Joan Unknown

     Joan Unknown married John Ruby, son of Steven Ruby and Eleanor Wakeham.

Children of Joan Unknown and John Ruby

Joan Unknown

( - before 27 July 1653)
      She is probably the Joan Locke who married Thomas Fryland at St Nicholas, Brighton on 9 Jan 1615. Joan Unknown was also known as Freeland in records.
Joan Freeland married Thomas Poole, son of Capt Richard Poole and Alice Cheesman, on 22 November 1643 in St Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex.
     Joan Unknown was mentioned in the will of Thomas Poole dated 3 November 1651.
     Joan Unknown made a will dated 11 July 1653 in Brighton, Sussex. Her will mentions her sons John & Thomas Fryland and his wife Joane, and grandsons, Thomas son of Thomas, etc.
     Joan died before 27 July 1653 in Brighton, Sussex. She was buried on 27 July 1653 in St Nicholas, Brighton.
     Her will was proved on 30 September 1653 at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Joan Unknown

( - 30 September 1677)
     Joan Unknown married Major William Low, son of John Low.
     Joan died on 30 September 1677 in Dublin, Ireland. She was buried after 30 September 1677 in St Laurence, Chapelizod.

Joan Unknown

     Joan Unknown married Thomas Bullett before 1586.

Child of Joan Unknown and Thomas Bullett

Joan Unknown (Bullett?)

(circa 1600? - )
     Joan Unknown (Bullett?) was born circa 1600?.
Joan Unknown (Bullett?) married Robert Bulliant, son of Richard Bulliant and Margaret Unknown (Bullett?), before 1628. Joan was present at Susan Bullett?'s christening on 8 June 1628 in Covehithe, Suffolk.

Child of Joan Unknown (Bullett?) and Robert Bulliant

Joan Unknown (Cromwell)

( - between 26 July 1434 and 10 August 1434)
     Joan Unknown (Cromwell) married Ralph de Cromwell 3rd Baron, son of Lord Ralph Cromwell (2nd Baron) and Maud Bernake. He left issue.. Joan Unknown (Cromwell) was buried between July 1434 and August 1434 in Lamley, Nottinghamshire, England.
     Joan died between 26 July 1434 and 10 August 1434 in Nottinghamshire, England.

Joan Unknown (Geere)

(say 1530 - 1 August 1569)
     Joan Unknown (Geere) was born say 1530.
Joan Unknown (Geere) married John Geere before 1559.
     Joan was buried on 1 August 1569 in Wivelsfield, Sussex.

Children of Joan Unknown (Geere) and John Geere

Joan Unknown (Heath)

(before 1550 - before 26 June 1593)
     Joan Unknown (Heath) was born before 1550 in Sussex.
     Joan Unknown (Heath) married Thomas Poole as his second wife, on 20 October 1567 in New Shoreham, Sussex. Thomas Poole & Joan Heath, widow.
     Joan died before 26 June 1593 in Brighton, Sussex. She was buried on 26 June 1593 in Brighton.

Child of Joan Unknown (Heath) and Thomas Poole

Joan Unknown (Noble)

(circa 1550? - )
     Joan Unknown (Noble) was born circa 1550?.
Joan Unknown (Noble) married William Noble, son of John Noble and Anne Nutt, circa 1567.
Joan Noble married John Fuller on 18 October 1573 in Ampton, Suffolk.

Children of Joan Unknown (Noble) and William Noble

Joan Unknown (Ryther)

     Joan Unknown (Ryther) married Thomas Ryther, son of Thomas Ryther.

Children of Joan Unknown (Ryther) and Thomas Ryther

Joan Eliza Unknown (Rubie)

(7 November 1918 - 3 September 2005)
     Joan Eliza Unknown (Rubie) was born on 7 November 1918.
Joan Eliza Unknown (Rubie) married Reginald Hilton Rubie.
     Joan resided at 12 El Nido Grove, Carnegie, Victoria, 1982.
     Joan died on 3 September 2005 in Victoria aged 86. She was cremated on 7 September 2005 in New Melbourne cemetery, Fawkner.

Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent

(29 September 1328 - 8 August 1385)
     Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent married Thomas Holland Earl of Kent. Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent was born on 29 September 1328.
     Joan died on 8 August 1385 aged 56.

Child of Joan or Jeanette Unknown Countess of Kent and Thomas Holland Earl of Kent

Joan or Johan Unknown

     Joan or Johan Unknown married Michael Ruby.

Children of Joan or Johan Unknown and Michael Ruby

Joan or Jone Unknown

(circa 1545 - )
     Joan or Jone Unknown was born circa 1545.
Joan or Jone Unknown married Raffe Bland (of Lowestoft), son of Unknown Bland of Lowestoft, before 1565.

Children of Joan or Jone Unknown and Raffe Bland (of Lowestoft)

Joan? or John Unknown

(circa 1505? - )
     Joan? or John Unknown was born circa 1505?.
Joan? or John Unknown married Thomas Popplewell circa 1537?.

Children of Joan? or John Unknown and Thomas Popplewell

Joanna Unknown (Sparks)

Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand)

(circa 1535 - )
     Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand) was born circa 1535.
Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand) married Richard Popplewell, son of William Popplewell and (?) Unknown, on 12 November 1559 in Belton, Lincolnshire. She had a son James by her previous marriage..
     In Richard Popplewell's will dated 12 July 1564 in Belton, Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand) was named as executrix of the estate; His will mentions his wife Jennet and her son James Sealand, brothers Thomas and his son James, Robert, William and his son Robert and his uncles Robert Caister & James Popplewell:
In the Name of god amen the 12th day of July, in the year of our lord god 1564 and in the sixth year of the Reign of our most drede Sovereign Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god : Queen of England France & Ireland defender of the faith &c etc I Richard Poplewell of Belton in the Isle of Axholme in the County of Lincoln husband man hole of mind good and perfect of Remembrance praised be God do ordain constitute and make this my present Testament and Last will in manner & form here after following First I bequeath my soul to all mighty god my only Saviour and Redeemer and my body to be buried in the church yard of all saints in Belton aforesaid
Item I give & bequeath to the parson of the said church for tithes & oblations forgotten 4d
Item I give & bequeath to my Uncle Robert Caister one brown cow
Item I give and bequeath to Jenytt my wife all my lands & tenements meadows and pastures with the appurtenances lying and being with in the parish of Belton and Epworth in the aforesaid Isle & county for & during the space of and term of twenty one years next and immediately after my decease: And if it fortune the said Jenyt my wife to depart furth of this world before the end & term of the said 21 years after my decease then I will that James Sealand my wife's son shall have the residue of the said years which shall be then to expire and come of and in the said lands & tenements last above recited And I will that the said Jenytt and James repair and uphold all the buildings of and upon the said premises with thacke and morter at the sight of my supervisors
Item I give will and bequeath to James Poplewell son of Thomas Poplewell my brother and to the heir male of his body lawfully begotten all my said lands tenements meadows and pastures with the appurtenances to the same belonging set lying and being in the parishes of Belton and Epworth aforesaid next and immediately after the ending & determination of the said twenty one years aforesaid
And if the said James Poplewell son of Thomas Poplewell depart furth of this world without heir male of his body lawfully begotten then immediately after his decease I give will and bequeath to Robert Poplewell my brother and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten all my said lands tenements meadows and pastures with the appurtenances aforesaid
And if the said Robert Poplewell depart furth of this world with out heir of his body lawfully begotten then immediately after his decease I give & bequeath to Jennyt my wife & to James her son for & during the term of 21 years after will and bequeath all the said Lands tenements and there the premises with the appurtenances last afore recited remain to the next heirs of me the said Richard Poplewell for ever
Item I give bequeath to Jennyt my wife & to James her sonne for & during the term of 21 years after my decease my Counters with all such evidences as remaineth in it at my decease and also one pair of malt Wherncs /whernes one great brass pot that was my fathers one great Latten candlestick one basin with a Ring-0 in it three pewter dublers of my best one bill & one gavelocke that was my fathers also one little chest that was my brother Thomas with all such evidences as is in it which was the said Thomas Poplewell And I will that at the end & term of the said 21 years all the said counter, evidences & other stuff afore recited remain to the aforesaid James Poplewell son of Thomas Poplewell & his heirs according to the tenor of this my said will
Item I give will & bequeath one great pot of brass & one great iron spit to be lent to any of my kindred of the Poplewell stock at any such time and times as any of them shall require to borrow them or either of them and to bring them safe home to my tenement in Carre houses in Belton aforesaid and they to remain there after that order while they last
Item I give & bequeath to William Awdus my bay colt of two years old which my brother Thomas did give me
Item I give & bequeath to Anne my sister 5s
Item I give & bequeath to my brother Robert Poplewell 5s
Item I will & bequeath vs to be eagerly? given to the poor people in Belton aforesaid where most need do require
Item I give & bequeath to Robert Poplewell son of William my brother 5s
Item I give & bequeath to John me megott my servant my best russet jacket to Alice Hutchinson my servant 12d to Dyonys my servant 12d
And whereas my brother Thomas Poplewell delivered to me with his hands xxli before William foster to the use of his two children when they come to lawful age I will that Jennyt my wife & James her son shall repay the said xxli to the said two children when the be of xxjti years of age And if both the said children dye before they accomplish their full age then I will that the one half or moiety of the said xxli remain to Jennyt my wife and the other half thereof remain to William and Robert Poplewell my brethren and equally to be divided betwixt them
Item I give and bequeath to every of my god children 4d
The residue of all my goods & cattelles not given willed nor bequeathed my debts paid and funeral expenses discharged I give will & bequeath them to Jennyt my wife whom I make my sole executrix of this my said testament & last will
Also I ordain & make Robert Caister & James Poplewell my Uncles, William Poplewell my brother and William Awdus supervisors & overseers of this my testament and last will as my trust is in them And I give & bequeath to every of them for their pains 2s & their charges borne at all times in my business
These being witness hereof Robert Caister William Poplewell Richard Elmer John Foster John Bruer.
She was widowed after 12 July 1564 on the death of her husband Richard Popplewell.
Joanna or Janet Unknown (Sealand) married Robert Caister as her second husband, on 16 September 1565 in Belton, LIN. Joana Poplewell & Robert Caister..

