Robert Thornton

(circa 1588 - 1665)
      Burke's History of the Commoners states: The Rev Robert Thornton, MA, rector of Birkin, was eminently distinguisehd during the civil conflicts of the reign of Charles I for his loyalty to his King and attachment to the Church of England. His great and manifold privations in those distressing times are fully related in "Walker's Suferings of the Clergy". Mr Thornton, who was removed from his rectory during the Protectorate, but reinstated at the Restoration, died in 1665, and iles interred in the church of Birkin, where a monument is erected to his memory.. Robert Thornton was born circa 1588 in Yorkshire. Robert Thornton, nephew of Richard Carr, who was at Jesus College in Cambridge in 1616 but there are no other suitable Robert Thonton's at Cambridge. I think that the nephew is Tempest Thornton, son of Richard. He was the son of Robert Thornton and Janet Carr.
     Robert matriculated at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, from 1598 to 1603. Matriculated sizar from Pembroke, Lent 1597/8; B.A. 1602/3; M.A. 1606. Robert was a clergyman at Yorkshire from 1607. He was licensed to preach (York) 1607. Rector of Birkin, Yorks 1612; ejected by the Parliament; reinducted 1664. Rector of Garforth 1615-44.
Robert Thornton married Alice Hamsworth on 26 January 1613/14 in Clapham, Yorkshire, England.
     Robert died in 1665 in Birkin, Yorkshire. He was buried in Birkin.

Child of Robert Thornton and Alice Hamsworth

Robert Thornton

(before 1560 - after 1616)
     Robert Thornton was born before 1560 in Yorkshire, England.
Robert Thornton married Janet Carr, daughter of Roger Carr, on 3 February 1587 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.
     Robert died after 1616 in Yorkshire. He was of Clapham..

Child of Robert Thornton and Janet Carr

Robert Thornton

(27 December 1650 - before 4 January 1650/51)
     Robert Thornton was christened on 27 December 1650 in Coxwold, Yorkshire. He was the son of Robert Thornton.
     Robert died before 4 January 1650/51 in Coxwold. He was buried on 4 January 1650/51 in Coxwold.

Robert Thornton

(18 May 1692 - 2 January 1747)
     Robert Thornton was born on 18 May 1692. He was the son of John Thornton and Jane Field.
Robert Thornton married Hannah Swynoke.
Robert Thornton married Jane Newby in 1733.
     Robert died on 2 January 1747 aged 54. He was a bank director and merchant in London.

Child of Robert Thornton and Hannah Swynoke

Robert Thornton

(9 January 1759 - )
     Robert Thornton married Maria Eyres. She was the daughter of Charles Eyres esq. He was MP for Colchester. They had no issue. Robert Thornton was born on 9 January 1759. He was the son of John Thornton and Lucy Watson.

Samuel Thornton

(13 November 1651 - before 14 December 1651)
     Samuel Thornton was christened on 13 November 1651 in Coxwold, Yorkshire. Samuel Thornton filius Mr Roberti Thornton de Coxwald.. He was the son of Robert Thornton.
     Samuel died before 14 December 1651 in Coxwold, Yorkshire. He was buried on 14 December 1651 in Coxwold. Samuel Thornton filius Mr Roberti Thornton de Coxwould obijt 14 die mensis Decembris 1651.

Samuel Thornton

(6 November 1754 - 1838)
      David Roberts wrote: Samuel Thornton b 1754, died in 1838, was governor of bank of england, had an estate a mile round in Clapham - the orangery still exists apparently.
I have only single line back to Robert thornton d 1665
Apparently there was a William Thornton who settled in Newton E Yorks in 1310, had the manor until 1692
. Samuel Thornton was born on 6 November 1754. He was of Clapham & Albury Park, Surrey. MP for Hull. He was the son of John Thornton and Lucy Watson.
Samuel Thornton married Elizabeth Milnes on 12 December 1780. She was the only daughter of Robert Milnes of Wakefield, esq. See Hunter. v. 1 p. 20 for details.
     Samuel died in 1838.

