Sir Bryan Stapleton

     Sir Bryan Stapleton married Elizabeth Scrope, daughter of Henry le Scrope 6th Lord Scrope of Bolton and Lady Elizabeth Percy. They had issue Wiilliam & Richard.

Daughter Stapleton

     Daughter Stapleton was born in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Bryan de Stapleton and Agnes Goddard.

Elizabeth Stapleton

(1404 - before 1446)
     Elizabeth Stapleton was born in 1404 in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Bryan de Stapleton and Agnes Goddard.
     A contract for the marriage of Elizabeth Stapleton and William Plumpton was signed on 20 January 1415/16. They had 2 sons and 7 daughters.
     Elizabeth died before 1446. Note by Nancy Vogt. It appears to me that Joan, Elizabeth (Beckwith), Agnes, Margaret (Darrell), Isabel are her granddaughters, and that only two, Elizabeth and Margaret were married at the time of her death.
Agnes Plumpton m. Richard Aldburgh in 1460, his second wife (his first was a daughter of Sir Roger Warde of Givendale). Thus the pedigree of Agnes Aldburgh and the Thornton line is incorrect.
Another pedigree gives her death date as 1451.

Child of Elizabeth Stapleton and William Plumpton

Joan Stapleton

(say 1385 - )
     Joan Stapleton was born say 1385. She was the daughter of Sir Bryan de Stapleton and Elizabeth de Aldeburgh.

Joan Stapleton

(between 1402 and 1414 - )
     Joan Stapleton was born between 1402 and 1414 in Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Sir Bryan de Stapleton and Agnes Goddard.
Joan Stapleton married Sir William Ingleby. See Gen-Medieval for more on this line.
     Joan Stapleton made a will dated 12 October 1478. In 2003, Louise Staley wrote: Two additional pieces of information add to what I posted before on the Eure/Thwaites connections. Chris Phillips has very helpfully translated the 31 March 1478 will of the first Henry Thwaites of Lund. This will was probated on 9 September 1480 providing a new, earlier death range for the first Henry and ruling out completely that Ellen Eure could have been the mother of his children since she was not born until 1467. Henry leaves everything to his son Edmund.
The next piece of information is from the will of Joan Ingleby (nee Stapleton) from Testamenta Eboracensis Volume 3 where Joan leaves to Anne and Isabell Constable and Ellen Thwaites, daughters of Dame Ellen Constable her daughter, late wife of Sir John Constable of Halsham, knt., the sum of 500 l.
It appears that we have two unrelated people (Robert Eure and Joan Stapleton) referring to a son and daughter respectively and their
granddaughters by that child and the grandchildren are the same people.
The only sense I can make of it is :
1. Robert Eure d 3 Feb 1480 = Elizabeth Mallory
2. Robert Eure = Ellen Ingleby (she m2. Sir John Constable)
3 (a) Anne Eure b 1463 = Ralph Constable
3 (b) Isabel Eure b 1464= William Constable
3 (c) Ellen Eure b 1467 = Henry Thwaites
1. Sir William Ingleby = Joan Stapleton
2. Ellen Ingleby = Robert Eure (she m2. Sir John Constable)
3 (a) Anne Eure b 1463 = Ralph Constable
3 (b) Isabel Eure b 1464= William Constable
3 (c) Ellen Eure b 1467 = Henry Thwaites
1. John Constable = Margaret Umfreville
2. John Constable d bef 18 Mar 1477/78 = Lora Fitz Hugh (he m2 Ellen Ingleby)
3. (a) Ralph Constable = Anne Eure b 1463
3. (b) William Constable = Isabel Eure b 1464
This is directly contradictory to the Yorkshire Pedigrees view that Anne, Isabel and Ellen were daughters of John Constable and Ellen Ingleby. On the construction above, when John Constable married Ellen Ingleby as a second marriage for both of them, they then married two of John's sons to two of Ellen's daughters.
As to who was the Henry Thwaites that married Ellen Eure, it must have been Henry number 3 (a) below, son of Edmond and father of Henry d 1520. If true this has implications for the descendants of the Gresham/Neville marriage mentioned in this thread.

