Mary Kerr

(circa 1893 - 1980)
     Mary Kerr was born circa 1893 in Dysart, Fife, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Brown Kerr & Jane Haycock.
Mary Kerr married Patrick Handy, son of Patrick Francis Handy and Mary Collins, on 31 December 1909 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.
     Mary died in 1980 in Dundee, Angus, Scotland.

Child of Mary Kerr and Patrick Handy

Mary Kerr

(before 1820 - )
     Mary Kerr was born before 1820 in Tyrone, Ireland.
Mary Kerr married John Hagan on 20 May 1838 in Termonmaguirk, Tyrone, Ireland. The marriage was witnessed by Hugh Kerr & Rose Kerr. Location, of Edenangh/Edenamph [O'Hagan].

Rebecca Kerry

(before 1790 - )
     Rebecca Kerry married John Cocksedge. Rebecca Kerry was born before 1790 in Suffolk, England.

Child of Rebecca Kerry and John Cocksedge

Sarah Kersey

(circa 1752 - 1808)
     Sarah Kersey was born circa 1752 in Stowupland, Suffolk.
Sarah Kersey married Jonathan Godbold on 28 December 1773 in Stowupland, Suffolk.
     Sarah died in 1808 in Combs, Suffolk.

Child of Sarah Kersey and Jonathan Godbold

Gospatrick Fitz Ketel

(between 1120 and 1125 - circa 1179)
      Paul Bulkley wrote: Gospatrick son of Orm: had a second wife named Ada daughter King William Scotland (Yahoo).
His children included Thomas 2nd Lord Workington (born 1130), Gilbert, and Orme (born
1140) (Yahoo and Lords of Galloway).
Alan (son) Waldieve (Waltheof) 2nd Lord of Allendale and his cousin german gave Gospatrick "High Ireby"
which remained in a younger branch of Curwens and terminated in female heirs. (Curwen Gen 249)
Gospatrick son of Orme gave two parts fishery Derwent to Abbey Holm Cultram except Waytcroft given to Priory of Carlisle which was granted over by proxy to Thomas
(son) Gospatrick upon a reserved rent of 7/- (Curwen Gen 249)

Thomas (son) Gospatrick:
Born 1130 died ------- married Grace (probably 1140/1150. Described as Lord of Workington (Yahoo)

It would appear that Thomas (son) Gospatrick could have been "well and kicking" at the end of the 12th Century. Thus the information provided by you of Thomas (1119) and his death (1152)is presumably incorrect (date wise)
1175/1176:(Lanc P/R) William Earl of Boulogne and Mortain was founder of Abbey of Premonstratension Canons of Croxton, and his son William le Porter was a substantial benefactor at a later date. So I imagine that Thomas (s) Gospatrick, being a founder of the mansion only undertook his great works close to end of Century.

On that basis Thomas (son) Thomas quite likely married Johanna de Veteriponte early 1200s. It should be noted that the Robert de Veteriponte mentioned in Lanc P/R
1205/1206 and I think 1212/1215 was probably the brother of Johanna.

Anyhow my interest are the number of possible junior members "roaming the gloaming" 1120-1200. Please advise if you have any particulars.

By the way just found two more significant bits of

Charters in Regesta Regum Anglo Norman 1135/1154. York of St Marys Abbey confirms of grants in Bromfield and Stainsburn Cumberland by Waltheof Dunbar father Gospatrick. This father is Gospatrick Dunbar I.

I no longer have the text and assume that the confirmation was given during Waltheof's life. He was becoming ancient by 1135, so I imagine that his grants took place then.

Also (Lanc P/R) 1203/1204 Ada or Aline (widow) William Fleming of Furness married William le Boteler of Warrington. You may remember she was the daughter of Thomas (son) Gospatrick. This info also establishes a probable marriage date for Thomas and Grace. Gospatrick Fitz Ketel was born between 1120 and 1125. Gospatric son of Orm first comes into documented records in 1150 as he witnessed a charter of Henry (son of David I, king of Scotland) with Bishop Athewold to Holm Cultram Abbey. Gospatric would have been at least 14 when he witnessed this charter. Gospatric died ca.1179. In 1174 he granted a charter to Holm Cultram with the consent of his son Thomas [his heir] and another son Alan which was witnessed at Camberton before Robert de Vallibus who was justice itinerant in 1174. These dates seem to make it much more likely that Gospatric was born ca. 1120-1125 which would eliminate Gravilda from being his mother.
Gunnilda was the wife of Orm son of Ketel but not necessarily the mother of Gospatric. The charters provide direct evidence that Gospatric's mother was named Ebrea. (It is obviously not tenable to argue that Ebrea is Elgiva's mother in the first charter, when in the second she is clearly Gospatric's mother
. He was the son of Orm Fitz Ketel and Gunnilda.
     Gospatrick died circa 1179.