Sarah Thornton

     Sarah Thornton was the daughter of John Thornton and Jane Field.
Sarah Thornton married William Wilberforce. He was a merchant of Hull. They had issue.

Child of Sarah Thornton and William Wilberforce

Thomas Thornton

(circa 1695? - )
     Thomas Thornton was born circa 1695?.
Thomas Thornton married Catherine Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell and Christian Popplewell, on 1 November 1720 in Owston, Lincolnshire, England. Thomas was a yeoman in September 1729 in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire..
     Thomas Thornton was mentioned in the administration of the estate of John Popplewell in September 1729. John Poplewell of Belton. Each of his children signed an affidavit on 12 September 1729 in which they agree to their brother James and Thomas being administrators of their father's estate: Ann Thompson of the Beddram in York, widow; John Poplewell of Beltoft, yeoman; Cristian Falkiner of Belton, widow; Caleb Parr of Nottingham, gaoler, Humphrey Popplewell of Epworth, gent; Thomas Thornton of Wainfleet, yeoman: Whereas John Poplewell, late of Belton, Gent, deceased, our dearly beloved father is dead and intestate hath considerable personal estate intermixed with our brothers James and Thomas Popplewell and considerable sums of money to pay out of the same.. Anne Thompson, John Popplewell, Chris: Falkner, Caleb Parr, Humph: Poplewell And Thomas Thornton signed and sealed the document, witnessed by Thomas Thorp, Sarah Drinkall (x), Thomas Falkner, Elizabeth Huitson (x), Josh. Kynman, Samuel Harrison, C: Winteringham.

Child of Thomas Thornton and Catherine Popplewell

Thomas Thornton

(1656 - 1731)
     Thomas Thornton was born in 1656. He was the son of Robert Thornton and Clare Sperry?
     Thomas died in 1731.

Vernon Thornton

(25 March 1918 - )
     Vernon Thornton was born on 25 March 1918 in Bendigo, Victoria.

William Thornton

(before 1510? - )
     William Thornton was born before 1510?.
William Thornton married Margaret Popplewell, daughter of Richard Popplewell, before 1538.

William Thornton

     William Thornton was the son of John Thornton and Jane Field.

Rev William Thornton

(6 July 1669 - 10 September 1718)
     Rev William Thornton was christened on 6 July 1669 in Birkin, Yorkshire. He was the son of Robert Thornton.
     William matriculated at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, from 3 May 1687 to 1691. Admitted pensioner (aged 17) at Pembroke, May 3 1687, son of Robert (1641), rector of Birkin. Baptised there July 6 1669. Matric 1687; B.A. 1690/1; M.A. 1695. Ordained deacon (York) Sep 1692; priest Sep 1693. Curate of Birkin 1693; Rector 1698-1718. Died Sep 10 1718. Buried at Birkin. M.I. Perhaps father of Robert Jesus,1718 , baptised 26 Dec 1698). William clergyman at Birkin, YKS, from September 1692 to 1718. Ordained deacon (York) Sep 1692; priest Sep 1693. Curate of Birkin 1693; Rector 1698-1718.
He was perhaps, father of Robert (Jesus,1718 , baptised 26 Dec 1698).
     William died on 10 September 1718 in Birkin, YKS, aged 49.

Winifred Thornton

(circa 1872 - 1939)
     Winifred Thornton was born circa 1872.
Winifred Thornton married Maj Gen Harold William Grimwade, son of Frederick Sheppard Grimwade and Jessie Taylor Sprunt, in 1896 in Victoria.
     Winifred died in 1939 in Frankston, Victoria.

Children of Winifred Thornton and Maj Gen Harold William Grimwade

Bridget Thorp

(circa 1650 - before 15 July 1689)
     Bridget Thorp was born circa 1650 in Lincolnshire, England.
Bridget Thorp married William Popplewell on 25 April 1677 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.
     Bridget died before 15 July 1689 in Epworth, Lincolnshire. She was buried on 15 July 1689 in Epworth.

Children of Bridget Thorp and William Popplewell

Christopher Thorp

     Christopher died in Thorpe, Yorkshire.
Christopher Thorp married Margaret Ryther, daughter of Oliver Ryther and Ann Hungate. She was his second wife..

John Elliott Thorp

     John Elliott Thorp married Beatrice Ethel Phillipa Gore-Jones, daughter of John Hector Gore-Jones and Ethil Maude Pile, on 2 July 1919 in Queensland. THORP—GORE-JONES.—On July 2, at Buderim Mountain, Queensland, J. Eliott Thorp, of Derwent Haven, Berriedale, eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Thorp, to Beatrice, second daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Gore-Jones, of Marimba, Buderim Mountain.

Marie Julie Thorp

(26 February 1918 - 21 February 2003)
     Marie Julie Thorp was also known as Maureen Julie in records. She was born on 26 February 1918. 1917 according to the death index.
Marie Julie Thorp married Dr Robert Michael Halahan, son of Dr Robert Edwin Halahan and Lydia Margarita Hearne, on 2 April 1942 in Carlow, Ireland.
     Marie died on 21 February 2003 in Yeovil, Somerset, England, aged 84.

Child of Marie Julie Thorp and Dr Robert Michael Halahan

Amy Thorpe

(circa 1805 - )
     Amy Thorpe was born circa 1805 in Battisford, Suffolk.
Amy Thorpe married Benjamin Squirrell, son of Benjamin Squirrell and Mary Chaplin, on 6 October 1825 in Gt Bricett, Suffolk, England.
     Amy Thorpe and Benjamin Squirrell were recorded on the 1841 census. Benjamin Squirrell, 35, ag labourer; Amy 35, Easter 5, Eliza 1, all born in the county.
     Amy Thorpe and Benjamin Squirrell were recorded on the 1851 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Ben aged 50, ag. lab., born Wattisham, wife Amy aged 46 born Battisford and children Esther 15, Eliza 10, & Ben aged 7 all born at Wattisham.
     Amy Thorpe and Benjamin Squirrell were recorded on the 1861 census in Wattisham, Suffolk. Benjamin Squirrell, aged 61, ag. lab. born at Wattisham with his wife Amy aged 55, born Battisford, and their son Benjamin aged 17 an ag. lab. born at Wattisham.

Children of Amy Thorpe and Benjamin Squirrell

Eliza Maria Thorpe

(1844 - 1907)
     Eliza Maria Thorpe was born in 1844.
The marriage of Eliza Maria Thorpe and Hezekiah Grimwood, son of James Grimwood and Ursula or Ustley Grimwood, was registered in Bosmere RD, Suffolk, in the December 1862 quarter.
     Eliza Maria Thorpe and Hezekiah Grimwood were recorded on the 1871 census in 1 Beckers? Cottage, Gillingham, Chatham, Kent. Hezekiah Grimwood, head, 34, agricultural labourer, born Ringshall, Sfk, his wife Elilzabeth 27, born Rochester, Kent, sons George 7, Henry 5, William 4, Edward 1, all born at Chatham.
     Eliza died in 1907.

Children of Eliza Maria Thorpe and Hezekiah Grimwood

Elizabeth Thorpe

(before 1640 - before 18 March 1682/83)
     Elizabeth Thorpe was born before 1640.
Elizabeth Thorpe married Thomas Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Bridget Unknown (Jacob), on 25 September 1660 in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Thomas Jacob of Great Finborough? widower & Elizabeth Thorpe.
     Elizabeth died before 18 March 1682/83 in Buxhall, Suffolk. She was buried on 18 March 1682/83 in Buxhall. Elizabeth, wife of Thos Jacob jr.

Children of Elizabeth Thorpe and Thomas Jacob

Elizabeth Thorpe

     Elizabeth Thorpe married Thomas Tarney as his second wife, on 27 February 1729 in Rougham, Suffolk.

John Thorpe

     John Thorpe married Edith Rich, daughter of John Rich and Ann Smith, on 22 May 1769 in Tickhill, Yorkshire.

Martha Thorpe

(circa 1663 - 1 February 1722/23)
     Martha Thorpe was also known as Martha Thorpe in records. She was born circa 1663 in Hopton, Mirfield, Yorkshire. Daughter of Richard Thorpe, of Hopton, co. York, V.D.M. by Martha daughter & heir of Thomas, second son of Richard Richardson of North Brierley, co. York.
     Martha Thorpe married Elkanah Rich as his second wife, on 7 October 1684 in Mirfield, Yorkshire. She brought a marriage portion of £800.
     A marriage settlement between Martha Thorpe and Elkanah Rich was made on 7 October 1685 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Settlement (Lease and release) and counterparts dated 6 & 7 Oct 1685: Elkanah Rich of Bulhouse to John Wadsworth of Swaithe Hall, parish of Darfield and John Oates of Nether Denby, parish of Kirkheaton. Messuages in Thurlstone called Hornthwait, Bridgend and the Royd with lands etc. in consideration of a marriage arranged between Elkanah Rich and Martha Thorpe, daughter of Richard Thorpe of Hopton Hall, parish of Mirfield and of £800 received as a marriage portion to stated uses..
     Martha died on 1 February 1722/23 in Penistone, YKS. The Northowram register states Mrs Rich of Bulhouse in Peniston parish died 1 Feb, buried about 5th Feb, 1722/3.. She was buried in Bullhouse chapel, Thurlstone, Penistone. Monumental inscription: Here lieth interred the boyd of Martha the wife of Elkanah Rich Esq. who departed this life February the 1st A.D. 1722 in the 59th year of her age.

Children of Martha Thorpe and Elkanah Rich

William Thorpe

(before 1835 - )
     William Thorpe was born before 1835.
William Thorpe married Mary Rubie in 1855 in Victoria.

Sir Henry Edward Thuillier

(10 July 1813 - 6 May 1906)
     Sir Henry Edward Thuillier was born on 10 July 1813. He was baptised 5 Jul 1822, St Michael's Bath, ygst s of John Pierre, Merchant of Cadiz & Bath, Baron de Malapert of France, & Julia (daughter of James BURROW of Exeter).
Susanne Elizabeth Cardew married secondly Sir Henry Edward Thuillier on 21 December 1835 in the Cathedral, Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Henry Thuillier, Esq., the regiment of artillery, to Susanne, relict of the late W H Steer, Esq.
     Henry died on 6 May 1906 in Richmond, Surrey, aged 92. Gen Sir, Bengal Art; Dictionary of National Biography; Phillimore IV p.471 (2 pl); Hodson IV p.273; Who was Who I p.708.

Mary Thursby

(before March 1792 - before 5 September 1858)
     Mary Thursby was also known as Thorsby in records. She was born before March 1792 in Kettlebaston, Suffolk.
Mary Thursby married Robert Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sarah Osburn, on 26 December 1833 in Badwell Ash, Suffolk.
     Mary Thursby and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in Wyverstone Rd, Badwell Ash. Robert Cocksedge, 40, ag lab & Mary 45, Sarah 15, & Joseph Thorsby,15 all born in the county.
     Mary Thursby and Robert Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Waller Corner, Gt Ashfield, Suffolk. Robert Cocksedge, aged 45, farmer of 47 acres, born Pakenham with Mary his wife aged 59, born Kettlebaston; and their unmarried son James aged 25 a sweep, born Badwell Ash, with two lodgers and a nephew Edward Wade, aged 14, ag. lab., born Wickham Skeith.
     Mary died before 5 September 1858 in Badwell Ash, SFK. She was buried on 5 September 1858 in Badwell Ash.

Maud Elizabeth Thursfield

     Maud Elizabeth Thursfield married William Henry Stephens Cocksedge, son of Lucy Australia Cocksedge, in 1905 in Sydney, New South Wales.

Children of Maud Elizabeth Thursfield and William Henry Stephens Cocksedge

Edward Thwaites

     Edward Thwaites married Beatrice Fawler, daughter of John Fawler and Beatrice Unknown (Fawler), on 8 November 1668 in Chatham, Kent.