Elizabeth Stevens

( - before 2 July 1802)
     Elizabeth Stevens was born in Suffolk.
Elizabeth Stevens married James Dykes, son of John Dykes and Susan Rankin?, on 13 October 1767 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Elizabeth died before 2 July 1802 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 2 July 1802 in Buxhall.

Children of Elizabeth Stevens and James Dykes

Frederick Edison Box Stevens

(1899 - 1963)
     Frederick Edison Box Stevens was born in 1899 in Footscray, Victoria. He was the son of Isaac Newton Stevens & Caroline E Badenhope/Karol Emma Vandenhope.
Frederick Edison Box Stevens married Dorothy Euphemia Perryman, daughter of Samuel George Perryman and Sarah Hogan, in 1939 in Victoria.
     Frederick died in 1963 in Victoria.

George Dempster Stevens

(9 December 1906 - )
     George Dempster Stevens was born on 9 December 1906 in Norwood, South Australia. He was the son of Horace Egcombe Stevens and Ella May Dempster.

Harriet May Stevens

     Harriet May Stevens married Benjamin Richard Reeves Collins, son of Rev Robert Reeves Collins and Mary Jane Halahan, before 1919.

Child of Harriet May Stevens and Benjamin Richard Reeves Collins

Horace Egcombe Stevens

(circa 1881 - 7 March 1943)
     Horace Egcombe Stevens was born circa 1881.
Horace Egcombe Stevens married Ella May Dempster, daughter of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg, on 21 February 1906 in Port Adelaide, South Australia.
     Horace died on 7 March 1943 in Norwood, South Australia.

Children of Horace Egcombe Stevens and Ella May Dempster

James Stevens

     James Stevens married Elizabeth Wallen, daughter of Thomas Wallen and Elizabeth Patterson. He was described as esquire..

Child of James Stevens and Elizabeth Wallen

Jessie Stevens

(circa 1855 - 1913)
     Jessie Stevens was born circa 1855 in London, England.
Jessie Stevens married John Dunbar Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, on 14 September 1875 in Windsor, Victoria. Marriages. DOBSON-STEVENS. -On the 14th inst., at Windsor, by the Rev. A. Gosman, John Dunbar, eldest son of John Dobson, Clerk of Courts, Dandenong, to Jessie, third daughter of Alfred Stevens, of Windsor.
     Jessie died in 1913 in Armadale, Victoria.

Children of Jessie Stevens and John Dunbar Dobson

Laura Alice Stevens

(25 July 1888 - 14 January 1966)
     Laura Alice Stevens was born on 25 July 1888 in Kensington, South Australia.
Laura Alice Stevens married George Percy Dempster, son of George Wafford Dempster and Helen Wylie Caithness Begg, on 12 June 1915.
     Laura died on 14 January 1966 in Tranmere, South Australia, aged 77. She was cremated in Centennial Park cemetery, Pasadena.

Child of Laura Alice Stevens and George Percy Dempster

Phillip Alphonaus Stevens

(1892 - )
     Phillip Alphonaus Stevens was buried in among the War Graves, Mount Gravatt, Queensland. He was born in 1892 in Dubbo, New South Wales.
     Phillip served in the military.
Alice Elaine Pollard married secondly Phillip Alphonaus Stevens in 1925 in the Roman Catholic church, Inverell, New South Wales. He was a pastry cook and baker.

Ronald Edgecomb Stevens

(21 October 1913 - 11 January 1924)
     Ronald Edgecomb Stevens was born on 21 October 1913 in Norwood, South Australia. He was the son of Horace Egcombe Stevens and Ella May Dempster.
     Ronald died on 11 January 1924 in Norwood, South Australia, aged 10.

Sara Stevens

(say 1590 - before 18 December 1656)
     Sara Stevens was born say 1590 in Suffolk.
Sara Stevens married Edmund Jacob, son of William Jacob and Elizabeth Unknown (Jacob), on 10 November 1615 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     In Sara Stevens's will dated 8 June 1639 in Buxhall, Sara Stevens was named as executrix of the estate; His will mentions his wife Sara, his son Thomas and his daughters Bridget, Sara, Anne, Pheby, Mary, Susan, Elizabeth, and son Edmund ... his younger children. She was an executor of Sara Stevens's estate on 13 August 1639 in Sudbury, Suffolk.
     Sara died before 18 December 1656 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 18 December 1656 in Buxhall.

Children of Sara Stevens and Edmund Jacob

Laura Stevenson

     Laura Stevenson married Charles Arthur Lovatt Evans, son of Charles Evans and Alice Harriett Hipkins, in 1911.

Mary Elizabeth Stevenson

(19 October 1828 - 20 March 1894)
     Mary Elizabeth Stevenson was also known as Mary Elizabeth Stevenson in records. She was born on 19 October 1828 in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA.
Mary Elizabeth Stevenson married Thomas Clark Hooper, son of William Hooper and Frances Pollack Jones, on 26 November 1849 in Craven, North Carolina, USA.
     Mary died on 20 March 1894 in Wilmington, New Hanover North Carolina, aged 65.