Johan Unknown

     Johan Unknown married Nicholas Ruby before 1480.

Child of Johan Unknown and Nicholas Ruby

Joyce Sylvia Unknown

(22 August 1927 - 3 June 1997)
     Joyce Sylvia Unknown was born on 22 August 1927.
Joyce Sylvia Unknown married Norman John Colbert, son of William Charles Colbert and Agnes Beatrice Hennigan.
     Joyce and Norman resided at 3 Worthing Avenue, Doncaster, Victoria, 1996.
     Joyce died on 3 June 1997 aged 69.
     Her will was proved on 6 August 1997 at Victoria. She was retired of Doncaster East.

Child of Joyce Sylvia Unknown and Norman John Colbert

Judith Unknown

( - 1683)
     Judith Unknown married Henry Killigrew DD, son of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse.
     Judith died in 1683.

Children of Judith Unknown and Henry Killigrew DD

Judith Unknown

( - 9 October 1623)
     Judith Unknown married Richard Ryther.
     Judith Unknown and Thomas Ryther were mentioned in a civil court action in 1592. Ryther v Ryther.Plaintiffs: Thomas Ryther clerk.
Defendants: Judith Ryther widow and another.
Subject: property in Bermondsey etc, Surrey. Document type: bill, answer..
     Judith Unknown made a will dated 14 March 1619/20 in Bermondsey, Surrey. Judith Rither (X) of Bermondsey, widow, weak due to age 14 Mar 1619/20 (to be buried in the chancel; to poor ministers £5; to poor of Bermondsey £5)
to Edward Elton the eldest and only son of Edward Elton, B.D., parson of Bermondsey who Edward had by his late wife my daughter Catherine Elton, £50 at 21, a standing gilt cup, a tin pot gilt, a silver gilt bowl and a sealing ring; to Elizabeth Elton eldest and only surviving daughter of EE by CE a messuage I lately bought from Thomas Williams of B., tailor in his occupation as my tenant of which she is already enfeoffed with remainder to Edward Elton, jr. then Edward Elton, sr. for life and then to my next of kin who is poorest; to Elizabeth Elton three silver gilt cups, three part gilt beakers, a gilt pot, a gilt spoon, a coral and a silver chain, ten gold rings, thirteen apostle spoons, a gilt salt, a gilt trencher salt, a gold chain, a pair of gold bracelets, pair of silver hangers for keys, pair of silver hafted knives, two great wainscot chests (one bigger than the other), a square box and the linen in it, my best tapestry coverlet, an old tapestry coverlet, a tapestry carpet, six best tapestry cushions, pair of embroidered cushions for stools, pair of needlework valence with bells and another pair of needlework valence with a red fringe, a needlework fine pin cushion, two needlework bordered green cupboard cloths, a green cupboard cloth for the chest with drawers where the linen is and the said chest with four drawers, five pairs of curtains of red and green 'morrado', a white damask cloak lined with lambskin and faced with silk shag, pair of white satin sleeves, a mantle embroidered with velvet with black and green twist, a fair great featherbed and bolster belonging to it and a down pillow, two blankets, a mattress with wool in it, a Turkey rug to put about a woman when she lies in, and a rug for a cradle, one of the best court cupboards standing in the parlour, a wicker chair with knops on the top, a bordered high chair and two bordered stools, a pair of bellows wrought with alabaster and gilt, a great looking glass gilt, mine own picture in a table with children standing by, a wainscotchair for a child to sit at the table in, two china dishes and a wooden spice box with many parts, a sheetv with a black seam, four fine childbirth sheets, four fine holland pillowcases, three pillowcases with open seams and one purled pillowcase, eight ordinary pillowcases, two pairs of holland sleeves stitched at the hands, eight pairs of large flaxen sheets, four pairs of coarse town sheets, two damask cloths, a damask towel, five diaper cloths to carry on one's arms, three dozen damask napkins very fine, three dozen and a half diaper napkins, four drinking cloths, two round laced drinking cloths, three fine flaxen tablecloths, a little fine flaxen tablecloth, four coarse tablecloths, a white cupboard cloth laced and one plain, three dozen flax napkins, four little beds for children, two dozen double 'clowtes', four white waistcoats of which one is little, five smocks, five cambric crosscloths with other crosscloths for children, three 'layworke' handkerchiefs, four plain fine handkerchiefs, two stitched handkerchiefs, two cambric handkerchiefs, two cambric 'biggins', three fine holland 'biggins', four holland bibs, two cambric bibs, a bib wrought with gold, four fine large crosscloths, five larger cambric crosscloths and four smaller, a cambric facecloth with buttons, four 'falls', eight head bands and other small head bands, five veils, two pairs of shag sleeves, two little shirts, two plain and four stitched holland aprons, two fine neckcloths, two whitework wrought coifs, two black stomachers and one wrought with gold, seven fine holland crosscloths, two cambric, eight rails and one of holland, two fine 'culls', two holland handkerchiefs wrought with red silk and of cambric with black silk having gold laces, two ells of fine lawn, a long fringed tablecloth, two great pewter chargers, two small chargers, sixteen pewter platters great and small, a platter wrought round about the brim, a square pewter dish, nine fruit dishes. three deep little dishes, two plates of the lesser sort, a basin and a ewer, a wine quart and pint pots, 23 saucers, a posset pot with a cock, two other pewter pint pots, a quart pot, a pewter basin, two pewter pieces, four brass candlesticks, two greater and two lesser, four other lesser brass candlesticks, a brass basin and a great brass 'skanner', a ladle, a slice, two hanging candlesticks, a brass mortar, two pestles, two pairs of brass andirons (one greater one lesser), a shovel and tongs, two pairs of other lesser iron andirons with tops of brass to stand with the greater, two brass kettles (one of the with an iron bail and the other broad and without), two great brass pots (one quart), iron grate and fire iron, a great flanders iron with three flanders pothangers to hang two things on the fire at once, a great long spit, a lesser long spit, a rabbit spit and a bird, a little hand spit, a pair of great racks being the best and an iron fire fork, a great pair of virginals and a little pair of virginals and all my clothes in the wainscot chest in the great chamber; to (Mrs) Hill wife of (Mr) John Hill, minister a gold hoop ring; to (Mrs) Knight wife of (Mr) William Knight, brewer a gold diamond ring; to my daughter in law that was (Mr) Crimsen's daughter a gold hoop ring; to the four children of Christopher Bynneman, citizen and stationer £20 at marriage or 21; residue to Edward Elton, exec.
Overseers: (Mr) JH, minister; (Mr) WK, brewer (a 15s piece of gold each)
Witnesses: JH, minister; Richard Phillipps; John Wraske (X); Richard Eyres, parish clerk ofBermondsey, the writer.

