Harriet Boler

(28 July 1861 - )
     Harriet Boler was born on 28 July 1861 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of William Boler and Mary Swannack.

Mary Boler

(6 June 1867 - )
     Mary Boler was born on 6 June 1867 in Laughton en le Morthen, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of William Boler and Mary Swannack.

William Boler

(23 April 1827 - )
     William Boler was born on 23 April 1827 in Carlton-in-Lindrick, Nottinghamshire. He was the son of George Boler (b. 1790) & Elizabeth Johnson (d. 1812)..
William Boler married Mary Swannack, daughter of Charles Swannack and Harriet Rich, before 1861.

Children of William Boler and Mary Swannack

Arthur Lisle Bolger

(1897 - )
     Arthur Lisle Bolger was born in 1897 in Echuca, Victoria.
Arthur Lisle Bolger married Winifred Alice Borland, daughter of Robert Borland and Elizabeth Ely, in 1938 in Victoria. They had issue.

Mary Kathleen Bolger

(1904 - 1965)
     Mary Kathleen Bolger was also known as Kathleen in records. She was born in 1904 in Sale, Victoria.
Mary Kathleen Bolger married Sidney Johnson Glover, son of Alexander George Glover and Ellen Elizabeth Fox, in 1925 in Victoria.
     Mary died in 1965 in Sale, Victoria.

Annie Bolitho

     Annie Bolitho married William Pollard.

Sophia Bolland

     Sophia Bolland married John Lonsdale D.D., Bishop of Lichfield, son of Rev John Lonsdale and Elizabeth Steer, on 25 November 1815. She was the daughter of John Bolland and the author of numerous religious works.

Child of Sophia Bolland and John Lonsdale D.D., Bishop of Lichfield

Charlotte Bolton

     Charlotte Bolton married George Marshall Kirk, son of George Kirk and Ann Marshall, on 22 January 1883 in Queensland.

Child of Charlotte Bolton and George Marshall Kirk

Elizabeth Bolton

     Elizabeth Bolton married William Gascoigne (of Gawthorpe), son of William Gascoigne and Jane Gawthorp.

Child of Elizabeth Bolton and William Gascoigne (of Gawthorpe)

Phillip Bolton

(circa 1872 - )
     Phillip Bolton was born circa 1872.
Phillip Bolton married Ruth Ellen Scarff, daughter of William Scarff and Sarah Maria Gosling, on 5 November 1897 in Combs, Suffolk. They had two children.

Douglas Richard Charles Bond

(3 March 1915 - 19 February 1998)
     Douglas Richard Charles Bond was born on 3 March 1915 in Wimbledon, New Zealand.
Douglas Richard Charles Bond married Yolande Ruby, daughter of Charles Christopher Ruby and Mary Ethel Bright, on 21 July 1943 in Masterton, New Zealand.
     Douglas died of an aortic aneurism on 19 February 1998 in Dannevirke, New Zealand, aged 82. He was cremated on 23 February 1998 in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Elizabeth Bond

(before 1500 - )
     Elizabeth Bond was born before 1500 in England. She was the daughter of William Bond.
Elizabeth Bond married Henry Killigrew, son of Robert Killigrew and Elizabeth Morys (of Wolstane).

Children of Elizabeth Bond and Henry Killigrew

Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond

(circa 1870 - )
     Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond was born circa 1870 in Tredegar, Gwent/Monmouthshire, Wales. She was the daughter of Robert Bond.
Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond married Dr Charles Stanser Bowker, son of Dr Robert Stanser Bowker and Betsey Marshall, on 12 September 1891 in St Mark, Newport, Gwent/Monmouthshire, Wales.
     Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond was recorded on the 1901 census in 40 Chepstow Rd, Newport, Gwent/Monmouthshire, Wales. Mary S H S Bowker, head, married, 30, born Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Robert C S Bowker, son, 8, Edna M S Bowker, daughter 6, Richard R S Bowker, son 5, all born at Pontnewydd, with a servant Selina Bowles.
     Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond and Richard Ryther Stanser Bowker were recorded in 1939 census in Newport, Monmouthshire/Gwent, Wales/England. Richard R S Bowker and Mary S H S Bowker & family.

Children of Mary Sarah Hale Scudamore Bond and Dr Charles Stanser Bowker

Alfred Hewett Bone

     Alfred Hewett Bone married Elizabeth Sarah Hunn, daughter of Alfred Hunn and Elizabeth Taylor, on 15 May 1875 in St Mary's, Portsea, Hampshire, England.

