Polly (Mary Ann?) Towell

(circa 1873 - )
     Polly (Mary Ann?) Towell was born circa 1873 in Brixham, Devon. She was the daughter of John Towell and Amelia Jane Newton.

Rosa Hannah Towell

(6 March 1864 - after 1930)
     Rosa Hannah Towell was born on 6 March 1864 in Beccles, Suffolk. She was the daughter of Anson John Towell and Jane Dinah Squirrell.
The marriage of Rosa Hannah Towell and William Edwards was registered in London, St Giles RD, Middlesex, in the June 1895 quarter.
     Rosa died after 1930 in Wellington, Surrey.

Child of Rosa Hannah Towell and William Edwards

William Frederick Towell

(1880 - 9 August 1955)
     William Frederick Towell was born in 1880 in Brixham, Devon. He was the son of John Towell and Amelia Jane Newton. William Frederick Towell was listed as John Towell's son in the 1881 census in 8 Bolton St, Brixham, Devon.
     William Frederick Towell and John Towell were recorded on the 1891 census in 26 Greenswood St, Brixham, Devon. John Towell, 50, baker, born Abbotskerswell, wife Amelia S Towell, 52, born Lympstone, children Mary J T Towell, 23. domestic helper at home, John T E Towell, 16, baker's assistant, Amelia B Towell, 14, Help in home, William F Towell, 10, scholar, all born at Brixham.
     William Frederick Towell and Amelia Jane Newton were recorded on the 1901 census in Brixham, Devon. William F Towell, aged 20 was living with his mother Amelia, widow, baker, aged 62 and sister Polly Towell, aged 28. both children born in Brixham and working as bread ..... Amelia was born in Lympstone.
     William Frederick Towell was recorded on the 1911 census in 3 St Hilda Terrace, Brixham, Devon. Wiliam Fred Towell, aged 30, single, law clerk, born Brixham, was a lodger with the Murray sisters, teacher of nusic.
     William died on 9 August 1955 in 27 Merton Rd, Bootle, Lancashire.
     His will was proved on 16 September 1955 at Exeter, Devon. William Frederick Towell of 28 Queens-drive, Walton, Liverpool 4 - granted to Winefrede Mary Savage (wife of Herber Eric Oliver Savage). Effects £494 1s 8d.

William Sergeant Towell

(9 November 1834 - )
     William Sergeant Towell was christened on 9 November 1834 in Abbotskerswell, Devon. He was the son of John Towell and Mary Sergeant.
     William Sergeant Towell appeared on the 1841 census in the household of John Towell and Mary Sergeant in Abbotskerswell, Devon. William, Ann, John and Mary were listed as the children of John Towell in the 1851 census in Staverton, Devon. William and John were listed as the children of John Towell in the 1861 census in Stoney Combe, Kingskerswell, Devon.

Sarah Ann Towle

(circa 1865 - 1894)
     Sarah Ann Towle was born circa 1865 in Yorkshire.
The marriage of Sarah Ann Towle and Frederick Amor Rich, son of Henry Rich and Annie Brooks, was registered in Sculcoates RD, Yorkshire, in the March 1889 quarter.
     Sarah Ann Towle and Frederick Amor Rich were recorded on the 1891 census in 5 Wilson St, Drypool, Yorkshire. Frederick A Rich, 29, warehouseman born Brafferton & his wife Sarah A, 25 born Hull.
     Sarah died in 1894 in Sculcoates RD Yorkshire.

Thomas John Townend

( - 1886)
     Thomas John Townend married Claretta Octavia Popplewell, daughter of Richard Popplewell and Sara Ann Hallifield, on 7 May 1884 in Belton, Lincolnshire. The Lincolnshire chronicle on 23 May 1884 reported: At the parish church. Belton, on the 7th inst., Thos John Townend to Clairetta Octavia Popplewell, both of Belton.
     Thomas died in 1886.

Stephen Towner

     Stephen Towner married Alice Geere, daughter of Thomas Geere and Barbara Berde, on 24 October 1626 in Ovingdean, Sussex. Stephen Towner of Kingston & Als Geer of Ovingden [1624?].

Elizabeth Townrow

(28 February 1768? - )
     Elizabeth Townrow was christened on 28 February 1768? In Kneesall, Nottinghamshire.
Elizabeth Townrow married George Stanser on 15 February 1796 in St Bartholomew, Kneesall, Nottinghamshire, England. Findmypast gives the date as 28 May 1793 at Sheffield, from the Yorks BTs..

