Ann Unknown (Watson)

(say 1697 - after 1735)
      Sister of Elizabeth Poplewell, widow, and mentioned in her will dated 1735.. Ann Unknown (Watson) was born say 1697.
     Ann died after 1735.

Ann or Hannah Unknown (Trull)

(before 1600 - )
     Ann or Hannah Unknown (Trull) was born before 1600.
Ann or Hannah Unknown (Trull) married Jeremy Trull, son of Thomas Trull, before 1617.

Children of Ann or Hannah Unknown (Trull) and Jeremy Trull

Ann Unknown Trull

(circa 1650? - )
     Ann Unknown Trull was born circa 1650?.
Ann Unknown Trull married Edward Trull, son of Thomas Trull and Margaret Entwistle, before 1666 in Norwich, Norfolk.

Children of Ann Unknown Trull and Edward Trull

Ann? Unknown

(before 1515 - circa 1603)
     Ann? Unknown was born before 1515.
Ann? Unknown married William Rich, son of John Rich and Jane Unknown, before 1532.
     Her will was proved in 1603 at the Prerogative Court of York.
     Ann? died circa 1603 in Penistone, Yorkshire.

Children of Ann? Unknown and William Rich

Anna Maria Unknown (Gunner)

(before 1810 - )
     Anna Maria Unknown (Gunner) was born before 1810 in Suffolk.
Anna Maria Unknown (Gunner) married Henry Cocksedge on 27 January 1834 in Polstead, Suffolk. They were both widowed.

Annabella Unknown (Gordon)

     Annabella Unknown (Gordon) was born in Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She was also known as Amabilla..
Annabella Unknown (Gordon) married Sir Adam Gordon, son of Adam de Gordon and Margery Unknown (Gordon).

Children of Annabella Unknown (Gordon) and Sir Adam Gordon

Anne Unknown

(before 1624 - )
     Anne Unknown was born before 1624 in Huntingdonshire, England. She was the daughter of Richard Tuet or Everingham? and Margerie Bowker.

Annie Unknown

(before April 1851 - )
     Annie Unknown was born before April 1851 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England.
Annie Unknown married George Rich, son of Joseph Rich and Elizabeth Taylor, circa 1870?.
     Annie Unknown and George Rich were recorded on the 1871 census in 99 Lisson Grove, St Marylebone, London. George Rich, 23, boarder with the Clayton family, carpenter, born Blythe, Ntt, his wife Annie, 21 born Huddersfield & duaghter Gertrude 8 months, born Doncaster, Yks.
     Annie Unknown and George Rich were recorded on the 1881 census in 11 St Ervans Rd, Kensington, London. George Rich, aged 35, carpenter, born in Blyth Nottinghamshire, with his wife Annie aged 30, born Huddersfield and his son James E Rich aged 9 born at Marylebone.

Children of Annie Unknown and George Rich

Annie Unknown

     Annie Unknown married John Cocksedge.

Child of Annie Unknown and John Cocksedge

Anora Unknown

     Anora Unknown married Sir John Arundell.

Arabella Unknown (Rich)

( - before 7 February 1729)
     Arabella died before 7 February 1729 in Penistone, Yorkshire. She was buried on 7 February 1728/29 in Penistone. Arabella Rich, widow.

Avis Unknown

     Avis Unknown married George Cocksedge, son of Baldwin Cocksedge and Dionisia or Denyse Unknown.
     Avis Unknown was mentioned in the will of George Cocksedge dated 12 February 1502/3.

Children of Avis Unknown and George Cocksedge

Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens)

(before 1680 - )
     Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens) was born before 1680.
Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens) married Peter Guy Dickens before 1696.

Child of Ayme or Agnes Unknown (Guy Dickens) and Peter Guy Dickens

Barbara Unknown

( - 3 April 1857)
     Barbara Unknown married William Bacon Wallen.
     Barbara died on 3 April 1857 in Pump St, Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland. Erected | by John M Johnston | to the memory of | William Bacon WALLEN | ... And of his beloved wife | Barbara HAMILTON WALLEN | who with efficiency and success carried on said paper upon the principles of the Founder until the | period of her death |
which took place on the 3rd day of April 1857 | aged 68 years.

Barbara Unknown (Killigrew)

( - after 1711)
     Barbara Unknown (Killigrew) married Sir Robert Killigrew, son of Sir William Killigrew and Mary Hill.
     Barbara died after 1711. Along with her daugher Barbara, she renounced administration of her son's estate in 1711..