Mary Stapleton

(circa 1875 - 1929)
     Mary Stapleton was born circa 1875. She was the daughter of James Stapleton who died 10 May 1899.
Mary Stapleton married John Edgar Bullett, son of David Bullett and Hannah Whiting, in 1898 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
     Mary died in 1929 in Auburn district, New South Wales.

Dorothy Stapley

(say 1550 - before 30 May 1610)
     Dorothy Stapley married Thomas Marlott, son of John Marlott and Elizabeth Homewood. Dorothy Stapley was born say 1550.
     Dorothy died before 30 May 1610.

Children of Dorothy Stapley and Thomas Marlott

Thomas Starky

(1 December 1672 - )
     Thomas Starky was also known as Starkey in records. He was christened on 1 December 1672 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.
Thomas Starky married Lydia Popplewell, daughter of Henry Popplewell and Ann Unknown, on 18 June 1695 in Haxey, LIN.

Joseph Starr

     Joseph Starr married Mary Anne Colbert, daughter of Patrick Colbert and Johanna Bourke, in 1866 in Sydney, New South Wales. Joseph Starr was the informant at the death of Johanna Bourke, on 26 December 1880.

Frances Joanna Startin

     Frances resided at Barnstaple, Devon.
Frances Joanna Startin married Hubert Frederic Dempster, son of John Smith Dempster and Catherine Lee Wafford, on 17 January 1856 in St George, Hanover Square, Westminster. Hubert Frederick Dempster of full age, bachelor, surgeon, of New Bond St, son of John Smith Dempster, school master, to Frances Joanna Startin, of full age, spinster, of Chiswick, daughter of William Startin, civil engineer. Married by Licence. Signed Hubert F Dempster & Frances Joanna Startin, in the presence of Richd Fredc Dempster, J w Wishwood??, Frances Ann? ... Elizabeth Sarah Startin, & Kate Dempster.
Newspapers reported: Hubert F Dempster Esq, of Barnstaple to Frances Joanna, eldest daughter of William Startin, Esq, of Turnham Green. Frances Joanna Startin and Hubert Frederic Dempster were divorced in December 1861. Frances Joanna Dempster v. Hubert Frederick Dempster. She married secondly in the June quarter of 1864 as Frances Joanna Dempster in the Croydon registration district.
Dempster v. Dempster. Dr Phillimore, QC, and Mr Pritchard appeared for the petitioner. The parties were married in January 1856 at St George's Hanover-square, and afterwards cohabited at Barnstaple, where the resondent Mr Dempster, followed the occupation of a surgeon-dentist. In 1859 he was obliged to leave Barnstaple in consequece of pecuniary difficulties, and they removed to London. They continuted to cohabit at different places in the neighbourhood of London until the summer of 1860, when Mr Dempster was arrested for debt and imprisoned. Mrs Dempster prayed for a decree of dissolution on the grounds of her husand's adultery and cruelty. Evidence was given of repeated acts of adultery by the repsondent, with prostitutes, both in Barnstaple and London, previous to his imprisonment. Mrs Dempter, and some medical men who had attended her and her husband, were examined n support of the charge of cruelty. His Lordship took time to consider the effect of the evidence relating to that charge'
Another doucement states that he was now or late of the Queens Prison, Southwark
The marriage of Frances Joanna Startin and Arthur or Joseph Pearson or Ellis was registered in Croydon RD, Surrey, in the June 1864 quarter. She was registered as both Startin & Dempster. In the 1871 census an Arthur W Pearson, 36, draper with wife Frances Pearson, 25 born Oxfordshire and son Herbert A Pearson aged 2 months born Islington, were living at 201 Downham? Rd, Islington. By 1881 there were 2 sons Herbert A aged 10 & George A, aged 5.

Erin Vere Stead

(circa 1905 - 1976)
     Erin Vere Stead was also known as Marie Erin Vere in records. She was born circa 1905.
Erin Vere Stead married John Frederick Thornton Grimwade, son of Maj Gen Harold William Grimwade and Winifred Thornton, in 1930. They are probably the parents of Sidney, etc.
     Erin died in 1976 in Mornington?, Victoria.

Mary Stead

     Mary Stead and Amor Green obtained a marriage licence on 26 March 1731 in York.
Mary Stead married Amor Green, son of John Green and Lydia Rich, on 8 June 1731 in Bradfield, Yorkshire.

