Eve Rupe

     Eve Rupe married Ralph Arundell, son of Remfrey Arundell. She was the daughter of Sir Richard Rupe.
Eve Rupe mentioned on 19 May 1285.

Jemima Melville Rusell

(18 December 1903 - July 1995)
     Jemima Melville Rusell was born on 18 December 1903.
Jemima Melville Rusell married John Tindal Bruce Paterson, son of Alexander Paterson and Eliza Ann Tindal, on 31 December 1926 in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland.
     Jemima died in July 1995 aged 91.

Catherine Rush

(circa 1861 - 21 October 1946)
     Catherine Rush was born circa 1861 in Ballarat, Victoria. She was the daughter of John Rush & Norah Connery.
Catherine Rush married James Joseph Hogan on 30 December 1879 in Sale, Victoria. They had 10 children.
     Catherine died on 21 October 1946 in Victoria. She was buried in Leongatha.

Children of Catherine Rush and James Joseph Hogan

David Rushbrook

(circa 1840 - )
     David Rushbrook was also known as Rosbrook in records. He was born circa 1840 in Suffolk. He was christened on 31 December 1848 in Felsham, Suffolk.
David Rushbrook married Matilda Cocksedge, daughter of Frederick Cocksedge and Emily Sire, on 7 October 1864 in Gedding, Suffolk. THey had four children - See Sandra Richardson's family history notes.

Frances Rushbrooke

(between 1555 and 1560 - )
     Frances Rushbrooke was born between 1555 and 1560.
Frances Rushbrooke married John Cocksedge in 1574 in Gt Barton, Suffolk.
     Frances Rushbrooke was mentioned in the will of Frances Rushbrooke dated 1598.

Children of Frances Rushbrooke and John Cocksedge

Mary Caroline Rushbrooke

(April 1818 - 4 January 1893)
     Mary Caroline Rushbrooke was born in April 1818 in 'Rushbrooke Hall', Rushbrooke, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Robert Rushbrooke, Esq., MP, who died in June 1845.
Mary Caroline Rushbrooke married Lt Henry Le Heup Cocksedge, son of Martin Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Susanna Le Heup, on 4 May 1843 in Rushbrooke, Suffolk. Henry Leheup Cocksedge of BSE (son of T M Cocksedge, Esq) & Mary Caroline Rushbrooke, daughter of Robert Rushbrooke, Esq. MP[; and ;
At Rushbrook, H Leheup Cocksedge, esq. of St Edmunds HIll, to Mary, duaghter of Lt Col Rushbrooke, MP.
     Mary Caroline Rushbrooke and Lt Henry Le Heup Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Drinkstone, Suffolk. Henry L Cocksedge aged 33, born St Edmund's Hill; Mary C aged 32, born Rushbrooke, Laura M, aged 7 born Beyton, Henry L aged 5 born Beyton, Edward aged 1, born Drinkstone, Auther (m) aged 4, born Beyton.
     Mary Caroline Rushbrooke and Lt Henry Le Heup Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in the Lodge, Drinkstone. Henry L Cocksedge, aged 43, landed proprietor, with his wife Mary C aged 43, born at Rushbroooke Hall and their children Laura M 17, Arthur W/H L 14, Naval cadet, both born at Beyton, Walter M L 9, Ernest R L 5 & Margaret F 3, the latter three born at Drinkstone with seven servants. Mary Caroline Rushbrooke was an executor of Lt Henry Le Heup Cocksedge's estate on 15 November 1869.
     Mary Caroline Rushbrooke were recorded on the 1881 census in the Green, Beyton, Suffolk. Mary C Cocksedge, head, widow, aged 63, born Rushbrook, annuitant with her son Edward M Le H Cocksedge, aged 31, unmarried, farmer of 220 acres employing 7 men and 3 boys, born at Drinkstone and Ernest R Le h Cocksedge, son aged 25, unmarried. They had servants, Sarah Ramsey, Maria Moss, Mary Cousins and Susan Riches.
     Mary Caroline Rushbrooke was recorded on the 1891 census in The Grange, Beyton, Suffolk. Mary Cocksedge, head, widow, aged 73, born Rushbrook, with her children Edward M L, aged 41, a single farmer, Walter M L, aged 39, single, clerk in the Bank of Engand, and Ernest M L who was aged 35, single, a gentleman. The men were all born in Drinkstone..
     Mary died on 4 January 1893 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, aged 74. She was buried on 10 January 1893 in Drinkstone.
     Her will was proved on 5 April 1893. She was of the Grange, Beyton, and her executors were her son Walter Martin Le Heup Cocksedge & J P Tatham, solicitor.

Children of Mary Caroline Rushbrooke and Lt Henry Le Heup Cocksedge

Ellen Russell

     Ellen Russell married Maurice Colbert on 14 January 1768 in Mallow, Cork.

Jane Russell

(circa 1817 - 15 January 1880)
     Jane Russell was born circa 1817.
     Jane Russell and Charles Dempster obtained a marriage licence on 16 March 1841 in London.
Jane Russell married Charles Dempster, son of James Dempster and Sarah Johnson, on 17 March 1841 in St James, Bermondsey, Surrey.
     Jane Russell and Charles Dempster were recorded on the 1841 census in the Sloan Inn, Market Place, Petworth, Sussex. Charles Dempster, 23, innkeeper, Jane Dempster, 23, neither born in the county.
     Jane Russell and Charles Dempster were recorded on the 1851 census in Market Place, Petworth, Sussex. Charles Dempster, 39, inn keeper, born Mitcham with his wife Jane aged 31, born Reigate, and children Sarah 9, Joseph 8, Catherine 6, Charles 5, Fanny 3 all born at Petworth and his sister in law Alice Russell? aged 49, born Dorking, Surrey plus five staff.
     Jane Russell and Charles Dempster were recorded on the 1861 census in Market Place, Petworth. Charles Dempster head, 43, inn keeper, brewer & maltster, born Mitcham, Surrey; Jane his wife aged 41, born Dorking and their children Joseph 17, app., Kate 16 book keeper, Charles 13 scholar, Alice, scholar 9, Edward 15 scholar, Jessie 1, all born at Petworth along with a bar-maid, maltster & gardener, chamber maid, cook, nurse, boots and under ostler.
     Jane Russell and Charles Dempster were recorded on the 1871 census in Half Moon Hotel, Petworth, Sussex. Charles Dempster, 58, innkeeper, born Mitcham, Jane his wife aged 54, born Dorking; Sarah Dempster, sister aged 50 born Mitcham; daughter Fanny Dempster, aged 22, unmarried, born Petworth, Alice, 19 daughter born Petworth, plus two domestic servants.
     Jane died on 15 January 1880 in Brighton, Sussex. She was buried on 19 January 1880 in St Andrew, Hove.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Charles Dempster on 6 June 1880 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. Administration of the personal estate of Jane Dempster (wife of Charles Dempster), formerly of Petworth, but late of Brighton Sussex, who died 15 January 1880 at Brighton, was granted at Lewes to the said Charles Dempster, of 18 St John's Terrace, Brighton, gentleman. Goods valued at less than £600.

Children of Jane Russell and Charles Dempster

Muriel Elizabeth Russell

(1896 - 1964)
     Muriel Elizabeth Russell was born in 1896.
Muriel Elizabeth Russell married Ronald John Ruby, son of John Ruby and Mary Ann Opie, on 10 December 1919 in St Jude, Plymouth, Devon.
     Muriel died in 1964.

Child of Muriel Elizabeth Russell and Ronald John Ruby

Stanley Russell

     Stanley Russell married Stella May Hoey, daughter of Eugene James Hoey and Martha Robertson, in 1933 in Victoria.

Rose Russell?

(circa 1650 - before 27 March 1700)
     Rose Russell? was born circa 1650 in Suffolk.
Rose Russell? married Edward Bland, son of ?=Edmund? Bland, on 3 March 1671/72 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
     Rose died before 27 March 1700 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 27 March 1700 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Rose Russell? and Edward Bland

Elizabeth Russels

(before 1810 - )
     Elizabeth Russels was born before 1810.
Elizabeth Russels married Thomas Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sarah Osburn, on 11 November 1826 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.

Child of Elizabeth Russels and Thomas Cocksedge

Jonathan Rust

     Jonathan Rust married Elizabeth Grimwood, daughter of Richard Grimwood and Elizabeth Parmenter, in 1730 in Offton, Suffolk.

Frances Ryalls

(circa 1778 - )
     Frances Ryalls was born circa 1778.
Frances Ryalls married Joseph Rich, son of Amor Rich and Sarah Unwin, on 31 January 1805 in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire.
     Frances Ryalls and Joseph Rich were recorded on the 1841 census in Chapel Yard, Blyth, Nottinghamshire. Joseph Rich, aged 66, joiner; Frances Rich aged 62, Fanny Rich, aged 27, Elizabeth Rich, aged 20, John Rich 17, apprentice joiner, all born in county.

Children of Frances Ryalls and Joseph Rich

Brigid Ryan

     Brigid Ryan married Thomas Handy on 25 August 1828 in Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland.

