The Statistical Account of Scotland v.7 p.139: County of Perth, Presbytery of Dunblane, Synod of Perth & Stirling. The southern parts are more level and consist of moss, meadow, dry field, and carse. The moss is very extensive, and affords plenty of fuelm which is, however, obtained with considerable trouble and expence. The soil which is various, produces moderate crops of beans, pese, oats, barley, clover and turnip. The two last are much more cultivted than formerly. Potatoes are raised in gread abundance, and are the chief subsistence of the poorer sort of inhabitants for 6 to 8 months of the year. The climate is reckoned wholesome. The people, in general, are sober and industrious. Most of the adults are employed in agriculture excepting a few weavers, taylors, shoemakers, blacksmiths, and wrights, stationed in defferenct places for the accomodation of the neighbourhood. The Loch of Monteith abounds with perch, pike and eel, and afffords some large trout. The Forth, till of late, afforded some sport for salmon on the border of this parish. But they seem to be in a good measure banished from this neighbourhood, by conveying down the river such quantities of moss, for the purpose of acquiring the fine clay soil whichis below it.

Population: The inhabitants of the parish in 1755, amounted to 1865. It is beleieved, that for some time, they have been on the decrease, owing partly to the junction of farmes and chiefly to the emigration of cottagers and their families to great towns, and to the cotton manufactures.

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