Belton, Lincolnshire

The parish church is dedicated to All Saints. It is in parts of Lindsey, Manley Wapentake, Thorne Union. Probate was under the Archdeaconry of Stow until 1834. Monumental inscriptions form 1739-1910 are at LAO & Axholme FHS.

The original registers for Sandtoft church have been lost, copies have been printed from Stovin's ms. There was Society of Friends who met at Beltoft, which was named Crowle and Epworth until 1705.

It includes the hamlets of Sandtoft, Woodhouse, West Carr, Brayetonm Grey Green, Temple Belwood & Beltoft (1838)

An Act to inclose commons was proposed in 1795, but the arable fields remained open.
Repositories: Lincs Archives Office holds original registers C 1542-1855, M 1542-1881, B 1542-1884 and the BTs from 1599-1830.

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