Clare Ryan

(1901 - 14 July 1978)
     Clare Ryan was born in 1901 in Bingara, New South Wales.
Clare Ryan married Charles William Hooper, son of Charles Henry Hooper and Margaret Dickson, on 4 March 1924 in Bingara, NSW.
     Clare and Charles were registered as Charles William Hooper, bank clerk & Clare Hooper, home duties at Roderick St, Tamworth, New South Wales, on the 1930 electoral roll.
     Clare and Charles were registered at Bundarra, New South Wales, on the between 1932 and 1934 electoral roll.
     Clare and Charles were registered at 26 Lamrock Ave, Bondi, New South Wales, on the 1936 electoral roll.
     Clare and Charles were registered at Fox St, Walgett, New South Wales, on the between 1943 and 1949 electoral roll.
     Clare and Charles were registered at Commerical Bank, Richmond, New South Wales, on the 1954 electoral roll.
     Clare resided at 3 Pacific Crt, 233 Carrington Rd, Coogee, New South Wales, 23 January 1962.
     Clare died on 14 July 1978 in New South Wales. The Ryerson index gives a death notice on 14 July 1978, late of Engadine, SMH 15 Jul 1978. She is buried at Woronora cemetery..

Children of Clare Ryan and Charles William Hooper

Hanora Ryan

     Hanora Ryan married Townley Blackwood Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, in 1883 in New South Wales.

Children of Hanora Ryan and Townley Blackwood Dobson

James Ryan

(circa 1837 - 14 March 1891)
     James Ryan was born circa 1837.
James Ryan married Maria Toohey, daughter of Owen Toohey and Mary Hickey.
     James died on 14 March 1891. Ryan.—On the 14th inst., at his residence, 419 Canning-street, North Carlton, James, the beloved husband of Maria Ryan, son-in-law of the late Owen Toohey, of Keilor, aged 54 years. R.I.P..

John Ryan

(before 1890 - )
     John Ryan was born before 1890.
John Ryan married Amelia Elizabeth Dempster, daughter of John Dempster and Amelia Humberstone, in 1914 in Victoria, Australia.

Margaret Ryan

     Margaret Ryan married Francis O Colbert in 1882 in Gunning, New South Wales.

Children of Margaret Ryan and Francis O Colbert

Mary Ryan

(circa 1855? - )
     Mary Ryan was born circa 1855?.
Mary Ryan married James Handy or Hanley?, son of Stray Handy, before 1875.

Child of Mary Ryan and James Handy or Hanley?

Victoria Florence Ryan??? (Reid)

(circa 1895 - 1976)
     Victoria Florence Ryan??? (Reid) was born circa 1895. She was the daughter of Amelia Elizabeth Dempster.
     Victoria died in 1976 in Melbourne, Victoria.

John Rycroft

     John Rycroft married Elizabeth Popplewell on 17 July 1705 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Robert T Rycroft

Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth)

(before 1500 - before 1543)
     Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth) was born before 1500 in England.
Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth) married Catherine Unknown (Ryder or Ryther).
     Patriarch died before 1543 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Child of Patriarch Ryder or Ryther (of Epworth) and Catherine Unknown (Ryder or Ryther)

Alice Ryder

(before 15 December 1622 - 28 February 1623/24)
     Alice Ryder was born before 15 December 1622 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Richard Ryther and Mary Crosley.
     Alice was buried on 28 February 1623/24 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Antony Ryder (of Newbury)

     Antony Ryder (of Newbury) was the son of John Ryder. Antony Ryder (of Newbury) was also known as Ryther in records. He bore arms: Arms were granted to Antony & John Ryder of Newbury, sons of John Ryder, physicians. The arms were a variation on the Ryther arms.

Catherine Ryder (Wyatt?)

(27 January 1602/3 - )
     Catherine Ryder (Wyatt?) was christened on 27 January 1602/3 in Haxey, Lincolnshire. It may have been April. She was the daughter of Thomas Ryther.

Dudley Ryder

(6 February 1655 - before 19 February 1655)
     Dudley Ryder was born on 6 February 1655 in Bedworth, Warwickshire. He was the son of Rev Dudley Ryder and Ann Bickley. Dudley Ryder was christened on 17 February 1655 in Bedworth, Warwickshire.
     Dudley died before 19 February 1655 in Warwickshire. He was buried on 19 February 1655 in Warwickshire.

Rev Dudley Ryder

(1628 - 1682)
     Rev Dudley Ryder was born in 1628 in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. He was the son of Robert Ryder of Wisbech and Anne Pope.
     Dudley matriculated at Cambridge University on 4 February 1645/46.
Rev Dudley Ryder married Ann Bickley. Dudley was a nonconformist minister living at Bedworth, Warwickshire.
     Dudley died in 1682 in Bedworth, Warwickshire. 1683 according to DNB.

Children of Rev Dudley Ryder and Ann Bickley