William Henry Sheridan

(December 1898 - )
     William Henry Sheridan's birth was registered in the quarter ending in December 1898 in Leytonstone, West Ham RD, Essex. He was the son of William Henry Sheridan and Henrietta Adelaide Galton. Evelyn, Doris and William were listed as William Henry Sheridan's children in the 1901 census in Ilford, Essex.
     William Henry Sheridan and Henrietta Adelaide Galton were recorded on the 1911 census in 75 Old Fillebrook Rd, Leytonstone, Essex. Sheridan, Henrietta, head, widow, 40, born London Hackney; children Evelyn, single, 19, typist in a solicitor's office, born Leytonstone; Doris, single, 16, School, born London Bow; William, 12, School, born Leytonstone; with 3 boarders called Fell     .
William Henry Sheridan married Mary Ethel Readett Roberts on 17 January 1925 in the Register Office, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. She was described as the daughter of Francis Roberts, auctioneer. They were both single, he was the manager to explosive magazine builders and resided at 128 Fillibrook Rd, Leytonstone. She resided at 12 Poplar Grove, New Malden. His deceased father was also manager to 7 explosives magazine builders. Wintesses were E A Roberts & E A Hawkins. William Henry Sheridan and Mary Ethel Readett Roberts were divorced in 1933.
     William died in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Child of William Henry Sheridan and Mary Ethel Readett Roberts

Hattie M Sherman

(1853 - )
     Hattie M Sherman was born in 1853.
Hattie M Sherman married Thomas Alexander Ross, son of John Ross and Mary Tindal, in 1878 in California, USA. They adopted his sister Christy's son Almon/Almond when she died.

Charles Robert Sherrington

     Charles Robert Sherrington married Mary Armstrong, daughter of Andrew Armstrong and Constantia Maria Pigot, on 28 January 1782 in Scotland. They had issue.

Caroline Elizabeth Sherwin

(24 February 1821 - 3 December 1896)
     Caroline Elizabeth Sherwin was also known as Elizabeth in records. She was christened on 24 February 1821 in Cottlesmere, Rutland.
Caroline Elizabeth Sherwin married William Bowker, son of Thomas Bowker and Elizabeth McClean, after 1865. She was his fourth wife.
     Caroline Elizabeth Sherwin and William Bowker were recorded on the 1871 census in 3 Quinton? Cottages?, Isleworth. Willm Bowker 55, mail cart driver, born Newton Stewart, Scotland; his wife Elizabeth Bowker 50, housekeeper, born Cottesmore? Rutland?; son James Bowker 17, born Stamford, Lincs; Jas Pryde 35, George Shermer 23 born Stamford, lodgers.
     Caroline Elizabeth Sherwin and William Bowker were recorded on the 1881 census in Whitton Rd, Isleworth. William Bowker 64, carrier, born Scotland; his wife Elizabeth Bowker 56, born Rutland; and 3 boarders Richd. Long 22, railway guard, Pauline Bonham 3, John W Bonham 5.
     Caroline died on 3 December 1896 in Hounslow, Middlesex, aged 75.

Elizabeth Sherwood

     Elizabeth Sherwood married Simon Hughes on 8 May 1704 in St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, England.

Child of Elizabeth Sherwood and Simon Hughes

William Shields

( - 3 January 1956)
     William died on 3 January 1956 in Eddington, Victoria.

John Shiercliffe

(circa 1720? - )
     John Shiercliffe was born circa 1720?.
     John resided at Whitley Hall, Yorkshire, England.
John Shiercliffe married Mary Steer, daughter of Benjamin Steer and Alice Walker, in 1741. They had descendants. She was the grandmother of Eliza Gunning and daughters of Jno Parker.

Richard Shilling

     Richard Shilling married Alice Bland, daughter of Edmund Bland and Alice Batley, on 25 January 1699/0 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Another source gives Blaxhall.

