Lillian G J Schruth

     Lillian G J Schruth married John Dunbar Dobson, son of John Dunbar Dobson and Jessie Stevens, on 28 February 1924.

Child of Lillian G J Schruth and John Dunbar Dobson

Elias Schwarz

     Elias Schwarz married Julia Agnes Colbert, daughter of John Colbert and Margaret Unknown, in 1903 in New South Wales.

Lydia Schweitzer?

(1802 - before 31 December 1837)
     Lydia Schweitzer? was born in 1802.
Lydia Schweitzer? married John Rich, son of Amor Rich and Mary Thompson, on 16 October 1831 in St George Botolph Lane, London. John Rich, bachelor, married Lydia Schweitzer on 16 Oct 1831 at St George Botolph Lane, London. Banns were called from 28 Sept to 12 Oct 1828 at St John Hackney between John Rich & Lydia Schwitzer, both were of this parish. Banns were read again between 18 Sep & 2 Oct in 1831 at St George as John Rich, bachelor & Lydia Schweitzer and a marriage took place there in the presence of Charles Barton Schweitzer & Jane? Rich.
     Lydia died before 31 December 1837 in Rotherhithe, Surrey. She was buried on 31 December 1837 in St James, Bermondsey, Surrey.

Child of Lydia Schweitzer? and John Rich

Gordon Schwerin

(12 September 1921 - 5 August 1996)
     Gordon Schwerin married Violet Ruth Kyllo, daughter of Olaf Kyllo and Beatrice Weatherspoon Bell. Gordon Schwerin was born on 12 September 1921 in Ritzville, Washington.
     Gordon died on 5 August 1996 in Kettle Falls, Stevens County, Washington, aged 74. Spokesman-Review, The (Spokane, WA) - August 9, 1996: Deceased Name: Gordon Schwerin - Kettle Falls, Wash. No service will be held for Gordon P. Schwerin, at his request. Danekas Funeral Chapel in Colville, Wash., is in charge of arrangements. Mr. Schwerin, 74, died Monday. He was born in Ritzville, Wash., and lived in Kettle Falls for 70 years, retiring from Boise Cascade in 1984. He is survived by his wife, Violet Schwerin; a daughter, Judy Reagle of Kettle Falls; two sons, Henry Schwerin of Kettle Falls and Bill Schwerin of Clark Fork, Idaho; a brother, Grover Schwerin, and a sister, Pauline Clark, both of Kettle Falls; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Alan Reginald Scoble

(circa 1915 - 3 August 1969)
     Alan Reginald Scoble was born circa 1915.
Alan Reginald Scoble married Monica Colbert, daughter of Charles Patrick Colbert and Catherine Matilda Hogan, in 1936 in Victoria.
     Alan died on 3 August 1969 in Berry Bank, Victoria. He was buried in Leongatha, Victoria.

Karen Michelle Scoble

(1968 - 19 October 1984)
     Karen Michelle Scoble was born in 1968 in Victoria, Australia.
     Karen died on 19 October 1984 in St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales. She had one of the first heart transplants..

Murray Edward Scoble

(1966 - 1983)
     Murray Edward Scoble was born in 1966 in Victoria.
     Murray died of cardiomyopathy in 1983 in Victoria.

Judith Scofield

     Judith Scofield married Thomas Bowker on 2 February 1694/95 in the Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire.

Emma Scorey

(1856 - )
     Emma Scorey was born in 1856 in Fareham, Hampshire.
Emma Scorey married Valentine Thomas Keen, son of Valentine Keen and Tryphena Johnston, on 12 July 1874 in Holy Trinity, Fareham, Hampshire. See Jon Baker's website for further details.

