Marie Evelyn Rosenberg

     Marie Evelyn Rosenberg married William John Francis Black, son of Alfred Joseph Black and Vera Greacen.

(?) Rosier

( - before 1681)
     (?) Rosier married Sarah Cocksedge, daughter of John Cocksedge.
     (?) died before 1681.

Child of (?) Rosier and Sarah Cocksedge

Edmund Rosier

(before 1681 - )
     Edmund Rosier was born before 1681. He was the son of (?) Rosier and Sarah Cocksedge.

Alice Rosling

(1878 - )
     Alice Rosling was born in 1878 in Oakleigh, Victoria. She was the daughter of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.

Annice Dunbar Rosling

(1880 - )
     Annice Dunbar Rosling was also known as Anne Dunbar in records.
     Annice died in New South Wales. She was born in 1880 in Dandenong, Victoria. She was the daughter of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
Annice Dunbar Rosling married Frederick Arthur Hollinshead in 1899 in Perth, Western Australia.
     Annice resided at Sydney, New South Wales, 1911.

Child of Annice Dunbar Rosling

Emily McLean Rosling

(1895 - 19 June 1973)
     Emily McLean Rosling was born in 1895 in Perth, Western Australia. She was the daughter of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar. Emily was a type-setter according to her father an unknown date , in Perth.
Emily McLean Rosling married Thomas Millar Guthrie in 1919.
     Emily died on 19 June 1973 in East Perth, Western Australia.

George Dunbar Rosling

(1875 - 1949)
     George Dunbar Rosling was born in 1875 in Dandenong, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
George Dunbar Rosling married Olive Beatrice Neal in 1901 in Perth, Western Australia. George was a businessman an unknown date .
     George died in 1949 in Brunswick/Berwick, Victoria.

Children of George Dunbar Rosling and Olive Beatrice Neal

Harold George Rosling

(1905 - 1971)
     Harold George Rosling was born in 1905 in Perth, Western Australia. He was the son of George Dunbar Rosling and Olive Beatrice Neal.
     Harold died in 1971 in Footscray, Victoria.

Herbert Lester Rosling

(1914 - 23 May 1964)
     Herbert Lester Rosling was born in 1914 in Perth, Western Australia. I have no idea who his parents are. He was the son of George Dunbar Rosling and Olive Beatrice Neal.
     Herbert died on 23 May 1964 in East Cannington, Western Australia.

Hubert Rosling

(1886 - 9 April 1963)
     Hubert Rosling was commonly known as Bertie. He was born in 1886 in Warrnambool, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar. Hubert was an artist.
     Hubert resided at 26 Rathay Sr, Victdoria Park, Western Australia, 1953.
     Hubert died on 9 April 1963 in Victoria Park, Western Australia. He was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Jessie Linton Rosling

(1884 - after 1911)
      In 1911 her father described her as being employed in Fremantle for years. Jessie Linton Rosling was born in 1884 in Warrnambool, Victoria. She was the daughter of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
     Jessie died after 1911 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

John Linton Rosling

(1888 - 1892)
     John Linton Rosling was born in 1888 in Warrnambool, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
     John died in 1892 in Malvern, Victoria.

Robert Thomas Rosling

(1882 - 21 July 1962)
     Robert Thomas Rosling was born in 1882 in Dandenong, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
     Robert resided at Hamelin Pool, Western Australia?, July 1911.
     Robert died on 21 July 1962 in East Perth, Western Australia. He was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

