Murial Unknown

     Murial Unknown married William 5/9th Earl of Mar, son of Donnchadh of Mar.
Murial Unknown married Donald, 6/10th Earl of Mar,, son of William 5/9th Earl of Mar and Murial Unknown.

Child of Murial Unknown and William 5/9th Earl of Mar

Myrtle Unknown

( - after 1998)
     Myrtle died after 1998.

Nancy? Unknown (MacKenzie)

     Nancy? Unknown (MacKenzie) married Gilbert Edward MacKenzie as his second wife, after 1932 in Victoria.

Nell Unknown (Brown)

Nellie Unknown (Ross)

     Nellie Unknown (Ross) married Trefry Ross, son of Thomas Alexander Ross and Uldine Adams. They had a daughter and two sons.

Nicole Unknown

(before 1230 - )
     Nicole Unknown was born before 1230.
Nicole Unknown married Roger de Somery. She was the widow of Ralph D'Aubigny.

Child of Nicole Unknown and Roger de Somery

Nola Lee Unknown

(27 September 1949 - 18 July 2007)
     Nola Lee Unknown was born on 27 September 1949.
     Nola died on 18 July 2007 in Victoria aged 57. She was cremated on 24 July 2007 in The Necropolis, Springvale, Victoria.
     Her will was proved on 22 August 2007 at Victoria.

Olive Unknown

     Olive Unknown married Capt Thomas Killigrew.

Child of Olive Unknown and Capt Thomas Killigrew

Philippa Unknown (Bridge)

(say 1920 - )
     Philippa Unknown (Bridge) was born say 1920.
Philippa Unknown (Bridge) married Christopher Bridge, son of Charles Edward Dunscomb Bridge and Florence Mildred Georgena Canning Hall, on 16 December 1946?.

Phyllis Unknown

     Phyllis Unknown married Albert Lancelot Ruby as his second wife.

Pippi Unknown

(say 1910 - )
     Pippi died in Nunawading, Victoria. She was born say 1910.
Pippi Unknown married Michael Henry Colbert, son of John Colbert and Mary Jane Robertson.

Prudence Unknown

(circa 1640? - before October 1701)
     Prudence Unknown was born circa 1640?.
Prudence Unknown married George Popplewell, son of Robert Popplewell and Ann Brighouse, before 1658. More work required!.
     Prudence Unknown made a will dated 13 April 1701 in Gainsborough. I Prudence Poplewell of Gainsborough, widow, being weak in body ... unto my granddaughter Elizabeth Popplewell, daughter of George Popplewell my son of Redford ... all the rest to my son William Popplewell of Gainsborough whom I make sole executor. She made her mark.
     Prudence died before October 1701 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
     Her will was proved in October 1701 at the Stow Archdeaconry, Lincolnshire.

Children of Prudence Unknown and George Popplewell

Rachel Unknown

(circa 1821 - before 29 June 1885)
     Rachel Unknown was born circa 1821 in Pakenham, Suffolk.
Rachel Unknown married Joseph Cocksedge, son of Isaac Cocksedge and Frances Wing, before 1861.
     Rachel Unknown and Joseph Cocksedge were recorded on the 1861 census in Ingham, Suffolk. Joseph Cocksedge, aged 40, ag. lab., born Culford with his wife Ratchel aged 40, born Pakenham, and a unmarried lodger Charles Cocksedge, aged 22, born Culford and James Turner, lodger aged 21, ditto.
     Rachel died before 29 June 1885 in Culford, Suffolk. She was buried on 29 June 1885 in St Mary, Culford.

Rebecca Unknown

(circa 1780 - )
     Rebecca Unknown married John Ruby. Rebecca Unknown was born circa 1780 in St Germans, Cornwall, England.
     Rebecca Unknown was recorded on the 1851 census in 4 Woodleys Court, Stoke Damerel, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon. Rebecca Ruby, head, aged 70, widow, annuitant, born St Germans with her cousin Rebecca Thompson.
A Rebecca Billing married Richard Ruby, 31 March 1806 at Stoke Damerel.

Child of Rebecca Unknown and John Ruby

Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert)

(say 1650 - before 20 May 1728)
     Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) was born say 1650.
Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) married Henry Hulbert, son of Henry Hulbert and Susanna Barrett or Basser.
     Rebecca died before 20 May 1728 in Chatham, Kent. She was buried on 20 May 1728 in St Mary, Chatham. Rebecca Holbird.

