William Steer

(16 October 1626 - )
     William Steer was christened on 16 October 1626 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of Robert Steer and Elizabeth Senior?

William Steer

(19 March 1624/25? - before 20 March 1624/25)
     William Steer was christened on 19 March 1624/25? In Darley, Derbyshire.
     William died before 20 March 1624/25 in Darley, Derbyshire. William, son of Peter Stear. He was buried on 20 March 1624/25 in Darley. He was the son of Peter Steer.

William Steer

(15 November 1598 - before 9 April 1639)
     William Steer was christened on 15 November 1598 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of Thomas Steer and Dorothy Unknown (Steer).
William Steer married Dorothy Ward on 26 July 1636 in Darley, Derbyshire.
     William died before 9 April 1639 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was buried on 9 April 1639 in Darley.

Child of William Steer

William Steer

(24 August 1637 - )
     William Steer was christened on 24 August 1637 in Darley, Derbyshire. He was the son of William Steer.

William Steer

(before 1690 - )
     William Steer was born before 1690.

Child of William Steer

William Steer

(15 October 1827 - before 30 June 1834)
     William Steer was born on 15 October 1827 in Ghazipur (Ghazeepore), Bengal Presidency, India. He was the son of Lt Col William Frederick Steer and Lucy Gibbs (McDonald). William Steer was christened on 24 November 1827 in Ghazipur (Ghazeepore), Bengal Presidency.
     William died before 30 June 1834 in India. He was buried on 30 June 1834.