Thomas Rosling

(circa 1837? - 25 August 1914)
     Thomas Rosling was born circa 1837? In Peterborough. The marriage index states born at Peterborough but is this England or Victoria?.
Thomas Rosling married Frances Elizabeth Dunbar, daughter of George Killigrew Dunbar and Anne Potter Watt, on 17 June 1874 in St James, Dandenong, Victoria.
     Thomas Rosling in Flemington, Victoria, sent a letter dated 7 March 1907 to John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar. "Yarramau", Flemington, 7/3/07
Dear Jack,
I am very sorry to hear of your ill health. You have certainly been a martyr to Rheumatism. What I want, send me all the correspondence you had (years ago) from those Dublin lawyers, and prepare me a "Power of Attorney", and get it sworn before a Justice of the Peace, in Penshurst, and any letters you may have referring to the property, and enclosed in the Power of Attorney giving agreement to allow me 5 per Cent & Execs on all (or any) monies, you may secure out of the "Great Expectations" from this Chancery Court, where George K. Dunbar as advertised for. Fannie has the family pedigree, she is well and the children like-wise, but I can't earn enough to keep the pot boiling, so Wally wrote me to come over.
"Thomas Rosling, Publican" is "wanted in Claimants for property in Chancery".
Wally sent 20/- over to London, and ask for information supplying my Pedigree too. Give my love to Maggie, & family by Inile [This word is difficult to decipher] write at once, I hear of what Tommy Lloyd said "Who says you enquired of him about this biz. years ago"
Yours faithfully,
T. Rosling
     Thomas Rosling in Flemington, Victoria, sent a letter dated 18 April 1907 to John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar. "Yarramau", Ascot Vale Rd, Flemington, 18/4/07
Dear Jack,
I have been working at your business constantly, and mention to Tommy Lloyd often. He asks me for your address, a forthright buck! and I saw him yesterday. He said he had written to England about your business, and expected a reply. He seems to have very sanguine hopes of your success. It could not come at a better time. I am homeless, and can't get anything, though I wont go back to Fanny until I can give (or send) her money. She says it is no good as she can struggle on better without me, than with me -- I am confident of getting into business. Harry Pockling (very hard to decipher .. author was a shocking writer .. jor) tho' has about £18,000 he expects from Chancery. He has promised me 5 per cent for any I get -- given me a letter, with power to deal.
Remember me to your family,
Yours faithfully,
T. Rosling
     Thomas Rosling in Flemington, Victoria, sent a letter dated 25 May 1907 to John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar. "Yarramau", Ascot Vale Rd, Flemington,
Dear Jack,
I was very pleased to get your letter, I went to Tommy Lloyd same day, shewed him your letter. He says he has written Home about your business -- expects an answer back in about two months, he speaks very favourably of your
Poor old Fannie: she says I may as well come and spend the little time I have left with her. I have got such a splendid boy in Bertie, he wrote me such a touching letter, he says that he fears that I left home with the thought that he didn't think much of me, but he wished me to disabuse my mind -- (If I harbor) such feelings, as he considered me a hero to battle with such opposing circumstances as he had witnessed. Wait, said he, my star is in its ascendancy, I will see you are taken care of.
He is a most brilliant "Black & White" artist, he often gets cheques from Sydney for his sketches -- he will make his mark in the world. You know my dear Anice married a Flash Fellow named Hollinhed. Well, they have been staying for some weeks with Tottie at Curtains Hotel Elgin St. Carlton. Anice and her two little girls gone to Sydney to an aunt of Fred's whom she never ever met and left Mr. Flash Holinshed behind. Sponging on Tot. sort of barman and bookkeeper (just about fit him, plenty of cheap drinks and no work) I think Tot. is a fool --- people will talk.
I am glad today, Jack, I have left drink and its company behind for ever -- God helping me, its as much as I can expect, to find bread and a bit of tobacco. I am not sure I shall escape public charity before I die -- I have found one Friend who has promised never to forsake me -- "We are but horses along life's scene driven Time is, to us, a big probation given --- To fix us for a dread eternity"-----
I am sorry to hear you are such a martyr to the rhumatia I am suffering from diabetes, and at times it acts like blood poisoning. My head aches, heart flutters and a weary depression -- make you long for death -- Fanny says she doesn't consider me capable of work, suppose I could get it to do. What can I expect? I am 70 in July -- If we are lucky enough to get this money, there will be more than enough for us all. Jack Linton would not receive any if you were to offer it to him -- Anice visited them -- Jessie insisted upon silence -- never mention the name of Dunbar in Jack's presence. He never ask her if I was alive - charging his son when leaving for New Zealand - "Remember, you, are a Linton! If you disgrace the name, never darken my door again."
I say, "Proud line of earth, I scorn thy words and thee" I should like to have enough to own my house, a pony and phaeton drive my dear old girl, & my daughters Effie (??) & Emily -- about without work and anxiety. The short evening of my life.
Love to all,
Yours affectionately,
T.. Rosling
     Thomas resided at 'Yarramau', Ascot Vale Rd, Flemington, Victoria, 1907.
