Marion Tremrow

     Marion Tremrow married Alexander Godolphin, son of Edward Godolphin and Clare Solgena. Marion Tremrow was the daughter of John Tremrow.

Elizabeth Trench

( - 1825)
     Elizabeth Trench was born. See Burke for her parentage.
Elizabeth Trench married Edmund Armstrong, son of Andrew Armstrong and Constantia Maria Pigot, on 4 February 1783. They had five sons and three daugters..
     Elizabeth died in 1825.

Children of Elizabeth Trench and Edmund Armstrong

John Trenouth (of Fentongollan)

( - 12 March 1497)
     John died on 12 March 1497. He was the subject of an Inquisition Post Mortem held 15 Hen VIII (1523). Or is this meant to be Henry VII - 1499?.

Children of John Trenouth (of Fentongollan)

Margaret Trenouth

     Margaret Trenouth married John Godolphin, son of John Godolphin and Elizabeth Killigrew. Margaret Trenouth was born in Fentongollan, Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of John Trenouth, and a widow at the taking ofthe Inq. on the death of her father in 1497.. She was the daughter of John Trenouth (of Fentongollan).

Children of Margaret Trenouth and John Godolphin

Phillipa Trenouth

     Phillipa Trenouth was the daughter of John Trenouth (of Fentongollan).
Phillipa Trenouth married John Carminow.

Child of Phillipa Trenouth and John Carminow

Maud or Matilda Trenowith

( - 20 November 1512)
     Maud or Matilda Trenowith was born in Fentongollen, Cornwall, England. She was the daughter of John Trenouth (of Fentongollan).
Maud or Matilda Trenowith married Thomas St Aubyn, son of Geoffrey St Aubyn and Alice Tremere.
     Maud died on 20 November 1512.

Children of Maud or Matilda Trenowith and Thomas St Aubyn

Catherine Trentam

(before 1565 - )
     Catherine Trentam was born before 1565 in Suffolk.
Catherine Trentam married Samuel Bland in 1581 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk.