Christina Grace Boniman

(8 December 1872 - )
     Christina Grace Boniman was born on 8 December 1872 in Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Boniman and Christina Mackay.

James Boniman

     James Boniman married Christina Mackay, daughter of William Mackay and Janet MacKenzie, on 1 February 1864 in Cromarty, Scotland.

Children of James Boniman and Christina Mackay

James Boniman

(1 February 1867 - )
     James Boniman was born on 1 February 1867 in Cromarty, Scotland. He was the son of James Boniman and Christina Mackay.

Jennata Jean Storm Boniman

(22 July 1865 - )
     Jennata Jean Storm Boniman was also known as Janata in records. Jennata Jean Storm Boniman was also known as Jeanette in records. She was born on 22 July 1865 in Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Boniman and Christina Mackay.

Williamina Anne Boniman

(12 September 1869 - 21 February 1931)
     Williamina Anne Boniman was born on 12 September 1869 in Cromarty, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Boniman and Christina Mackay.
Williamina Anne Boniman married Robert Mackay before 1904.
     Williamina Anne Boniman and Robert Mackay arrived in 1924 at Victoria.
     Williamina resided at Springvale South, Victoria, 1926. They had a business: Cromarty Animal Food Mill, a grocery shop, newsagency and Post Office.
     Williamina died on 21 February 1931 in Chelsea, Victoria, Australia, aged 61. She was buried in the Necropolis, Springvale.

Child of Williamina Anne Boniman and Robert Mackay

Katherine Bonithon

     Katherine Bonithon was born in Cornwall?, England. She was the daughter of John Bonithon of Carclew..
Katherine Bonithon married Thomas St Aubyn, son of Thomas St Aubyn and Zenobia Mallet, on 13 April 1615 in Mylor, Cornwall.

Sir Alexander de Bonkyl

Sir Alexander de Bonkyll

( - before 1 April 1300)
      John Ravilious wrote: Among the lesser-known Scots knights of the 13th century, possibly few have a more numerous progeny that Sir Alexander de Bonkil. His best known contribution to history was his daughter Margaret, wife of (1) Sir John Stewart, of Bonkil (slain at Falkirk, 22 Jul 1298) and (2) Sir David de Brechin (executed Aug 1320). Most non-royal Stewart lines, including the Lords Darnley, are traced from Margaret's first
marriage: the present (British) royal family has numerous descents from both marriages.
Sir Alexander's ancestry is not well known, with his father and grandfather conjectured to have a younger and elder Sir Ranulf de Bonkil, successively. His wife's name was Cristiana, but nothing more has been found concerning her to date [1].
In reviewing details provided by Stevenson concerning lands seized by King Edward I of England following the battle of Dunbar (April 1296), I noted the following extent recorded concerning of lands of Scots in Northumberland. In response to an order by King Edward, dated 10 May 1296, we find:
' Lilleburne et Schaudone et duae partes villae de Fenwyke (Alexandri de Bonkille). Non respondet de exitibus. ' [2]
The tenure of these lands may lead to identifying Sir Alexander's ancestry, or that of his wife. 'Lilleburne' was Lilburn, in Eglingham parish; 'Schaudone' was Shawdon, in Whittingham parish; Fenwyke' was most likely Fenwick in Kyloe parish, Northumberland (the other Fenwick is farther south in Stamfordham, but cannot yet be ruled out).
1. Bain, Cal. Docs. Scotland II:46-7, from assize dated 20 Jan 1278/9.
2. Stevenson, Documents Illustrative of the History of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1870), II:49, No. CCCLIX.
John Ravilious wrote: Recently, an attempt to trace the connections of Christiana, wife of Sir Alexander de Bonkil and (incorrectly presumed) mother of Margaret (Bonkil) (Stewart) de Brechin failed to add to the known ancestry of Margaret. However, some success has been met with concerning the Bonkil ancestry itself.
The antiquarian John Denton of Cardew, in his manuscript concerning the gentry and nobility of Cumberland (ca. 1610), wrote the following concerning the Bonkill, or Bonekil, family of Uldale and Gilcrux, Cumberland:
' ULDALE. ... This mannor (being parcel of the barony of Allerdale), together with the mannor of Gilcrouse, was given by Waltheof the son of Earl Gospatrick, unto Adam the son of Lyolf brother of Phorme the son of Lyolf baron of Greystoke, from which Adam they descended by a daughter to the Bonekhills, who granted forth Gillcrouse to a younger brother Robert Bonekill: And the sons of the said Robert, Thomas Bonekill and Walter, gave away their inheritance in Gilcrouse to the abbey of Caldre, which Ranulph Bonekill Knt., then Lord Paramont both of Ulndale and Gilcruse, confirmed to the abbot. Sir Ranulph had issue Alexander, who had issue Adam, who gave Awerthwait parcel of his mannor of Ulndale to the priors of Carlisle. The said Adam had issue another Alexander Bonekill whose daughter and heir first married to John Stewart kinsman of the King of Scots, and afterwards to David Bregham a Scottish knight of great valour, and by him transferred the inheritance to the family of the Breghams. This David Bregham was a companion of W'm Walleys that was executed for treason at London, committed against Edw. Ist by resisting that king's attempt for the superior Lordship of Scotland....
David Bregham thereby forfeited his estate to Anthony Lord Lucy, then Lord of Allerdale. ' [1]
Only one element of the foregoing account has been found to be in error: as the ancestor of the Greystoke family was Forne fitz Sigulf, the alleged connection with Adam fitz Liulf does not bear out. The statement concerning John Stewart and the King of Scots is an anachronism, as he was not near related to the then King of Scots (his great-nephew would be King Robert II). The account as given above has otherwise been found to be substantially correct.
The recorded descent from Adam fitz Liulf is in fact missing one generation of names - that of his daughter, and her husband (NN de Bonkil, or Bonekil). Minus these individuals, adequate documentation has been found to reconstruct the pedigree from Adam fitz Liulf to Sir Alexander de Bonkil (d. 1300) and his daughter and heiress, Margaret (wife of Sir John le Stewart, and of Sir David de Brechin). This pedigree will be presented in the next post of this thread.
[1] John Denton of Cardew, An Accompt of the Most Considerable Estates and Families in the County of Cumberland (Kendal: T. Wilson, 1887), Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Tract Series No. 2, pp. 48-49.
As to the prior discussion concerning Cristiana, despite prior theories as to her origins, she was not a
(de) Ros; further, she is not ancestral to the Stewarts, of Bonkil or otherwise.
     Alexander died before 1 April 1300.

