Alfred George Smith

(March 1888 - 1889)
     Alfred George Smith was born in March 1888 in Corryong, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston. Alfred was described as a living child of Mary Ann Weston on 14 July 1888.
     Alfred died in 1889 in Corryong, Victoria.

Alice May Smith

     Alice May Smith married William Charles Perryman, son of Henry Perryman and Margaret MacPherson, in 1909 in Victoria.

Child of Alice May Smith and William Charles Perryman

Alma Dorothy Smith

(31 January 1903 - 15 April 1985)
     Alma Dorothy Smith was born on 31 January 1903.
Alma Dorothy Smith married Ivor Edmund Jones, son of Edmund Jones and Florence Ross, on 17 April 1926 in Quebec, Canada. They had Evan Kenwydd Jones and Norma Frances Jones (Jackson).
     Alma died on 15 April 1985 in Pointe Clare, Quebec, Canada, aged 82. She was buried at Ridau Memorial Gardens.

Amanda Lynn Smith

(8 June 1990 - )
     Amanda Lynn Smith was born on 8 June 1990 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Amelia Sarah Smith

(circa 1868 - June 1928)
     Amelia Sarah Smith was born circa 1868.
Amelia Sarah Smith married Frederick Charles Wafford, son of William Wafford and Emma Broomhead, on 30 July 1887 in St James the Greaqt, Friern Barnet, Hertfordshire.
     Amelia's death was registered in the quarter ending in June 1928 in Edmonton RD, Middlesex.

Child of Amelia Sarah Smith and Frederick Charles Wafford

Amy Bertha Smith (Galbraith)

(circa 1877 - 1967)
     Amy Bertha Smith (Galbraith) was also known as Amy Berth Smith Galbraith in records. She was born circa 1877.
Amy Bertha Smith (Galbraith) married Charles Henry Bowker, son of Charles Bowker and Anna Elizabeth Whitla, on 22 December 1905 in St Saviour's, Lyttleton, New Zealand.
     Amy died in 1967 in Auckland, New Zealand.
     Her will was proved in 1967 at Auckland.

Andrew Smith

(27 February 1810 - )
     Andrew Smith was born on 27 February 1810 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. He was baptised 7 Mar 1810 at St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh; aged 31 in 1841, son of James, Excise Agent & Catherine/Katherine Mains.
Ann Bruce married secondly Andrew Smith on 6 July 1832 in St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Andrew Smith, Rectifier of Spirits, residing in no.1 Clerk Street and Ann Bruce, or Riddel, also residing in same place, both in this parish, daughter of John Bruce, Innkeeper of Inverury and parish thereof, and relict of the deceased John Riddel, sometime Merchant in Aberdeen, afterward resident in Edinburgh, have been three times proclaimed in order to marriage in the parish church of St Cuthbert's and no objections have been offered. Married on the 6th day of July current by the Reverend Doctor David Dickson, one of the Ministers of this parish.
Andrew Smith was listed in a directory dated between 1835 and 1844 as Andrew Smith, brewer at Palace yard, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.
     Andrew Smith and Ann Bruce were recorded on the 1841 census in Citadel, Leith North, Edinburgh, Midlothian. Andrew Smith aged 30, labourer, Ann Smith 35, Ann Smith 16, none born in the county.
     Andrew immigrated with the family to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 23 October 1841 per "New York Packet".
Between 1847 and 1848 Andrew Smith purchased property in Gundagai, New South Wales, between 1847 and 1848. An Andrew Smith was involved in land transactions at Gundagai 24 August 1847, Gundagai South 18 Dec 1847 and 5 August 1848. Note that an Andrew Smith received a convict indulgence in Sydney 5 May 1847. All listed in the NSW government gazettes.
Andrew Smith and Ann Bruce witnessed John Morris and Anne Riddell's wedding on 19 March 1847 in Yass parish, co. Murray, New South Wales, Australia.
An Adrew Smith, died 23 Oct 1871 at Blinkobnny, Adelong, son of Andrew & Ann and his obituary described him as senior, from Musselburgh, aged 70 at Adelong. However the age is wrong.
Andrew Smith and Ann Bruce witnessed William MacKenzie and Lily Weston's wedding on 14 July 1875 in St David's Manse, Presbyterian church, Albury, New South Wales.