Rev William Steer

(15 December 1681 - 2 January 1745/46)
     Rev William Steer was christened on 15 December 1681 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam.
     William matriculated at St John's College, Cambridge University, from 1701 to 1705. Admitted sizar (aged 18) St John's 14 April 1701, son of & heir of William, cutler. School - Sheffield, Mr Drake. Matric 1701, B.A. 1704/5, M.A. 1708. Incorporated at Oxford 1708.
In 1704 he paid rent with John Beighton at Westnall, Bradfield £17/10/- and at Hill house (alone) £10/3/11.
     William matriculated at St John's College, Oxford University, from 1705 to 1708. Gaining a Master of Arts. William was an Anglican clergyman at Yorkshire from 1705 to 1746. M.A. 1708, deacon (York) 3 June 1705, priest 2 June 1706. Presented to the living of Ecclesfield in 1708 by Thomas Gill, who had obtained the presentation from the Duke of Norfolk. Prebendary of York 1713. He was a prebendary of Warthill from 1713-1746
     Incorporated at Oxford 1708. Deacon 1705, Priest 1706. Vicar of Ecclesfield 1708-45. Prebend of York 1713-46. Married Ann, daughter of Rev. Robert Bankes, vicar of Hull. Died 2 Jan 1745/6. Buried Ecclesfield. [F.M.G. 817; N & Q 2nd series, iv. 219].
     Vicar Bosvile was succeeded by William Steer, who was presented July 23 1708, by Thomas Gill, gent. who had bought or otherwise obtained the presentation from the Duke of Norfolk. Vicar Steer was the eldest son of William Steer, of Darnall, gent. who was buried at Attercliffe in 1726. His younger brother Charles was presented by him to the living of Bradfield and held it from 1725-1741, whe he resigned on being appointed to the rectory of Hansworth, purchased for him by his father, and which he held until his death in 1752.
     Vicar Steer was canon of York, and the last of the old deans of Doncaster, and seems to have taken a most active part in the affairs of his own parish, for his name appears in connexion with everything, church, schools, feoffee fund, workhouse, charities, and vestry proceedings. His sermons, some of which are still preserved in the family, were in what would now be considered a quaint but impressive style.
1706 - Deed Poll under the hands and seals of Thomas Duke of Norfolk and others granting to William Steer the advowson and free disposition of the rectory of the Parish Church of Handsworth near Sheffield.
Vicar Steer was the eldest son of William Steer, of Darnall, gent. who was buried at Attercliffe in 1726. His younger brother Charles was presented by him to the living of Bradfield and held it from 1725-1741, whe he resigned on being appointed to the rectory of Hansworth, purchased for him by his father, and which he held until his death in 1752.
     Eastwood, 1862 states that Of the 2 Steers, Messrs Cooper record that William Steer was born at Darnall, educated in Sheffield School under Mr Drake, admitted sizar of St John's College [Cambridge] April 5 1701 at 18 B.A. 1704/5. Charles Steer was born at Sheffield, educated at Beighton School under Mr Drake, admitted sizar of St John's September 10th 1718, B.A.1722/3. The Rev. Charles Best Robinson in his history of the Peculiar of Snaith (p.108) has shown that Vicar Steer was not the last of the Deans of Doncaster. He had 2 River Don shares. Prebendary of York & Dean of Doncaster [So Y Vol I].
     Rev William Steer and Ann Banks obtained a marriage licence on 31 May 1709 in York, Yorkshire.
Rev William Steer married Ann Banks, daughter of Rev Robert Banks and Margaret Thornton, on 1 June 1709 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