Orm Fitz Ketel

     Orm Fitz Ketel married Gunnilda,, daughter of Gospatrick Earl of Northumbria.

Child of Orm Fitz Ketel and Gunnilda,,

Charles Thomas Simpson Kevern

     Charles Thomas Simpson Kevern married Harriett Murray, daughter of Lt Gen John Murray Lt Governor, on 26 August 1852 in Friern Barnet, Middlesex, England. He was a surgeon in teh Royal Navy, they both resided at Colney Hatch.
     Charles Thomas Simpson Kevern and Harriett Murray were recorded on the 1861 census in Leonard St, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England. Chas Thos Simpson Kevern, 46, staff surgeon RD, born Stoke Damerel, Devon, wife Harriet Kevern, 37, born Demerara, British Guiana; children Harry Chas Standert Kevern, 7, Emily Charlotte Kevern, 6, Murray Cowell Kevern, 2, Harriet Mary Kevern, 5 Months, Betsey Kevern, 86, mother, and 4 servants.

William Key or Kay

(circa 1615? - )
     William Key or Kay was born circa 1615?.
William Key or Kay married Ellen Rich, daughter of Richard Rich and Frances Priest, on 17 February 1636/37 in Penistone. He was of Nether Thong.. On 13 June 1637 William Key or Kay leased property from Capt William Rich in Penistone. Lease. Edward Rich of -- to William Riche of Bullhouse. Annual rent of 13/6/0 out of a certain messuage called the [Roide] demised by William Riche, deceased, to Richard Riche and by him ... to William Kaye for 20 years. (very defective document)
     Grant of a rent charge: William Kay the younger of Nether Thongue to William Rich of Bullhouse. A yearly rent charge of £13/6/8 payable out of the messuage called the Roide and lands belonging, granted to William by Edward Rich of the Roide for 20 years, which messuage and lands were demised by William Rich of Bullhouse deceased to Richard Rich, father of Edward for 112 pounds.

Elizabeth Key

(before 1700 - )
     Elizabeth Key was born before 1700 in England.
Elizabeth Key married John Rich on 6 June 1717 in Harworth, Nottinghamshire, England.

George Key

     George Key married Ann Popplewell, daughter of John Popplewell, on 25 July 1643 in Everton, Nottinghamshire.

Ann Key/Kay

     Ann Key/Kay married Simon Ryther on 27 November 1656 in York, Yorkshire. In the June1663 Archbishop's Visitation Books there are several mentions of John Ryther and his wife Frances, and Simon Ryther and his pretended wife Anne.
Ann Key/Kay married Richard Leadall as her second husband, on 17 October 1665 in York, Yorkshire. An, widow of Simn Ryther & Richard Leadall, 1665 8 17, York, the eigth month Quaker style is October.

Children of Ann Key/Kay and Simon Ryther

George Frederick Keys

(2 March 1848 - )
     George Frederick Keys was born on 2 March 1848 in London. He was the son of George Scott Keys and Katharine Hooper. George Frederick Keys was christened on 5 April 1850 in St Mary Woolnoth, London.
George Frederick Keys married Annie Maria Wynn on 6 July 1891 in St Mary, Whitechapel, London, Middlesex. He was 43, bachelor. licenced victualler,of 51 Precott St, Whitechapel, son of George Scott Keys, artist. She was 28 and widowed.