Children of Elizabeth Townrow and George Stanser

Matilda Towns

     Matilda Towns married Elijah Cocksedge, son of John Cocksedge and Sophia Osborne, on 25 May 1863 in St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey.

Anna Townsend

(before March 1809 - before 3 August 1894)
     Anna Townsend was born before March 1809 in Ireland.
Anna Townsend married Samuel Handy, son of John Handy and Emily Alexander, in 1836 in Leighlin diocese, Ireland.
     Anna Townsend and Samuel Handy were recorded on the 1851 census in 30 King St, Liverpool, Lancashire. Samuel Handy aged 47, book keeper, Anna aged 40, Mary C 14, John A 13 scholar, William O 11, Samuel I 10, Charles J J 8, Emily J 7, Anna J 5, Fleming H (male) aged 4 is on the next page; all born in Ireland.
     Anna Townsend and Samuel Handy were recorded on the 1861 census in Marine Terrace, Liscard, Cheshire. Samuel Handy, head, married, 57, merchant, born Ireland; Anna Handy, wife, 50, born Ireland, Samuel, son, 20, clerk in merchant's office; Emily F 17, Annie E 15, Fleming Henry 14, scholar, all born Ireland and Francis [sic] Townsend, cousin aged 54, unmarried female, and William Crawford, cousin aged 16, both born Ireland, with three Irish servants.
     Anna Townsend was recorded on the 1871 census in Magazine Park, Liscard, Cheshire. Anna Handy, head, widow aged 61, no occupation, private means, born Ireland; Charles J, son unmarried, 27, cotton salesman; Henry son, unmarried 24, corresponding clerk; Emily Poole, daughter married 27, all born Ireland; William Poole, 32, son-in-law, stock broker born Liverpool, with William, aged 4, Samuel T aged and Emily M, 9? months, grandchildren all born at New Brighton, Cheshire. Also living with her were John W? Townsend her unmarried nephew aged 20 who worked in the cotton saleroom, born Ireland; 3 servants; and Blakely Tarleton son in law aged 33, cotton salesman and his wife Annie aged 25, both born in Ireland. She was listed as Blakely Lorenzo Tarleton's mother-in-law in the 1881 census in Mt Pleasant Rd, Liscard, Cheshire.
     Anna Townsend and Emily Frances Handy were recorded on the 1891 census in 92 Westbourne Rd, Birkenhead, Cheshire. Emily F Poole 47, head, widow, born Ireland; William A Poole 24, son, Marion H Poole 16, daughter, both born New Brighton, Cheshire; Caroline Poole 55, Helena Poole 44, sisters in law, both born Liverpool, Sarah E Humphrey 31, domestic servant, Annie Mulqueen 24, cook, born Ireland, Anna Handy 81, mother, widow, born Ireland.
     Anna died before 3 August 1894 in Birkenhead RD, Cheshire. She was buried on 3 August 1894 in St Hillary, Wallasey, Cheshire.

Children of Anna Townsend and Samuel Handy

Col Bryan Townsend

(1648? - 1726)
     Col Bryan Townsend was born in 1648?. He was the son of Col Richard Townsend.
Bryan Townsend the heir is reputed to have been Commander of HMS "Swiftsure" (but I have found no reliable confirmation of this other than Burke's). In 1695 he was MP for Clonakilty, Co. Cork. His residence was Castletownshend. He married Mary Synge 1680, daughter of Edward Synge, D.D., Bishop of Cork and Ross. From this Synge family would come the poet J.J. Synge.
     Bryan died in 1726.

Children of Col Bryan Townsend

Edwin Townsend

     Edwin Townsend was the son of Osborne Edwin Townsend and Violet Cunningham.

Frances Marie Townsend

(1876 - 20 September 1962)
     Frances Marie Townsend was commonly known as Fanny. She was born in 1876 in Queensland. She was the youngest of the 20 children (by 3 wives)of Captain William Townsend & Elizabeth Salmon Thomas. For the 'work in progress' see http://captainwilliamtownsend.blogspot.com/. "Fanny" was an accomplished musician, and studied in London during the 1890s according to the on-line newspapers from the National Library.
     Dr George William Frederic Paul married Frances Marie Townsend as his second wife, on 27 December 1905 in St Kilda, Victoria.
     Frances and George were registered at Cnr Vulture & Main Sts, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, on the 1913 electoral roll.
     Frances and George were registered at Cnr Vulture & Main Sts, Kangaroo Point, on the 1925 electoral roll.
     Frances died on 20 September 1962. She was buried in the cemetery, Toowong. Frances Marie Paul died 20 Sep 1962 aged 86. She is buried with her husband, father in law and her son.

