Emma Unknown

(circa 1845 - )
     Emma Unknown was born circa 1845 in Wyverstone, Suffolk.
Emma Unknown married Thomas Cocksedge.

Children of Emma Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge

Emma Unknown

     Emma Unknown married Edward Cocksedge, son of Edward Cocksedge and Elizabeth Unknown, before 1871.

Ernest Unknown

     Ernest Unknown married Georgina Maud Hooper, daughter of Walter Henry Hooper and Maria Ann Colston.

Eupheme Unknown (Wemyss)

     Eupheme Unknown (Wemyss) married John Wemyss before 1566.
Eupheme Unknown (Wemyss) married Andrew Dunbar, son of Patrick Dunbar and Margaret Gordon, after 1570. Andrew Dunbar married Eupheme Wemyss, whose parentage is not known. She married before 1566 a John Wemyss & was his wife in 1570.

Eva Unknown (Paul)

( - 1896)
     Eva Unknown (Paul) married John Paul, son of John Paul and Mary Esther Bowen, before 1874.
     Eva died in 1896. The death of an Eva K Paul, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth was registered in the Braidwood district.

Child of Eva Unknown (Paul) and John Paul

Faith Unknown

     Faith Unknown married Samuel Heatherly.

Child of Faith Unknown and Samuel Heatherly

Faith Unknown (Heatherley)

     Faith Unknown (Heatherley) married Edward Heatherly, son of Patriarch Heatherly, before 1671.

Children of Faith Unknown (Heatherley) and Edward Heatherly

Fannie Unknown

( - 2 July 1898)
     Fannie died on 2 July 1898 in Dangandonovan, Cork, Ireland.

Child of Fannie Unknown

Fanny Elizabeth Unknown

(circa 1841 - )
     Fanny Elizabeth Unknown was born circa 1841 in Norfolk, England.
Fanny Elizabeth Unknown married George Martin Bowker circa 1860.
     Fanny Elizabeth Unknown was recorded on the 1871 census. Fanny Bowker, 30, stone mason's wife, born Norfolk, with children Alfred 9, Elizabeth 7, Edward 5, Ada 3 & Emma 1, the last three born Chesterton, Cambs, the first 2 at Saffron Waldon, Essex.

Child of Fanny Elizabeth Unknown and George Martin Bowker

Faye Unknown (Gardiner)

Fleur's mum Unknown

     Fleur's mum Unknown was the daughter of Jane Colbert.

Flora Unknown

     Flora Unknown married Albert Ernest Cocksedge, son of James Cocksedge (of Mickfield) and Sarah Unknown.

Child of Flora Unknown and Albert Ernest Cocksedge

Florence Unknown

     Florence Unknown married David Bullett before 1895.

Child of Florence Unknown and David Bullett

Frances Unknown

     Frances Unknown married William Popplewell before 1667?.

Child of Frances Unknown and William Popplewell

Frances Unknown

     Frances Unknown married John Shave.

Children of Frances Unknown and John Shave

Frances Unknown

(between 1801 and 1803 - before 23 July 1875)
     Frances Unknown was born between 1801 and 1803 in Gislingham, Suffolk.
Frances Unknown married John Cocksedge.
     Frances Unknown and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Westhorpe, Suffolk. John Cocksedge, aged 50, ag. lab, born Norton and his wife Frances aged 60, born Gislingham.
     Frances Unknown and John Cocksedge were recorded on the 1871 census in Westhorpe, Suffolk. John Cocksedge, 68, ag. labourer, born Ashfield, Suffolk & his wife Frances 69, born Gislingham.
     Frances died before 23 July 1875 in Westhorpe, Suffolk. She was buried on 23 July 1875 in St Margaret, Westhorpe.

Frances Unknown

     Frances Unknown married Edward Killigrew before 1685.

Children of Frances Unknown and Edward Killigrew

Frances Unknown (Handy)

(1818 - 1878)
      This is possibly Margaret Frances Tarleton who married A K Handy in 1870.. Frances Unknown (Handy) was born in 1818. She was the daughter of Stray Handy.
     Frances died in 1878 in Tullamore, Kilbride, Offaly, Ireland.