On July 30 1711 in the assessment for the maintenance of highways for Sheffield: Wm Steer - more Stones Land.
April 17 1712 - William Steer, vicar of Ecclesfield lets to Joseph Swickett of chapelry of Bradfield busbandman - one thrie part into 3 parts divided of the Rectory of Bradfield (Note that Swickett left money to Steer in his will).
     In William Steer's will dated 27 August 1725 in Darnall, Sheffield, Rev William Steer was named as heir.      He was to inherit his father's dwelling house at Darnall together with the orchard and croft thereunto belonging... and the close called the Lock Close lying at Darnall afsd and a piece of land abutting upon the place called .... in Darnall afsd containing 34 yards thereabouts in length and about 14 yards in breadth now in the occupation of Benjamin Hoyland, and also all his lands called the Falcons or Falconers Wood lying the parish of Aston afsd now held ... for 10 years by John Brinsworth of Staley als Stavely in the county of Derby, butcher and the close called the Wear Close lying in the parish of Aston afsd near the said lands called the Falconers containing 5 acres.
In 1730 & 31 Mr Steer was listed in Bradfield Poor Lay [subsidy?].
     William was registered as William Steer, cl. of Ecclesfield at Yorkshire on the 1741 electoral roll. He voted for C Turner, esq.
William Steer, clerk, was a defendant in a pew dispute in 1743.
     Rev William Steer made a will dated 17 May 1745 in Ecclesfield. Extracts from the will of William Steer, Vicar of Ecclesfield: his wife Ann, daughters Ann, Jane, Elizabeth & Mary, his son William, curate of Swinton, his brother Charles Steer Rector of Hansworth, his son Robert £26 having already expended £674 in putting him apprentice, in keeping him in St Thomas' hospital 1 year and at Paris another and since to set him up over and above the £60 he cost me in clothes and pocket money during his apprenticeship ... his son Charles £620 having paid better than £80 putting him apprentice ... I owe my daughter Mary £50 the legacy of Lady Whichcote; 20/- a year for the parish of Ecclesfield to be laid out in bread and distributed by the church wardens the first Sunday in every month... Whereas the ... of my prebend of Warthill that lies at Axminster, Membury and Kilmington with a moiety of the tithes of the same and of the Lordship of Prostaller in Devon is fallen into my hands and now let by lease bearing date March 7, 1744, to my brother Charles Steer, rector of Hansworth, to my brother Benjamin Steer of Sheffield, to my nephew Joseph Steer of Sheffield money for three lives in trust for my family I give and devise the said lease and the estate therein... dear wife and our seven children before named viz Wiliam, Robert, Charles, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth and Mary and their heirs and assigns .... and I constitute and appoint my dearest wife Anne and my brother Mr Charles Steer, Rector of Hansworth joint executors Signed W Steer.
     William died on 2 January 1745/46 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire, aged 64. He died at the age of 64, January 2nd 1745, and was buried in the churchyard, by the side of Vicar Wright, where an altar tomb, lately restored by some of his female descendants of the same name, living near Pontefract, marks the resting place of himself, of Anne his wife, who was the daughter of the Rev. Robert Banks, Vicar of Hull, of the family of Sir Joseph Banks, and died May 17 1759, and of Sarah his daughter, who died February 2 1739 aged 28 years.

Vicar Steer left a small bequest to the poor of the parish, which has since been lost; and upon an inquisition after his death, in 1746, it appeared that he died seized of sundry acres of land in the various townfields, which he had purchased from Widow Bayley, and from the widow the Rev. Francis Poole, late curate and schoolmaster. These he devised by will to Anne his wife, for her life provided she continued unmarried, with remainder ... to his 4 daughters ... Jane was then the wife of John Cutforthey of Rotherham surgeon, Elizabeth of Robert Fretwell of Wakefield, merchant; and Mary of Joseph Banks of London, gent, (afterwards LL.D. and Chancellor of York). Ann married the Rev Edmund Beatson, Vicar of Ilkley and the family can boast of many other good connexions). Mrs Steer had 2 other daughters, Millicent & Sarah, but they both died, unmarried in their father's lifetime. He had also 3 sons:- William Steer, bapt May 4 1710, took holy orders and died unmarried. Robert Steer of Wakefield, surgeon, bapt Oct 22 1713, married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Popplewell of Temple Belwood Lincoln, from whom numerous descendants. He died Oct 24, 1773. Charles Steer, of Wakefield, merchant (baptised March 11, 1724) had for his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Fretwell, of Gringley (married at Bawtry Aug 16 1748) by whom he had one child Elizabeth, who married the Rev John Lonsdale, Vicar of Darfield (1768-1807), whose sons were the Right Rev John Lonsdale D.D. Lord Bisop of Lichfield, and the Rev Henry Lonsdale, late Vicar of St Mary's Lichfield, who married Ann-Maria, daughter of John Pemberton Heywood, of Wakefield, Esq. and had a numerous family. Charles Steer married for his second wife, Sarah, daughter of Rev John Allot, Vicar of South Kirkby and had many children; the eldest of whom William Steer, married a sister of Rev Richard Monkhouse D.D. Vicar of Wakefield (1805-1810). He was buried on 4 January 1745/46 in Ecclesfield. There is an epitaph to Vicar Steer inscribed on a tablet of marble affixed to the south wall with the communion rails. This monument has recently been restored by Mr Steer, of Sheffield; at the top is a shield of arms, Or, a mullet sable, pierced of the field, for Steer; impaling Banks, sable, a cross, or, between four fleur-de-lis, argent.
     He is buried with his wife and daughter next to the east wall of the church [behind the altar] - flat slabs for the Vicar and his daughter and his wife's raised about 6 inches .Here lies the body of the Rev Mr William Steer, Vicar of Ecclesfield who departed this life 2nd day of January 1745 aged 64.

     His will was proved on 3 July 1746 at the Prerogative Court of York. On the third day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty six the last will and testament of the Rev. William Steer, Clerk late Vicar of Ecclesfield in the Diocese of York deceased, passed by the seal of this Burt and execution and administration of his goods etc., was granted to Ann Steer widow and relict and Charles Steer, brother and Joint executors they having been first sworn before the worshipful Francis Topham Doctor of Laws, Surrogate , Etc., (saving any other persons right) no inventory was exhibited but bond is entered.

Children of Rev William Steer and Ann Banks

Rev William Steer

(4 May 1710 - before 29 December 1769)
     Rev William Steer was christened on 4 May 1710 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of Rev William Steer and Ann Banks.
     William matriculated at St John's College, Cambridge University, in 1729. He was admitted sizar (19) at St John's 30 June 1729. School - Sedbergh. Matric 1729, B.A. 1732-3. William was a clergyman at Yorkshire between 1734 and 1768. Deacon Sep 1734. Vicar of Wath & Swinton. (F.M.G. 818, where is said to have died unmarried). Curate of Swinton 1745, Of Wath, of Swinton 1760. William was the Rector at Whiston, Yorkshire, from 1738 to 1745. Mr Wilson had a copy of verses written upon Mr Pertak's wife who after his death kept an alehouse & cryed his breeches to be shot for, by Mr Wm Steer jr., rector of Whiston when he was out of the way.
     William was registered at Wath upon Dearne on the 1741 electoral roll. The 1741 poll for Yorkshire lists William Steer at Wath who voted for C Turner in respect of property in Swinton. William was curate at Swinton, Yorkshire, in June 1743.
     Rev William Steer made a will dated 1 May 1756 in Wath upon Dearne. I William Steer of Wath in Yks ... I give and devise unto my brother Robert Steer all my lands and tenements real estate ... in Darnall and the parish of Sheffield... my gown and cassock and my library of books and all my sermons pamphlets and book cases Also I give unto my brother Charles Steer or his executors all sums of money which they shall owe ... divided between my four own sisters Ann Jane Elizabeth or Betty and Mary provided they all survived ... my said brother Charles Steer to be executor ... Signed Wm Steer.
     William died before 29 December 1769 in Wath upon Dearne, Yorkshire. The SoG pedigree states that he died unmarried in 1771, as does Venn. He was buried on 29 December 1769 in Wath upon Dearne. The Reverend Mr Steer.

Rev William Steer

(6 December 1798 - )
     Rev William Steer was christened on 6 December 1798 in St John's, Wakefield, Yorkshire. He was the son of William Steer and Dolly Wilson (Monkhouse). William was a solicitor. Attorney at law, the Rev W Steer, and now Wesleyan missionary. William was a Wesleyan missionary at Canada in 1843. He went to Canada according to his descendant Barbara Steere Lyon of Palo Alto, California.

Child of Rev William Steer

Lt Col William Frederick Steer

(5 December 1789 - 12 June 1871)
     Lt Col William Frederick Steer was christened on 5 December 1789 in Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney, London. [ITAL:William Frederick Steer [son] of Charles, merchant, Church Street, by Mary, born 19 August. He was the son of Charles William Steer and Mary Wood. Lt Col William Frederick Steer was educated in Charterhouse School.
Lt Col William Frederick Steer married Lucy Gibbs (McDonald), daughter of John Gibbs and Mercy Smith, on 3 January 1825 in Cawnpore, Bengal Presidency, India. She was the widow of Lt Cosmo McDonald, of the 1th N.I. (whom she married 6 Sep 1819 at Dacca).
     He served in the 32nd Native Infantry in India. He retired in 1839.
     Lt Col William Frederick Steer and Lucy Gibbs (McDonald) were recorded on the 1841 census in 'Burleigh House', Trinity Rd, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands. William Steer 45, Army, born England, Lucy Steer 35, Fanny Steer 12, Frederick Steer 11, Henrietta Steer 6, none born on the same island, Letitia Steer 4, born England, with 3 female servants.
     William died on 12 June 1871 in Marazion, Cornwall, aged 81.

Children of Lt Col William Frederick Steer and Lucy Gibbs (McDonald)

William Henry Steer

(16 September 1796 - before December 1835)
     William Henry Steer was born on 16 September 1796 in Stepney, London. He was the son of Charles William Steer and Mary Wood. William Henry Steer was christened on 8 November 1796 in Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney, London. [ITAL:William Henry Steer [son] of Charles, merchant, Church Street, by Mary, born Sep 16, 1796.
William Henry Steer married Susanne Elizabeth Cardew on 1 November 1826 in Noucally, India. William was an indigo planter, in Bengal, India.
     William Henry Steer made a will dated 13 October 1832 in Bengal. I William Henry Steer of Moorsh... bab in the province of Bengal, Indigo Planter, do make this my last will & testament in manner and form following
I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susanne Elizabeth Steer all .... and I appoint my said wife and my brother Charles William Steer executors... 13 October 1832 William H (y) Steer, indigo planter, Banaderpore, Moorshedabad. ... the testator William Henry Steer ...

     William died before December 1835.
     His will was proved on 27 April 1855 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

William Sullivan Steer

(8 February 1879 - )
     William Sullivan Steer was born on 8 February 1879 in Bengal, India. He was the son of Wiliam Charles Sullivan Steer and Theresa Selina Chapman. William Sullivan Steer was christened on 20 March 1879 in Purnea/Purnia, India.

Lt William Watson Steer

(19 June 1813 - 15 January 1842)
     Lt William Watson Steer was born on 19 June 1813 in Ghazipur, Bengal Presidency, India. He was the son of Charles William Steer and Jane Woodburn Watson.
     William died on 15 January 1842 in India aged 28. He was killed in action on the retreat from Kabul. He was a Lieutenant in the 37th Native Infantry.
     His will was proved in December 1850.

Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson

(before April 1808 - 21 October 1871)
     Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson was born before April 1808 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. He was the son of Lt Robert Popplewell Steer and Elizabeth Denny.
W P B Johnson left debts so large that his trustees, Thomas Lightfoot and John Collinson, sought and obtained in Chancery powers to raise £70,000 to pay them. This sum proved insufficient and a further £9,000 was borrowed from another of the Lightfoot family. His devise of the estate for the benefit of R P Steer could not prevent the entry of his own uncle the Rev. Richard Popplewell Johnson, rector of Ashton upon Mersey from I787 to 1835, into a life interest in the estate under the terms of the Temple Belwood settlement made in 1809 (1/34/3/4/3). Although advanced in years his life interest had to be purchased by R P Steer, now Johnson, for £7,500 and the heir had also to honour the appointment of £10,000 from the estate as the portion of the Rev. R P Johnson's daughter, Mrs Katherine Ridley. In any case the deceased father and grandfather of the heir, Richard Ryther Popplewell Steer (d. 1795), and Robert Popplewell Steer (d. 1826), had heavily burdened their own estate of £1,400 p.a. The problems of a gentleman debtor are graphically illustrated in the letters relating to R P Steer's affairs, addressed to the Epworth firm of Capes and Son, solicitors, who were the receivers for his estate from 1820 to 1824, letters which they and
their successors were very careful to preserve. Steer lived in Doncaster, and besides running up large bills with the trades-men of the neighbourhood, was heavily indebted to his former solicitor, Gilbert Hill, of Bawtry, who had loaned him £2,400 in 1818, when his mortgage credit was becoming exhausted. By 1820 he could raise a sum of £4,800 only by granting an annuity on his own life, secured by life assurance, for which he paid an effective interest rate of 13%. By 1823, several large tradesmen's bills and
Hill's mortgage and bills for professional services in attempting to obtain loans for Steer, had been liquidated, but he could still raise no further sums by mortgage, and his attempt to take out a new policy of life insurance as the basis of a further loan was also frustrated. During his visit to London in June 1823, Capes' London agents report in almost daily letters their peregrinations from the office of one life insurance company to the next with a Mr. Steer who grew increasingly despondent as every proposal was refused or deferred. Waiting until the directors conferred he was inevitably refused a policy, most probably on the grounds that he had been subject to seizures of an epileptic nature. Steer returned to Doncaster, but by November tradesmen were becoming restive and the prospect of arrest and imprisonment was alarming. His return to London en route for Calais to escape his debtors, is marked by the more vehement tone of his monetary requests to George Capes. £30 would see him across the Channel: Capes sent £20 and Steer found himself confined in No 5 Colman Buildings awaiting transfer to the King Bench Prison (January 1824). His requests for money continue for in prison he had to pay for everything cash down, a novel and unpleasant experience. His debts were £3,000, the disposable income from the estate £600 p.a. but the attempt of Capes in March 1824 to make a composition with the creditors whereby Steer would have an annuity of £200, was strongly criticised by Steer and also by Thomas Lightfoot.
JP & Deputy Lieut for Lincolnshire. "Succeeded to the estates of Temple Belwood, etc under the will of W P B Johnson Esq. dec. & pursuant to directions therein contained assumed the name Johnson only by RSM dated 26 March 1832". He was unmarried and succeeded by his nephew JWD Hilton who assumed the name Johnson by RSM 1871. He renovated Temple Belwood in c1865 for 30,000 pounds (over 3000 acres).
     Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson and Rev Richard Popplewell Johnson were mentioned in a deed dated 5 May 1832 in 'Temple Belwood', Belton, Lincolnshire. Release by Rev. Richard Popplewell Johnson of Ashton upon Mersey, Cheshire, to R P Johnson formerly R P Steer of life interest in Temple Belwood for £7500..
Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson was listed in a directory dated 1842 as Johnson Robert Popplewell , Esq at 'Temple Belwood', Belton.
Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson was listed in a directory dated 1856 as Robt Steer Johnson, Esq at Belton, Lincolnshire. It mentions that R S Johnson owns 1/3 of the parish. He was probably also the R S Johnson, esq. who owned lands at Althorpe. It also states Robt S Johnson, Temple Belwood, now at Weedon Beck, Norths.
On the 5 October 1866 there was a sale of implements, sheds & granary for Mr Bletcher on the Mellwood Grange estate, the property of R P Johnson, esq.
     Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson made a will dated 23 February 1870 in Belton, Lincolnshire.
     Robert Popplewell Steer-Johnson was recorded on the 1871 census in Bedford Hotel, Covent Garden, London. Robert P Johnson, unmarried, lodger, aged 63, landowner, born Epworth, Lincolnshire.
     Robert died on 21 October 1871 in Covent Garden, London . Late of Temple Belwood, Lincs.
     His will was proved on 19 March 1872 at the Principal Probate Registry, London. The will of Robert Popplewell Johnson late of Temple Belwood, Lincs, Esquire hwo died 21 Oct 1871 a the Bedford Hotel, Covent Garden, Mdx, was proved by John William Denne Hilton of Sarre Court, Kent, Esquire, a Lieutenant in the HM 3rd Regt of Hussars, the nephew and Henry Wellesley Lightfoot of 12 Sy John St, Adelphi, Mdx, Esquire, the executors.