Children of Frances Marie Townsend and Dr George William Frederic Paul

Rev Horatio Townsend

(1 September 1706 - October 1772)
     Rev Horatio Townsend was born on 1 September 1706 in Castletownshend, Cork. He was the son of Col Bryan Townsend.
Rev Horatio Townsend married Mary Hungerford, daughter of Thomas Hungerford and Susannah Becher, on 21 May 1739.
He was the Rector of Donnoughmore,co. Cork. They had issue: Edward Synge Townsend, born January 18, 1740/41.
Horatio Townsend, died unmarried.
Richard Townsend married Mildred Daunt, September 29, 1772. Their residence was: Palacetown, Co. Cork (probate 1805)
Thomas Townsend (dates not available).
Samuel Philip Townsend, married Helena Robinson, April 1782.
     Horatio died in October 1772 aged 66.
     His will was proved in 1773 at the Prerogative Court of Armagh, Ireland.

John Sealy or Leahy Townsend

     John Sealy or Leahy Townsend married Anne Handcock, daughter of John Handcock, in September 1795 in Dublin, Ireland. On the 14 Sep 1795 it was reported in a newspaper: Miss Handcock, only daughter of the late Governor Handcock, MP, married John Leahy (Selay) Townsend, Esq.

Mary Townsend

( - May 1701)
     Mary Townsend married George Kirke on 26 February 1646. She was the daughte rof Aurelian Townsend, gent. of the Privy Chamber, of the Barbican, London. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters.
     Mary was buried in May 1701.

Children of Mary Townsend and George Kirke

Osborne Edwin Townsend

     Osborne Edwin Townsend married Violet Cunningham before 1932.

Child of Osborne Edwin Townsend and Violet Cunningham

Capt Philip Townsend

(3 August 1700 - 1786)
     Capt Philip Townsend was born on 3 August 1700. He was the son of Col Bryan Townsend.
Capt Philip Townsend married Elizabeth Hungerford, daughter of Thomas Hungerford and Susannah Becher, on 25 November 1733 in Braad, near Myross, Cork. Elizabeth (Bess) was the elder daughter of Thomas Hungerford of The Island (Inchydoney), Clonakilty, Co Cork and sister of Mary Hungerford, who married Philip's brother Horatio.
     Philip died in 1786.
He was of Derry, co. Cork. They were ancestors of the Myross Wood and Derry Branches. After many generations the descendant of Philip and Elizabeth, and heir of Derry, Frances Charlotte Payne-Townshend, married George Bernard Shaw. She sold the estate of Derry. The house was later burned in the "troubles" of 1922..

Col Richard Townsend

(circa 1618 - 25 September 1692)
     Col Richard Townsend was born circa 1618.
This family claims descent from the ancient Norfolk House of Townshend. The first who settled in Ireland was a Colonel Richard Townsend, an officer in the army of the Parliament during the wars previous to the Commonwealth. In 1646 he was present at the surrender of Pendennis Castle, Cornwall. On 3 November of the following year (his regiment, in the preceding June, having been ordered to Ireland by the House of Commons), he commanded the main body of the army, under Lord Inchiquin, at the Battle of Knockoness, near Mallow, co. Cork. Colonels Grey and Blunt headed the left and right wings respectively. Colonel Townsend presented the keys of the city of Cork to Oliver Cromwell at Dungarvan. Colonel Towsend made several large purchases of land from time to time, for which he got three several patents, viz. in 1666, 1668, and 1679; the first being for Castle Townsend (now the seat of the head of the family), which he had purchased some time before. He was elected M.P. for Baltimore 10 April 1661, and was appointed to command a troop of Carbery Militia in 1666 by the Duke of Ormonde, at Lord Orrery's instance. He was appointed High Sheriff of the county Cork 1671. He died July 1692, having had issue nine sons and three daughters. (25)
His second wife was Mary Kingston. For further information on this family see
     Col Richard Townsend made a will dated 21 June 1692 in Ireland.
     Richard died on 25 September 1692. He was buried in Castlehaven, Cork.

Child of Col Richard Townsend

Susanna Townsend

(circa 1777 - 1 March 1829)
     Susanna Townsend was born circa 1777.
Susanna Townsend married Isaac Sladden, son of Isaac Sladden and Sarah Staines, on 9 November 1796 in St Andrew by the Wardrobe, London. They were both of St Ann Blackfriars parish.
     Susanna died on 1 March 1829 in Hoxton Square, Hoxton, London. She was buried on 3 March 1829 in St John the Baptist, Hoxton.

