Dorothy Veronica Smith

(24 August 1901 - 24 February 1980)
     Dorothy Veronica Smith was born on 24 August 1901 in Victoria. She was the daughter of Mayhew Henry Smith and Hannah Veronica Sullivan.
Dorothy Veronica Smith married John Walsh in 1925 in East Murchison, Western Australia.
     Dorothy died on 24 February 1980 in Mosman Park, Western Australia, aged 78.

Child of Dorothy Veronica Smith and John Walsh

Edith Smith (Pyggott)

(30 October 1911 - March 1983)
     Edith Smith (Pyggott) was born on 30 October 1911.
The marriage of Edith Smith (Pyggott) and Harold Sidney Mortimer, son of Happy Samuel Mortimer and Thirza Bland, was registered in Doncaster RD in the September 1929 quarter.
     Edith's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1983 in Scunthorpe RD, Lincolnshire.

Child of Edith Smith (Pyggott) and Harold Sidney Mortimer

Edward Smith

(circa 1845 - before 6 January 1906)
     Edward Smith was born circa 1845. He was the son of Henry James Smith & Gina Yatenell..
Edward Smith married Mary Ann Weston, daughter of Edward Weston and Mary Collings, circa 1871 in Wahgunyah, Victoria. There is no record of this marriage c. 1873 at Wahgunyah according to her death certificael. An Edward Smith of Corryong married Priscilla Ransgrill or Krausgrill in 1898 (Ref: 6783), he was born in London and they had issue. Her death certificate (1947) states that she was aged 25 at marriage and a Priscilla Smith was buried at Corryong 18 Jan 1947 - but she was the daughter of Charles Hawkins & Catrherine Rothwell. Edward was a butcher in 1874, in Belvoir, Victoria.
     Edward died before 6 January 1906 in Corryong, Victoria. He was buried on 6 January 1906 in Corryong. Edward Smith, aged 62, of Corryong, dealer, of Cirrhosis of Liver, grave 28 section 1, C/E.

Children of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston

Edward Smith (2nd Bart)

(13 August 1768 - 31 December 1845)
     Edward Smith (2nd Bart) was born on 13 August 1768 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth. Edward Smith (2nd Bart) was christened on 8 September 1768 in Normanton.
Edward Smith (2nd Bart) married Susan Dawkins on 29 September 1804 in Downton, Wiltshire. They had no issue. On 1821 his name was legally changed to Sir Edward Dodsworth (2nd Bart). He assumed the surname of Dodworth in compliance with the will of his uncle, the Rev Frederick Dodsworth, DD, canon of Windsor.
     Edward died on 31 December 1845 in Thonton Watlass, Yorkshire, aged 77. He was succeeded by his brother Charles.

Edward George Smith

(1872 - 1873)
     Edward George Smith was born in 1872 in Belvoir, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston.
     Edward died in 1873 in Victoria.

Edward Henry Smith

     Edward Henry Smith married Olive May Rubie, daughter of George Rubie and Lily Rower, in 1924 in Victoria.

Edwin Horace Smith

     Edwin Horace Smith married Nellie Beatrice Moss, daughter of Walter Hooker Moss and Jessie MacCulloch, in 1927 in Victoria.

Edwin Theo Bellamy Smith

(8 July 1866 - )
     Edwin Theo Bellamy Smith was also known as Edwin Theodore in records. He was born on 8 July 1866. He was the son of Henry Smith and Mary Caroline Bellamy.

Elias Smith

(before 3 September 1692 - )
     Elias Smith was born before 3 September 1692 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Smith and Priscilla Silvester. Elias Smith was christened on 11 September 1692 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire.

Eliza Smith

(circa 1850 - )
     Eliza Smith was born circa 1850.
Eliza Smith married William Dempster on 19 January 1868 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.
     Eliza Smith and William Dempster were recorded on the 1871 census in 2 Providence Tce, Kensington, London. William Dempster, head, married, 31, Racterer??, born Lichfield, Staffordshire; wife Eliza aged 21, born Kington, Sry and children William 2 and Harry 1 both born in Kensington.

Eliza Smith

(14 July 1774 - )
     Eliza Smith was christened on 14 July 1774 in Normanton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth.

Elizabeth Smith

( - before 14 October 1771)
     Elizabeth Smith married Christopher Ashby, son of John Ashby and Frances M Campbell, on 23 November 1749 in St John, Barbados.
     Elizabeth died before 14 October 1771 in St John, Barbados. She was buried on 14 October 1771 in St John, Barbados.