Children of Barbara Unknown (Killigrew) and Sir Robert Killigrew

Beatrice Unknown (Fawler)

(circa 1600 - before 28 November 1661)
     Beatrice Unknown (Fawler) was born circa 1600.
Beatrice Unknown (Fawler) married John Fawler before 1620. He had a large family but as the early registers do not show the name of the mother of the children baptised, it is not know if all were by one wife. From 1635 onwards the mother's name appears as Beatrice..
     Beatrice died before 28 November 1661 in Chatham, Kent. She was buried on 28 November 1661 in St Mary, Chatham.

Children of Beatrice Unknown (Fawler) and John Fawler

Beatrice B Unknown

(October 1920 - )
     Beatrice B Unknown married Donovan D Ricks, son of William Henry Ricks and Harriet Marie Bell. Beatrice B Unknown was born in October 1920.

Beatrix Unknown (Dunbar)

( - before 1421)
     Beatrix Unknown (Dunbar) married George Dunbar (10/11th Earl of Dunbar & March), son of George Dunbar 10th Earl of March and Christiana Wardlaw. He also married Alicia Hay.
     Beatrix died before 1421.

Children of Beatrix Unknown (Dunbar) and George Dunbar (10/11th Earl of Dunbar & March)

Bessie Unknown

     Bessie Unknown married William Dawson Handy, son of William Handy and Elizabeth Frances Dawson, before 1921.

Child of Bessie Unknown and William Dawson Handy

Betsy Unknown

(circa 1845 - between October 1916 and December 1916)
     Betsy Unknown was born circa 1845 in Honington, Suffolk.
Betsy Unknown married James Bullett, son of Charles Bullett and Mary Ann Tweed.
     Betsy Unknown and James Bullett were recorded on the 1871 census in Honington, Suffolk. James Bullett, head, married, 47, ag. lab. born Troston with his wife Betsy, aged 24, born Honington.
     Betsy died between October 1916 and December 1916 in Thetford RD, Suffolk.

Betty Unknown

     Betty Unknown married Benjamin Bowker RN, son of Thomas Bowker and Dorothy Monkhouse.

Children of Betty Unknown and Benjamin Bowker RN

Bev Unknown

     Bev died of cancer.

Bridget Unknown

(before 1830 - )
      She may have been a spinster.. Bridget Unknown was born before 1830.      
Bridget Unknown paid the Griffith Valuation in 1850 in Glenaphuca, Dungourney, Cork, Ireland. She was taxed on house, offices & 12 acres of land leased from the trustees Visc. Midleton.
     Bridget died in Dungourney, Cork, Ireland.

Bridget Unknown

( - 1775?)
     Bridget Unknown married John Bullett before 1727.
Bridget Unknown and John Bullett were named on a removal order on 14 July 1727 in Gosbeck, Suffolk. At the Ipwich Quarter Sessions: An appeal to be relieved for removal of John Buletout & Bridgett his wife from the parish of Gosbeck to the parish of Helmingham as the place of their last legal settlement & after hearing what could be alleged by Councill on either side, the Court doth allow of the said appeal & set aside the warrant so made for removal aforesaid. An unknown person possibly married Bridget Bulletout as her second husband, in 1746 in Creeting All Saints, Suffolk..
     Bridget died in 1775? In Plymouth, Devon.

Bridget Unknown (Jacob)

(circa 1620? - 22 December 1658)
     Bridget Unknown (Jacob) was born circa 1620?.
Bridget Unknown (Jacob) married Thomas Jacob, son of Edmund Jacob and Sara Stevens, in 1638 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Bridget was buried on 22 December 1658 in Buxhall, SFK.

Children of Bridget Unknown (Jacob) and Thomas Jacob

Bridget Unknown (Stanser)

(before 1600 - )
     Bridget Unknown (Stanser) was born before 1600.
Bridget Unknown (Stanser) married William Stanser before 1617.

Child of Bridget Unknown (Stanser) and William Stanser

Bridget Unknown (Stokes)

     Bridget Unknown (Stokes) married Sir William Gascoigne as his second wife, before 1546.

Carol Unknown (Catchpole)

Catharine Unknown

(before 1700 - )
     Catharine Unknown was born before 1700.
Catharine Unknown married John Stanser before 1717.

Child of Catharine Unknown and John Stanser

Catherine Unknown

(before 1605 - )
     Catherine Unknown was born before 1605 in Lincolnshire, England.
Catherine Unknown married John Popplewell, son of Richard Popplewell and Ann Unknown, before 1623.

Children of Catherine Unknown and John Popplewell