William Michael Townsend

(1913 - 2003)
     William Michael Townsend was born in 1913. He was the son of Daisy Roberta Handcock-Whellans.
     William died in 2003 in Australia.

Thomas Towris

     Thomas Towris married Hannah Popplewell on 12 November 1735 in Epworth, Lincolnshire.

Agnes Tracey

(1896 - 1976)
     Agnes Tracey was born in 1896 in Devenish, Victoria.
Agnes Tracey married Philip O'Brien Dunbar, son of John Thomas Killigrew Dunbar and Margaret Ann Green, in 1920 in Victoria. He deserted his wife shortly after marriage. They had a milk bar at Balwyn, bought the business from Mrs Smith. He was sighted in Darwin in 1942.
     Agnes resided at Middleborough Rd, Blackburn, 1923. This was her address on her husband's army papers in 1923.
     Agnes died in 1976 in Parkville, Victoria.

Henry de Tracy

(say 1100 - before Michelmas 1165)
     Henry de Tracy was born say 1100.
Henry de Tracy married Cecily de Romelli, daughter of Robert de Romelli, after 1135.
     Henry died before Michelmas 1165.

Frances Tracy

(say 1740 - )
     Frances Tracy was born say 1740 in Stanway, Gloucestershire. She was the daughter of John Tracy of Stanway & Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Atkyns. John Tracy was the son of Ferdinando Tracy & Katharine, daughter of Sir Anthony Keck. Ferdinando was the son of John, Lord Viscount Tracy.
Frances Tracy married Gustavus Guy Dickens, son of Melchior Guy Dickens and Hannah Handcock, on 7 April 1762 in St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex. Gustavus Guy Dickens of this parish, Esqr & Frances Tracy of this parish, soinster, married by licence. He signed Guydicknes in the presence of Charlotte Kekch? & R? Guy Dickens.
Frances Guydickens received a government pension of £231 from 23 Dec 1793. She was still receiviing the pension in Dec 1836 which suggests it may be the daughter rathern than the wife.

Children of Frances Tracy and Gustavus Guy Dickens

Alice Annie Trader

( - 1932)
     Alice Annie Trader was commonly known as Junee. She was born. She was the eldest daughter of T J M Trader, late of Bourke and West Maitland, and gt grand-daughter of Capt Thos Trader, ship-powner and master mariner, of Plymouth, England.
Alice Annie Trader married Dr Charles Stanser Bowker, son of Richard Ryther Steer Bowker and Lydia Frances Phillips, in 1902 in West Maitland, New South Wales. He wrote to Betha on his engagement on Oct 12 1902, from Dungog.
     Alice and Charles were registered at Dungog on the 1903 electoral roll. Alice Annie Bowker, domestic duties & Charles Stanser Rich, medical practitioner.
     Alice Annie Trader and Dr Charles Stanser Bowker were on the passenger list of the "Miltiades" dated 18 September 1914 from London. C Stanser Bowker, Alice Annie Bowker, Phyllis Bowker aged 10, Marlow Stanser sic] aged 8.
     Alice Annie Trader and Dr Charles Stanser Bowker were on the passenger list of the "Demosthenes", arriving at London, on 4 April 1924.
     Alice died in 1932 in Balmain South, New South Wales.

Children of Alice Annie Trader and Dr Charles Stanser Bowker

Hilda Louie Trafford

(6 August 1897 - 15 June 1965)
     Hilda Louie Trafford was born on 6 August 1897 in Ceylon/Sri Lanka.
Hilda Louie Trafford married Robert Elder MacAulay MacKenzie, son of Alexander Holm MacKenzie and Isabella MacKay, circa 1919 in South Africa.
     Hilda died on 15 June 1965 in Addington Hospital, Durban, Natal, aged 67.

Child of Hilda Louie Trafford and Robert Elder MacAulay MacKenzie

Ruth Maria Trafford

(circa 1849 - 1929)
     Ruth Maria Trafford was born circa 1849 in Smeaton, Victoria.
Ruth Maria Trafford married William Henry John Ruby, son of James Vivian Ruby and Mary Brooks, on 30 March 1868 in the Wesleyan church, Sebastopol, Victoria.
     Ruth and William were registered at McKean St, Maryborough, on the 1908 electoral roll. William Ruby, manager & Ruth Ruby, home duties.
     Ruth died in 1929 in Kyabram, Victoria.

Children of Ruth Maria Trafford and William Henry John Ruby

David ap Trahaiarn

Child of David ap Trahaiarn

Robert John Train

(circa 1920 - )
     Robert John Train was born circa 1920.