     Thomas Rosling in Subiaco, Western Australia, sent a letter dated circa 1910 or 1911 to John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar. 73 Jersey St, "Jolimont" via Subiaco. WA
Dear Jack,
Yesterday, in Perth, I saw -- "Tommy Lloyd", coming with his wife, back from a trip to London. I asked him about the Dunbar in Chancery. "Oh!" he said, "I enquired when at the Chancery Court. They told me an aunt of the claiments (Mother thinks a Mrs. Carpenter drew all the available funds, out of the Court, the Claiment not forwarding his signature (Mrs. Carpenter; had followed up the case for years, believing her son was the next in line. "Lloyd says he will write me an official explanation.
Mother and Bettie have both a lovely little home here, with a good garden and it is so "trooly zoozal" - - no traffic disturbing the serenity -- good roads, streets. Lit with electricity, 10 minutes to Subiaco rail, 3d (penny) return to Perth, scrub and tree planted bays -- purchase price ú175. Soon in fact off, with the deposit paid and 12/6 per week. They are all well. I have been expecting to "depart" for 2 years, but this zoozal life seems to have resucitated me.
See Bert's work in the "Bulletin", "Truth", "Golden West", "The Mirror", and other papers. Bob is at Hamelin (??) Pool. George at Perth, Anice in Sydney. She has been confined to her bed (by sickness) for part. For 4 weeks. I hope she is better. I have been superannuated for 3 years -- no work. No pay'
Kind Regards from us all,
Thos. Rosling
     Thomas Rosling in East Perth, Western Australia, sent a letter dated 29 July 1911 to John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar. 29-07-1911.
7 Nash St, East Perth, WA
Dear Jack,
Your Aunt and myself were very delighted with your telegram of Congratulations, yesterday, we were puzzled to know how you knew our address? as we have but recently removed to this house. My sons, one in Melbourne (William) & George, in Perth, forgot. I was passing another milestone on my long ---- journey. Mother had but recently said that she desired to hear from you, we have not heard from your "people". My son (Bob) is at Hamelin Pool, Cablegram Officer, George in business at Perth, Anice and her two girls in Sydney, Jessie has been employed in Fremantle for years, Emily a type setter (?????) in Perth.
Mother hears wonderfully well, she is young looking for her (nearly) 58 years, she is keeping splendid health, & works hard. I have been afflicted for past five years with "Diabetes", given up by two Doctors. Thank God I am better than I was. I sometimes walk 6 or 7 miles in a day. I have long ceased business. I'm boycotted by reason of age, although my faculties are as keen and vivid as ever. I could still sail around most of the Auctioneers I hear around me, and my business capacity is as keen and as active as ever, only I have committed two unpardonable offenses against society. Lost my "shekels" and my hair grown white. When you last saw me, I was in receipt of ú4,000 per year. Now my sole income is the Old Age Pension.
Bobby Burns lament has overtaken me, "Age & Poverty, ill assorted pair. "Still I have one Friend sticks closer to me than a brother. I would counsel you, in the morning of your life to take Him to your heart, Jesus, the sinner's friend. What would I do without him now in the eventide of life ?
We shall be so glad to hear from you often & if you ever come to Perth, make our house your home.
Mother joins with me in love to you,
Believe me,
Your affectionate uncle,
Thos. Rosling
P.S. I omitted my son "Bertie" fine young man in your employ. I think he is 6 foot and a very artistic and good son. I think in his 23rd year. TR
     Thomas died on 25 August 1914 in East Perth, Western Australia. The Dandenong journal 15 Jan 1931 published: The early days of Dandenong... [his wife's brial in Karrakatta] the name of Thomas Rosling at once conjures up memories of Dandenong in the years of long ago. He it was who, during the early seventies, founded the first Dandenong market, and established a flourishing auctioneering business and stock and station agency there. He also owned a valuable station property at Berwick, and was reputed to be a very wealthy man. Some years later he removed to Warragul, while that town was in its infancy, and may be termed one of its earliest business men. During the period that he was resident in Dandenong, Mr. Rosling built a magnificent residence, surrounded by many acresof well-kept grounds, traces of which are to be seen even to the present day. The materials used in the construction of this mansion were all carted from Melbourne over an atrocious road and through the then notorious “glue pot,” of which many of the early pioneers used to tell ome harrowing stories. His carriage and pair were a familiar sight in the
district for many miles around Dan denong, and he himself was financially interested in numerous properties and
other investments over a very large area of country. Like many other different gentlemen of that period, how-
ever, he became a victim of the disastrous land boom, and as a result of heavy losses was forced to relinquish the greater part of his fortune. Leaving Warragul he removed to Melbourne, where for the remainder of his life he was the lessee of the old saleyards, the Victoria Horse Bazaar and Kirk’s Bazaar. In 1874 Mr. Rosling espoused Miss
Dunbar, the eldest daughter of George and Anne Dunbar, both of whom now sleep peacefully in the Dandenong
cemetery, and it is thus a link is formed between the grave in the Karrakatta cemetery and the earliest history of Dandenong.