David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8)

(circa 1144 - 17 June 1219)
     David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8) was born circa 1144 in Scotland. He was the son of Prince Henry, (of Scotland). 3rd Earl of Huntingdon and Ada de Warenne. David was Earl of Huntingdon, brother of William the Lion.
David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8) married Maud/Matilda, of Chester, on 26 August 1190. “Earl David’s daughter Maud, wife of John of Monmouth II, died
> childless earlier than [her brother] Earl John. For her marriage,
> hitherto unknown to family historians, see PRO DL 42/2, fos. 196v.–7r.” END OF QUOTE.
> As we can see, Stringer finally provides us with a source for Maud and
> her marriage, namely Public Record Office, Duchy of Lancaster, 42/2,
> fos. 196v.– 7r.” Stringer assumed that he was making an original
> discovery, whereas Maud's parentage and marriage appeared in print as
> shown above as early as 1812. While I haven't yet examined the
> original Duchy of Lancaster record, I have no doubt that it proves
> that Maud, daughter of Earl David, existed and that she married John de Monmouth.

Just to note that DL 42/2 is listed on TNA Discovery catalogue as:
"Great cowcher or carte regum, II. Copies of deeds of title etc of the Duchy of Lancaster dated Hen I-Hen IV. For calendar see DL 41/36/12 & IND 1/17591 and for 15th century transcript see DL 42/192-193. An index is on open access. See Finding Aids Location Index" and is dated to c 1402.
     David died on 17 June 1219 in Scotland.

Children of David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8) and Maud/Matilda, of Chester,

Child of David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8)

John, of Scotland, Earl of Chester & Huntingdon

(circa 1207 - 6 June 1237)
     John, of Scotland, Earl of Chester & Huntingdon was born circa 1207. He was the son of David, of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (8).
John, of Scotland, Earl of Chester & Huntingdon married Ellen of Wales ferch Llywelyn the Great, daughter of Llywelyn The Great ab Iowerth Prince of Gwynedd and Joan,, circa 1222. His marriage was childless, and after John's death, Elen married Sir Robert de Quincy, brother of Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester.
     John died on 6 June 1237. Wikipedia (Sep 2010) states: John of Scotland (or John de Scotia) (c. 1207 – 6 June 1237), sometimes known as "the Scot", was an Anglo-Scottish magnate, the son of David of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon by his wife Maud of Chester, daughter of Hugh de Kevelioc.
John married Elen ferch Llywelyn, daughter of Llywelyn the Great, in about 1222. John became Earl of Huntingdon in 1219 on the death of his father, and later Earl of Chester in 1232 due to his connection to the previous earl, Ranulph de Blondeville, who was his mother's brother.
John died childless on 6 June 1237, aged 30. After his death, the honour of Chester was bought from Ranulph's sisters by Henry III, who gave it to his son Edward. The Earldom of Huntingdon became extinct, but was recreated in 1337 for William de Clinton.

Annie Scotney

(circa 1881 - March 1953?)
     Annie Scotney was born circa 1881 in Kings Cliff, Northamptonshire.
Annie Scotney married William Stancer, son of William Stancer and Lois Holmes, on 4 July 1899 in Barrowden, Uppingham RD, Rutland.
     Annie Scotney and William Stancer were recorded on the 1901 census in 9 Red Lion St, Stamford, Lincolnshire. William Stancer, 27, brewers labourer, born Easton, Nth; Annie his wife 20, born Kings Cliff Nth, Nellie Stancer, daughter aged 1 born Stamford, Lincs, & Nellie Scotney, visitor, single, 18, born Kings Cliff.
     Annie's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1953? In Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

