Sarah Unknown

( - 1907)
     Sarah Unknown married William Rapley.
     Sarah died in 1907 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. There was also a Sarah Rapley death in Camden in 1928.

Children of Sarah Unknown and William Rapley

Sarah Unknown

(circa 1796 - )
     Sarah Unknown married James Grimwood. Sarah Unknown was born circa 1796 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
     Sarah Unknown and James Grimwood were recorded on the 1861 census in Hammond Hall (farm), Drinkstone, Suffolk. James Grimwood, head 71, ag. lab, Chelsea Pensioner ... born Drinkstone with his wife Sarah, aged 66, born Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Sarah Unknown (Ashby)

(circa 1717 - before 12 October 1787)
     Sarah Unknown (Ashby) was born circa 1717.
Sarah Unknown (Ashby) married Thomas Ashby, son of Thomas Ashby and Susannah Moore, in Barbados. Sarah was present at daughter Ashby's christening on 27 February 1741/42 in St Phillip, Barbados.
     Sarah died before 12 October 1787 in St Phillip, Barbados. She was buried on 12 October 1787 in St Phillip, Barbados.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Ashby) and Thomas Ashby

Sarah Unknown (Evans)

(circa 1788 - )
     Sarah Unknown (Evans) was born circa 1788 in Baschurch, Shropshire.
Sarah Unknown (Evans) married William Evans before 1810. A Jane Evans of Walford Heath, Baschurch, aged 4 was buried 6 Feb 1815. A William Evans married Sarah Bassett, 11 June 1806 at Christ Church, Wellington, There is no suitable marriage at Baschurch. Another possibility is to Sarah Jones on 14 Feb 1809 at St Mary'S, Shrewsbury. Sarah was present at Elizabeth Evans's christening on 16 May 1819 in Baschurch, Shropshire. Elizabeth, daughter of Sarah Evans, widow, of Eyton.
     Sarah Unknown (Evans) was recorded on the 1841 census in Eyton, Baschurch, Shropshire. Sarah Evans. 50, farmer, Elizabeth Evans, 20, both born in the county.
     Sarah Unknown (Evans) was recorded on the 1851 census in Eyton, Baschurch, Shropshire. Sarah Evans, head, widow, aged 64, born Baschurch, farmer of 13 acres, Elizabeth Evans, daughter, unmarried aged 31, farmers daughter, & Clara Evans, grand daughter aged 6, born Birmingham.
     Sarah Unknown (Evans) and Elizabeth Evans were recorded on the 1861 census in Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Elizabeth Evans, unmarried, aged 40, saddle stitcher, born Baschurch; Sarah Evans, mother, widow, aged 73, family farmer wife, born Baschurch, Shropshire.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Evans) and William Evans

Sarah Unknown (Fawler)

(say 1730 - before 3 July 1784)
     Sarah Unknown (Fawler) was born say 1730.
Sarah Unknown (Fawler) married Henry Fawler, son of Thomas Fawler and Susanna Hulbert, before 1777. This may be the marriage in 1769 in Portsmouth?.
     Administration of the estate of Henry Fawler was granted to Sarah Unknown (Fawler), on 13 November 1777? In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Admon of the goods chattels and credits of Henry Fawler in the Isle of Sheepway in the county of Kent, but boatswain of HM ship Plyphemus in the pay of His Majesty's Navy deceased was granted to Sarah Fawler widow, the relict of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to administer.
     Sarah died before 3 July 1784 in Deptford?, Kent.
     The administration of her estate was granted to Anne Fawler on 3 July 1784 at PCC.

Child of Sarah Unknown (Fawler) and Henry Fawler

Sarah Unknown (Gibbs)

(circa 1660? - )
     Sarah Unknown (Gibbs) was born circa 1660?.
Sarah Unknown (Gibbs) married Rev John Ryther, son of Rev John Ryther and Margaret Unknown, on 21 February 1688 in Wilford, Nottinghamshire, England.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Gibbs) and Rev John Ryther

Sarah Unknown (Jacob)

(before 1680 - before 2 July 1696)
     Sarah Unknown (Jacob) was born before 1680.
Sarah Unknown (Jacob) married John Jacob, son of Thomas Jacob and Elizabeth Thorpe, before 1696. Sarah Unknown (Jacob) was christened in June 1696 in Buxhall, Suffolk.
     Sarah died before 2 July 1696 in Buxhall, SFK. She was buried on 2 July 1696 in Buxhall.

