The Statistical Account of Scotland v.16, p.637: county & synod of Aberdeen, Presbytery of Garioch. Population: In Dr Webster's account [1755] it was 448, 14 years ago it was 260 after the old farmers were removed. Three years ago it was 471 examinable persons or about 550 of all ages; and at present it is only about 450. Four proprietors, none resident in the parish. Character of the people: They are in general sober, honest and industrious.

The New Statistical Account of Scotland, May 1842 by the Rev John Wilson, Minister of Premany states: there are 4 proprietors ... that of Edingarrock, Mains of Leslie, etc. belong to Sir Andrew Leith Hay of Rannes. Population is now 691, 625 in 1831. The main occupation is husbandry, rearing black cattle & a few sheep & horse & raising oats, bear, turnips and potatoes. 7 year rotation of crops. 19 year leases. There is little enclosure with stone fences. A canal to Aberdeen, 11 miles from the Premnay church to the canal basin. There are 15 dissenters in the parish.

Jervise, Andrew, ed. 1879. Epitaphs and inscriptions from burial grounds & old buildings in the north east of Scotland, v.2: The present church was erected in 1795 - the previous church was 100 yards to the north west on the hightest point. Only a few tombstones. There is a Ledingham MI on p.343. The village is called Auchlevan which is on the north side of the Gaudie River.
Research note: Edingarioch is pronounced Edingerrock
Repositories: SGRO parish #234. Old Parochial Register: /1 - Christenings 1718-46, Marriages 1718-46, no deaths for the period. /2 - Baptisms 1746-1819, marriages 1746-1815, deaths 1784-1794.

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