Hunshelf, Penistone, Yorkshire

Hunshelf is situated in the fork formed by the Greater and Little Dun Rivers. A scattered township in the parish of Penistone, from which it is three miles south, an includes the hamlets of Green Moor, four miles south-east and, Snowden Hill, two and a half miles south-west.
As a consequence of its hilly nature, it has always been an area of mixed farming, with small holders turning to weaving as a means of augmenting their income from the land. Examples of weavers' cottages can still be seen with their characteristic, north facing, window design.
Stone quarrying provided work for stonemasons and quarry workers from outside the parish. Stone Hewn is blue in colour and was used to make fine quality gravestones. The stone quarry at Well Hill - once owned by the Earl of Wharncliffe - produced large quantities of flagstones.
The township extended over 2440 acres of land and 25 acres of water (1850). The population is in 1851was 727.

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