Children of Elizabeth Smith and Christopher Ashby

Elizabeth Smith

(before October 1695 - 22 October 1751)
     Elizabeth Smith was born before October 1695 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Smith and Priscilla Silvester. Elizabeth Smith was christened on 3 October 1695 in Ecclesfield. There were several Elizabeths, daughter of John Smith, baptised at All Saints Wakefield: 6 Mar 1689, 1 Oct 1690 daughter of Mr John Smith, & 8 Jun 1702. She was mentioned in the manor court roll dated 5 February 1714/15, in Epworth re property at Belton. Manor of Epworth: Surrender by Robert & Richard Poplewell, in the presence of John Poplewell and Robert Moody, to the use of John Silvester Esq. and Henry Caister.
Property: all the copyhold properties of Robert & Richard in Belton, subject to trusts expressed in a deed bearing even date herewith, between Robert & Richard of the first part, John and Henry of the second part, and Elizabeth Smith, daughter of John Smith of Ecclesfield, Yorks., gent. deceased, and niece to John Silvester, of the third part
     A marriage settlement between Elizabeth Smith and Richard Popplewell was made on 5 February 1714/15. Robert Popplewell & Richard Popplewell only son & heir of the said Robert Popplewell of Temple Belwood, gent. & Elizabeth Smith one of the daughters of John Smith late of the parish of Ecclesfield co. York, (re Temple Belwood and land in Belton & Beltoft).
     Elizabeth Smith and Richard Popplewell obtained a marriage licence on 11 February 1714/15 in York.
Elizabeth Smith married Richard Popplewell, son of Robert Popplewell and Catherine Ryther, on 30 June 1715 in Darton, Yorkshire. Elizabeth Smith gave a bible to Elizabeth Popplewell in 1751. The bible is inscribed: Elizabeth Popelwell, the gift of my mother, 1751.
     Elizabeth died on 22 October 1751 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. She was buried on 25 October 1751 in All Saints, Wakefield. In the quire.

Children of Elizabeth Smith and Richard Popplewell

Elizabeth Smith

(before 1555 - )
     Elizabeth Smith was born before 1555. Some sources state that she was the daughter of John Smyth, a wealthy merchant of Exeter, a deed states she was daughter of Sir Nicholas Smith and sister of John. She was the daughter of Sir George Smith.
Elizabeth Smith married Sir Thomas Monk on 17 June 1601 in Merton, Devon. A Margerty Moncke married Thomas Wollicom there the same year. Elizabeth Smith was mentioned in a deed dated 22 April 1616. 22 April 1616: Reversionary Lease for 99 years, 14 James I. - (1) John Chappell, Thomas Pope the elder, Valentyne Tedbury, Thomas Pope the younger, Humfry Cade, Robert Downe, Thomas Russell the elder, Willyam Hawkes the elder, Thomas Bennett and Marrys Oldon, feoffees of the parish lands of St Paul in Exeter.
(2) Sir George Smyth of Maydworthie, Knt.
2 messuages, curtilages, a stable and garden in the parish of St. Paul, Exeter.
Lives: George Monck, the son of Sir Thomas Monck, Knt. and John Smyth, the son of Sir Nicholas Smythe, Knt
Consideration: £10; Rent: 40s.
9 seals of which 2 are broken.
In reversion of Sir Nicholas Smyth, Knt (son of Sir George Smyth) and Dame Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas Monck and daughter of Sir Nicholas Smyth

Children of Elizabeth Smith and Sir Thomas Monk

Elizabeth Smith

(28 March 1729 - )
     Elizabeth Smith was christened on 28 March 1729 in Normanton, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Smith and Anne Hodgson.
Elizabeth Smith married Alexander Halliday. He was of Belfast, Ireland.

Elizabeth Smith

(1760 - August 1831)
     Elizabeth Smith was born in 1760.
Elizabeth Smith married John Handy on 19 October 1789 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.
     Elizabeth died in August 1831.

Child of Elizabeth Smith and John Handy

Elizabeth Smith

(25 April 1819 - )
     Elizabeth Smith was born on 25 April 1819 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Elisabeth Smith l.d. Wm Smith & Janet McPherson residing at Cults, born 25 April, bapt 3 May 1819, ipo Peter Forbes at Urlamore of Camdel & Janet Ratray Knockaus, witnesses & sponsors.. She was the daughter of William Smith and Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson.

Elizabeth Smith

(circa 1822 - )
     Elizabeth Smith was born circa 1822.
     John Rich married Elizabeth Smith as his third wife, on 15 February 1858 in St John's, Brixton, Surrey. John Rich, widower, aged 52, clerk, of Loughton Park, son of Amos Rich, labourer, to, Elizabeth Smith, 36, spinster, of Loughton Park, daughter of Charles Smith, gardener.