Child of Rebecca Unknown (Hulbert) and Henry Hulbert

Rebecca Joanna Unknown (Ashby)

( - before 6 June 1856)
     Rebecca Joanna Unknown (Ashby) married George William Ashby, son of Samuel John Ashby and Jane Ann Riley.
     Rebecca Joanna Unknown (Ashby) made a will dated 20 August 1855 in St Michael, Bridgetown, Barbados. The will of Rebecca Joanne Ashby, widow of St Michael mentions her beloved sons Arthur Cadogan Ashby, George McCollin Ashby, and daughter Dorothy Rebecca Ashby who received the residue of her estate. Her executors were John McCollin Esq, coppersmith, William Goddard Esq. Planter, and Francis Ashby Esq. coroner. She made her mark.
     Rebecca died before 6 June 1856 in Barbados.
     Her will was proved on 6 June 1856 at Barbados.

Children of Rebecca Joanna Unknown (Ashby) and George William Ashby

Renee Unknown

     Renee Unknown was born in England.
Renee Unknown married Frank Bland Boreham, son of George Boreham and Emma Elizabeth Bland.
     Renee resided at Scotland, 1988.

Richenda Elizabeth? Unknown

     Richenda Elizabeth? Unknown married Francis M Bland.
     Richenda Elizabeth? Unknown and Francis M Bland were recorded on the 1891 census in Bournemouth, Hampshire. Francis M Bland, head 65, bank manager born St Saviour Surrey, his wife Richenda Elizabeth?, 41, born Leytonstone, Essex, Francis L, son, 17, student, Hugh M, 16, Esther R 14, Edith R, 13, George N, 14, all born at BSE.
     Richenda Elizabeth? Unknown was recorded on the 1901 census in 'Aysgarth', Poole Rd, Bournemouth, Hampshire. Madeline Bland, head, single, 44, living on own means, born Sharebrook?, Essex, Frances G Bland, sister, single, 34, ditto, born Wanstead Essex, Edith R Bland, aged 23, visitor, born BSE, with a servant.

Child of Richenda Elizabeth? Unknown and Francis M Bland

Rosalie Beryl Unknown

(13 September 1942 - 1982)
     Rosalie was a teacher.
This may be a mother & duaghter mixed, as Rosalie was mentioned at Rita's death in 1993.. She was born on 13 September 1942 in Victoria.
Rosalie Beryl Unknown married Raymond James Cocksedge, son of Albert Vernon Cocksedge and Rita May Stroud.
     Rosalie died in 1982 in Cocksedge's Rd, Won Wron, Victoria.

Rose Unknown

(circa 1550? - circa 18 January 1621/22)
     Rose Unknown was born circa 1550? In Suffolk, England.
Rose Unknown married Thomas Bland circa 1569.
     Rose Unknown married John Willett as his third wife, circa 1582 in Lt Saxham, Suffolk, England. As of 1582, Rose Unknown was also known as Willett in records.
Marianne McKenna wrote: Rose Bland was the third wife of John Wllett and married about 1582 as a widow. This marriage took place in 1582, ? Little Saxham, County Suffolk.
This information is from John Willet’s will which is dated 16/11/1586 Archdeaconry Court Sudbury. John died on 22/11/1586.
John left Rose three roodes of meadow and six poles, three half acres lying by the same meadow, tow acres at Barrowe waie, and three roodes at the Crosse Lane. ? Sorrell nag I give to Rose my wife. Three cowes I give also to my wife.
John bequeathed to Agnes Bland Margery Bland my wife’s daughter Grissell Weylett and Agnes Roger my daughter. Corne in the ground to wife; bed and bolster to Grissell Weylett; foure behives to wife.
Rose my wife Executor; Thomas Croftes Esquire supervisor (Archdeaconry Court Sudbury)
Rose survived her husband by 35 years.
     Rose Unknown was mentioned in the will of James Bland dated 6 December 1613.
     Rose Unknown made a will dated 16 January 1621 in West Stow. Memoranda 16th daye of January, 1621 I Rose Willett of Westoe, in the County of Sufflolk, last will:
1st I give to Agnes Sowter and Susan Sowter her grandchildren twenty shillings a piece;
To Thomas Bland, Rbte Bland, Stephen Bland, Mary Bland, Susan Bland, and Agnes Bland her grandchildren, Thirtene shillings and fourpence a piece;
To Dorothy Howe, Thomas Howe, John Howe, Elizabeth Howe, Agnes Howe, and Susan Howe, her grandchildren thirteen shillings and four pence a piece;
To Agnes Sowter, her daughter a flock bed and coverlet.
All the residue to Margery Howe, my daughter, who I make Exectrix. Witnesses: Thomas Bland, Rbte Bland.