Child of Sir Alexander de Bonkyll

Margaret de Bonkyll

( - circa September 1304)
     Margaret de Bonkyll married Sir John Stewart (of Bonkyll), son of Alexander Stewart 4th High Steward and Jeano or Joan Macrory. Although Sir John Stewart who married Margaret de Bonkil is customarily called "of Bonkil," it appears that he never owned that property, since his father-in-law, Alexander de Bonkil, survived him. Margaret de Bonkyll was born in Scotland. She was heir of her father. She was the daughter of Sir Alexander de Bonkyll.
     Margaret died circa September 1304.

Children of Margaret de Bonkyll and Sir John Stewart (of Bonkyll)

Harriett Bonner

     Harriett Bonner married George Peter Refshauge, son of Peter Peterson Refshauge and Eliza Thornhill Dudley.

Child of Harriett Bonner and George Peter Refshauge

William Bonner

     Dorothy Thornhill married secondly William Bonner before 1614. In his will of Jan 1613 her son Robert describes her as his mother, the wife of William Bonner of Belton.

John Bonnington

     The marriage of John Bonnington and Rachel Popplewell, daughter of William Popplewell and Damaris Chantry, was registered in Belton, Lincolnshire, in the June 1883 quarter.

Katherine Bonythan

     Katherine Bonythan married Thomas Godolphin, son of Sir William Godolphin and Margaret Glynn. Katherine Bonythan was the daughter of Edward Bonython.

Children of Katherine Bonythan and Thomas Godolphin

Alice or Catherine Bonython

     Alice or Catherine Bonython was the daughter of Alice Killigrew and Richard Bonython.
Alice or Catherine Bonython married John Rashleigh circa 1578. Her uncle Henry bought the wardship of Rashleigh from the Queen although he was almost 21 and maried him to his niece.

Edward Bonython

Child of Edward Bonython

Richard Bonython

     Richard Bonython was born in Carclew, Cornwall, England.
Richard Bonython married Alice Killigrew, daughter of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard.