Sarah Ann Swannack

(26 May 1839 - )
     Sarah Ann Swannack was born on 26 May 1839. She was the daughter of Charles Swannack and Harriet Rich.

Daniel Sweeney

(1887 - )
     Daniel Sweeney was born in 1887 in Yarram, Victoria. He was the son of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher.

Katherine Sweeney

      She was a widow..
Katherine Sweeney married John Colbert on 18 November 1839 in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Mary Grace Lavinia Sweeney

(1884 - )
     Mary Grace Lavinia Sweeney was born in 1884 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher.

Michael Sweeney

(1855 - )
     Michael Sweeney was born in 1855 in Gippsland, Victoria.
Mary Elizabeth Cocksedge married secondly Michael Sweeney in 1880 in Victoria.

Children of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher

Michael Sweeney

(circa 1898 - 1973)
     Michael Sweeney was born circa 1898. He was the son of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher.
     Michael died in 1973 in Yarram, Victoria.

Norah Sweeney

(1882 - )
     Norah Sweeney was born in 1882 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher.

Sarah Elizabeth Sweeney

(1880 - )
     Sarah Elizabeth Sweeney was born in 1880 in Yarram, Victoria. She was the daughter of Michael Sweeney and Mary Elizabeth Fisher.

Cecilia Margaret Sweeny

(22 December 1900 - 6 November 1981)
     Cecilia Margaret Sweeny was born on 22 December 1900 in Warialda, New South Wales.
Cecilia Margaret Sweeny married Elijah Thomas Cox, son of Elijah Cocksedge and Harriett Ada Australia Guy, on 3 February 1923 in West Maitland, New South Wales. He either married agiain in 1942 or he had a son with the same name who married then.
     Cecilia died on 6 November 1981 in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, aged 80.

Ann Swift

(say 1698 - 1778)
     Ann Swift was born say 1698. She was the daughter of Edmund Swift and Elizabeth Steer.
     In Ann Swift's will dated 1 January 1728 in Darnall, Sheffield, Ann Swift was named as heir.
     Ann died in 1778.

Edmund Swift

(before 1675 - )
     Edmund Swift was born before 1675 in Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
Edmund Swift married Sarah Steer, daughter of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam, on 2 May 1694 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Edmund Swift of Darnal, Gent. This is confused with her sister Elizabeth.
Edmund Swift married secondly Elizabeth Steer on 2 May 1694 in Attercliffe?, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Edmund Swift of Brinsworth & Elizabeth Steer of Darnall.

Child of Edmund Swift and Elizabeth Steer

Jane Swift

     Jane Swift married Francis FetherstonHaugh, son of William Fetherstonhaugh and Elizabeth Orme.

Sarah Swift

(before 1640 - 3 December 1666)
     Sarah Swift was born before 1640 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
Sarah Swift married George Ludlam, son of Thomas Ludlam and Unknown Cox?, on 26 April 1661 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Which George?.
     Sarah died on 3 December 1666 in St Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Caroline Swinden

(circa 1866? - 1948?)
     Caroline Swinden was born circa 1866?.
Caroline Swinden married Alfred Nugent Phillips, son of Alfred William Phillips and Elizabeth Maria Doyle, in 1883 in New South Wales.
     Caroline died in 1948? In Chatswood, New South Wales.

Mary Swinhoe

     Mary Swinhoe was born in India?. She was the daughter of General Sanuel Swinhoe of the Indian Army.
Mary Swinhoe married Richard George Handcock, son of Lt Col Richard Handcock and Jane Fraser (Woodham), in 1855.

Children of Mary Swinhoe and Richard George Handcock

Sir John Swinton (of that Ilk)

( - 14 September 1402)
     Sir John Swinton (of that Ilk) married Margaret Stewart, daughter of Robert, II Stewart, King of Scotland and Euphemia Ross Countess of Moray, circa 1392.
     John died on 14 September 1402.

Hannah Swynoke

     Hannah Swynoke married Robert Thornton, son of John Thornton and Jane Field.

Child of Hannah Swynoke and Robert Thornton

Anna Sydserf

     Anna Sydserf married Sir David Dunbar 1st baronet of Baldoon as his second wife, in 1666. She was the daughter of Sir Archibald, and died without issue.

Ann Syer

( - before 8 August 1731)
     Ann Syer married John Cocksedge. They do not appear to have had children.
     Ann Syer made a will dated 16 June 1722 in Finborough Magna. I Ann Cocksidge, the wife of John Cocksidge of Great Finborugh… Item I give and devise unto John Cocksidge my husband one close or field called or known by the name of Cowfield now in the occupation of the said John Cocksidge during the term of his natural life…
Item I give unto Mary Warner my sister
Item I give unto Edward Syer? My brother’s son … and to Ann Marsh his daughter
Item I give unto Thomas Syer another of my brother’s sons…
Item I give unto Robert Rush, Edward Rush, John Rush, etc my sister’s children
Item I give unto Dorothy Flowers my sister’s daughter
Item I give unto Elizabeth Hunt my sister’s daughter … and to Elizabeth her daughter…
Item I give unto Ann Hinds and John Clark two of my sister’s children
Item I give unto Dorothy Flowers my sister’s granddaughter.
     Ann died before 8 August 1731 in Finborough Magna, Suffolk.
     Her will was proved on 8 August 1731.

Mary Anne Sykes

     Mary Anne Sykes married Henry Thornton, son of John Thornton and Lucy Watson. They had issue.

Mary or Margaret Sykes

(before 1700? - 1 February 1738/39)
     Mary or Margaret Sykes was born before 1700? In Leeds or Hull, Yorkshire. Daughter of Samuel Sykes of Hull, merchant; or, Daughter of Alderman Sykes of Leeds.
Mary or Margaret Sykes married Rev Joseph Banks, son of Rev Robert Banks and Margaret Thornton, on 12 April 1716 in Brantingham, Yorkshire.
     Mary died on 1 February 1738/39 in Hooton Roberts, Yorkshire. Mrs Mary Banks, wife of Mr Tho. [sic] Banks, parson of Hutton Roberts etc., sister of my son Thomas' wife, died of a short sickness, Feb 1. She was buried on 3 February 1738/39 in Hooton Roberts.

Children of Mary or Margaret Sykes and Rev Joseph Banks

Isabel Sykeston

(say 1450 - )
     Isabel Sykeston married John Arlote. Isabel Sykeston was born say 1450.

Child of Isabel Sykeston and John Arlote

Annie May Symes

(2 May 1899 - )
     Annie May Symes was also known as May in records. She was born on 2 May 1899 in Victoria.
Annie May Symes married Albert Harry William Dobson, son of Harry Alfred Dobson and Annie Matilda Greenwood, on 7 April 1928 in Victoria. They had no issue.
     Annie resided at 17 Jolimont Rd, Forest Hill, Victoria.

Emma Symes

(circa 1850 - )
     Emma Symes was born circa 1850 in Norwich, Norfolk.
Emma Symes married James Frewer, son of James Frewer and Sarah Secker, on 10 May 1870 in St Saviour, Norwich, Norfolk.
     Emma Symes and James Frewer were recorded on the 1871 census in Sprowston, Norfolk. James Frewer, 21, gun flint maker, born Brandon, Sfk, wife Emma Frewer, 21, born Norwich.

Elizabeth Rosa Symonds

     The marriage of Elizabeth Rosa Symonds and William Stevens Grimwade, son of William Sheppard/Shepherd Grimwade and Elizabeth Rosa Hill, was registered in Hartismere RD, Suffolk, in the June 1879 quarter. Their children were; Arthur William Burt 1877 – 1941; Elizabeth Clara 1880 – ; George Symonds 1881 – ; Alice Rosa 1883 – ; Emma Elsie 1887 – ; Victoria M. 1888 –.

Laetitia Symonds

( - 8 October 1857)
     Laetitia Symonds married Martin Thomas Cocksedge, son of Thomas Cocksedge and Mary Garnham. The notes in the Oakes diary state that he married Laetitia, daughter of Capiian John Symonds, great niece of Dr John Symonds, by whom he had 2 sons. However the registers show that a Letitia Cocksedge the wife of John Symonds had a son John in 1802, and daughter Julia Mary Ann in 180 and Louise in 1811 baptised at St Mary's BSE.
Mary Susanna is described as the widow of Martin Thomas in 1825.
Grant of annuity - £150 for life - dated 24th July, 1848
1. Charles Stubbs Tinling, Worthing, Sussex, Esq, & wife Mary Susanna (widow of Martin Thomas Cocksedge and daughter of Michael William Leheup, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Esq and Michael Edward Rogers, Brandon Hall, Suffolk, son of Rev. Thos Ellis Roger of Lackford, Suffolk, clerk, & wife Merielina Agnes, daughter of Michael William Leheup)
2. Henry Richardson Lee als Le Leheup, Vine Yard Gardens, Clerkenwell, Middx, gent.
3. Hannah Richardson of above, widow.
4. Henry Ward, Lincolns Inn Fields, & George Charles Parsons of the same, gents.
Farrows Farm; Loves Farm; Walters Farm; Westbury Farm - all in Ashwell.
Also farm in parishes of Ashwell & Hinxworth; and 2 acres in Ashwell.
Also schedule of Copyhold lands of Manor of Ashwell [fully described]
     Laetitia died on 8 October 1857 in Belmont House, Sidmouth, Devon. She was buried 16 Oct 1857 at St Mary’s Church, Ashwell, Hertfordshire.

Child of Laetitia Symonds and Martin Thomas Cocksedge

Jane Syms

(circa 1810 - before 1 April 1891)
     Jane Syms was born circa 1810 in Abbotskerswell, Devon.
     Jane Syms married George Ruby as his second wife, in June 1871 in Abbotskerswell, Devon.
     Jane Syms were recorded on the 1881 census in 2 Model Cottages, Abbotskerswell, Devon. Jane Ruby, aged 70, widow, born Abbotskerswell was lodging with John Ellis and his family in Abbotskerwell.
     Jane died before 1 April 1891 in Newton Abbot RD, Devon.

Frederick John Tadgell

     Frederick John Tadgell married Augusta Bessie Devonshire, daughter of Charles Devonshire and Elizabeth Rashleigh, in 1885 in Hotham, Victoria.

(?) Taggarty

     (?) Taggarty married secondly Julia Thomson.

Catherine Tailer

(say 1620 - )
     Catherine Tailer was born say 1620 in Suffolk.
Catherine Tailer married Thomas Bland in 1641 in Coddenham, Suffolk.