Alice Walker

(say 1700 - )
     Alice Walker was born say 1700 in Hunshelf, Penistone, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of Geo Walker of Hunshelf..
Alice Walker married Benjamin Steer, son of William Steer and Sarah Ludlam, in 1717 in Yorkshire.
Alice (widow of Benjamin of Sheffield), was party to a deed to make a tenant, in 1755.

Children of Alice Walker and Benjamin Steer

Alice Lane Walker

      He daughter Diane stated in an interview that My great grandfather was shipwrecked here (Qld). He was called Captain Walker, and then another ... I think it was him [that] started the Bank of New South Wales in Cooktown, and Captain Walker walked for about six months. It's called Captain Walker's Marathon. There's a book. And the people he left behind, who'd been on board ship with him, were saved the next day but he was walking forever. Anyway, so I have a lot of strange family connections with this [place], and when I came up here and saw this country, I sort of immediately felt a huge connection....
Alice Lane Walker married Charles Thomas McGlew, son of Cornelius Stanley Mackglew and Eleanor Ann Davies, in 1893 in Sydney, New South Wales. Their gt grand-daughter states that they were married in Bega. Alice Lane Walker and Charles Thomas McGlew were divorced in 1929 in New South Wales.
     Alice resided at Mosman, New South Wales, March 1949.

Child of Alice Lane Walker and Charles Thomas McGlew

Ann Walker

     Ann Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

Ann Walker

     Ann Walker married George Rich, son of George Rich and Elizabeth Wright, on 8 July 1856 in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire.

Dorothy Walker

( - 13 August 1711)
     Dorothy Walker married Thomas Stanser on 10 April 1710 in Rotherham/Doncaster, Yorkshire. Thomas Stansell, of Wheatley, & Dorothy Walker.
     Dorothy was buried on 13 August 1711 in St George, Doncaster. Dorothy Stansell, wife of Thomas, of Wheatley.

Child of Dorothy Walker and Thomas Stanser

Elizabeth Walker

     Elizabeth Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

Emma Walker

     Emma Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

George Walker

     George Walker married Sarah Mary Fawler, daughter of John Fawler and Elizabeth Keep, before 1789. George was a shopkeeper in 1789, in Braintree, Essex, England.

Hannah Walker

     Hannah Walker married George Stancer on 20 February 1804 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire.

Children of Hannah Walker and George Stancer

Harriott Walker

     Harriott Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

James Walker

     James Walker married Sarah Cocksedge, daughter of Jane Cocksedge, on 27 December 1816 in Coney Weston, Suffolk.

Jane Walker

     Jane Walker married Edward Silvester, son of Unknown (Edward?) Silvester, on 20 November 1665 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. This is only speculation based on place and date.

Child of Jane Walker and Edward Silvester

Jane Walker (Booth)

     Jane Walker (Booth) married Thomas Bowker, son of David Bowker and Elizabeth Doggit, on 13 January 1852 in St John, Peterborough, Northamptonshire.

Louisa Walker

     Louisa Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

Louisa Eleanor Walker

     Louisa Eleanor Walker married Alexander Osborne Dobson, son of John Savage Dobson and Elizabeth Dick Dunbar, in 1887 in Prahran, Victoria.
A Louisa Dobson married William George Dixon in 1915 in Victoria.

Children of Louisa Eleanor Walker and Alexander Osborne Dobson

Mary Walker

     Mary Walker married James Colbert before 1842.

Child of Mary Walker and James Colbert

Mary Ann Walker

     Mary Ann Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

Mary Ann Walker

(3 August 1860 - 29 August 1938)
     Mary Ann Walker was born on 3 August 1860 in Steeple Ashton, Oxfordshire.
Mary Ann Walker married Joseph Valentine Keen, son of Mary Ann Keen, on 25 December 1883 in Badsey, Worcestershire.
     Mary died on 29 August 1938 in Brighstone, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, aged 78.

Child of Mary Ann Walker and Joseph Valentine Keen

Olive Mary Walker

(circa 1900? - )
     Olive Mary Walker was born circa 1900?.
Olive Mary Walker married William Andrew Ruby, son of William John Ruby and Catherine Brass, in 1923 in Victoria.
     Olive resided at Heidelberg West, Victoria, 1982.

Child of Olive Mary Walker and William Andrew Ruby

Phillis Walker

( - 30 April 1730)
     Phillis Walker married Archibald Dunbar as his second wife.
     Phillis died on 30 April 1730.

Samuel Walker

     Samuel Walker married Elizabeth Bowker, daughter of Thomas Bowker and Elizabeth McClean, on 17 October 1830 in Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire, Scotland.