Child of Sarah Unknown (Jacob) and John Jacob

Sarah Unknown (Johnson)

(circa 1742 - 30 July 1826)
     Sarah Unknown (Johnson) was born circa 1742.
Sarah Unknown (Johnson) married William Johnson, son of Thomas Johnson.
     Sarah died on 30 July 1826 in Crowle, Lincolnshire. Also Sarah Johnson, wife of the above, who departed this life the 30th day of July 1826, aged 84 years.

Sarah Unknown (Osborn)

(1763 or 1770 - before 5 June 1817)
     Sarah Unknown (Osborn) was born in 1763 or 1770 in Suffolk.
     Sarah Unknown (Osborn) married Michael Cocksedge as his second wife, on 13 May 1799 in Rougham, Suffolk. They were both widowed.
     Sarah died before 5 June 1817 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was buried on 5 June 1817 in Rougham.

Sarah Unknown (Rubie?)

     Sarah Unknown (Rubie?) married James Rubie?.

Child of Sarah Unknown (Rubie?) and James Rubie?

Sarah Unknown (Ryther)

(say 1810 - )
     Sarah Unknown (Ryther) married William Ryther. Sarah Unknown (Ryther) was born say 1810. Sarah was present at Thomas Ryther's christening on 29 October 1834 in Haxey, Lincolnshire.

Child of Sarah Unknown (Ryther) and William Ryther

Sarah Unknown (Ryther)

     Sarah Unknown (Ryther) married Isaac Ryther before 1851.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Ryther) and Isaac Ryther

Sarah Unknown (Squirrell)

(circa 1709 - November 1785)
     Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) was born circa 1709 in Suffolk, England.
Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) married William Squirrell before 1736.
     Sarah died in November 1785 in Ringshall, Suffolk. She was buried on 22 November 1785 in Wattisham, Suffolk. Aged 75.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) and William Squirrell

Sarah Unknown (Squirrell)

(circa 1750? - )
     Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) was born circa 1750?.
Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) married William? Squirrell, son of William Squirrell and Sarah Unknown (Squirrell), before 1770.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Squirrell) and William? Squirrell

Sarah Unknown (Steer)

(before March 1765 - before 30 March 1825)
     Sarah Unknown (Steer) was born before March 1765.
Sarah Unknown (Steer) married John Steer, son of John Steer and Elizabeth Marriott.
     Sarah died before 30 March 1825 in Darnall, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. She was buried on 30 March 1825 in Attercliffe, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Sarah Unknown (Trant)

( - before 13 May 1702)
     Sarah Unknown (Trant) married Rev Randolph Vodry as his second wife, on 30 January 1693/94 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados.
     Sarah Unknown (Trant) was mentioned in the will of Rev Randolph Vodry dated 8 August 1695.
     Sarah Unknown (Trant) made a will dated 11 November 1698. Sarah Vawdrey, late of Bdos, widow. 11 Nov 1698, son Samuel Vawdrey at 21, daughter Margarett Trant at 18 or marriage; father in law Thomas Gibbes, mother Mary Gibbes and brothers Robert Foord and John Sketch (Stretch) executors; sisters Margaret Stretch and Mary Foord. Signed Sarah (x) Vawdrey. Witnessed by Humphrey Waterman, Robert Gilkes, Lucy Eggleton.
     Sarah died before 13 May 1702.
     Her will was proved on 13 May 1702.

Children of Sarah Unknown (Trant) and Rev Randolph Vodry

Sarah Elizabeth Unknown (Ashby)

     Sarah Elizabeth Unknown (Ashby) married George Thomas Ashby, son of William Ashby and Christian Malsworth.