Ann Smith

(before June 1713 - before 23 June 1768)
     Ann Smith was born before June 1713 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. She was of Tickhill at her marriage.
     Ann Smith and John Rich obtained a marriage licence on 5 June 1734 in Yorkshire. John Rich aged 23 of Tickhill & Anne Smith aged 21 of Tickhill to wed at Bradfield Chapel.
Ann Smith married John Rich, son of John Rich and Rebecca Shaw, on 3 June 1734 in Bradfield, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. Married by licence.
     Ann died before 23 June 1768 in Tickhill, Yorkshire. She was buried on 23 June 1768 in St Mary, Tickhill.

Children of Ann Smith and John Rich

Ann Maria Smith

(1874 - 1926)
     Ann Maria Smith was also known as Maria Ann Smith in records. She was born in 1874 in Wodonga, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston. Ann was described as a living child of Mary Ann Weston on 14 July 1888.
Ann Maria Smith married Evan Robert Evans in 1894 in Victoria.
     Ann and Evan were registered as Evan Robert Evans, labourer & Maria Ann, home duties at Thowlgla, Victoria, on the between 1912 and 1924 electoral roll.
     Ann died in 1926 in Corryong, Victoria. She was buried in August 1926 in Corryong.

Children of Ann Maria Smith and Evan Robert Evans

Anna Maria Smith

(9 June 1766 - )
     Anna Maria Smith was christened on 9 June 1766 in Normanton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth.

Anne Smith

(say 1575 - before 21 October 1596)
     Anne Smith was born say 1575.
Anne Smith married Edward Silvester, son of Robert Silvester and Elizabeth Unknown (Silvester), on 5 August 1593 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.
     Anne died before 21 October 1596 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was buried on 21 October 1596 in Ecclesfield.

Anne Smith

(21 November 1727 - )
     Anne Smith was christened on 21 November 1727 in Normanton, Yorkshire. Baptised Ann daughter of John Smith Esq & Ann his wife, of Newland. She was the daughter of John Smith and Anne Hodgson.

Anne Smith

( - 30 April 1767)
     Anne Smith married Humphrey Ryther, son of William Ryther and Mary Sawer, before 1726.
     Anne was buried on 30 April 1767 in Lincolnshire. Anne, the wife of Humphrey Ryther was buried April 30, 1767.

Child of Anne Smith and Humphrey Ryther

Annie Eliza Smith

     Annie Eliza Smith was the daughter of Henry John Smith and Mary Austin.
Annie Eliza Smith married Edward John Matthews.

Annie Matilda Smith

(1874 - )
     Annie Matilda Smith was born in 1874 in Paterson, New South Wales.

Arthur C C Smith

(1893 - )
     Arthur C C Smith was born in 1893 in Paterson, New South Wales.

Arthur Henry Smith

(20 July 1862 - )
     Arthur Henry Smith was also known as Arthur Harry in records. He was born on 20 July 1862. He was the son of Henry Smith and Mary Caroline Bellamy.

Benjamin Smith

(circa 1705 - )
     Benjamin Smith was born circa 1705.
     Benjamin Smith was also reported as having married Lydia Rich, daughter of Jonas Rich and Alice Crossley, on 2 February 1731/32 in Bradfield, Yorkshire. Benjamin Smith & Lydea Ritch..

Bernard Desmond Smith

(circa 1911 - )
     Bernard Desmond Smith was born circa 1911. There are few WA candidates: Desmond J H born Perth 1911; but no Bernards. Terry Mann suggested that he was born n Victoria. He was the son of Mayhew Henry Smith and Hannah Veronica Sullivan.
     Bernard was registered as Bernard Desmnd Labouren! Smith, a labourer, motor driver at Clifton St, Lawlers, Western Australia, on the 1931 electoral roll.
Bernard Desmond Smith married Adelaide Doris Moore in 1933 in Mt Margaret, Western Australia.
     Bernard was registered as Bernard Desmond Smith, Roads Board employee at Leonora on the between 1936 and 1954 electoral roll.
     Bernard and Adelaide resided at Moora, Western Australia, 1962. He was an electrician in charge of Leonora Power Station.

Bertrand C Smith

(1886 - )
     Bertrand C Smith was born in 1886 in Paterson, New South Wales.