Eleanor Shillingford

(7 April 1778 - 5 May 1858)
     Eleanor Shillingford was christened on 7 April 1778 in Bicester, Oxfordshire. She was probably the daughter of William Shillingford and his wife Eleanor who was baptised on this day.
Eleanor Shillingford married George Augustus Busby in 1809 in Bicester, Oxfordshire. She had two surviving children by this marriage: Charlotte and Ralph Augustus Villiers Busby. Charlotte married Otto Adolphus Victor Alexander Berens in 1832.Charlotte and Otto died quite young leaving their only son Alexander to be brought up by his uncle Dr Ralph A V Busby, but Eleanor's grand daughter went on to become a countess and her gt grand daughter a viscountess.
James Dempster married secondly Eleanor Busby on 19 March 1839 in St Matthew, Brixton, Surrey. James Dempster of full age, widower, gentleman, son of George Dempster, Dissenting Minister, to Eleanor Busby, of full age, widow, daughter of William Shillingford, farmer. They were both of Brixton and were married in the established church by licence. They signed in the presence of Charlotte Berens [Barnes?] and Richard Shillingford.
     Eleanor Shillingford and James Dempster were recorded on the 1841 census in Platoff Cottage, Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. James Dempster 70, born Scotland; Eleanor Dempster 55, not born in the county; in the same building but separate household were Mary Shephard 20, female servant & Thomas Horwood 20, solicitor, not born in the county.
     Eleanor Shillingford was mentioned in the will of James Dempster dated 18 August 1841.
     Eleanor Shillingford was recorded on the 1851 census in 'Raleigh House', Brixton Hills, Brixton, Lambeth, Surrey. She was living with her daughter and her family: Alexander Berens 49, head, foreign merchant, born Prussia, British subject; his wife Charlotte Berens 34, born Bicester; Eleanor Dempster 70, widow, mother in law, born Bicester, Oxfordshire; Ida Wicker 19, governess, Mary Johnson 30, cook, Eliza Wilson 29, housemaid, George Leich 29, coachman.
     Eleanor died on 5 May 1858 in Bicester, Oxfordshire, aged 80.

Frederick Alexander Shillingford

(say 1855 - )
     Frederick Alexander Shillingford was born say 1855. He was the son of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay. Frederick Alexander Shillingford and George William Shillingford were beneficiaries in Joseph Lay Shillingford's will proved 10 May 1890 in the Principal Probate Registry, London, England.

George William Shillingford

(say 1850 - )
     George William Shillingford was born say 1850. He was the son of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay. George William Shillingford and Frederick Alexander Shillingford were beneficiaries in Joseph Lay Shillingford's will proved 10 May 1890 in the Principal Probate Registry, London, England.

Georgiana Seraphina Shillingford

(26 February 1866 - )
     Georgiana Seraphina Shillingford was born on 26 February 1866 in Purnea/Purnia, India. She was the daughter of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay.

J J Shillingford

(circa 1820 - 22 July 1867)
     J J Shillingford was born circa 1820.
J J Shillingford married Caroline Lay, daughter of William Henry Lay, on 8 January 1844 in Bengal, India. Marriage announcements taken from The East India Register: At the Cathedral, J J Shillingford, Esq., to Catherine, daughter of W H Lay, Esq.
     J died on 22 July 1867 in Purnea/Purnia, India. 'Domestic Occurrences' in the Times of India 5 Aug 1867: Jul 22 at Purneah, JJ Shillingford Esq, of Kolassy Factory, aged 47 years.

Children of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay

Joseph Lay Shillingford

(circa 1845 - 26 January 1889)
     Joseph Lay Shillingford was born circa 1845. He was the son of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay.
     Joseph died on 26 January 1889 in India. 'Domestic Occurrences' in the Times of India 4 Feb 1889 Jan 26th at Purneah Joseph Lay Shillingford son of the late JJ Shillingford of Kolassy aged 43.
     His will was proved on 10 May 1890 at the Principal Probate Registry, London, England. Administration of the personal estate of Joseph Lay Shillington, late of the Berara Indigo Factory at Purneah in the province of Bengal, India, indigo planter a bachelor who died 26 Jan 1889 at the Civil Station of Purneah of the said province was granted... to John William Archibald Calkin ... solicitor the lawful attorney of George William Shillingford and Frederick Alexander Shillingford the brothers and two of the next of kin now residing in India.