Sarah Mary Walker

     Sarah Mary Walker was the daughter of George Walker and Sarah Mary Fawler.

Sybil Walker

     Sybil Walker married Christopher Ryther in 1622 in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Thomas Walker

     Thomas Walker married Christine Popplewell on 1 May 1683 in Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England.

Martha Walker/Walton/Walter

(before 1650 - )
     Martha Walker/Walton/Walter was born before 1650 in Yorkshire, England.
Martha Walker/Walton/Walter married Francis Ryther on 1 June 1669 in St Peter's, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Children of Martha Walker/Walton/Walter and Francis Ryther

Dr Horatio Nelson Wallace

(circa 1795 - )
     Dr Horatio Nelson Wallace was born circa 1795.
Dr Horatio Nelson Wallace married Maria Jane Handy, daughter of Samuel Wesley Handy and Catherine Fleming, on 24 April 1831 in St George's, Dublin. April 23, at George's Church, by the Rev. Edward Hartigan, Horatio Nelson Wallace, Esq., third son of the late Rev. John Wallace, Rector of Caher, to Mary Jane, third daughter of the late Samuel W. Handy, Esq., of Bracca Castle, in this County. They had no issue.      
Dr Horatio Nelson Wallace held property in the Griffith Valuation in the 1850s in Aughrim, Galway. Horatio was a magistrate in 1852, Sandycove, Kingstown, Dublin.
Ellen Matilda Budd married secondly Dr Horatio Nelson Wallace on 29 August 1866 in St Peter's, Dublin.

Kitty Wallace

(circa 1806? - 1871?)
     Kitty Wallace was born circa 1806?.
Kitty Wallace married George Freeman Murray, son of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor, in 1829? In Ireland. A patron submission in FamilySearch suggests c. 1829 in Ireland. The entry comes from Casey's O'Kief, Coshe Mange, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland. Kitty Wallace was an executor of George Freeman Murray's estate on 9 January 1867 in the Principal Probate Registry, London.
     Kitty died in 1871?.

Children of Kitty Wallace and George Freeman Murray

William Wallace

     William Wallace married Susanna Stewart Goldie, daughter of John Goldie and Elizabeth Raey Fullarton, on 15 March 1832 in Edinburgh. At Edinburgh, on the 15th inst. William Wallace, Esq., Writer to the Signet to Susanna Stewart Goldie,daughter of Lt John Goldie, RN, and grand-daugher of the late Lewis Fillarton, Esq, of Kirkmichael [sic], Island of Arran.

Alice Wallaker

(before 1810 - )
     Alice Wallaker was born before 1810.
Marriage banns for Alice Wallaker and Henry Catchpole were published on 7 October 1838 in Hessett. They were both of the parish of Hessett, the banns were called on the 7th, 14th & 21st.
Alice Wallaker married Henry Catchpole, son of Richard Catchpole and Sophia Cocksedge, after 21 October 1838 in Hessett.

Children of Alice Wallaker and Henry Catchpole

Maria Wallaker

(28 February 1808 - before 18 January 1853)
     Maria Wallaker was born on 28 February 1808 in Gt Barton, Suffolk.
     Maria Wallaker and William Cocksedge obtained a marriage licence on 19 November 1827 in Suffolk. Wm Cocksedge of Hesset, s.m. & Maria Wallaker, of same, 19 years (father Philip Wallaker), at same.
Maria Wallaker married William Cocksedge, son of Benjamin Cocksedge and Bridget Mills, on 20 November 1827 in Hessett. William Cocksedge of the parish of Hessett & Maria Wallaker of the parish of Rougham were married in this church by licence this twentieth day of November 1827, witnessed by Charles Stiff and Elizabeth Bland, they all made their mark.
     Maria Wallaker and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1841 census in the Street, Hessett. William Cocksedge, ag lab, 35, Maria 30, Isaac 13, Robert 11, George 9, Ann 7, Martha 5, Frederick 2.
     Maria Wallaker and William Cocksedge were recorded on the 1851 census in Hessett, Suffolk. Wm Cocksedge, head, 45, ag lab, born Hessett, Maria 44, born Barton, Isaac 24, Robert 22, George 19, Ann 18, Martha 15, Fred 13, Amelia 11, Emma 9, Joshua 4, Charlotte 10 months, all born at Hessett.
     Maria died before 18 January 1853 in Hessett, Suffolk. She was buried on 18 January 1853 in Hessett.

Children of Maria Wallaker and William Cocksedge