     Rose died circa 18 January 1621/22 in West Stow, Suffolk. She was buried on 18 January 1621/22 in West Stow. Rose Bland alias Willet, widow.
     Her will was proved at the Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk.

Children of Rose Unknown and Thomas Bland

Rose Unknown

(say 1520 - before 23 May 1569)
     Rose Unknown was born say 1520.
Rose Unknown married George Cocksedge, son of George Cocksedge and Avis Unknown, before 1537.
     Rose died before 23 May 1569 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk, England. She was buried on 23 May 1569 in Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk.

Children of Rose Unknown and George Cocksedge

Rose Unknown (Hynard)

(circa 1560 - circa 20 November 1632)
     Rose Unknown (Hynard) was born circa 1560 in Suffolk.
Rose Unknown (Hynard) married Edmund Hynard circa 1579 in Suffolk.
     Rose Unknown (Hynard) was mentioned in the will of Edmund Hynard dated 1 May 1622.
     Rose Unknown (Hynard) made a will dated 10 April 1632 in St James, Bury St Edmunds. Will of Rose Hynard (X) of BSE, widow dated 10 April 1632 I give to my daughter Barbara Bland, widow & my daughter Rose, wife of John Normanton, my lease of my messuage in Brentgovel Street, formerly in the tenure of my late husband Edmund and now occupied by me, Barbara Bland & Wm Medleditche. I authorize my 2 daughters, who I make ex'trices, to sell my messuage and use the money to pay the following legacies: £10 to my gr-child Rose Marshall, £15 to my gr-child Anne Pettyward, £20 to my gr-child Anne, wife of Frederick Godfrye, £15 to my gr-child Bridget Pettyward and 40s to my grandson John Bland; all to be paid within a year of my decease. I give my son-in-law John Normanton 40s to make him a ring. I give cousin Thomas Cheston of London 40s and Richard Cooper of Bury clothier; both to be paid after my decease. I will that my daughter Barbara Bland shall dwell in that part of my house where she now inhabits for 30 years if she live so long. I give her a feather bed, a feather bolster and my best covering. I give Anne Pettyward the featherbed that was her mother's, a feather bolster, a covering, 2 pairs sheets and a pillow. I give Bridget Pettyward a flockbed, a flock bolster, 2 pairs sheets and a covering. I give Mary Yonges widow, late wife of Thomas Yonges, my gold hoop ring. My late husband in his will gave legacies of £5 to Rose Marshall (by the name of Rose Bland) and of £10 each to Anne & Bridget Pettyward, and my will is that, if the law of the realm allows this sum of £25 to be recovered by my ex'trices, my legacies to these 3 shall be reduced by the sums left to them by my late husband. If Anne & Frederick Godfrye attempt to sue my ex'trices or refuse to release their interest in my messuage within 10 months of my decease, the legacy of £20 to Anne shall be void. The residue of my unbequeathed goods, plate, money, jewels and household stuff I give to my 2 daughters Barbara Bland and Rose Normanton my ex'trices. I give to my grandchildren John Normanton the younger, Thomas, Rose and Elizabeth Normanton 40s each to be paid by my daughter Rose Normanton when they are 24, I give my grandson Andrew Bland my silver wine cup. I give Edward, George, Edmund, Frances, Anne & Mary Bland my grandchildren 40s to be paid by my daughter Barbara Bland when 24. Witness: John Hyell, George Sparrose (X).
     Rose died circa 20 November 1632 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She was buried on 21 November 1632 in Bury St Edmunds.
     Her will was proved on 3 December 1632 at Bury St Edmunds.

