Thomas Arthur Smith

(1885 - )
     Thomas Arthur Smith was born in 1885 in Corryong, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston. Thomas was described as a living child of Mary Ann Weston on 14 July 1888.

Timothy Smith

(1757 - 1817)
     Timothy Smith was born in 1757. Timothy was the son of Charles Smith, citizen and stationer. He was apprenticed to John Scollough of the Tallow Chandlers' Company on 08 December 1772. His brother Isaac Smith (later Rear Admiral) was reputed to have landed before Cook when they arrived in Australia on the "Endeavour" in 1770. Isaac died at Merton Abbey, Sry, aged 78 in 1831. For more information about this family see His mother was Hannah Savage..
Timothy Smith married secondly Elizabeth Dempster on 24 June 1812 in St John, Clerkenwell, London. Timothy Smith widower of this parish and Elizabeth Robertson of Mitcham in the county of Surrey, widow, were married in this church by licence 24 June 1812. Both signed, in the presence of Elizabeth Dempster & John Hinds.
     Timothy Smith made a will dated March 1814 in 'White House', Mitcham, Surrey. In the name of God, amen, this is the last will and testament of me, Timothy Smith, of White House, Upper Mitcham in the County of Surrey, who am of sound mind and memory blessed by God for it.
First I commend my body to the earth to be decently and frugally intered.
I direct that all my just debts, funeral expenses and the expense of proving this my will be first paid and satisfied.
I give and bequeath all my freehold and leasehold messuages and tenements, plate, household furniture, goods, chattels, estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever I have or may be entitled to unto my dear wife, Elizabeth Smith, and my dear brother, Isaac Smith of Clapham in the County of Surrey, esquire upon trust that as soon after my decease as conveniently may be to sell and dispose thereof except such plate, furniture, china that my said wife shall choose to keep for her own use.
The monies arising from such sale to be applied and disposed of in the purchase of an annuity for the benefit of my said dear wife for the term of her natural life for her own use and benefit exclusively and not to be subject to the Cxxx or liable to the debts of any future husband she may hereafter marry.
I also give unto my said wife all the dividends and interest arising from my share in the English stock of the Company of Stationers of the City of London and in the case of the death of my said wife or her marrying I direct that the money arising and to be received from the said Company be given unto James Dempster Robertson, my dear wife’s son
I also appoint my said wife and my said brother, Isaac Smith, executrix and executor of this my will hereby revoking any will heretofore made by me and do declare this to be my last will and testament. In witness thereof, I the said Timothy Smith, I have set my hand and seal this ___ day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Tim'y Smith SS Signed, sealed and declared and published as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto. # William Collins # William Armstrong # Henry Wheeler.

     Timothy died in 1817 in Mitcham, Surrey.
     His will was proved on 24 January 1818 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

un-named Smith

(1863 - 1863)
     Un-named died in 1863 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was born in 1863 in Carisbrook, Victoria. He was the son of Israel Allison Smith and Margaret Gordon MacPherson.

Unknown Smith

(circa 1810 - )
     Unknown Smith was born circa 1810.
Unknown Smith married Jean Tindal, daughter of Thomas Tindal and Catherine Ross, before 1851.

Unknown Smith

     Unknown was a surveyor.
Unknown Smith married Mary Ann Buchanan, daughter of John Campbell Buchanan and Mary Cavanagh.

Child of Unknown Smith and Mary Ann Buchanan

Unknown Smith

     Unknown Smith married Alice Bowker, daughter of Unknown Bowker and Margaret Unknown.

Child of Unknown Smith and Alice Bowker

William Smith

(before 1795 - )
     William Smith was born before 1795 in Nether Cults, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. William was present at Agnes or Anne MacPherson or Smith's christening on 11 May 1811 in Kirkmichael. Agnes, natural daughter to Wm Smith, Nether Cults by Janet McPherson, (Prot).
William Smith married Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson on 12 July 1815 in Cults, Kirkmichael, Banffshire. William Smith, farmer in North Cults lawful son to James Smith late farmer there was married to Betty or Elizabeth McPherson lawful daughter of ---- parish of Abernethy in presence of John Smith farmer, Gauilrigh and Donald Grant farmer in Delnabo this twelth day of July 1815.
     William Smith and Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson appeared on the in 1828 'status animarum' in Kirkmichael, Banffshire. William Smith, Protestant. William was a farmer in Kirkmichael, Banffshire.

