Rogers married Frederick Ashby, son of Nathan Ashby and Sarah Harbourn Nowell, on 25 February 1858 in Christ Church, Barbados. Which Frederick?.

Child of Catherine Rogers and Frederick Ashby

Emily Myrtle Rogers

(1892 - 1973)
     Emily Myrtle Rogers was born in 1892 in Kadina, South Australia.
Emily Myrtle Rogers married John Henry Ruby, son of Richard Henry Ruby and Mary Ann Monk, in Victoria.
     Emily died in 1973 in Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Children of Emily Myrtle Rogers and John Henry Ruby

Mary Ann Rogers

(circa 1835 - )
     Mary Ann Rogers was born circa 1835.
Mary Ann Rogers married Elijah Catchpole, son of Richard Catchpole and Sophia Cocksedge, circa October 1854 in Hessett, Suffolk.

Child of Mary Ann Rogers and Elijah Catchpole

Regina Mary Rogers

(circa 1899 - 1984)
     Regina Mary Rogers was born circa 1899.
     Thomas George Booker married Regina Mary Rogers as his second wife, in 1924 in Victoria.
     Regina died in 1984 in Maffra, Victoria.

Ruby G Rogers

( - July 2007)
     Ruby G Rogers was born in Suffolk.
The marriage of Ruby G Rogers and Wilfred Noel Bland, son of William John Bland and Eliza Barnes, was registered in Suffolk in the March 1944 quarter.
     Ruby died in July 2007 in Drinkstone, Suffolk.

Susan Clementina Rogers

(circa 1841 - June 1937)
     Susan Clementina Rogers was also known as Clementina in records. She was born circa 1841 in Scotland.
     Susan Clementina Rogers and George Wafford were recorded on the 1881 census in 17 New Chesterfield St, Marylebone, London. George Wofford, 50, carpenter, born Drury Lane, Mdx, his wife Clementina, 40, born Paddington, Mdx, son Robert aged 17, smith (white), born St Pancras, Mdx.
The marriage of Susan Clementina Rogers and George Wafford, son of John Wafford and Eliza Porter, was registered in London, St Pancras RD, in the March 1904 quarter.
     Susan died in June 1937 in Islington RD, Middlesex.

Daniel Rohan

     Daniel Rohan and Margaret Colbert obtained a marriage licence in 1850 in Cork, Ireland.

Hannah Rohers

     Hannah Rohers married John Ryther as his third wife, in 1746 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross)

(1859 - 7 September 1936)
     Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) was buried in Dandenong, Victoria. She was born in 1859. She was the daughter of William Rolfe and Maria (?).
Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) married Henry Charles Seamer, son of John Seamer, on 31 August 1878 in Upchurch, Kent.
Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) married Richard Hills in 1922 in Victoria.
     Maria died on 7 September 1936 in Victoria.

Children of Maria Rolfe (Baker or Ross) and Henry Charles Seamer

Marion Louisa! Rolfe

(1857 - 16 February 1929)
     Marion Louisa! Rolfe was commonly known as Louisa. She was born in 1857 in Sandridge, Victoria, Australia.
Marion Louisa! Rolfe married Alfred John Colbert, son of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, in 1882 in Victoria, Australia.
     Marion died on 16 February 1929 in Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia. She was buried in Burwood, Victoria.

Mary Rolfe

( - before 3 October 1665)
     Mary Rolfe married Francis Bland, son of Oliver Bland and Frances Kirby. She was the daughter of Clement Rolfe of Tuttington, co. Norfolk.
     Mary died before 3 October 1665 in Eye, Suffolk. She was buried on 3 October 1665 in St Peter & St Paul, Eye.

Child of Mary Rolfe and Francis Bland

William Rolfe

( - 1860)
     William Rolfe married Maria (?) before 1855.
     William died in 1860.

Child of William Rolfe and Maria (?)

Joan Bately Rolin

(1897 - 30 October 1981)
     Joan Bately Rolin was born in 1897 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of Judge Rolin of Elizabeth Bay Rd at her marriage. She was the daughter of Tom Rolin and Lydia Augusta Phillips Bowker.
Joan Bately Rolin married Sir William Francis Langer Owen PC on 11 July 1923 in St Mark's, Darling Point. |An undated newspaper clipping: The marriage of Miss Joan Rolin to Mr W Owen yesterday calls to mind anold, old story, told by Rose Scott of her salon days. Two clever young barristers used to visit her, and also two of the prettiest girls of the Sydney of those days. Those barristers naturally fell in love with those pretty girls, and Livia ("Beauty") Bowker is now the wife of Judge Rolin and her sister Berthia (sic) is the wife of Mr Justice Rich. Rose Scott had a place of honour at the table of Judge & Mrs Rolin at the wedding reception yesterday .
     Joan died on 30 October 1981 in 73 Piccadilly Gardens, Fullerton Street, Woollahra, New South Wales.

Phyllis Lydia Rolin

(22 May 1895 - 15 November 1971)
     Phyllis Lydia Rolin was commonly known as Phyl. She was born on 22 May 1895 in Sydney, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Tom Rolin and Lydia Augusta Phillips Bowker.
At the 1920 Bush Book Club ball 7 April - Pride & Prejudice arranged by Miss Phyllis Rolin, included Miss Jill Rich, Mr Ashby Hooper, Miss Lydia Bellbridge.
Phyllis Lydia Rolin married Philip Sidney Parkinson on 13 March 1925 in Sydney. Phyllis was granted a divorce from Philip Sidney Parkinson on 3 July 1941 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Phyllis died on 15 November 1971 in 21 Manning Rd, Double Bay, New South Wales, aged 76.

Tom Rolin

(1864 - 1927)
     Tom Rolin was born in 1864 in Sydney, New South Wales. He was the son of Thomas B Rolin & his wife Louisa.
Tom Rolin married Lydia Augusta Phillips Bowker, daughter of Richard Ryther Steer Bowker and Lydia Frances Phillips, on 28 April 1894 in St Paul's, Paterson.
Tom Rolin and Lydia Augusta Phillips Bowker witnessed George Edward Rich KCMG, PC and Elizabeth Steer Bowker's wedding on 5 December 1894 in Paterson.
The Cyclopedia of NSW, 1907 listed him as: Mr. THOMAS ROLIN, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, is a son of Thomas Bateley Rolin, solicitor, and was born at Sydney in 1862. He received his early education at Cleveland Street Public School and at the Sydney Grammar School, proceeding afterwards, as so many other members of the legal profession have done, to the Sydney University in 1880, where he gained distinction. He graduated in March, 1883, taking first-class honours in mathematics, the mathematical medal, and second class honours in classics. Mr. Rolin took his M.A. degree in 1885, and was called to the Bar on the 17th August. 1886. He acted as District Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions in 1903, and appointed Acting District Court Judge 1907 for Wagga and Hay, Mr. Rolin is one of the examiners at the examinations for admission of solicitors, and is author of several legal works and publications, having edited (in conjunction with Mr. George E Rich) "The Companies Acts," in 1890, and the "No Liability Companies Acts," in 1897, and (with Mr. G. M. L. Innes) published "The Supreme Court Practice" (1902). . Tom was a judge of the Supreme Court in New South Wales.
     Tom died in 1927 in Sydney.

Children of Tom Rolin and Lydia Augusta Phillips Bowker

Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane

(December 1855 - )
     Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane was born in December 1855 in California, USA.
Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane married William Dawson Handy, son of William Handy and Elizabeth Frances Dawson, on 8 November 1877.
Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane married William Massey on 3 July 1893 in Sacramento, California, USA.
     Minerva Belle Massey and William Massey appeared on the 1900 census in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, USA. William Massey, head 67, his wife Minerva 44, and step-sons Wesley, 21, James 18, & Dudley, 17 Handy. Their father was born in Canada and their mother in California. They were day labourers for the past 6 years and their step father a farmer.

Children of Minerva Belle Rollin or Crane and William Dawson Handy

Alice or Adeliza de Romelli

(before 1109 - before Michaelmas 1187)
      Baroness of Skipton, co-heiress of her mother (used her name). She removed Embsay Priory to Bolton c1154 [Speight], but according to Jones it was her sister Avicia but on p 220 says Alice.
The heirs of Gundreda de
Warenne d.1224 are stated to be her daughters Joan de Neville and Margery de Breaute. They were in fact her granddaughters being the daughters of Gundreda's daughter, Alice de Curcy, by William III de Curcy of Stogursey. Alice was married first to Henry de Cornhill d.1193, by whom she had Joan, married to Hugh de Nevill, the Forester d.1234. Alice was married secondly to Warin fitz Gerold d.1216, by whom she had Margaret, married first to Baldwin de Redvers d.v.p.1216, and secondly to Faukes de Breate. This is documented in EYC III p.471.. Alice or Adeliza de Romelli was born before 1109. She was the elder daughter.. She was the daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli.
Alice or Adeliza de Romelli married William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray, son of Duncan, II, King of Scotland and Uchtreda, Queen of Scotland, before 1145. She was the second wife of William fitz Duncan of Skipton and Egremont (de jure uxoris).
Alice or Adeliza de Romelli married Alexander FitzGerald between 1155 and 1156.
     Alice died before Michaelmas 1187. She was buried in 1187 in Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire.

Children of Alice or Adeliza de Romelli and William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray

Cecily de Romelli

( - between 1151 and 1155)
     Cecily de Romelli was the daughter of Robert de Romelli.
Cecily de Romelli married William de Meschin Lord of Copeland.
Lady of Skipton & Harewood. Founded Embsay Priory in 1120/21, her husband gave Skipton Church to it the same year. She gave the Priory the mill at Harewood. She married secondly William de Traches (as is supposed on the authority of a single charter) (Speight). She outlived her husband and sons.
The History of Cumberland v. 2, The Abbey of Calden, in the barony of copeland it lists Ranulph Meschines who deeded land 10 Jan 1134 and his brother William Meschines the priori of Bees. Ranulph and brother-in-law William son of Duncan confirm a land grant to the abbey by Cecily (of above) along with Beatrice de Molle who bestowed to the monks 5 oxgangs in Little Gilcrux and 1/4 of the Mill in Great Gilcrux confirmed by Adam son of Uchtred her Uncle, as the gift of William, his nephew as the charter of said William son of Liolf de Molle testified".
Cecily de Romelli married Henry de Tracy after 1135.
     Cecily died between 1151 and 1155. There is some evidence to suppose that she was alive in 1151, but cannot have survived as late as 1155..