Children of Mary Elizabeth Stevenson and Thomas Clark Hooper

Mary Jane Stevenson

     The marriage of Mary Jane Stevenson and Albert Edward Stancer, son of Charles Stancer and Maria Dickinson, was registered in Uckfield RD, Middlesex, in the December 1897 quarter.
     Mary Jane Stevenson and Albert Edward Stancer were recorded on the 1901 census in 54 St Mary;s Hill, Ilford, Essex. Albert E Stancer 26, nail ..., born Stonesby Leics, his wife Mary J Stancer 30, born ... Sussex, sons Frederick C Stancer 7, born ..., Sussex, Albert J F Stancer, 16 months, born Sunbury on Thames.

Simon Steward or Howard?

(before 1640 - )
     Simon Steward or Howard? was born before 1640 in Lincolnshire, England.
Simon Steward or Howard? married Mary Ryther, daughter of Robert Ryther and Eleanor Browne, on 30 March 1658 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Ann Steward

     Ann Steward married Henry Cocksedge, son of Henry Cocksedge and Mary Unknown, on 21 January 1703 in Ixworth Thorpe, Suffolk.

Child of Ann Steward and Henry Cocksedge

Elizabeth Steward

(before 1725 - )
     Elizabeth Steward was born before 1725 in Suffolk.
Elizabeth Steward married John Cocksedge on 2 February 1742/43 in Hessett, Suffolk. This cannot be John of Rougham as he was single when he married Mary Bird.

Children of Elizabeth Steward and John Cocksedge

Elizabeth Steward

     Elizabeth Steward married Randel Arundell, son of Sir Oliver de Arundell and Margery Arundell.

Child of Elizabeth Steward and Randel Arundell

Euphame Stewart (Graham)

     Euphame Stewart (Graham) married Patrick Dunbar, son of Sir Patrick Dunbar and Isabella Randolph, before 8 October 1408.

Child of Euphame Stewart (Graham) and Patrick Dunbar

Anne Stewart or Stuart

(circa 1790? - )
     Anne Stewart or Stuart was born circa 1790?.
Anne Stewart or Stuart married John MacPherson, son of unlinked 19C MacPherson.

Children of Anne Stewart or Stuart and John MacPherson

Sir Alan Stewart

( - 1439)
     Sir Alan Stewart was the son of Sir John Stewart (of Darnley) and Elizabeth of Lennox.
Sir Alan Stewart married Catherine Seton (Stewart) (Maxwell).
     Alan died in 1439.

Sir Alan Stewart

(say 1290 - 19 July 1333)
     Alan resided at Dreghorn, Ayrshire, Scotland. He was born say 1290 in Bonkyll, Scotland. He was the son of Sir John Stewart (of Bonkyll) and Margaret de Bonkyll.
     Alan died on 19 July 1333 in Halidon Hill, between Berwick & Duns, Northumberland, England.

Children of Sir Alan Stewart

Alexander Stewart

( - 25 May 1425)
     Alexander Stewart was the son of Murdoch Stewart 2nd Duke of Albany and Isabella Lennox Duchess of Albany.
     Alexander died by execution on 25 May 1425 in Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Alexander Stewart

(circa 1493? - 8 December 1513)
     Alexander Stewart was born circa 1493?. He was the son of Margaret Boyd, mistress of of James IV and wife of John Mure of Rowallen?. He was the son of James, IV, King of Scotland and Margaret Boyd (of Bonshaw).
     Alexander died on 8 December 1513 in Flodden, Northumberland, England. The battle was on 9 Sep 1513.

Alexander Stewart

( - before 5 May 1404)
     Alexander resided at Dernely or Darnley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Stewart.
Alexander Stewart married Unknown Turnbull before 1381. Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley, grandson of the above Sir Alan, married, first, _____ Turnbull, sister of Sir John Turnbull ’out wyth swerd’.
Alexander Stewart married secondly Janet Keith after 1391. Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley, grandson of Sir Alan, married secondly, after 1381, Janet Keith, daughter of Sir William Keith of Galston, and widow of Sir David Hamilton.
     Alexander died before 5 May 1404 in Scotland.

Children of Alexander Stewart

Child of Alexander Stewart and Unknown Turnbull

Alexander Stewart

     Alexander Stewart was the son of Sir John Stewart.

Alexander Stewart

( - after 1346)
     Alexander resided at Dernely or Darnley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. He was the son of Sir Alan Stewart.
     Alexander died after 1346.

Child of Alexander Stewart

Alexander Stewart

Alexander Stewart

( - circa 1318)
     Alexander Stewart was born in Bonkyll, Scotland. He was the son of Sir John Stewart (of Bonkyll) and Margaret de Bonkyll.
     Alexander died circa 1318.

Child of Alexander Stewart

Alexander Stewart

     Alexander resided at Torbane, West Lothian (Linlithgowshire), Scotland. He was the son of Alexander Stewart.