Children of William Smith and Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson

William Smith

     William Smith married Selina Ruby, daughter of Richard Henry Ruby and Mary Ann Monk.

William Smith

     William Smith married Elizabeth Ryther on 18 May 1720 in St Paul's, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

William Smith

(circa 1630? - )
     William Smith was also known as William Smith in records. He was born circa 1630?. He was the son of Thomas Smith and Mary Unknown (Smith).
     In Mary Smith's will dated 28 January 1679/80 in Mortomley, Ecclesfield, William Smith was named as executor of the estate.
     William resided at Mortomley, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, 1680.

Children of William Smith

William Smith

(21 June 1738 - 2 October 1773)
     William Smith was christened on 21 June 1738 in Normanton, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Smith and Anne Hodgson.
     William died on 2 October 1773 in Normanton, YKS, aged 35.

William Smith

(5 February 1821 - )
     William Smith was christened on 5 February 1821 in Kirkmichael, Banffshire, Scotland. William Smith l.s. Wm Smith Neather Cults and of Janet McPherson was bap 5 Feb 1821 ipo John McPherson, Balnakyle and Nelly Grant Balevlair, sponsors, RC. He was the son of William Smith and Janet or Elisabeth (Betty) MacPherson.

William Smith

(1868 - )
     William Smith was born in 1868 in Paterson, New South Wales.

William Smith

     William Smith married Elizabeth Ryther on 18 May 1720 in St Paul in the Bail, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. He was of Hemswell and she was of Upton.

William Smith

     Elizabeth Ann Bullett married secondly William Smith in 1914 in Newtown district, New South Wales.

William George Smith

(1882 - 1883)
     William George Smith was born in 1882 in Corryong?, Victoria. He was the son of Edward Smith and Mary Ann Weston.
     William died in 1883 in Victoria.

William Henry Smith

     William Henry Smith married Maud Gladys Batchelor, daughter of Henry Charles Rainsford Batchelor and Amy Catherine Dempster, in 1912 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Ann Smith?

(circa 1739 - 23 December 1817)
     Ann Smith? was born circa 1739. She may be the sister of the William Smith, tailor, of Willingdon who witnessed Robert Heatherly's will.
Ann Smith? married William Lay on 19 October 1762 in Eastbourne, Sussex. She is probably the Anne Smith who married William Lay, at Eastbourne (both of this parish) Oct 19 1762 by licence. The witnesses were Mary Smith and St John Russel. Ann Smith? was widowed on 16 August 1766 in St Michael, Berwick, Sussex, on the death of her husband William Lay.
Ann Lay married Robert Heatherly as her second husband, on 9 September 1770 in St Mary's, Eastbourne, Sussex. Married by licence. She may have been married previously from the evidence of her husband and son. The witnesses were B Penny & Ann Penny.
Ann Smith? and Robert Heatherly were listed in a directory dated 1791 as Heatherly R and A (F) Milliners and Haberdashers at Eastbourne.
She was mentioned in the Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials, 11th May 1796 ... I saw them packed up, and delivered them to a boy, Morgan Williams, and desired him to take them to Messrs. Norths, Bridge-street, to be packed up in a parcel, and sent to Mrs. Ann Heatherly, of East-Bourn..
     In Robert Heatherly's will dated 24 November 1813 in Willingdon, Sussex, Ann Smith? was named as heir.
     Ann died on 23 December 1817 in Eastbourne, Sussex. She was buried on 29 December 1817 in St Mary, Eastbourne. Sacred to the memory of / Robert Heatherley / late of this parish / who departed this life / February 5th 1814 / aged 78 years / Likewise to the memory of / Ann Heatherley / wif e of the above / Robert Heatherley / who departed this life December 23rd 1817, aged 78 years.