Jane Trerice

     Jane Trerice was born. Louise Staley wrote: The one outstanding item is whether Joan (wife of Ralph Arundell of Trerice and Sir William Lambourne) was a Lansladron or a le Soor. There is a 33 year gap in the records between when John, the last known Lansladron held them and when Joan, widow of Ralph Arundell did. There is no evidence that Joan was a daughter of John so she may have been his granddaughter and John's daughter Joan Lansladron married Ralph le Soor as indicated in Gen Coll. Alternatively there may have been two John Lansladrons since Amice/Amity widow of John Lansladron was alive in 1377 and her husband John may have been alive as late as 1368. By the way, I don't think Amice is the mother/grandmother of Joan (see AR/1/261 where Sir William Lambourne and Joan his wife bring suit against "Amity who was wife of John de Nansladron" claiming she has more in dower than she should have). She was the daughter of Michael Trerice and Alice Flamoke.
Jane Trerice married Ralph Arundell, son of Randel Arundell and Elizabeth Steward, before 1367. According to Carew's Survey of Cornwall a Ralph Arundell married Jane/Joan, the daughter of Michael Trerise, during the reign of Edward III. Compare Public Record Office JUST I/1476, mem.73 dorse, July 1367 in which the defendants include Ralph Arundell of Treres and Joan his wife. AR/1/104 is a grant from Sir John Arundell to Ralph Arundell of Trerys in 1358. This Ralph died between July and November 1369 (AR/1/241; AR/32/1 and AR/1/846), and had at least two sons, Nicholas (AR/41/6) and Thomas (AR/41/5), and a daughter Joan (AR/32/1).
There is no record of the split in the Lanherne archive and unfortunately the archive of the Arundells of Trerice has disappeared virtually without trace.
TAF wrote on 24 Aug 2015 in gen Medieval mailing list: Along these lines, Vivian reports that in 32 Ed. III, John Arundell of Lanhearne granted lands to his 'cousin' Ralph Arundell, Then a 33 Edward III fine paired Ralph Arundell and his wife Johanne, were quer., and Sir John Arundell and John Soor, defor., with the lands settled on Ralph and Joanne and their heirs, remainder to right heirs of John Arundell. Vivian attributes this to Ralph Arundell of Trerice, whom he married to heiress Joan Trerice, but I get the distinct impression that he wasn't entirely confident about his reconstruction of this branch. (See Visits of Cornwall, 11).
Jim Lipka on 26 Aug 2015: I believe we can rule out the possibility that the Isabel who married John Glyn was the daughter of Ralph Arundell and Joan Tregose.
1) Joan Tregose was the` wife of Ralph Arundell, Knight; Isabel was the daughter of Ralph Arundel, Esq.
2) The transfer of property by Joan, widow of Ralph Arundell to John Arundell in 1415 would appear to indicate that Ralph and Joan had no heirs.
3) Ralph and Joan Tregose were married by 1403. Isabel was married by 1507 and her youngest son, Thomas Glyn was still alive in 1573. This would mean a span of around 200 years for the three generations of Ralph Arundell- Isabel- Thomas Glyn.
In the pedigree of Arundell of Trerice, (Visitation of Cornwall with additions, p.11) Vivian has Richard Arundell of Penbigell, second son of John Arundell of Trerice and Jane, as the father of Isabell who married John Glyn, and Florence who Married Richard Vivian of Treluwarren. Is it possible that Vivian has missed a generation and that Ralph Arundell of Penbigell, Esq. was his son and the father of Isabell and Florence?
TAF replied: There appears to be a big problem here. If one compares chronologies derived from Vivian's Arundell, Glynn, Vivian and Tregose pedigrees, it is hard to make them work.
The manors of Lansladron and St Goran were held by the Lansladrons until at least 1336 and perhaps as late as 1368.
In 1369 Joan, the widow of Ralph Arundell of Trerice holds them as well as the manor of Trerice, "Joan who was wife of Ralph Darundell de Treres to Sir John Arundell, knight, a yearly rent of £20, to be received from Joan's manors of Nansladron, Senct Goran, Geueylymur and all her messuages, lands and tenements in the vills of Treres..." (AR/1/846). I think she was the heir to Lansladron and St Goran and held Trerice in dower. Five years later they are held by Sir William Lambourne by right of his wife Joan (AR/1/261, AR/1/262). Also from 1370 to 1384 Sir William Lambourne signs a number of deeds at Trerice, suggesting he was living there, again this would be in right of his wife (AR/16/4, AR/1/979). In 1394 Sir John V Arundell is concerned his father-in-law will dispose of the inheritance he is expecting from his wife Annora Lambourne so they go to arbitration (AR/17/1,2). By 1435 Lansladron and St. Goran are held by the Arundells of Lanherne as part of the Lambourne inheritance. Trerice is held by the Arundells of Trerice, presumably, although no evidence has been found, from after the death of Sir William Lambourne after 1405.
There is one other piece of evidence that may be relevant. In 1377 Sir William Lambourne and Joan his wife abducted Nicholas, son and heir of Ralph Arundell of Trerice, a minor in ward of John Tynton (Cor. Reg. Conw., 50 Edw. III, Trin. m. 120). If the construction above is correct then Joan kidnapped her step-son from her first marriage, perhaps with a view to marrying him to her very young daughter, Annora, by her second husband.

Children of Jane Trerice and Ralph Arundell

Michael Trerice

     Michael Trerice was the son of Otis Trerice and Rose Goviley.
Michael Trerice married Alice Flamoke.

Child of Michael Trerice and Alice Flamoke

Otis Trerice

     Otis Trerice was the son of Udy Trerice.
Otis Trerice married Rose Goviley, daughter of John Goviley and Maude Unknown.

Child of Otis Trerice and Rose Goviley

Udy Trerice

Child of Udy Trerice

John Tretherffe

     John Tretherffe married Grace Killigrew, daughter of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard.

John Treunwith

Child of John Treunwith

Margaret Treunwith

     Margaret Treunwith was the daughter of John Treunwith.
Margaret Treunwith married John Petit, son of Sir Michael Petit and Amicia Bloyou.

Child of Margaret Treunwith and John Petit

George Francis Trevan

(26 July 1825 - )
     George Francis Trevan was also known as Teevan in records. He was born on 26 July 1825 in St Giles in the Fields, London. He was christened on 14 August 1825 in St Anne, Soho, Westminster.
George Francis Trevan married Caroline Wafford, daughter of John Wafford and Eliza Porter, on 5 January 1851 in St George, Bloomsbury, London.
     George Francis Trevan and Caroline Wafford were recorded on the 1861 census in 3 Stephen St, St Pancras, London, Middlesex. George Teevan, 34, french polisher, born St Giles in the Fields, Mdx; his wife Carolien 31, dress maker, born St John's Westminster, sons Alfred 8, born St Giles Westminster, George 5, born St Giles, Mdx and daughter Caroline 2, born St Giles, Mdx.