Isabel de Steeton

( - after 1347)
     Isabel de Steeton married William de Ros, son of Sir William de Ros (of Ingmanthorpe) and Eustace Fitzralph. She was the daughter of Richard de Steeton.
3 May 1344, To John de Stonore. Whereas a plea has long been pending before him and his fellows, justices of the Bench, by the king's writ, de forma donacionis, between Isabel late wife of William de Roos of Ingmanthorp, demandant, and William son of John Gra of York, tenant, concerning 16 messuages, 11 bovates, 8 acres of land and 3 acres of meadow in Steveton, and although the king several times ordered the justices to associate themselves with the chancellor, justiciary and others of the council, and after viewing the statute de formis donacionum to proceed to the final discussion of that affair without delay, yet for some insufficient causes, it is said, they have not cared to execute that order hitherto: the king therefore orders John to cause the tenor of the process of that affair held before him and his fellows to come before the king and his council in the next parliament at Westminster, so that after it has been examined what pertains to the law and custom of the realm may be ordained for the final discussion thereof without further prosecution.
Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III, vol. 7: 1343-1346 (1904), 365..
     Isabel died after 1347.

Dinah Steff

(14 October 1795 - before 8 July 1855)
     Dinah Steff was also known as Stoff in records. She was born on 14 October 1795 in Hitcham, Suffolk.
Dinah Steff married Jonathan Grimwood, son of John Grimwood and Mary Adams?, on 8 November 1813 in Ringshall, Suffolk.
     Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood were recorded on the 1841 census in Combs. Jona'n Grimwood, 50, ag. lab, Dina 45, John 25, Hannah 20, William 15, Robert 10, Mary 9, Sarah 6, Susan 3, Walter, 4 months, all born in the county.
     Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood were recorded on the 1851 census in Battisford. Jonathan Grimwood, 65, ag. lab, pauper born Ringshall; his wife Dianah, 55, born Hitcham; unmarried daughter Hannah 30, pauper, born Combs, dumb; Robert unmarried son 20 born Creeting; grand daughter Susan 13, born Combs, Walter, son, 10, born Combs.
     Dinah died before 8 July 1855 in Battisford, Suffolk. She was buried on 8 July 1855 in Ringshall. Her age was given as 63.

Children of Dinah Steff and Jonathan Grimwood

Catherine A Steffani

(1875 - 1974)
     Catherine A Steffani was also known as Katherine in records. She was born in 1875 in Molong district, New South Wales. She was registered as Catherine Steffani, daughter of Gallo & Bridget. They were Gallo Steffani from Switzerland (1835-1905) & Bridget Ryder (who died 1878 at Molong).
Catherine A Steffani married Robert Hulbert Paul, son of William Henry Paul and Frances Spencer, in 1902 in Orange district, New South Wales.
     Katherine and Robert were registered at 13 Gatacre Avenue, Lane Cove, New South Wales, on the between 1930 and 1933 electoral roll. Catherine A Steffani was registered in the between 1936 and 1937 electoral roll with Gallo Steffani Paul and Dorothy Noreen Homann. Catherine A Steffani was registered in the between 1946 and 1954 electoral roll with Gallo Steffani Paul and Dorothy Noreen Homann.
     Catherine died in 1974 in New South Wales.

Child of Catherine A Steffani and Robert Hulbert Paul

Ann Stegall

(before 1710 - )
     Ann Stegall was born before 1710 in Suffolk.
Ann Stegall married John Cocksedge in 1728 in All Saints, Hopton, Suffolk.

Margaret Steggall

(say 1540 - )
     Margaret Steggall was born say 1540.
Margaret Steggall married William Jacob, son of William Jacob and Elizabeth Unknown (Jacob).

Children of Margaret Steggall and William Jacob

Charlotte STEGGLES

(1836 - )
     Charlotte STEGGLES was born in 1836 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk. She was christened on 22 September 1836 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk.
Charlotte STEGGLES married Walter Harper, son of Stephen Harper and Ann Sarah HOLLOX HORREX, on 6 January 1860 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk.

Marion Stein

Cyril A G Stennett

     Cyril A G Stennett married Vera Catherine Boot, daughter of William Boot and Ada Blanch Dempster, in 1908 in Bega, New South Wales.

Alexander Stephen

(3 March 1751 - )
     Alexander Stephen was born on 3 March 1751 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was the son of George? Stephen and Euphemia? Drummond?

Ann Stephen

( - 21 July 1889)
     Ann Stephen married Sir William Dunbar 6th Bart, son of Sir Robert Dunbar 5th Bart of Durn and Elizabeth Margaret Fyfe, on 9 February 1836. See Burke, etc. for details of their issue. The birth of a daughter on 7 May 1840 at Upper Clapton, was reported in teh Forres Newspaper.
     Ann died on 21 July 1889.

George Stephen

(21 January 1748 - 28 December 1814?)
     George Stephen was born on 21 January 1748 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. George Stephen, taylor @ Cauney? End & Euphemia Drummond his spouse had a son who was born 21 of same month [January], baptised by Mrs James H.,… and named George. He was christened on 22 January 1748 in OLd Machar, Aberdeenshire. He was the son of George? Stephen and Euphemia? Drummond? George was a labourer, in Aberdeen.
George Stephen married Elspet Innes before 1798. There was also a marriage between George Stephen & Mary Nichol on 1 July 1797 at Keig.
     George died on 28 December 1814? In Footdee, Aberdeen, aged 66. This matches the 1748 birth; but there was also another who died 3 Nov 1813 but he was a wright.