Children of Cecily de Romelli and William de Meschin Lord of Copeland

Robert de Romelli

(before 1065 - after 1096)
      After the conquest, the manor of Harewood with Skipton and all Craven was granted to Robert de Romelli [Parker]. Lord of Harewood 1080, Lord of Skipton. "Granted the great fee of Skipton in Craven and Lordship of Harewood shortly after the completion of Domesday (1087). Built Skipton Castle. [?Speight]

     Of ancient & eminent Normandy family according to Gabriel de Moulin. Farrer p 129: Gave to the Abbey of St Martin Troarm the Church of St Andrew Wheatenhurst Glos. with the priests lands & tithes ... Mapower Dorset... Molland ...Spitchwick Devon... Warkleigh which Henry I confirmed 110-1103. These lands came to William Meschin by his marriage to Cecily daughter of Robert.. Robert de Romelli was born before 1065 in England.
     Robert died after 1096 in England.

Child of Robert de Romelli

Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan

( - between 1188 and 1190)
     Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan was the daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
Cecilia, Lady of Skipton. Countess of Aumale.
Confirmed the grant of her husband Alexander Fitz-Gerald de Walton, to the Canons of Southwark..
Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan married Alexander Fitzgerald, son of Unknown Gerald. As her first marriage.
Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan married William le Gros Count of Aumale as her second husband..
     Cecily died between 1188 and 1190 in England.
Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan and Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy), William de Fortibus Earl of Albemarle, Skipton, William de Fortibus and Richard Lucy were mentioned in 1302?.

Children of Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan and William le Gros Count of Aumale

Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin

(before 1108 - circa 1176)
      She was the widow of William Pagenel, Lord of Leeds, Bingley etc. co. York. He was dead in 1138. She retained the name of Romelli. Inherited Harewood & Irby co. Lincoln. Benefactress to Arthington & Bolton priories. Gave lands to nuns of Arthington & the canons of Embsay. Gave the church at Harewood towards the maintenance of the chapel of St Mary & Holy Angels at York.

     Northumberland Families / W Percy Hedley Vol 2 p.8-9: Walter de Perci (son of Alan, son of William, was 3rd husband of Avice, daughter of Wm Meschin, widow of William de Curci & Wm Paynel of Drox. She inherited from her father Rougemont in Harewood - therefore called Walter de Rougemont. Issue Robert.

     By the division of the baorny of William Meschin, all his lands in co. Lincoln, Dorset, Somerset & Devon, with Harewood and its members in Wharfedale, co. York, went to the elder heiress. The Yorkshire lands were tabled as held of the King the manors of Harewood, East Keswick, Stockton, Wike, Lofthouse, Stub Hose, Alwoodley, Horsforth, Rawdon, Yeadon, [Brandon], [Wigton], Leathley, Weeton, Stainburn, Castley. From the lands of Gospatric they held Weton & Weardley. From the land of the King's thegns the held Weeton, Dun-Keswick & Rigton. [Farrer, W. Early Yorkshire charters, p.468-9]..
Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin married William Paynel. Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin was born before 1108 in England. She was the daughter of William de Meschin Lord of Copeland and Cecily de Romelli.
Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin married William de Curci II Baron, son of William de Curcy and Emma, Daughter of William de Falaise, circa 1125.
Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin married Walter de Perci before 1153.
     Avice died circa 1176 in England.

Child of Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin and William Paynel

Child of Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin and William de Curci II Baron

Child of Avice or Amice de Romelli or Meschin and Walter de Perci

Maurice Ronalds

( - August 1944)
     Maurice Ronalds married Edith Victoria Murphy, daughter of William George Murphy and Edith Mary Fox, in May 1937 in Victoria.
     Maurice died in August 1944.

Child of Maurice Ronalds and Edith Victoria Murphy

Norman William Ronalds

(15 November 1939 - 27 May 1957)
     Norman William Ronalds was born on 15 November 1939 in Victoria, Australia. He was the son of Maurice Ronalds and Edith Victoria Murphy.
     Norman died on 27 May 1957 aged 17.

Mary Ronane

     Mary Ronane and Michael Colbert obtained a marriage licence in 1809 in Cork, Ireland.

Laurent Rondolin

(circa 1884 - )
     Laurent Rondolin was born circa 1884.
The marriage of Laurent Rondolin and Mabel Florence Martin, daughter of Robert Sigsworth Martin and Sarah Griffin, was registered in St Olave Bermondsey RD, Surrey, in the March 1913 quarter. They co-habited before 1911. After her death he re-married Nellie Gertrude Horwood in the Lewisham district of Kent in 1916 and had a daughter Pauline Joan..

Child of Laurent Rondolin and Mabel Florence Martin