George Scott Keys

(circa 1819 - March 1888)
     George Scott Keys was born circa 1819 in Deal, Kent.
George Scott Keys married Katharine Hooper, daughter of James Hooper and Sophia Richman, on 4 April 1846 in St Paul's, Camberwell, St Giles parish, Surrey. They were both single of full age, he was a gentleman of Lombard St, London and she was of Bath Place, Peckham. He was the son of George Keys, gentleman. Her father James was also described as a gentleman.
After Katharine's death he remarried and had: Edger William Keys Baptism 4 Feb 1865, son of George Scott Keys,
Jane Elizabeth Keys Saint James, Hatcham Lewisham; Una Blanche Mary Keys Baptism 8 Jan 1873 daughter of George Scott Keys & Jane Elizabeth Keys Saint John Of Jerusalem Hackney.
     George Scott Keys and Katharine Hooper were recorded on the 1851 census in 10 Glengall Place, Camberwell, St George, Surrey. George Scott Keys 52, clerk in Guardian Insurance Office? born Deal, Kent; his wife Katherine Keys 41, born Newington, Sry, children John? Arthur Keys 3, born Camberwell, Sry, Emma F Wilson 18, servant, born Scotland [very poor image].
     George resided at Old Kent Road, London, 1858. George was an assurance agent, in London.
     George Scott Keys was recorded on the 1861 census in 3 Amersham park Villas, Deal, Kent. George S Keys, lodger, widower, aged 42, clerk to life Assurance Co., born Deal, Kent.
     George's death was registered in the quarter ending in March 1888 in Hackney RD, Middlesex.

Children of George Scott Keys and Katharine Hooper

William Herbert Keys

(15 July 1851 - 28 September 1857)
     William Herbert Keys was born on 15 July 1851 in London. He was the son of George Scott Keys and Katharine Hooper. William Herbert Keys was christened on 18 August 1853 in St Mary Woolnoth, London.
     William died on 28 September 1857 in 10 St James Place, Hatcham, Kent, aged 6.

Jon Kibble

     Jon Kibble married Amelia Bullett, daughter of William George Bullett and Mary Anne Rosbrook, in 1933.

Charles Robert Kidby

     Charles Robert Kidby married Phoebe Ann Barker in 1920 in St Matthew, Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire.

Katherine Kidwell

     Katherine Kidwell married John Saxon on 2 February 1749 in St Margaret, Westminster.

Children of Katherine Kidwell and John Saxon

Deborah Kaye Kiehne

(5 August 1961 - 29 December 1985)
     Deborah Kaye Kiehne was buried in the cemetery, Texas. She was born on 5 August 1961.
     Deborah died on 29 December 1985 aged 24.

Sarah Ann Kilburn

(circa 1860 - 26 May 1937)
     Sarah Ann Kilburn was born circa 1860 in Burton, Staffordshire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas & Ann..
Sarah Ann Kilburn married Samuel Charles Bullett, son of Harriet Bullett, before 31 December 1876 in Burton upon Trent RD.
     Sarah Ann Kilburn and Samuel Charles Bullett were recorded on the 1881 census in 19 Nelson St, Winshill, Derbyshire. Samuel Bullett, 29, married, labourer, born Rougham, Suffolk; Sarah A Bullett, 20, wife, born Burton, Stafford, with daughters Elizabeth A, 2, Eliza F 2, both born Stapenill, Derbyshire, Priscilla aged 5 weeks, born Winshill.
     Sarah Ann Kilburn and Samuel Charles Bullett arrived per "Cambodia" on 5 April 1884 at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Samuel Bullett 29, Sarah 26, Elizabeth 6, Eliza 4, Priscilla 3, Samuel 1 listed under both assisted & unassisted passengers.
     Sarah died on 26 May 1937 in Redfern, New South Wales, Australia. She was buried in Botany, New South Wales.

Children of Sarah Ann Kilburn and Samuel Charles Bullett

Adam de Kilconquhar

( - 1271)
     Adam de Kilconquhar was born. He was great grandson of Duncan, Earl of Fife, grandosn of Adam, son of Duncan..
Adam de Kilconquhar married Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick, daughter of Neil Earl of Carrick and Isabel Unknown, between 1266 and 1269 in Scotland.
     Adam died in 1271 in Acre, Palestine. Having joined the crusade of 1268, under the banner of Louis the Ninth of France, he died at Acon? in the Holy Land in 1270 in the defence of Acre.

Child of Adam de Kilconquhar and Marjorie Carrick Countess of Carrick

Juliana/Isabella? Kilconquhar

     Juliana/Isabella? Kilconquhar married Thomas Randolph, son of Ranulph,, in 1232. ODNB Sir Thomas Randolph of Stichill (ROX) married Juliana, daughter of Marjory, countess of Carrick, and her first husband, Adam of Kilconquhar. He probably died soon after 1296, and had been chamberlain of Scotland. Handbook of British Chronology, 185: Held Chamberlainship from 1269 to 18 Aug. 1277.