Children of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar

Thomas Harold Rosling

(1877 - 1877)
     Thomas Harold Rosling was born in 1877 in St Kilda, Victoria. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
     Thomas died in 1877 in Victoria.

Thomas John Dunbar Rosling

(20 July 1915 - 11 October 2003)
     Thomas John Dunbar Rosling was born on 20 July 1915 in Bayswater, Western Australia. I have no idea who his parents are. Next of kin was Rita Rosling. A Daisy Rita Roslilng was buried at Karrakatta in 1969 aged 69. He was the son of George Dunbar Rosling and Olive Beatrice Neal.
     Thomas died on 11 October 2003 in Inglewood, Western Australia, aged 88. He was buried in Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth.

William Rosling

(before 1890 - )
     William Rosling was born before 1890. He was the son of Thomas Rosling and Frances Elizabeth Dunbar.
     William resided at Melbourne, Victoria, July 1911.

Ann Ross

     Ann Ross married Kenneth MacKenzie, son of Colin MacKenzie and Barbara Grant. Lord Kenneth married, first, Ann, daughter of George Ross, IX. of Balnagown.

Children of Ann Ross and Kenneth MacKenzie

Ann Ross

(2 July 1820 - )
     Ann Ross was born on 2 July 1820 in Embo, Sutherland. Wife of Roderick, daughter of John Ross and Ann Cumming of Embo, parish of Dornock. Ann Cummings father was Alexander Cumming who married Margaret Grant Feb 22nd 1793 at Embo.. She was the daughter of John Ross and Ann Cumming.
Ann Ross married Roderick MacKenzie, son of John MacKenzie and Lydia Bain, on 1 February 1842 in Tain, Ross & Cromarty. He was a Baker from Tain at the time of his marriage.

Arthur Gilbert Ross

(5 November 1883 - 6 August 1955)
     Arthur Gilbert Ross was born on 5 November 1883 in Petaluma, Sonoma County, California, USA. He was the son of David Ross and Caroline L Jones.
Arthur Gilbert Ross married Elizabeth Campbell in 1912.
     Arthur died on 6 August 1955 in Stockton, San Joaquin County, California, USA, aged 71.