Child of Sarah Elizabeth Unknown (Ashby) and George Thomas Ashby

Selina Unknown

(circa 1786 - )
     Selina Unknown was born circa 1786 in Plymouth.
Selina Unknown married John Ruby say 1815.
     Selina Unknown and John Ruby were recorded on the 1841 census in Higher St, Plymouth. John Ruby 55, cabinet maker, Selina Ruby 55, Sarah Ruby 25, straw bonnet maker, Richard Ruby 15, cabinet maker, James Ruby 13, all born in the county.

Children of Selina Unknown and John Ruby

Shirley Theresa Unknown

(28 March 1933 - 14 March 1998)
     Shirley Theresa Unknown was born on 28 March 1933.
Shirley Theresa Unknown married Edward George Colbert.
     Shirley died on 14 March 1998 in Victoria aged 64. She was cremated on 19 March 1998 in The Necropolis, Springvale.
     The administration of her estate was granted on 7 September 1998 at Victoria. She was a widow of Wantirna.

Susan Unknown

     Susan Unknown married Edward Bland.

Child of Susan Unknown and Edward Bland

Susan Unknown

(before 1585 - )
     Susan Unknown married Thomas Cocksedge in Suffolk. Susan Unknown was born before 1585 in Suffolk.

Child of Susan Unknown and Thomas Cocksedge

Susan Unknown

( - before 15 November 1632)
     Susan Unknown married Andrew Cocksedge after 8 February 1624.
     Susan died before 15 November 1632 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 15 November 1632 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds.

Susan Unknown

( - circa 1714)
     Susan Unknown married Leonard Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Margaret Hamlin.
     Susan died circa 1714 in Hepworth, Suffolk.
     Her will was proved in 1714 at Sudbury. Susanna Cocksedge, of Hepworth.

Children of Susan Unknown and Leonard Cocksedge

Susan Unknown (Brigden)

     Susan Unknown (Brigden) was born in Sussex.
Susan Unknown (Brigden) married Thomas Geere, son of Thomas Geere and Mary Friend, on 3 July 1678 in Sussex. Licence granted at Lewes, 3 July 1678 between Thos Geere of Ovingdean & Susaan Brigden of St Michael, Lewes, widow, for a marriage at Falmer or Ovingdean.

Susan Unknown (Handy)

(circa 1854 - )
     Susan Unknown (Handy) was born circa 1854 in British Columbia, Canada.
Susan Unknown (Handy) married Samuel H Handy.

Children of Susan Unknown (Handy) and Samuel H Handy

Susan Alice Unknown (Groom)

(circa 1774 - before 23 August 1840)
     Susan Alice Unknown (Groom) was born circa 1774 in Suffolk.
John Bland married secondly Susan Alice Unknown (Groom) on 8 December 1829 in St Mary, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. |They may have a child Susan Alice Bland, who died in 1838.
     Susan died before 23 August 1840 in Hessett. She was buried on 23 August 1840 in Hessett.

Susanna Unknown

(circa 1768 - before 14 July 1844)
     Susanna Unknown was also known as Susan in records. She was born circa 1768 in Suffolk.
Susanna Unknown married Joseph Cocksedge, son of Henry Cocksedge and Isabella Gray, before 1800 in Suffolk.
     Susan Unknown appeared on the 1841 census in the household of Isaac Cocksedge and Frances Wing in Heath, Culford.
     Susanna died before 14 July 1844 in Culford, Suffolk. She was buried on 14 July 1844 in Culford.

Children of Susanna Unknown and Joseph Cocksedge

Susanna Unknown

(say 1630 - before 7 November 1667)
     Susanna Unknown was born say 1630 in England.
Susanna Unknown married William Bowker, son of William? Bowker and Ann Unknown, before 1646.
     Susanna died before 7 November 1667 in Yaxley, Huntingdonshire. She was buried on 7 November 1667 in Yaxley.

Children of Susanna Unknown and William Bowker

Susanna Unknown

(circa 1660 - )
     Susanna Unknown was born circa 1660.
Susanna Unknown married Thomas Bland, son of Robert Bland and Sarah Unknown.

Susanna Unknown

     Susanna Unknown married John Dempster.

Children of Susanna Unknown and John Dempster