Child of Annie Scotney and William Stancer

Lucy Scotney

(27 April 1823 - )
     Lucy Scotney was christened on 27 April 1823 in St John, Stamford, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas & Mary.
Lucy Scotney married James Bowker, son of David Bowker and Maria Sampey, on 24 December 1849 in St George, Stamford, Lincolnshire. She was the daughter of Thomas Scotney and he was the son of David.
     Lucy Scotney and James Bowker were recorded on the 1851 census in Ryhall, Rutland. James Bowker, head, aged 29, butcher, born Cliff, Northamptonshire; Lucy aged 28, wife, born Stamford, Henry aged 1 month, son born Ryhall, Rutland, and a monthly nurse.
     Lucy Scotney and James Bowker were recorded on the 1861 census in 7 Garrotts Row, Peterborough, Northamptonshire. James Bowker, 40, platelayer, born Kings Cliffe?, Nth with his wife Lucy aged 38, born Stamford?. Lincs and children Henry 10, born Ryhall, Rutland, Maria 7 born Burton le Gate/Cogall, Lincs, David 5, born Mar... Northamptonshire, James 3, born Walton, Nth, and a lodger Charles Scotney.
     Lucy Scotney and James Bowker were recorded on the 1881 census in 8 Camden St, Doncaster, Yorkshire. James Bowker, head, 60, pointsman, born Kings Cliff, Northampton, his wife Lucy, 58, born Stamford, Lincs, son James, 23, carriage builder, born Walton, Northampton, Edward Davis, adopted son, 15, apprentice fitter, born Liverpool, Lancs, Anne Stoney, visitor, unmarried, 55, and 3 lodgers, firemen with the Gt Northern railway.

Children of Lucy Scotney and James Bowker

Alithea Elizabeth S Scott

(before 30 March 1879 - )
     Alithea Elizabeth S Scott was born before 30 March 1879 in Knighton, Leicestershire. She was the daughter of Thomas Hardyman Scott and Betsey Marshall Bowker. Alithea Elizabeth S Scott was listed as Betsey Marshall Bowker's daughter in the 1881 census. Alithea and Sterndale were listed as the children of Thomas Hardyman Scott in the 1891 census in 33 Skirbeck Rd, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Ann Scott

(circa 1675 - )
     Ann Scott was born circa 1675.
Ann Scott married William Popplewell, son of George Popplewell and Prudence Unknown, on 29 June 1701 in All Saints, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

Children of Ann Scott and William Popplewell

Ann Scott

(circa 1861 - circa 24 September 1926)
     Ann Scott was born circa 1861.
Ann Scott married Thomas Walter Stancer, son of William Stancer and Harriet Scott, before 1 April 1890 in Newark RD.
     Ann died circa 24 September 1926 in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Daisy Ellen Scott

(21 June 1893 - 3 January 1976)
     Daisy Ellen Scott was born on 21 June 1893 in Victoria. She was the daughter of George William & Ellen Zouche nee Baldwin.
Daisy Ellen Scott married Ernest Wilfred Ruby, son of George Ruby and Sarah Evans, on 13 October 1915 in the Methodist church, Yarram, Victoria. They married while he was serving at the military camp, Broadmeadows, prior to going overseas.
     Daisy and Ernest were registered as Ernest Wilfred Ruby, clerk & Daisy Ellen Ruby, h.d. at Yarram on the 1931 electoral roll.
     Daisy was registered at Yarram on the 1934 electoral roll.
     Daisy and Ernest were registered at Yarram on the 1937 electoral roll.
     Daisy was registered as as owner of a house in Alberton East, at Yarram on the 1949 electoral roll.
     Daisy died on 3 January 1976 in the Bush Nursing Hospital, Toora, Victoria, aged 82. She was buried on 6 January 1976 in Yarram. Aged 82, Church of Englad section.
     Her will was proved on 19 May 1976 at Victoria.

Children of Daisy Ellen Scott and Ernest Wilfred Ruby

David Scott

     David Scott married Lucy Gordon, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun and Elizabeth Dunbar. He was of Scotstarvet..