Children of George Stephen and Elspet Innes

George Stephen

(circa 1800? - 23 March 1842?)
     George Stephen was born circa 1800? In Scotland. He was the son of George Stephen and Elspet Innes. George Stephen was a witness at the christening of Jane Emslie on 3 April 1825 in St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
In 1830 a George Stephen, boatbuilder of Catto St, was mentioned in the Kirk Session minutes of St Clement's Footdee.
     George died But, there is also a seman aged 50 who was buried 23 May 1844 at Old Machar on 23 March 1842? In the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen.

George? Stephen

(before 1730 - )
     George? Stephen was born before 1730 in Scotland.
George? Stephen married Euphemia? Drummond? on 14 July 1747 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Jun 24 1747 Compeared George Stephen, Taylor, in this parish of Old Machar & produced a certificate from the parish of Fordoun (signed by James Mackaile ep...) signifyuing his contract of marriage with Euphemia Drummond in said parish. Whereupon they were three several times orderly proclaimed here and married at Fordoung, the 14th day of July, year as above Mr Wiil Thomson, minister of the Gospel at Mary Kirk in the Mearns?.

Children of George? Stephen and Euphemia? Drummond?

James Stephen

(26 September 1749 - )
     James Stephen was born on 26 September 1749 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He was the son of George? Stephen and Euphemia? Drummond?

Jane Stephen

(circa 1798 - 4 March 1864)
     Jane Stephen was also known as Jean in records. She was born circa 1798 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The census entries are vague about her age and birthplace. The naming pattern suggests that her parents were Jane & Peter although her marriage and death clearly state daughter of George Stephen. No suitable record of her baptism has been found as yet. At her marriage proclamation, her father was described as George Stephen, late labourer of Footdee. There is a possible baptism on 26 May 1798 at Keig, Abd, Jean daughter of George Stephen & Mary Nicol; but there is also a Jean daughter of Geo Stephen & Margaret Duncan 27 Sep 1801 at Mortlach. She was the daughter of George Stephen and Elspet Innes.
Jane Stephen married John Emslie, son of Samuel Emslie and Elizabeth Jamieson, after 22 May 1824 in St Nicholas (North church), Aberdeen, Scotland. 22 May 1824: John Emslie, coppersmith in Aberdeen & Jean Stephen in Footdee, daughter of the deceased George Stephen, late labourer in Footdie. Cautioners James Emslie & George Stephen, Householders. Two Sabbaths & Thursday. 10/-. Another copy states George Stephen late labourer in Aberdeen. This marriage does not appear to be recorded in the St Nicholas official parish register.
     Jane Stephen and John Emslie were recorded on the 1841 census in Huntly St, Gilcomston, Old Machar. John Emslie,35, coppersmith; Peter Emslie, 5, Jean Emslie, 12, Jean Stephen, 35, Elizabeth Stephen, 68.
     Jane Stephen and John Emslie were recorded on the 1851 census in 16 Huxter Row, Aberdeen. John Emslie, coppersmith, aged 49, born Old Aberdeen, Jean, wife, aged 50, born Aberdeenshire, Peter, aged 17, son, scholar, born Old Aberdeen. There were 4 households at this address.
     Jane Stephen and John Emslie were recorded on the 1861 census in 9 Diamond Street, Aberdeen. In three windowed rooms: John Emslie, aged 59, coppersmith, born Old Machar, Jane/Jean Stephen, wife, aged 63, coppersmith's wife, born Aberdeen, Samuel Emslie, son, unmarried, coppersmith's son, 31, born Aberdeen.
     Jane died of bronchitis and dropsy on 4 March 1864 in 19 Diamond Street, Aberdeen. It was claimed that she was 69 years old, but this doesn't agree with her age as given in the censuses.

Children of Jane Stephen and John Emslie

Jane Stephen

(circa 1849 - )
     Jane Stephen was born circa 1849 in Gartly, Aberdeenshire.
Jane Stephen married Robert Benzie on 14 December 1872 in Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

Child of Jane Stephen and Robert Benzie