Child of Mary Stead and Amor Green

Jane Stearn

(say 1750 - 21 March 1819)
     Jane Stearn was born say 1750 in Fornham St Martin, Suffolk, England.
Jane Stearn married Samuel Bullett, son of Samuel Bullett/Bulletout and Mary Baldwin, on 17 October 1769 in Fornham St Martin, Suffolk. He was of Euston.
     Jane died on 21 March 1819 in Euston, Suffolk, England.

Children of Jane Stearn and Samuel Bullett

Sarah Stearn

(circa 1784 - before 29 August 1847)
     Sarah Stearn was born circa 1784 in Suffolk. The IGI shows two Sarahs baptised in 1784, one at Elmsett on 1 July, the daughter of Benjamin & Sarah and the other at Thorpe Morieux on 24 Oct, daughter of Thomas & Lydia.
Sarah Stearn married William Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Charlotte Fulcher, on 26 December 1816 in Rattlesden, Suffolk. Both single of this parish. Which William - there is no evidence but unlikely to be the Hessett man?.
Sarah Stearn married William Cocksedge on 26 December 1816 in Rattlesden, Suffolk. They were both single of this parish. Which William.
     Sarah Stearn and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Planch, Thurston. William Cocksedge, 45, ag. labourer, Sarah 55, and Susanna 7, all born in the county.
     Sarah died before 29 August 1847 in Thurston, Suffolk. She was buried on 29 August 1847 in Thurston.

Children of Sarah Stearn and William Cocksedge

Martha Steedman

(circa 1883 - 1973)
     Martha Steedman was born circa 1883.
Martha Steedman married Thomas Bernard Handy, son of Patrick Francis Handy and Mary Collins, in 1909 in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
     Martha died in 1973 in Perth, Perthshire. Martha Handy, aged 90.

Ann Steel

(25 August 1823 - )
     Ann Steel was born on 25 August 1823 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire. She was the daughter of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor.
Ann Steel married William Emslie before 1847. Margaret and Ann was listed as the daughter of Peter Steele in the 1851 census in Wartle, Rayne.

Children of Ann Steel and William Emslie

Andrew Steele

(25 December 1816 - )
     Andrew Steele was christened on 25 December 1816 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor.

Arthur William Brown Steele

(1909 - )
     Arthur William Brown Steele was born in 1909 in Queensland.
Arthur William Brown Steele married Edith Joyce Pratt, daughter of John Slater Pratt and Mary Dickinson, in 1936 in Queensland.

Eleanor Frances Julia Sennitt Steele

(23 December 1804 - )
     Eleanor Frances Julia Sennitt Steele was christened on 23 December 1804 in Witham, Essex. She was the daughter of Peter Steele and Hester Heatherly.

George Robinson Steele

(7 January 1801 - )
     George Robinson Steele was christened on 7 January 1801 in Witham, Essex. He was the son of Peter Steele and Hester Heatherly.

Hilda Steele

(circa 1908 - 1972)
     Hilda Steele was born circa 1908.
Hilda Steele married Cyril Charles Mulcock, son of Frederick Mulcock and Theresa Bowker, in 1924 in New Zealand.
     Hilda died in 1972 in New Zealand.

Child of Hilda Steele and Cyril Charles Mulcock

Margaret Steele

(circa 1818 - )
     Margaret Steele was born circa 1818 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire. She was the daughter of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor.
Margaret Steele married Samuel Emslie circa 1848. Young Sam's father was given as Leslie and William's as William. Margaret and Ann was listed as the daughter of Peter Steele in the 1851 census in Wartle, Rayne. Margaret Steele was listed as the sister-in-law of Alexander Innes in the 1861 census in Meiiklewartle, Rayne. Alexr Inness, 27, head, farmer of 10 acres, Catherine Johnston, 59, mother, widow, Margaret Inness, sister in law, unmarried, 22, domestic servant, Margaret Steele, sister in law, 43, unmarried, housekeeper, Jane Emslie, 11, daughter, scholar, Peter Emslie, 9, son of Alexr, Alexr Emslie 5, son, Margaret Emslie, 2, daughter, Samuel Emslie, 13 (73??), unmarried, labourer, lodger, all born at Rayne.
     Margaret Steele and William Emslie were recorded on the 1871 census in Rayne. William Emslie 45, head, born Rayne, railway, Margaret Steele, 53, sister in law, housekeeper, Alexander Emslie, 15, son, scholar, Margaret Emslie, 13, scholar, William 11 months, boarder, all born at Rayne.