Frances Elizabeth Scott

(circa 1867 - 26 December 1909)
     Frances Elizabeth Scott was commonly known as Elsie. She was born circa 1867 in Ireland. She was the daughter of Rev Canon Thomas Lucas Scott, Rector of St George Dublin 1883-1906, by Frances Maria Scott, daughter of Ven John Abraham Russell, archeacon of Clogher 1826-65.
Frances Elizabeth Scott married Rev Leslie Alexander Handy, son of Matthew Fleming Handy and Isabella Sarah Gamble, on 18 February 1897 in St George, Dublin North, Ireland. Revd Leslie Alexander Handy of full age, bachelor, Clerk in Holy Orders, of 7 Temple St, son of M Feming Handy, gentleman, to, Frances Elizabeth Scott, of full age, spinster, of 60 MountJoy Square, daughter of Rev Thomas Lucas Scott, Clerk in Holy orders, married after banns.
     Frances died on 26 December 1909 in Skyrne, Tara, Meath, Ireland. She died at about 42 according to her son in a letter dated 17 Feb 1986.
     Her will was proved on 12 March 1910 at Dublin, Ireland. Will of Frances Elizabeth Handy, late of Skyrne Rectory, Tara, Meath, married woman who died 26 December 1909 was proved at Dublin to John R Scott, Esq. Effects £2822/17/3.

Children of Frances Elizabeth Scott and Rev Leslie Alexander Handy

Harriet Scott

(circa 1840 - )
     Harriet Scott was born circa 1840 in Algarkirk, Lincolnshire.
Harriet Scott married William Stancer, son of John Stancer and Elizabeth Barsby, in May 1858 in St Wulfram, Grantham, Lincolnshire. He was the son of John Stancer and she was the daughter of Thomas Scott.
     Harriet Scott and William Stancer were recorded on the 1861 census in Spittlegate, Grantham, Lincolnshire. William Stancer, head, 30, labourer, born Hambleton, Rutland; his wife Harriet aged 21, born Algarkirk, Lincs & son John H aged 1, born Spittlegate, Lincs.
     Harriet Scott and William Stancer were recorded on the 1871 census in Barrowby, Lincolnshire. William Stancer 41, ag. lab, born Hambleton, Rutland; his wife Harriet Stancer 32, born Allington, Lincs; sons John H Stancer 11, Thomas W Stancer 9, George W Stancer 8, all born Spittlegate, Susan Scott 14, niece, born Allington; and a servant William Pearson 16.

Children of Harriet Scott and William Stancer

Harriet Elizabeth Scott

(before March 1797 - )
     Harriet Elizabeth Scott was born before March 1797 in Tottenham, Middlesex.
Harriet Elizabeth Scott married Charles Hooper, son of James Hooper and Katherine Saxon, on 13 November 1828 in St George, Bloomsbury, London. He was of the parish of St Paul. Covent Garden.
     Harriet Elizabeth Scott and Charles Hooper were recorded on the 1841 census in St Helen Bishopsgate, London. Charles Hooper 60, wine merchant, Harriott 40, Harriot, 10 al born in the county.
     Harriet Elizabeth Scott and Charles Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in 7 Studley Tce, Lambeth, St Mary, Surrey. Charles Hooper, 70, wine merchant, born St George Hanover Square, with his wife Harriot aged 54, born St Hen... Mdx and unmarried daughter Harriot aged 20, born St George Hanover Square.
     Harriet Elizabeth Scott was recorded on the 1861 census in 13 Studley Tce, Lambeth, St Barnabas, Surrey. Harriet Hooper, head, widow, 62, born Tottenham, Mdx with her daughter Harriet aged 30, born Pimlico.
     Harriet died. She may be the Harriet Hooper whose death was registered in the September quarter of 1861 in the Lambeth RD.

Child of Harriet Elizabeth Scott and Charles Hooper

Helen Scott

     Helen Scott married David Deas in 1859 in Victoria.

Children of Helen Scott and David Deas

Hugh Laurence Scott

(1880 - )
     Hugh Laurence Scott was born in 1880.
Hugh Laurence Scott married Kathleen Orme Handy, daughter of Orme William Handy and Kathleen Davenport Purdon, on 12 January 1910 in St Bartholomew's, Dublin. Hugh Laurence Scott, 30, bachelor, Lieutenant, 2nd Batt, Sussex regt, of Keane Barracks, The Curragh, son of Thomas Scott, to, Kathleen Victoira Orme Handy, aged 22, spinster, of Bracca castle, Horseleap, Westmeath, daughter of Orme William Handy. They married by special licence and signed H Laurence Scott and K V Orme Handy in the presence of A J W Constable & Gladys M Browne.