Hamilton Hartly Killaly

(1800 - )
     Hamilton Hartly Killaly was born in 1800 in Laois, Ireland. He was the son of John, merchant and attended Trinity College, Dublin. He became a MLA in Canada.
Hamilton Hartly Killaly married Martha Jane Handy, daughter of Fleming Handy and Catherine Eliza Kirkman, on 13 June 1834 in St Peter, Dublin, Ireland. Hamilton Hartly Killaly of Harrington St, to Martha Jane Handy of Tennessee Aglish, spinster, witnessed by Wm Candy & James O'Loughlin.

Catharine Killeen

     Catharine Killeen married Patrick Handy, son of Stray Handy, before 1834.

Child of Catharine Killeen and Patrick Handy

Ann Killian

(circa 1845? - )
     Ann Killian was born circa 1845?.
Ann Killian married Richard Fleming Handy, son of Rev Richard Fleming Handy and Jane Dugdale, on 18 April 1866 in the Register Office, Dublin, Ireland.
     Ann Killian and Richard Fleming Handy were recorded in 1900 census in New York, USA. Richard F Handy, born c Mar 1842, Ireland, wife Annie, married for 34 years. immigrated 1867.

Mary Killick

     Mary Killick married John Rithe in 1683 in Surrey. Married by licence.

Mary Killigan

     Mary Killigan married Patrick Colbert before 1839 in Ireland.

Child of Mary Killigan and Patrick Colbert

Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon)

     Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon) married Henry Pester/Pestyer. Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon) was born in Cornwall. She possibly married John Buscarnon of Bodmin. She was the daughter of Thomas Killigrew and Agnes Unknown (Killigrew).
     Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon) was mentioned in a civil court action between 1501 and 1515. Pestyer v Kellygrewe: Plaintiffs: Henry Pestyer and Agnes, his wife, daughter of Thomas Kellygrewe, of Peryn, deceased. Defendants: John Kellygrewe, eldest son of the said Thomas. Subject: Share of goods and debts of the said Thomas. Cornwall. Date: 1486-1493, or 1504-1515.
     Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon) made a will dated 22 March 1501.
     Agnes Killigrew (Buscarnon) and Agnes Unknown (Killigrew), John Killigrew, Robert Killigrew, Thomas Killigrew, Elinor Killigrew, Elizabeth Killigrew and Thomas Killigrew were beneficiaries in Thomas Killigrew's will dated 22 March 1500/1. Agnes was bequeathed one silver cup by her grandfather. Thomas Bosscarnon was bequeathed one silver cup in the next sentence.

Alexander Killigrew

(circa 1493 - )
     Alexander Killigrew was born circa 1493. He was aged 20 or more at his father's death. He was the son of Thomas Killigrew and Jane Darrell.
Between 22 April 1509 and 28 January 1547, Alexander Killigrew was the plaintiff in a court case in the Star Chamber re forcible entry and seizure of title deeds at St Gluvias, Cornwall.
EN/85-92 [n.d.] Legal papers, Thos. Enys v. Alex. Killigrew and Nich. Opy, concerning 2 meas., 200a. land, 10a. meadow and 100a. heath in Roscrow and Meddy in St. Gluvias, and the goods and cattle of Thos. E. on the said premises.
EN/86 n.d The answer of Alex. Killigrew to the bill of complaint of Thos. E. He says that his f. Thos. K. was seized of the premises, that after his death they descended to the said Alex. K. who was in possession until Thos E forcibly entered, that the sessions put Alex. back in possession, that he, being with his wife Alice, his mother Eliz. and Nich. Polley and Jn. Harry their servants, found corn and cattle belonging to Thos E. on the said land which they returned to his except for some perishable foodstuffs.
EN/91 - date: 20 Nov. 1526
Warrant by 3 judges appointed by the Lord Chancellor to hear the matter in dispute to Thos. Colrogger to take the oversight of the said land, to return the goods and cattle on the land to the use of Thos. Enys, to command Killigrew and Opie to vacate the premises, and to suffer Thos. E. to put his cattle on the land, until the judges have taken a further direction and order concerning the right of the lands.
EN/92 6 June 1527 The award by the aforesaid 3 judges that Alex. Killigrew shall have all the said lands in Roscrow and Meddy and shall pay 200 marks to Thos. Enys for the goods they wrongfully took, to be paid in the chapel of St. Mary Virgin at Penryn, and that Thos E shall hold the lands until the money is paid. 6 June 1527.
Court of Requests: Pleadings. HENRY VII - HENRY VIII. Nicholas Carminowe v Alexander Kyllygrew: the manor of Killigrew [in St Erme], and lands in 'Chyton' and Pengelly, Cornwall. Interrogatories only. 1 m. SMP
Collection: Records of the Court of Requests. Alexander Killigrew mentioned in the 1522 militia list in Penryn, Cornwall, with John Killigrew and Agnes Unknown (Killigrew). The value of the lands in the parish of Gluvyas upon Londe ... John Kyllygrew £1/6/8, Agnes Killygrewe, widow, £2/10/-, Alex Kyllygrew £1/10/-. The value of thel ands in Penryn Borough - is headed by: John Kyllygrew £2/0/0.