Carolyn Ross (Somer)

     Carolyn Ross (Somer) was the son of John S Ross and Mae H Unknown (Ross).

Catherine Ross

(circa 1785 - 19 January 1859)
     Catherine Ross was born circa 1785 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland. Tain has been suggested as birthplace, but she gave Cromarty in the 1851 census. The naming pattern suggests she should be the daughter of James and Isabella. She was the daughter of James Ross and Christian Ross.
Catherine Ross married Thomas Tindal, son of Thomas Tindal and Jean Bremner, on 2 August 1806 in Cromarty, ROC, SCT. He was described as "of Town"..
     Catherine Ross and Thomas Tindal were recorded on the 1841 census in Church Street, Cromarty. Thomas Tindle, 60, mason; Catherine Ross, 45; Harriet Tindle 15; Catherine 13; Margaret 11; all born in the county; Eppy Scott, 38, not born in county. Also Robert McKenzie, 40 labourer, Ann McKenzie, 40, both born in county.
     Catherine Ross was recorded on the 1851 census in Church Street, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. Catherine Tindel, widow, pauper, born Cromarty, Jean Smith, daughter 36 married, born Cromarty, Helen 26, daughter, unmarried, housemaid, Leith, born Cromarty, Harriett 24, daughter, unmarried, ditto.
     Catherine died of cancer of the stomach on 19 January 1859 in the Brewery, Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. She was buried in the Gaelic churchyard, Cromarty.

Children of Catherine Ross and Thomas Tindal

Catherine Ross

(11 November 1848 - 10 July 1882)
     Catherine Ross was born on 11 November 1848 in 60 St Leonards St, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She was the daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal. Catherine Ross was christened on 13 January 1849 in St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh.
     Catherine Ross was recorded on the 1861 census in 40 Hansel St, Upper Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. Aged 13, servant with William Melville, seedsman, b. Scotland. Catherine, Thomas, David, John, Mary and Christy were listed as the children of John Ross in the 1871 census in 21 Westbury Street, Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales.
     Catherine Ross and Christy Ross, John Ross and Mary Jane Ross arrived with Mary Tindal on 19 August 1872 at New York, USA.
Catherine Ross married John Franklin Bell on 5 July 1874 in Paradise Valley, Humboldt County, California, USA.
     Catherine died on 10 July 1882 in Butter Creek, Cassia County, Idaho, USA, aged 33. She was supposed to have died in childbirth which would make her death date 1881.

Children of Catherine Ross and John Franklin Bell

Charles Stuart Ross

(December 1899 - )
     Charles Stuart Ross's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1899 in Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales. He was the son of Thomas Alexander Campbell Ross and Frances Adelaide Thomas.

Christian Ross

(circa 1765? - )
     Christian died in Scotland. She was born circa 1765? In Scotland.
Christian Ross married James Ross.

Child of Christian Ross and James Ross

Christian Ross

     Christian Ross married Thomas Dunbar, son of John Dunbar. She was the daughter of Maj. James Ross of Balneil.

Christian Ross

(before 1775 - )
     Christian Ross married David MacKenzie. Christian Ross was born before 1775.

Child of Christian Ross and David MacKenzie

Christiana Ross

Child of Christiana Ross and William MacKenzie

Christina Ross

(12 December 1881 - )
     Christina Ross was born on 12 December 1881 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was the daughter of George Mantoch Ross and Mary Anne Creats. Christina Ross was christened on 8 January 1882 in St Andrew's Presbyterian church, Swansea.

Christina Ross

(10 December 1849 - 29 September 1852)
     Christina Ross was born on 10 December 1849 in Cromarty, Ross & Cromarty. Possibly 29 Jan 1850?. She was the daughter of John Ross and Mary Tindal. Christina Ross was christened on 25 February 1850 in Redcastle, Killearnan.
     Christina died on 29 September 1852 in Berriedale, Latheron, Caithness, Scotland, aged 2. She was buried in Berriedale.