Children of George Francis Trevan and Caroline Wafford

Roger Trevanger or Trevanyon

Child of Roger Trevanger or Trevanyon

Margery Trevanger or Trevanyon?

     Margery Trevanger or Trevanyon? married John Godolphin. Margery Trevanger or Trevanyon? was also known as Margery Trevanyon in records. She was the daughter of Roger Trevanger or Trevanyon.

Child of Margery Trevanger or Trevanyon? and John Godolphin

Robert Trevanion

     Robert Trevanion married Jane Arundell, daughter of Ralph Arundell and Jane Trerice.

Thomas Trevannion

     Thomas Trevannion was born in Cornwall. He was of Carhays.
Thomas Trevannion married Jane or Joan or Maude Petit, daughter of John [Thomas?] Petit and Jane Anthorne. They were the parents of John Trevanion of Carhayes who by his wife Janet Trefry had a son William Trevanion of Carhayes, Knt, who was Sheriff in 1502 and
1508 and who by his wife Anne Edgcombe (daughter of Sir Richard) had a son Hugh Trevanion, Knt, Sheriff in 1543 who by his wife Elizabeth Pollard (daughter of Sir Lewis of King's Nympton) had a son Hugh Trevanion of Carhayes Knt, Sheriff in 1564 who by his wife Sybil Morgan (daughter of Sir Thomas) had a daughter Elizabeth Trevanion who married Robert Carey, 1st Earl of Monmouth (d 12 Apr 1639)

Alan Colbert Trevena

(1913 - )
     Alan Colbert Trevena was born in 1913 in Brighton, Victoria. He was the son of Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena and Margaret Colbert.

Albert Louis Trevena

(2 February 1912 - )
     Albert Louis Trevena was born on 2 February 1912 in Kapunda, South Australia. He was the son of William Henry Trevena and Margaret Colbert.

Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena

(1871 - )
     Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena was born in 1871 in Malmsbury, Victoria.
Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena married Margaret Colbert, daughter of Joseph Colbert and Harriet Hannah Beamond, on 9 February 1907 in Kew, Victoria. TREVENA-COLBERT-On the 9th February, at Trinity Church, Kew by Canon Sutton. Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena, eldest son of Will Henry Trevena, of Clear Creek Station. ....lo, to Margaret Colbert, second youngest daughter of Joseph Colbert, of Mount Buninyong .

Children of Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena and Margaret Colbert

Muriel Olive Trevena

(1908 - )
     Muriel Olive Trevena was born in 1908 in Armadale, Victoria. She was the daughter of Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena and Margaret Colbert.

William Henry Trevena

(circa 1888 - )
     William Henry Trevena was born circa 1888.
William Henry Trevena married Margaret Colbert, daughter of Daniel Colbert and Bridget Agnes Reilly, on 19 April 1911 in St Rose, Kapunda, South Australia.

Children of William Henry Trevena and Margaret Colbert

William Hurtle Lyle Trevena

(1909 - )
     William Hurtle Lyle Trevena was born in 1909 in Armadale, Victoria. He was the son of Harrie Edwin Hurtle Trevena and Margaret Colbert.

William Raymond Trevena

(25 April 1914 - )
     William Raymond Trevena was born on 25 April 1914 in Adelaide, South Australia. He was the son of William Henry Trevena and Margaret Colbert.

Edward Warren Trevor

(say 1870 - )
     Edward Warren Trevor was born say 1870 in Chester, Cheshire, England.
Edward Warren Trevor married Maria Hunn Dempster, daughter of William Dempster and Margaret Herbert Davies, on 17 December 1919 in St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, England.

Bertram Frazer Trew

(circa 1912 - 1967)
     Bertram Frazer Trew was born circa 1912.
     Bertram died in 1967 in Sale, Victoria.

William Trewern

(1918 - 1944)
     William Trewern was born in 1918 in Western Australia.
William Trewern married Gertrude Mary Ruby, daughter of William Ruby and Elsie Gertrude Hannan, in 1942.
     William died in 1944.

Elizabeth Trewinnard

(circa 1500 - )
     Elizabeth Trewinnard was also known as Trewennard in records.
     More information about Elizabeth Trewinnard may be found at She was born circa 1500 in St Erth, Cornwall. She was the second daughter. She was the daughter of James Trewinnard and Phillipa (?).
Elizabeth Trewinnard married Capt John Killigrew, son of John Killigrew and Jane or Joan or Maude Petit, before 1520.
     Elizabeth died in St Budock, Cornwall.

Children of Elizabeth Trewinnard and Capt John Killigrew