Children of Ann Smith? and William Lay

Children of Ann Smith? and Robert Heatherly

Jane Smith?

     Jane Smith? was the daughter of Robert Smith? and Ann Unknown (Smith).
Jane Smith? married Henry Silvester, son of Thomas Silvester and Eleanor or Ellen Unknown (Silvester).

Robert Smith?

     Robert Smith? married Ann Unknown (Smith).

Children of Robert Smith? and Ann Unknown (Smith)

Elizabeth Smithies

(1927 - 1927)
     Elizabeth died in 1927 in Victoria. She was born in 1927 in Victoria. She was the daughter of John Smithies and Doris Alma MacKenzie.

Emma Jane Smithies

(circa 1893 - 24 February 1975)
     Emma Jane Smithies was born circa 1893 in Devon North, Victoria. She was the daughter of Henry Smithies and Elizabeth (Scott)..
Emma Jane Smithies married George Clark, son of Owen Clark and Hannah Bullett, on 14 September 1922.
     Emma died on 24 February 1975 in Yarram, Victoria. She was buried on 26 February 1975 in Presbyterian section, Yarram, Victoria.

Harold George Smithies

(1907 - )
     Harold died. He was born in 1907 in Yarram, Victoria.
Harold George Smithies married Alice Beryl Coxedge, daughter of Frederick Ernest Cocksedge and Ada May Parrott, on 21 February 1935 in Queensland.

John Smithies

(1904 - )
     John Smithies was born in 1904 in Yarram, Victoria.
John Smithies married Doris Alma MacKenzie, daughter of Thomas MacKenzie and Elizabeth Ann Thomas, in 1925 in Victoria.

Child of John Smithies and Doris Alma MacKenzie

Alice Mary Smyth

     Alice Mary Smyth married Dr Richard Newton Christophilus Halahan, son of John Halahan and Mary Handy, on 17 December 1831 in the Archdeaconry of Lewes, Sussex.

Child of Alice Mary Smyth and Dr Richard Newton Christophilus Halahan

Catherine Smyth

     Catherine Smyth was also known as Katherine in records.
Catherine Smyth married Rev Elias Handcock, son of Rev Matthew Handcock and Elizabeth Best, on 14 August 1742 in Dublin, Ireland.

Children of Catherine Smyth and Rev Elias Handcock

Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smythe

     Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smythe was also known as Smyth in records. She was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire.
Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smythe married Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl of Harewood, son of Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood and Louisa Thynne, between April 1858 and June 1858 in London, St George Hanover Square, Middlesex.

Children of Diana Elizabeth Matilda Smythe and Henry Thynne Lascelles 4th Earl of Harewood

Simon Smythe

     Simon Smythe was also known as Smith in records.
Simon Smythe married Margaret Bullett, daughter of John Bullett, on 7 February 1579 in Aldringham, Suffolk.

Isabella Snadden

(1870 - 1873)
     Isabella Snadden was born in 1870 in Fitzroy, Victoria. She was the daughter of James Snadden and Catherine MacKenzie.
     Isabella died in 1873 in Fitzroy, Victoria.

James Snadden

(circa 1836 - 23 March 1895)
     James Snadden was born circa 1836 in Alloa?, Stirlingshire, Scotland.
In the Victorian Goverment gazette Jas Snadden, was granted a publican's general licence on 23 July 1860 for the Buck's Head Hotel, Fitzroy.
He was an engineer of "S S You Yangs" trading to Port Albert.
James Snadden married Catherine MacKenzie, daughter of William MacKenzie and Isabella Tindal, on 29 April 1867 in the Bucks Head Hotel, Napier Street, Fitzroy, Victoria. James Snadden, engineer aged 30, born Alva, Stirlingshire, son of Jean nee Michie and Joseph Snedden.
     James died on 23 March 1895 in Clifton Hill, Victoria.
     His will was proved on 28 August 1895 at Victoria.

Children of James Snadden and Catherine MacKenzie