     Judith was buried on 9 October 1623 in St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, England. Judith Rither, widow.
     Her will was proved on 13 October 1623.

Children of Judith Unknown and Richard Ryther

Julia Unknown

     Julia Unknown was born in Waterford, Ireland.
Julia Unknown married Robert Colbert.

Child of Julia Unknown and Robert Colbert

Julia Unknown

( - 1664)
     Julia Unknown married an unknown person in Suffolk, England.
     Her will was proved in 1664.
     Julia died in 1664 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.

Julia Unknown

     Julia Unknown married Samuel Handy before 1863.
     Julia Unknown and Samuel Handy were recorded in 1870 census in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They had 4 children.
     Julia Unknown and Samuel Handy appeared on the 1880 census in Chicago, Illinois.

Julia Unknown

(circa 1840 - 8 September 1920)
     Julia Unknown was born circa 1840 in Carlow.
Julia Unknown married John Halahan.
     Julia Unknown and John Halahan were recorded on the 1901 census. John Hallahan, head, 60, milesman born co. Wicklow, wife Julia 60, born co. Carlow, children Wiliam, 35, milesman, James 22, milesman, Julia 20, Susanna 20, all born co. Wicklow, all Catholic. [James died in 27 March 1952, aged 73, married, retired hackney man, at Dunlavin..
     Julia Unknown was recorded on the 1911 census in Dunlavin, Wicklow. Julia Halahan 72, widow, married for 40 years, 10 children born & living; with children William 46, railway labourer, Julia 37, James 30, Susanna 26, all born co. Wicklow.
     Julia died on 8 September 1920 in Dunlavin, Baltinglass, Wicklow. Julia Halahan, widow, aged 80, widow of a milesman, of senile debility, informant: Susan Halahan daughter, present at death..
She is possibly the mother of Julia Christina Halahan whose death was registered in the Sep quarter of 1926 aged 26.

Child of Julia Unknown and John Halahan

Julian Unknown

     Julian Unknown married Peter Devereaux before 1603.

Children of Julian Unknown and Peter Devereaux

Julian Unknown (Frost)

( - before 26 May 1701)
     Julian Unknown (Frost) married Philip Ruby, son of Thomas Ruby, on 30 March 1680 in Tavistock, Devon. Philip Rubby & Julian Frost, widow.
     Julian died before 26 May 1701 in Tavistock, Devon. Julian Rubby, wife of Philip.

Julian Unknown (Goldolphin

     Julian Unknown (Goldolphin married David Godolphin, son of Alexander Godolphin and Marion Tremrow. Julian Unknown (Goldolphin was born. She was the sister of Lady Elizabeth Carminow, widow of Sir Oliver Carminow..

Julian Unknown (Ryther)

     Julian Unknown (Ryther) married Adam Ryther before 22 July 1262.
     Julian Unknown (Ryther) was party to a land transaction on 22 July 1262 in Yorkshire. On 22 July 1262 a fine was enrolled between John of Kegworth, plaintiff; and Adam of Rye & Julian his wife impedients: as to a toft and 20 acres 3 roods of land in Secroft.
The right of John, as of the gift of Adam & Julian; together with a yearly rent 3 shillings, 15 acres of wood lying between the wood of Henry of Lascy and that of the abbot of Kirekstall, all the meadow once held by Peter of Osmundestorp in the meadow called Woodenge ....

Juliana Unknown

( - 1262)
     Juliana died in 1262 in the Abbey, Melrose, Roxburghshire. Juliana was buried at Melrose Abbey along with her husband in 1262. (Chron. Mel.)
     Juliana died in 1262.