Elsie or Elspet Smith

(circa 1843 - 17 February 1903)
     Elsie or Elspet Smith was born circa 1843 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. She was possibly born 16 May 1843, daughter of William Smith and Ann McDonald.
Elsie or Elspet Smith married Charles MacPherson, son of John MacPherson and Elspet Smith, on 6 July 1851 in Fordyce, Banffshire, Scotland.
     Elsie or Elspet Smith and Charles MacPherson were recorded on the 1881 census in Lower Ellich (Ellick), Kirkmichael, Banffshire. Charles McPherson, 50, farmer, & his wife Elspet aged 37, with Charles M Meldrum, nephew, aged 19, farm servant and niece Mary A Meldrum, domestic servant, both born at Kirkmichael.
     Elsie died on 17 February 1903 in Ellick, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Elspet Smith

(circa 1806 - 17 August 1841)
     Elspet Smith was born circa 1806 in Banffshire, Scotland.
Elspet Smith married John MacPherson, son of Cosmo MacPherson and Margaret MacIntosh or Riach, on 9 June 1829 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. John McPherson, farmer, Ellick & Elspet Smith, l.d. of Donald Smith, farmer.
     Elspet Smith appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Cosmo MacPherson and John MacPherson in Ellick, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.
     Elspet died on 17 August 1841 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. She was buried in Kirkmichael, BAN, SCT.

Children of Elspet Smith and John MacPherson

Elspet Smith

(12 July 1815 - )
     Elspet Smith was christened on 12 July 1815 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. Elspet Smith, lawful daughter to William Smith, Heather Cutter by Betty McPherson was baptised 12 July 1815 in presence of Jo Smith, Gaulrig and Elspet Smith, Batnafrave, sponsors by me. She was the daughter of William Smith and Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson.
     Elspet Smith appeared on the on 20 April 1824 'status animarum' in Nether Cults, Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Emma Smith

(1884 - 1884)
     Emma died in 1884 in Towong, Victoria. She was born in 1884 in Corryong, Victoria. She was the daughter of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston.

Emma Smith

(circa 1835 - )
     Emma Smith was born circa 1835 in Lambeth, Surrey.
Emma Smith married Hiram Neale Cocksedge, son of George William Cocksedge and Roberta Neale, on 3 August 1868 in St John the Evangelist, Brixton, Lambeth, Surrey. Morning Advertiser London, England
12 Aug 1868: MARRIAGES
the 3rd inst., St. John’s Church. Brixton, the Rev. Dr. Mansfield, vicar, Hiram Cosedge, third son of the late George Wm. Cocksedge, Esq , solicitor, to Emma, second daughter the late Wm. Smith, Esq , of the Lambeth Potteries.
     Emma Smith and Hiram Neale Cocksedge were recorded on the 1881 census in West HO, Queens Rd, Kingston, Surrey. Hiram Cosedge, 42, Solicitor (Commissioner Of Oaths), born Wokingham, Berkshire, England, wife      
Emma 46, born Lambeth, Surrey, children: Amy 11, Scholar, born Herne Hill, Surrey; Arthur 10; Earnest 8, Frederick 6; Jessie, 5, Scholar, all born Herne Hill, Surrey; Victor, 2 , born Kingston on Thames, Surrey. With 2 domestic servants.

Ernest Victor Smith

(25 May 1904 - 1995)
     Ernest Victor Smith was born on 25 May 1904.
Ernest Victor Smith married Helen Cecilia Colbert, daughter of Charles Patrick Colbert and Catherine Matilda Hogan, circa 1947 in Victoria, Australia.
     Ernest resided at 40 Peart St, Leongatha, 1982.
     Ernest died in 1995. He is buried at Leongatha.

Ezma Leitha Smith

(21 July 1912 - 18 August 2000)
     Ezma Leitha Smith was born on 21 July 1912.
Ezma Leitha Smith married Lynton Roy Turner, son of William Turner and Elsie May Cox, on 9 June 1935 in Maitland, New South Wales.
     Ezma died on 18 August 2000 in Maitland, NSW, aged 88.

Children of Ezma Leitha Smith and Lynton Roy Turner

Florence M Smith

     Florence M Smith was the daughter of Charles George Smith and Alice Bugg.
Florence M Smith married Thomas A Ayre in 1905 in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia.

Frederick George Smith

(30 August 1863 - )
     Frederick George Smith was born on 30 August 1863. He was the son of Henry Smith and Mary Caroline Bellamy.

G H Smith

     G H Smith married Marianne Thompson, daughter of Richard Thompson and Mary Reddish, on 21 May 1842 in St John's, Hampstead, Middlesex. G H Smith esq., to Marianne Thompson, second daughter of Richard Thompson, Esq., late of Kennington Surrey, and of Hampstead, Middlesex..

George Smith

(14 October 1772 - 1811)
     George Smith was christened on 14 October 1772 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of Sir John Silvester Smith (Bart) and Henrietta Maria Dodsworth.
     George died in 1811. He was a clerk in Holy Orders and unmarried.

Sir George Smith

(say 1530 - )
     Sir George Smith was born say 1530. He witnessed the education of George Monk Duke of Albemarle; by his grandfather Sir George Smith with whom he almost entirely resided.

Child of Sir George Smith