James George Scott

(before 1870 - )
     James George Scott was born before 1870.
James George Scott married Elizabeth Dora Connolly, daughter of Rev James Campbell Connolly and Dorothea Ann Handy, on 9 September 1890 in St Peter, Deptford, Kent, England. They were both of full aged and single. He was a political officer in Burma, residing in Brockley, son of George Scott, Minister of the Scottish church; she was of 21 Wickham Rd, Brockley, daughter of James Campbell Connolly, clerk in orders. Married by licence, witnessded by Robert F Scott & Jane Connolly. Robert Campbell Connolly, M A, Cantab, was the officiating clergyman.

Joan Scott

(circa 1777 - 15 March 1837)
     Joan Scott was born circa 1777 in England. Youngest daughter & co-heir of Major General John Scott, of Balconie Fife, by Margaret, youngest daughter of Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President of the Court of Session..
Joan Scott married George Canning, son of George Canning and Mary Ann Costello, on 8 July 1800 in St George Hanover Square, Westminster. The Rt Hon Goerge Canning of the parish of St Maertin in the Fields, bachelor, & Joan Scott, of this parish, spinster, were married in the dwelling house of the Marquis of Ticthfield in Grosvenor Street, by special licence. Joan was present at George Charles Canning's christening on 4 June 1801 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, Middlesex, England.
She was created Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan, co. Kilkenny on 22 January 1828..
     Administration of the estate of Capt William Pitt Canning was granted to Joan Scott, 5th March 1829 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
     Joan died on 15 March 1837 in 10 Grosvenor Square, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex. She was buried on 23 March 1837 in Westminster Abbey, London.

Children of Joan Scott and George Canning

Joan Kathleen Herbert Scott

( - 1984)
     Joan Kathleen Herbert Scott was born in Ireland. She was the daughter of Charles William Scott of Lansdowne, Bray, co. Wicklow.
     Joan matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, graduating in 1923.
Joan Kathleen Herbert Scott married Rev Brian Leslie Handy, son of Rev Leslie Alexander Handy and Frances Elizabeth Scott, on 24 April 1930 in Rathdown RD, Dublin.
     Joan died in 1984.

John Scott

(circa 1685 - )
     John Scott was born circa 1685.
John Scott married Mary Ryther, daughter of Thomas Ryther and Ann Williamson, on 14 September 1714 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.

John Scott

(28 December 1692 - )
     John Scott was christened on 28 December 1692 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.
John Scott married Mary Ryther, daughter of John Ryther and Mary Moody, on 14 September 1714 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Joscelyn Orme Scott

     Joscelyn Orme Scott was the daughter of Hugh Laurence Scott and Kathleen Orme Handy.

Margaret Scott

(circa 1795 - 21 April 1859)
     Margaret Scott was born circa 1795 in Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
Margaret Scott married Peter Hooper, son of Robert Hooper and Margaret Dickinson, on 31 July 1821 in Kelso & Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland.
     Margaret Scott and Peter Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in Roxburgh St, Kelso, Roxburghshire. Peter Hooper 55, born Melrose, Rox, Smith, employing 16 men; wife Margaret Hooper 56, born Hawick, Joseph Hooper 27, born Kelso, Thomas Hooper 17, born Kelso, Margaret Gibson 27, house servant.
     Margaret died on 21 April 1859 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland. MI: Erected in memory of Robert Hooper son of Peter Hooper ironmonger in Kelso who died 6 July 1833 aged 11 years ...also his son George who died at Rothesay 11 April 1849 aged 22 years also Margaret Scott wife of the above Peter Hooper who died 21 April 1859 aged 64 years.

Children of Margaret Scott and Peter Hooper