The survey of the value of the goods of the inhabitants in the borough of Penryn and their harneis
is headed by John Kyllygrew sen and John Kyllygrewe jun with the amount blank. Only one John is listed in the loan, for £40.
The award by the aforesaid 3 judges that Alex. Killigrew shall have all the said lands in Roscrow and Meddy and shall pay 200 marks to Thos. Enys for the goods they wrongfully took, to be paid in the chapel of St. Mary Virgin at Penryn, and that Thos. E. shall hold the lands until the money is paid.
Bargain and sale 1 John Killigrew of Penryn esq. 2 Alex. Killigrew esq. Crugow Keyne and Trethewy Vean, Ruan Lanihorne; Carsulack and Bosnansak, St. Keverne; two tenements in Penryn.
Alexander Kellygrewe v. John Carmynowe, esquire: manor of Killigrew and tenements at Pengelly and Chitton, all in St Erme, mortgaged to defendants for a debt now repaid out of the issues (Cornwall).
Nicholas Carmynowe, nephew of John Carmynowe, v. John Killigrew, esquire, and James Trewennard: Maintenance of a suit in the Court of Whitehall in the name of Alexander Killigrew for two messuages in St Eerme held of the manor of Killigrew, inducing the tenants to refuse their rents, and 'disturbing' a jury at Truro.
Alexander KELLYGREWE v. John CARMYNOWE, esquire.: Manor of Killigrew and tenements at Pengelly and Chitton, all in St. Erme, mortgaged to defendants for a debt now repaid out of the issues.: CORNWALL. 1538-1544.
In 1543 Alexander & Thomas Killigrew and ten other gentry were paid fees as officers of the garrison at Pendennis.      
Alexander Killigrew paid the Subsidy (tax) in 1543 in Budock. Alexander Killigrew, land, 4 (lands & fees). John & Thomas were also listed.
Nicholas Carmynow, nephew of John Carmynowe, v. John Killigrew esquire, and James Trewennard: Maintenance of a suit in the Court of Whitehall in the name of Alexander Killigrew for two messuages in St. Erme held of the manor of Killigrew, inducing thetenants to refuse their rents, and 'disturbing' a jury at Truro.
Alexander Kyllygrewe v Nicholas Carmynowe: the manor of Killigrew and tenements called 'Pengylly' and 'Clyton' in St Erme, Cornwall. 8 mm. [Standard surname: Killigrew, Carminowe] SMP . 1-406. REQ 2/3/406 is missing, and not calendared Alexander Kyllygrewe.      
Alexander Killigrew paid the Benevolence [tax]|Kerrier Hundred, Budock - Alexander Kyllygrew 3/4 (also John Kyllygrew 50) in 1545 in Budock. He witnessed a will before 1563 in Devon. Alexander & John Killigrew were witnesses to the will of Richard Tresaher proved 1563 Exeter, to wife Ann (?nee Killigrew) ... daughter Jane.
     Alexander Killigrew was mentioned in the will of James Killigrew dated 12 January 1566/67. His cousin James left him twenty shillings.

Alice Killigrew

(say 1520 - )
     Alice Killigrew married Richard Bonython. Alice Killigrew was born say 1520 in Cornwall. She was the daughter of Capt John Killigrew and Elizabeth Trewinnard.

Alisha Killigrew

(19 August 1702 - )
     Alisha Killigrew was christened on 19 August 1702 in St Stephen's, St Albans, Hertfordshire. She was the daughter of Henry Killigrew Lord of Admiralty and Lucy Jervoise.