Charles Smith

(before March 1866 - 29 February 1884)
     Charles Smith was born before March 1866 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson.
     Charles died on 29 February 1884 in Mariner St, Williamstown, Victoria. He was buried on 2 March 1884 in Williamstown.

Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart)

(22 August 1775 - 28 July 1857)
     Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart) was born on 22 August 1775 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth. Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart) was christened on 9 September 1775 in Normanton.
Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart) married Elizabeth Armstrong on 8 June 1808. He was a Lieut-Colonel in the 22nd Light Dragoons. She was the only child of John Armstrong, Esq. of Lisgoole, co. Fermanagh and grand daughter of Cadwallader, 9th Lord Blayney. They had 14 children. On 1846 his name was legally changed to Sir Charles Dodsworth (3rd Bart).
GENUKI states: The township of Thornton Watlass embraces 1,482 acres, chiefly owned by Sir C. E. S. Dodsworth, Bart., and Sir F. A. Milbank, Bart., who is also lord of the manor. Its rateable value is £1,991, and population 183 ... Thornton Watlass Hall, the seat of Sir Charles Edward Smith Dodsworth, Bart., is an ancient gabled stone house of two stories, situated in a well wooded park, and contains many valuable pictures. The paternal ancestor of this family was John Smith, yeoman, of Ecclesfield, in the West Riding, who married the sister and heiress of John Silvester, of Newland Park. Silvester, originally a blacksmith's apprentice at Barnsley, became chief engineer at the Tower of London in the time of Charles II., and constructed a chain (then thought an impossibility) to be drawn across the Thames, to prevent the Dutch fleet sailing up the river to attack London, John Smith's grandson was created a baronet in 1783, and married the sister and heiress of Frederick Dodsworth, D.D., of Thornton Watlass, whose surname her children assumed. Thomas Dodsworth, of Dodsworth, West Riding, receiver to Henry, third Lord Fitzhugh, K.G., acquired the Thornton Watlass estate in 1415, by marriage with Agnes, daughter and heiress of Hugh Thoresby, Chief Captain of Richmondshire, and niece of Cardinal John Thoresby, Archbishop of York and Chancellor of England, who built the choir of York Cathedral..
     Charles died on 28 July 1857 in Thonton Watlass, Yorkshire, aged 81.

Child of Charles Edward Smith (3rd Bart) and Elizabeth Armstrong

Charles George Smith

     Charles George Smith married Alice Bugg, daughter of Joseph Bugg and Eliza Chinery, in 1878 in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia.

Child of Charles George Smith and Alice Bugg

Charlotte Smith

(before March 1770 - 1 March 1788)
     Charlotte Smith was born before March 1770. She was the daughter of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth. Charlotte Smith was christened on 13 August 1770 in Normanton, Yorkshire.
     Charlotte died on 1 March 1788 in Normanton, YKS.

child Smith

(before 1726 - )
     Child Smith was born before 1726 in York, Yorkshire. He was the son of Samuel Smith and Margaret Frankland.

Christopher Smith

(14 August 1736 - before 20 April 1737)
     Christopher Smith was christened on 14 August 1736 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Smith and Anne Hodgson.
     Christopher died before 20 April 1737 in Normanton, YKS. He was buried on 20 April 1737 in Normanton.

Christopher Smith

     Christopher Smith was born in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.
Christopher Smith married Isabel Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell and Ann Wells, in August 1682 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. Marriage bond dated 6 August 1682: Christopher Smith of Diddithorpe & Isabella Popplewell of Belton, spinster.

Christopher Smith

(circa 1834 - )
     Christopher Smith was born circa 1834 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
Christopher Smith married secondly Mary Anne Cracknell on 7 November 1885 in Cockfield, Suffolk.
     Christopher Smith and Mary Anne Cracknell were recorded on the 1891 census in Cockfield. Christopher Smith aged 53, engine driver, born Cockfield; with his wife Mary Ann aged 50, born Bradfield St Clare and sons Frederick 22 & Westrop 20, ag. labs, born Cockfield and step sons, Alfred 17, George 14 & Dannah 10 all born at Bradfield St Clare.

daughter Smith

(1879 - 1879)
     Daughter Smith was born in 1879 in Bethanga, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston.
     Daughter died in 1879 in Victoria.

daughter Smith

     Daughter Smith was the daughter of Unknown Smith and Mary Ann Buchanan.
Daughter Smith married Unknown Lind.