Child of Margaret Steele and Samuel Emslie

Children of Margaret Steele and William Emslie

Mary Steele

(6 July 1829 - )
     Mary Steele was born on 6 July 1829 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire. She was the daughter of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor.

Peter Steele

(circa 1780 - )
     Peter Steele was born circa 1780 in Inverurie?, Aberdeenshire.
Peter Steele married Margaret Sutor.
     Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor were recorded on the 1851 census in Wartle, Rayne. Peter Steele 69, farmer of 12 acres, born Inverary (Inverurie?), Abd, Margaret Steele, 68, his wife, Margaret Steele, 33, daughter, Ann Elmslie 27, daughter, Mary Steel 21, daughter, Samuel D Elmslie, 3, grandson, William Elmslie 3, grandson (mother's name Mary in index), Jane Elmslie, grand daughter 1, all born at Rayne.

Children of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor

Peter Steele

(November 1747 - 16 September 1815)
     Peter Steele was born in November 1747 in Egremont, Cumberland. Peter was a Doctor. He studied medicine at Edinburgh Medical School and graduated 12 Jun 1770. Eventually moved to Witham in Essex. in Witham, Essex.
Peter Steele married Hester Heatherly, daughter of John Heatherly and Ann (?), in 1780. Marriage licence bond and allegation dated 1780. They had 4 children including Robert Alexander Steele who died in Witham in 1815.
     Peter was buried on 16 September 1815 in Witham, Essex.

Children of Peter Steele and Hester Heatherly

Vera Lillian Steele (Berryman)

(27 June 1917 - 10 October 1982)
     Vera Lillian Steele (Berryman) was born on 27 June 1917 in Yarram, Victoria.
Vera Lillian Steele (Berryman) married William Lindsay Bland, son of Leslie George Harold Bland and Margaret Maxwell Campbell, in 1969.
     Vera died on 10 October 1982 in Yarram, Victoria, aged 65. She was cremated on 12 October 1982 in The Necropolis, Springvale. She was buried in the Uniting Church section, Yarram.

William Steele

(26 May 1821 - )
     William Steele was born on 26 May 1821 in Rayne, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of Peter Steele and Margaret Sutor.

Mabel Evelyn Steenholdt

(13 June 1915 - 29 August 2004)
     Mabel Evelyn Steenholdt was born on 13 June 1915 in Woolamai, Victoria. She was the daughter of Christian & Bessie Steenholdt.
Mabel Evelyn Steenholdt married William Sergeant Ruby, son of William Sergeant Ruby and Lily Lloyd, on 21 January 1936 in Kilcunda, Victoria.
     Mabel resided at the Railway Station, Anderson, Victoria, 1982.
     Mabel resided at 23 Kirrak Street, Wonthaggi, Victoria, 1993.
     Mabel died on 29 August 2004 in Inverloch, Victoria, aged 89.
     Her will was proved on 15 December 2004 at Victoria.

Child of Mabel Evelyn Steenholdt and William Sergeant Ruby

Alexander Steer

(19 March 1730/31 - before 29 July 1742)
     Alexander Steer was christened on 19 March 1730/31 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Alexander, son of George Steer, mercer. He was the son of George Steer and Jane Clough.
     Alexander died before 29 July 1742 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He was buried on 29 July 1742 in Sheffield.

Alice Steer

(4 June 1731 - 23 May 1806)
     Alice Steer was christened on 4 June 1731 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Benjamin Steer and Alice Walker.
Alice Steer married John Elam on 5 October 1758 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     Alice died on 23 May 1806 in Paradise Square, Sheffield, Yorkshire, aged 74. She had no issue. Her will names Jane, Joseph, James, Robert & Mary Hart, Elizabeth Darby, Joseph Steer, Benjamin Steer, Robert & Mary Powell. She was buried in the parish church.