William Shillingford

(circa 1860 - )
     William Shillingford was born circa 1860 in Purnea/Purnia, India. He was the son of J J Shillingford and Caroline Lay.
     William Shillingford were recorded on the 1881 census in 55 Clifton St, Brighton, Sussex. He was an Engine Fitter Railway Works and a lodger born in India. He was an executor of Henry Lay's estate on 19 February 1889 in Lewes, Sussex.
The marriage of William Shillingford and Florence Emma Lomas was registered in Brighton, Sussex, England, in the September 1890 quarter.
     William Shillingford and Florence Emma Lomas were recorded on the 1891 census in 52 Clifton St, Brighton, Sussex. William Shillingford, 31, tobacconist, born India, BS; wife Florence Shillingford, 21, born Paddington London; children William Shillingford     9, Alice Shillingford     6, both born in Brighton; Georgina Shillingford, 25, sister, living on own means, born India; Mary O Connell, 16, general servant & Albert E Prust, 26, lodger.
     William Shillingford was recorded on the 1901 census in 20 Buckingham Rd, Brighton, Sussex. William Shillingford,41, obacconist, born India, his wife Florence Shillingford, 31,born Paddington, London; children William Shillingford, 19, auctioneer's clerk, Alice Shillingford, 16, tobacconist's assistant, Phillip Shillingford, 6, George Shillingford, 3, John Shillingford 9 months, all born at Brighton; Rhoda Baldock 20, general servant, born Hastings, Sussex.

Catherine Shirley

     Catherine Shirley married Roger Carminow, son of Sir Oliver Carminow and Elizabeth Holland.

Children of Catherine Shirley and Roger Carminow

Thomas W Shirley

( - 1915)
     Thomas W Shirley married Priscilla Lottie Bullett, daughter of Samuel Charles Bullett and Sarah Ann Kilburn, in 1911 in Waterloo district, New South Wales.
     Thomas died in 1915 in Redfern district, New South Wales.

Lydia Shirtley

( - before 9 March 1790)
     Lydia Shirtley married Captain James Denty on 18 July 1784 in St Helena.
     Lydia died before 9 March 1790 in St Helena. She was buried on 9 March 1790 in St Helena.

Children of Lydia Shirtley and Captain James Denty

Laura Jane Sholz

(10 January 1991 - 13 January 1991)
      I. Bethany Anne was born in Wodonga Vic 19/1/89. Laura Jane Sholz was born on 10 January 1991 in Wodonga, Victoria. She was the daughter of Joanne Michelle Ruby.
     Laura died on 13 January 1991 in New South Wales.

John Frederick Shoner

(1824 - )
     John Frederick Shoner was born in 1824. He was the son of Johann Friedrich Schonherr, a baker from Dresden..
John Frederick Shoner married Harriet Mary Cocksedge, daughter of James Cocksedge and Harriet Shearing, on 8 September 1854 in St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. They had 3 children: John Frederick, b 1854, Hrriet born 1856, James Chareles b 1862..

Esther Shore

     Esther Shore married Robert Milnes as his second wife, in 1766.

Gabriel Shore

(before 1667 - )
     Gabriel Shore was born before 1667. He was the son of Capt William Shore and Anna Catherina Grubbe-Stjernfelt.      
Gabriel Shore was a representative in 1689 for Fermanagh, Ireland.
Gabriel Shore served in the military in the British Army in 1699. Officers of Col. Abraham Creighton's late Regiment of Foot....Lieut. Gabriel Shore 2s. From: 'Warrants etc: August 1699, 26-31, Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15: 1699-1700 (1933), pp. 138-157. http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=832.

Harriet Shore

(1803 - 1878)
     Harriet Shore was born in 1803 in North Tawton, Devon.
Harriet Shore married Thomas Ruby, son of John Ruby and Margaret Gale, on 26 March 1826 in Sampford Courtenay, Devon.
Harriet Shore and Thomas Ruby were named on a removal order in 1827 in Inwardleigh, Devon. Thomas Ruby, Harriet his wife and Mary Ann their daughter, aged 6 months, to Inwardleigh from Sampford Courtney.
     Harriet Shore and Thomas Ruby were recorded on the 1841 census in Cornish Park, Inwardleigh, Devon. Thomas Ruby, 36, ag lab, his wife Harriott, 35, with Mary 14, John 12, Thomas 10, Harriott 3, Elizabeth 30, Ann Arnell 13, inmate? (crossed through) all born in the county.
     Harriet Shore and Thomas Ruby were recorded on the 1851 census in Chastys Cottage, Inwardleigh, Devon. Thomas Ruby, aged 46, ag. lab. born Inwardleigh, with his wife Harriet aged 47 born Inwardleigh, and children Harriet 14, Emanuel 7, and his sister Elizabeth aged 43, unmarried, all born at Inwardleigh and John Parker, a visitor, aged 30, unmarried, born Dolton, Devon.
     Harriet Shore and Thomas Ruby were recorded on the 1861 census in Inwardleigh, Devon. Thomas Ruby, 57, ag. lab. and his wife Harriett, 58, both born Inwardleigh and their son Emmanuel 11, born Inwardleigh and a lodger John Rich, labourer, aged 67, born Okehampton. Harriet Shore was listed as Emanuel Ruby's mother in the 1871 census in Inwardleigh, Devon. Emanuel Ruby, head, 28, ag. lab, born Inwardleigh; his wife Mary Ann, 27, born Sampford Courtney; children John 5, William 4 months?, Dinah 7 and Eliza 2, all born at Inwardliegh & mother Harriet Ruby widow, aged 65, born Northawton, Devon.
     Harriet died in 1878 in Inwardleigh, Devon.