Children of Rose Unknown (Hynard) and Edmund Hynard

Rose Unknown (Seadon)

(circa 1650 - )
     Rose Unknown (Seadon) was born circa 1650.
Rose Unknown (Seadon) married Martin Seadon, son of Martin Seadon and Grace Clark, circa 1672.

Children of Rose Unknown (Seadon) and Martin Seadon

Rose Unknown (Tarney)

( - before 2 October 1725)
     Rose Unknown (Tarney) married Thomas Tarney before 1706.
     Rose died before 2 October 1725 in Rougham, Suffolk. She was buried on 2 October 1725 in Rougham.

Child of Rose Unknown (Tarney) and Thomas Tarney

Sarah Unknown

     Sarah Unknown married Robert Colbert.

Child of Sarah Unknown and Robert Colbert

Sarah Unknown

(circa 1796 - 1866)
     Sarah Unknown was born circa 1796 in Cork, Ireland.
     Sarah died in 1866 in Rosglass, Dromtariff, Cork, Ireland.

Sarah Unknown

(circa 1620? - before 31 January 1684)
     Sarah Unknown was born circa 1620?.
Sarah Unknown married Robert Bland, son of Robert? Bland and Unknown Unknown, before 1639.
     Sarah died before 31 January 1684 in Assington, Suffolk. She was buried on 31 January 1684 in Assington. Widow Bland.

Children of Sarah Unknown and Robert Bland

Sarah Unknown

(before 1850 - )
     Sarah Unknown was born before 1850 in Suffolk, England.
Sarah Unknown married James Cocksedge (of Mickfield) before 1866 in Thingoe RD, Suffolk.

Children of Sarah Unknown and James Cocksedge (of Mickfield)

Sarah Unknown

(say 1620 - before 7 April 1683)
     Sarah Unknown was born say 1620.
Sarah Unknown married Henry Cocksedge, son of William Cocksedge and Margaret Hamlin, circa 1640 in Suffolk.
     Sarah Unknown and Henry Cocksedge were mentioned in the 1674 hearth tax list in Barningham, Suffolk, with 4 hearths with William Lock. Only 1 Henry in the hearth tax, following an entry for widow Cocksedge with 2 hearths with Ro. Osborne.
     Sarah died before 7 April 1683 in Barningham, Suffolk. She was buried on 7 April 1683 in Barningham, Suffolk.

Child of Sarah Unknown and Henry Cocksedge

Sarah Unknown

(before 1650 - after 24 October 1714)
     Sarah Unknown signed her name as "Sara Rich (mark)." She was born before 1650 in Yorkshire, England.
Sarah Unknown married Jonas Rich, son of Edward Rich and Mary Unknown, circa 1660? In England.
     Sarah Unknown made a will dated 24 October 1714 in Penistone. I Sara Rich of Pond in the parish of Penistone & county of York Spr being infirme & weak of body but of perfect mind & memory doe make this my last will and testament in manner & forme following - Imprimis my will & mind is & I doe hereby devise that all my just debts funerall expense be paid by my executor hereafter named out of all my personal estate
Item I give and devise to my grandson George Lindley tenn pounds & to my grandaughter Sara Bagshaw tenn pounds and to Alice Lindley my grandaughter tenn pounds all which severall sums are instead of any share of the goods in the dwelling house at Pond except to Alice Lindley to whom I give one bed in the parlor with feather bed & a pair of sheets & one pair of blanketts & a coverlet:
I give to John Rich of Dekin brooke one shilling & to Emor Rich of Daw walls one shilling; all which several sums are to be paid by my executor;
All the residue & remainder of my goods credits cattles & chattles I give and devise to John Lindley my grandson and I do make the afsd John Lindley sole executor of this my last will and testament revoking all former wills by and made in witness whereof I the said Sara Rich have hereunto sett my hands & seale the twenty fourth day of October A.D. 1714. Sara Rich her marke. Sealed & delivered published and declared by the above named testator in the presence of ... hereunto sett our hands as witnesses in the presence of the said testator. John Priest, Martha Tompson her marke, Geo. Walker.

     Sarah died after 24 October 1714 in Penistone, Yorkshire.
     Her will was proved on 6 February 1715/16 at the Exchequer Court of York.

Children of Sarah Unknown and Jonas Rich