Jane or Joan Lowe

(circa 1675? - after 1763)
     The present church at Chapelizod is a modern structure, but is attached to a tower of considerable antiquity, and there are two mural tablets within the building:... This tomb was erected by John Low, gent. who was born at Bewdly in Worcestershire, and departed this life the 24 of April, 1638, and was here interred. Here also lie the bodies of Joan, wife of Major William Low, his son, who died the 30 of Septem. 1677; Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Low, Esq. son of the sd William Low, who died ye 2 of January, 1677; Major William Low departed this life ye 2 of May, 1678 ; Joan his daughter departed this life ye 20th of March, 1678; Lieu. George Low, second son of John Low, died ye 8 of July, 1681 ; Catherin, second wife of Ebenezer Low, died ye 8 of July, 1687; Ebenezer Low, Esq. repaired and enlarged this tomb, and departed this life ye 2nd of July, 1690. Here lie also the bodies of William, William, Elizabeth, Joan Low, Catherine Low, Ebenezer, John, Joseph son of [Faus]tin Cuppaidge, gent. by Mary his wife, daughter of Major William Low.") dating from the seventeenth century. Jane or Joan Lowe was also known as Low in records. She was born circa 1675? In Newtown, Ireland. She was described as Jane Lowe of Newtown in the Genealogical Office pedigree. She may be the daughter of Major William Low, but the dates are wrong. Further work is required. See www.Bomford.net for connected families. Nick Reddan's Irish deeds index points to an Ebenez4xer Low of Newtown registered 12 Nov 1751..
     Jane or Joan Lowe married Samuel Handy, son of Jonathan Handy.
     Jane or Joan Lowe was mentioned in the will of John Handy dated 29 November 1763. She was described as Jone Handy his mother.
     Jane died after 1763.

Children of Jane or Joan Lowe and Samuel Handy

Mary Lowe

(circa 1760? - before 31 August 1795)
     Mary Lowe was born circa 1760? In England.
     Mary Lowe married David Bowker, son of David Bowker and Lydia Jennings, on 10 December 1782 in Stanground, Huntingdonshire. Married by licence.
     Mary died before 31 August 1795 in of Farcett Fen, Paston, Northamptonshire. She was buried on 31 August 1795 in Paston.

Sheppard Millar Lowe

(circa 1932 - 1963)
     Sheppard Millar Lowe was born circa 1932. He was the son of Henry James Millar Lowe and Alice Sheppard Grimwade.
     Sheppard died in 1963 in Park..., Victoria.

Sir Nicholas Lower

(circa 1575 - 17 May 1655)
     Sir Nicholas Lower was born circa 1575 in Cornwall.
     Elizabeth Killigrew married thirdly Sir Nicholas Lower.
     Nicholas died on 17 May 1655 in Clifton, Landulph, Cornwall. Here lyes buried the bodyes of Sir Nicholas Lower, of Clifton in Landulph, in Cornewall, Knight, who departed this life xvii daye of May 1655, aged 79 years an a halfe. And of Dame Elizabeth his wife, who departed this life the vi day of June 1648; aged 68 years, and heere expect a glorious resurrection.

Alice Lownd

(circa 1540 - )
     Alice Lownd was born circa 1540.
     Alice Lownd married John Bland, son of Unknown Bland of Lowestoft, on 5 July 1563 in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Child of Alice Lownd and John Bland

Unknown Lowry

     Unknown Lowry married Daughter Robison, daughter of Charles DuPuy Robison and Sarah Hooper Weston.

John Loxley

(circa 1756 - 1837)
     John Loxley was born circa 1756. He is probably the John Loxley, son of Thomas who was born 10 Dec 1756 and baptised 19 jan 1757 at St peter< Leeds.
     John Loxley married Hannah Rich, daughter of Martha Rich, on 7 September 1780 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. They had 5 children, a 5th gt grandson? is John Ward.
     John died in 1837 in Yorkshire.

Children of John Loxley and Hannah Rich

John Loxley

(27 January 1783 - )
     John Loxley was born on 27 January 1783 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Loxley and Hannah Rich. John Loxley was christened on 16 February 1783 in Rotherham.

Mary Loxley

(15 January 1786 - )
     Mary Loxley was born on 15 January 1786 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of John Loxley and Hannah Rich. Mary Loxley was christened on 19 February 1786 in Rotherham.

Thomas Loxley

(before 14 November 1790 - 27 January 1875)
     Thomas Loxley was born before 14 November 1790 in Potter Hill, Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was christened on 14 November 1790 in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire. He was the son of John Loxley and Hannah Rich.
     Thomas died on 27 January 1875.

Edward Lucas

     Abigail Handcock married secondly Edward Lucas in 1723.

Mary Lucas

(circa 1600 - )
     Mary Lucas was born circa 1600 in Colchester, Essex, England. She was the sister of Lord Lucas of Colchester, Earl of Pembroke.. She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Lucas and Mary Byron.
     Mary Lucas married Sir Peter Killigrew, son of John Killigrew and Dorothy Monk, after November 1625 in England.

