Bellie:This parish in Erse is called, Bealidh, i. e. Broom. It is situated on the east bank of the river Spey, at the mouth of it. The Church formerly stood near the bank of the River, two miles above the Frith. The great ornament of this Parish, is the house of Gordon Castle, the seat of the Duke of Gordon. This house was founded by George Earl of Huntly, who died A. D. 1507. It is a large and grand pile: But consisting of several apartments built at different times, it cannot be very regular. The rooms of State are grand, well finished, and furnished with fine pictures: And the Library containeth a valuable collection of Books. The house is environed with parks and enclosures, and much planting, old and young. The gardens are spacious, well laid out, and watered with a pond and Jet d'eau. It was formerly called, the Bog of Gight, in Erse, Bog na Gaoith, i. e. the Windy Bog. * Near by the Castle standeth the village of Fochaber, so called in my opinion from the Erse Fo-hohir, i. e. below the Well, for above it in the face of the hill is a well or fountain, the waters whereof serve the town. The town is a burgh of barony, hath a weekly market and in the centre of it there is a court house, and a church with a steeple of modern architecture. It has a post-office ; and at the west, is the passage over Spey, called the Boat of Bog, upon the post road (Shaw, History of Moray)

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