Frances Unknown (Handy)

(circa 1818 - 1 April 1878)
     Frances Unknown (Handy) was born circa 1818 in Ireland.
     Frances died on 1 April 1878 in Ballydrohid, Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland. Frances Handy, famers wife, aged 60 of dropsy & ssenile catarrh, informant: James Handy - present at death.

Frances Unknown (Long)

(say 1750 - )
     Frances Unknown (Long) was born say 1750.
Frances Unknown (Long) married John Long, son of Thomas Long and Harriott Fawler, say 1770.

Children of Frances Unknown (Long) and John Long

Frances Unknown (Ramage)

     Frances Unknown (Ramage) married Thomas Wallen as his third wife, on 8 January 1757 in Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica. She was described as Frances Ramadge, widow.

Child of Frances Unknown (Ramage) and Thomas Wallen

Frances Unknown (Ryther)

(circa 1610 - 25 December 1686)
     Frances Unknown (Ryther) was born circa 1610.
Frances Unknown (Ryther) married John Ryther before 1634.
     Frances died on 25 December 1686 in York, Yorkshire. Frances Ryther widdow, deceased the 25th and was buryed the 26th day of the tenth month 1686.

Children of Frances Unknown (Ryther) and John Ryther

Frances Unknown (Vodry)

      She is probably the mother of Elizabeth Martyn, spinster of St Michael's parish, whose will dated 8 August 1695 mentions her brother in law Samuel Vawdry, mother in law Sarah Vaudrey, ary Wells, Elizabeth Robinson, Hannah Robinson, Hann Honey or Houey, borther Robert Vaudry, father in law Randolph Vaudrey, clerk, executor. Signed Elizabet Martin. Witnessed by Richard Hasell, Robert Shields, Robert Scott. Proved 19 August 1695..
Frances Unknown (Vodry) married Rev Randolph Vodry before 1690. Randolph. clerk and his wife Frances witnessed wills in July 1690..

Child of Frances Unknown (Vodry) and Rev Randolph Vodry

Grace Unknown

Grace Unknown

(circa 1655 - 24 January 1697/98)
     Grace Unknown was born circa 1655.
Grace Unknown married Abel Rich, son of Daniel Rich and Mary Haugh-Haigh, circa 1675.
     Grace was buried on 24 January 1697/98 in Penistone, Yorkshire. Gratia uxor Abelis Rich.

Grace Unknown

( - before 3 June 1632)
     Grace Unknown married Unknown Bulletout.
     Grace died before 3 June 1632 in Monks Eleigh, Suffolk. She was buried on 3 June 1632 in Monks Eleigh.

Grace Unknown

( - before 25 June 1618)
     Grace Unknown married Robert Steer, son of Unknown Steer.
     Grace died before 25 June 1618 in Beeley, Derbyshire. She was buried on 25 June 1618 in Beeley, Derbyshire. Grace, wife of Robert Steere.

Grace Unknown (Banks)

( - before 5 December 1655)
     Grace Unknown (Banks) married James Banks (of Settle), son of William Banks (of Settle) and Ann Unknown (Banks).
     Grace died before 5 December 1655 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire. She was buried on 5 December 1655 in Giggleswick, Yorkshire.

Children of Grace Unknown (Banks) and James Banks (of Settle)

Grace Unknown (Milford)

     Grace Unknown (Milford) married William Milford before 1754.

Children of Grace Unknown (Milford) and William Milford

Grace Unknown (Stanser)

(before 1650 - 12 April 1694)
     Grace Unknown (Stanser) was also known as Stansall in records. She was born before 1650 in Yorkshire, England.
Grace Unknown (Stanser) married Gervas Stanser, son of John Stansall and Elizabeth Kay, on 2 July 1669 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. Jervies Stansa & Grace his wife were married.
     Grace was buried on 12 April 1694 in Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. Gevas?/Grace? Stansall ...: buried Aprill the 12th 1694.

Children of Grace Unknown (Stanser) and Gervas Stanser