Children of Mary Lucas and Sir Peter Killigrew

Sir Thomas Lucas

(say 1570 - circa 1649?)
     Lucas obtained the command of an English troop in the Dutch service, and was knighted by Charles I on 14 April 1628. In December 1638 Strafford gave him the command of a troop in the Irish army... distinguishing himself in the battle of Kilrush (15 April 1642) and was desperately wounded in the Battle of Ross (18 March 1643), From 1642 he was a member of the Irish Privy Council, took part in the negotiating the cessation of hostilities in 1643 and the treaty of 1646, and was consequently held a delinquent by parliament. He was, however, allowed to compound for his estate on paying a fine of £637 in 1648 and died before October 1649..
     Sir Thomas Lucas married Mary Byron, daughter of Sir John Byron.
     Sir Thomas Lucas married Elizabeth Leighton. Sir Thomas Lucas was born say 1570. He was born before his father's marriage to Elizabeth Leighton. His father purchased for him the manor of Lexden, Essex from the heirs of Robert Ratcliffe, earl of Sussex.. He was the son of Sir Thomas Lucas and Mary Fermor.
     Thomas died circa 1649? In buried at St John's, Colchester, Essex, England. He was of St John's, Colchester..

Children of Sir Thomas Lucas and Mary Byron

Sir Thomas Lucas

     Sir Thomas Lucas married Mary Fermor, daughter of Sir John Fermor.

Child of Sir Thomas Lucas and Mary Fermor

Unknown Lucas Earl of Pembroke

     Unknown died in Colchester, Essex, England. He was the son of Sir Thomas Lucas and Mary Byron.

Philip Lucian

     Philip Lucian married Margery de Lisle, daughter of Warin de Lisle and Alice de Montfort.

Kenneth Kempton Luck

(24 March 1905 - 14 September 1981)
     Kenneth Kempton Luck was born on 24 March 1905 in Mt Seymour, Tasmania. He was the son of William Luck of Mt Seymour, Tas & Frances Weeding who married in 1893 in Oatlands, aged 36 and 28. Kenneth was a Presbyterian minister at Victoria. He ministered at Learmonth, Bairnsdale, Buninyong and Tallangatta, then retired to Albury.
     Kenneth Kempton Luck was engaged on 20 April 1935 in Yarram. Annie Jean, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs T G McKenzie, of Inveresk, Calrossie, Yarram, to the Rev Kenneth Kempton Luck, of The Manse, Yarram, son of the late Mr and Mrs William Luck, of Mount Seymour, Tasmania.
     Kenneth Kempton Luck married Annie Jean MacKenzie, daughter of Thomas George MacKenzie and Annie Littlejohn Fraser, on 21 March 1936 in St Andrew's Presbyterian church, Yarram, Victoria.
     Kenneth died on 14 September 1981 in 571 Codgell Street, Albury, New South Wales, aged 76.

Reginald de Lucy

( - between 1199 and 1200)
     Reginald de Lucy married Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy), daughter of William FitzDuncan Earl of Moray and Alice or Adeliza de Romelli.
     Reginald died between 1199 and 1200.

Child of Reginald de Lucy and Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy)

Maud Lucy

( - 24 December 1398)
     Maud Lucy married Gilbert de Umfraville 3rd Earl of Angus as his second wife. Maud Lucy was born. She was the sister of Anthony Lucy..
     Maud died on 24 December 1398.

Richard Lucy

( - 1213)
     Richard Lucy was the son of Reginald de Lucy and Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy).
     Richard died in 1213. He marryied Ada, daughter and coheir of Hugh de Morville. They left descendants.
     Richard Lucy and Amabel FitzDuncan (de Lucy), Cecily de Romelli or FitzDuncan, William de Fortibus Earl of Albemarle, Skipton and William de Fortibus were mentioned in 1302?. His daughtesr Alice wife of Alan de Multon & Mabel wife of Lambert de Multon/Moleton, Archbishop of Yok, were also mentioned.

Anne Ludlam

(28 April 1661 - before 5 July 1661)
     Anne Ludlam was christened on 28 April 1661 in St Peter's, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of George Ludlam.
     Anne died before 5 July 1661 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was buried 5th July 1661 in St Peter's, Sheffield.

Elizabeth Ludlam

(22 February 1662/63 - )
     Elizabeth Ludlam was christened on 22 February 1662/63 in St Peter's, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was the daughter of George Ludlam.
     Elizabeth Ludlam was mentioned in the will of George Ludlam dated 28 August 1677.

George Ludlam

(30 September 1659 - )
     He may have married Maria Unwin, vidua May 29 1679 at St Peter's Sheffield, but this may refer to his father. George Ludlam was christened on 30 September 1659 in St Peter's, Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was the son of George Ludlam.
     George Ludlam married Elizabeth Dale on 12 February 1688/89 in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

George Ludlam

(say 1633 - 3 September 1677)
     George Ludlam was born say 1633 Separate registers for Tinsley begin in 1712. A George was baptised at Rotherham Minster in 1635 (and a Thomas in 1627) in Tinsley, Rotherham, Yorkshire. He was the son of Thomas Ludlam and Unknown Cox?
George Ludlam was apprenticed on 24 June 1647 in Sheffield. George Ludlam son of Thomas Ludlam of Tinsley, taylor was apprenticed by indenture dated 24 June 1647, bound to (Robert) Brelsforth of Sheffield, cutler, for ten years from the date of the same indenture.
     A George Ludlam was witness to the will of John Bright of Sheffield dated 9 Nov 1654. George was a cutler from 1657, Sheffield, Yorkshire. He was not enrolled as a Freeman of the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, he may have worked as a journeyman.
     George Ludlam married Elizabeth Hinchcliffe on 26 October 1657 in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Tinsley is in the parish of Rotherham. This date suits the completion of his apprenticeship.
     George Ludlam married Sarah Swift on 26 April 1661 in St Peter's, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
     George Ludlam was mentioned in the 1672 hearth tax list in Darnall, Yorkshire