Children of Harriet Shore and Thomas Ruby

John Shore

     John Shore married Dorothy Steer, daughter of Henry Steer and Alice Unknown (Steer), on 22 June 1617 in Darley, Derbyshire. A Dorothe also married Ralph Wilgose in 1610, which Dorothy?.

Capt William Shore

( - circa 1668)
     Capt William Shore was also known as Magnus Schor in records.
     Anna Catherina Hamilton married thirdly Capt William Shore before 1667 in Ireland. He was a widower having been married to Ann Dockwra who died 22 Dec 1657. T1089/50 states that Capt William Shore married Anna Catherina, widow and relict of Lodowick Hamimlton, late Lord Baron of Leng in Sweden, dec'd .... they had a son Gabriel still living in 1677. William Shore being since dead, Anna Catherina is now married to James Somerwell of Tullykelter, gent.
He was called Magnus Schor in the Swedish pedigree.
Ball states: Captain Shore was connected with the County Fermanagh. His first wife was a daughter of Henry, Baron Dockwra, of Culmore; and Sir Henry Brooke, ancestor of the baronets of that name, who had married another daughter of Baron Dockwra, had also an interest in the house and demesne of Rathmines. On the death of his first wife, Captain Shore married the widow of Baron Lewis Hamilton, the brother of the first Lord Glenawley, and father of the distinguished defender of Enniskillen in the time of James II.
     William died circa 1668 in Ireland. Captain Shore's death occurred about 1668, and ten years later there were legal proceedings between his representatives and Thomas Radcliffe, the only son of Sir George Radcliffe, with regard to the lands of Rathmines.
A Thomas Shore was listed as paying hearth tas in 1665 & 1666 in Enniskillen.
     The administration of his estate was granted to Anna Catherina Grubbe-Stjernfelt on 19 May 1670 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

Child of Capt William Shore and Anna Catherina Grubbe-Stjernfelt

Mary Short

(before April 1790 - June 1851)
     Mary Short was born before April 1790 in Liskeard, Cornwall.
Mary Short married Simeon Ruby, son of Edward Ruby and Elizabeth Chapman, on 15 July 1811 in Maker, Cornwall.
     Mary Short and Simeon Ruby were recorded on the 1841 census in Plymouth, East Stonehouse, Devon. Simion Ruby, 50? Navy, Mary 50, Jane 15, Thomas 14, Emma? 12, none born in the county, Ellen 8, born in the county.
     Mary Short was recorded on the 1851 census in George St, Plymouth, East Stonehouse, Devon. Mary Ruby, head, married, aged 61, housekeeper, born Liskeard, Cornwall with her daughters Elizabeth Strong, married, 32, seaman's wife, born Millbrook, Cornwall; Jane Ruby, 25, tailoress, born Millbrook and Ellen Ruby aged 17 tailoress, born East Stonehouse, Devon.
     Mary's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1851 in East Stonehouse, Devon.

Children of Mary Short and Simeon Ruby

Margaret Shovelton

(1872 - 1945)
     Margaret Shovelton was born in 1872 in North Melbourne, Victoria.
Margaret Shovelton married Claud Albert Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, on 2 January 1891 in Melbourne, Victoria.
     Margaret died in 1945 in Northcote, Victoria.

Children of Margaret Shovelton and Claud Albert Dobson

Margaret Shover

     Margaret Shover married Richard Ruby on 6 February 1725 in Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon.

Children of Margaret Shover and Richard Ruby

Unknown Shrigley

     Unknown Shrigley married John Handcock, son of Sir William Handcock and Elizabeth Coddington.

Child of Unknown Shrigley and John Handcock

Nathan Longbotton Sidebottom

(1927 - 1985)
     Nathan Longbotton Sidebottom was born in 1927.
     Nathan died in 1985.